• Futurity Tales, and More!

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    Last weekend, Team Knollwood enjoyed a picture perfect couple of days at the Wisconsin Futurity Horse Festival.

     Relocated to the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds for Labor Day weekend, many had their doubts about this year's show that was backed up to the World's Championship Horse Show in Louisville.  Horse people are never afraid of hard work and crazy schedules though, so Futurity didn't disappoint.  The show was competitive, and classes, especially in the academy division, were LARGE.

    We enjoyed the show and made some great memories.  Here are a few of our favorites.

    Amanda and Pixie

    Team Pixie, comprised of Scott, Amanda, and Pixie have been working all season to prepare Pixie to live the life of an equitation horse. Scott has shown her lightly, and Amanda showed her for the first time at Oshkosh. Scott decided that the beautiful 4-year-old was ready to handle some real patterns, so she and Amanda made their workout debut at Futurity.  Team Pixie looked great, and will continue the process at the All American Horse Classic in Indianapolis where they'll compete in the UPHA Pleasure Challenge Cup Finals!



    Few people are as unassuming as our champion academy rider Emma.

    In addition to being an accomplished rider, she's also the co-president of the Knockouts, and is always willing to help with whatever she can around the barn.  She's a fantastic camp counselor, one of the best helpers there is, especially with apprehensive new riders, and is always looking for ways to help out.

    Because we're sure she didn't tell you, in 2017, the modest Emma has won the academy championships at Madison Classic, Oshkosh Charity, ASAW Summerfun, AND the state championship at Wisconsin Futurity!

    While she's been making her way to the winners circle, she's been educating one of our newer academy horses, Captain Kaos.  Emma's calm ways have given this handsome horse a new job in the academy world.



    Speaking of new handsome horses, Futurity marked the debut of Irish Victory as a Knollwood academy horse.  "Murphy' was recently purchased by Nancy, and started his new career with a bang.  Maria introduced him to the academy world, even winning her equitation qualifier.  Richie took over for the walk and trot academy classes and had a blast with our newest teacher.


    Welcome Charlie!

    The Marsden family purchased Ken Follet at Louisville, and Gabby lost no time having fun with him in the show ring.  Gabby and Charlie were second in both their 5 Gaited Pleasure qualifier and championship. We think there are many, many fun adventures ahead for these two!


    Mia and The Walk Trot Gang

    The youth movement is alive and well at Knollwood.

     Our six walk and trot academy riders all competed in the 10 and under qualifiers, and made us proud.  Classes were nice and big, especially in the 8 and under division, and our riders presented themselves with style and determination.

    14 riders entered the ring for the all ages State Championship for walk and trot equitation, and they were ready to compete.  After initial rail work, the three judges selected eight riders to complete the pattern of a figure eight.

    Of the eight riders selected, we were happy to have four of our riders make the cut. Richie guided Murphy through his first walk trot pattern, and then Mia, Maiya, and Mikayla took their turns at the figure eight. While they were all good, Mia's stood out for its precision and attention to detail.  Baxter had no doubt what eight year old Mia was telling him to do, and it showed.

    When the tabulations were completed, Mia was announced the winner, with Richie and Murphy in third, Maiya and Klem in fourth, and Mikayla and Hooper in seventh.

    We're proud of each and every one of our riders, and are thankful to the best lesson horses in the world for their fantastic performances last weekend.


    What's Ahead?

    All American Horse Classic

    Show horses are already in Indianapolis for the All American Horse Classic.  Home to the first two pleasure equitation finals of 2017, the show will host the best riders in the country.  Team Knollwood is sending some strong competitors, with Finn and Hanna competing in the junior division of the Pleasure Equitation Olympics and the UPHA Pleasure Challenge Cup. In the senior division, Madison and Haley will compete in both the Olympics and the Challenge Cup while up and coming team of Amanda and Pixie will stick with the Challenge Cup final.

    Lora is going to compete in the equitation division, and Ainsley and Millie are going to compete in the Junior Exhibitor 5 gaited classes.

    You can watch the free webcast here.


    Knollwood Fall Open House

    It's coming up fast! 

    Bring your friends Saturday, September 16 from 11am to 3 pm when they can enjoy free mini lessons, tours, and lesson observation.  New customers will receive a discount when they sign up for lessons at the Open House.

    If you'd like to be a tour guide, help with mini lessons, or with painting a pony, please talk to Nancy about available opportunities.


    Knollwood Fall Show

    It's also coming up fast!

    We're now taking entries for the grand finale of our academy season on November 11 and 12.  Featuring everything from leadline classes to the finals of the Knollwood Challenge, there's a class for everyone.

    The show will also feature our annual helpers basket challenge to see which night's helpers can create the best gift.  

    You can enter the show with forms and payment in the school barn lounge.  Your instructor will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and to assist with horse and class choices.

    You won't want to miss the fun!


    ASHA Medallions

    For our riders working on their academy awards from the American Saddlebred Horse Association, our competition year ended with the Futurity show.  Competitions after October 1 will count towards your 2018 awards, so please take some time and complete your point sheets for 2017.  If you would like some assistance with placings or the forms, please talk to either Ann or Nancy who can help figure it all out.




    We hope you can join us for all the Fall fun we have planned.

    See you at the barn!




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  • All The News, And What's Next!

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    Team Knollwood has been enjoying a busy, busy August, so let's catch up on the happenings and look forward to what's next!

    Show horses just returned from an exciting week at the World's Championship Horse Show in Louisville, Kentucky.  We're happy to report that our horses and riders competed well against the best in the country, and standing up in that depth of quality is an accomplishment in itself.  Our teams earned some pretty great ribbons, too, as they rode against the best.

    Ainsley and Millie were definitely in the deep end of the pool in the Junior Exhibitor 5 Gaited division for riders 14-17.  Class rosters read like a 'Who's Who' of gaited horses, and Team Millie rose to the occasion, earning a 7th place finish  in their qualifier, and a fabulous 8th place in a terrifically deep championship.

    Oh, and Ainsley also returned to the equitation world to show Fergie in the 15 year old class, and earned a solid 4th place ribbon in her qualifier.  While she didn't make the final cut in the championship of 21, she looked great, and enjoyed being back in the equitation world for a visit.


    Our junior equitation riders made us proud last week. Finn earned a strong third place ribbon in her crazy deep qualifier, and Hanna rode to a 4th in her age group, her first time riding into Freedom Hall.

    Both riders made the cut for the workout in the Worlds Grand Championship, and Hanna rode to a great 6th place, and Finn and Frankie finished eighth.  The future is bright for these 2!



    Our senior equitation riders were pretty amazing, too!

    Lora rode to a strong 4th place in the all star 17 year old qualifier. While she and beautiful Sophie didn't make the cut to the workout on Thursday night, they looked fabulous!

    Matthew rode to a third in his 14 year old qualifier.  He did't make the eight horse cut on Thursday night, but looked like he had a great time in the ring.

    Haley had a wonderful week.  Reunited with last year's partner Robert for this show, she finished second in her 15 year old qualifier, and it was a good, good class. She made the cut on Thursday night and performed a great pattern.  She and Robert were rewarded with seventh place in the senior championship.


    Haley also had the chance to show Robert in the show pleasure division.  Her age group was split three ways due to the number of entries, and Haley was assigned to the toughest split.  She and Robert worked the ring and came out with a 5th place ribbon, which qualified them for their championship on Saturday morning.

    They entered the championship with 23 other horses, and this team shone in the deep traffic.  Haley and Robert fought for good ring position, making it look effortless.  They were rewarded with a fabulous 8th place ribbon, and Team Knollwood celebrated the accomplishment!



    Also in Louisville, the Knockouts were honored by Saddlebred Rescue at their annual brunch.  Our youth group won the 'Youth to the Rescue' award for the second time in appreciation for their continued fundraising to help horses in need.  Congratulations to all the Knockouts who helped make this award possible!

    Meanwhile, back at world headquarters, Carlos was prepping horses for Wisconsin Futurity Show this weekend, we finished up Knollwood Summer 2017 with an adventurous pattern camp, and the Knockouts collected more than 100 pairs of shoes for charity, and hosted a car wash that raised more than $250.




    What's Next?

    Wisconsin Futurity Horse Festival starts on Friday at Wisconsin State Fair Park.  Team Knollwood will be there with plenty of show horses and 15 academy riders for the Saturday morning performance.  Please come cheer us on, and be sure to stop by our aisle!

    If you're planning on joining our academy fun at either UPHA Chapter 10 or the IASPHA Fall Show, please get your entries in soon.  We'll be assigning horses , and it's time to get working on the patterns for the October show!

    Our fall Open House is coming up soon on September 16.  We'll be offering free mini lessons and discounts for new customers.  If you'd like to be a tour guide or help with mini lessons, please let Nancy know.  We'd love to have you!


    Summer may be nearing its end, but we're looking forward to a fall filled with lots of fun at the barn, at horse shows, and at the fall equitation finals.  We hope you join us for all the adventures!!!

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  • What We Love About Summer Showcase

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    The 2017 edition of ASAW Summer Showcase is a memory, and we can safely say that a good time was had by all of Team Knollwood.  

    We've had time to think about the weekend, and want to reflect on our favorite benefits of participating in this fun, relaxed little show.


    It's Spectator Friendly.

    Set in a park like setting, show spectators can choose to watch the action in the big outdoor ring from the shade of the barn overhangs, or in the sun of the bleachers and picnic tables. If they'd rather, fans can get up close and personal right along the rail, too. Everything's close and walkable, including the air conditioned concession stand and restrooms.  At Cedarburg, no golf carts are required!


    We Enjoy the Great Outdoors

    Experienced riders in the 'B' division and the academy division get to show in the BIG outdoor ring.  We enjoyed perfect weather last weekend, so it was a real treat for riders to enjoy the challenge of showing outdoors.  

    The size of the ring also meant that the large academy classes could be run with 13 riders.  The older and wiser walk trot academy riders showed their ringsmanship while they battled to the best positions to be seen by Judge Michelle Krentz.  


    We Put  $$ Back in the ASAW Scholarship Fund

    The show splits the proceeds 50/50 between the Knockouts and the ASAW Scholarship Fund.  With big classes again this year, we're expecting to make a sizeable contribution to the scholarship fund.  This year, 2 Knockout members were fortunate to receive $3000 payouts as they start their college careers.  We're happy to support the program that rewards riders and scholars.


    Saddlebred Rescue Wins

    Our friends at Soul Fire designed a stencil of the ASAW Logo which was artfully painted on pallets by Knockouts Jen and Emma.  Originally set simply as center ring decorations, so many friends expressed interest in the artwork that we decided to auction the designs to benefit Saddlebred Rescue.  Thanks to social media and Vicky's hard work, the art auction was a huge success.

    The Knockouts also sold horse treat bags containing mints, apples, and horse treats.  This idea created by Mary added $100 to the donation.

    We're happy to report that all these great ideas and the help of generous friends resulted in a $1225 donation to Saddlebred Rescue to help horses in need.


    Horses Love the Show

    The relaxed atmosphere of the show is contagious.  Our horses really enjoyed the schedule and the arenas for the weekend.  Many of them made the most of the cool mornings and took their power naps before the afternoon academy performances.


    Friendships are Made

    There's something about this friendly show that sets it apart. Maybe it's the setting, maybe it's the parties and the snow cones, or maybe it's the shifts in the concession stand supporting the Knockouts and the show, but the riders all have a great time together.  



    Horse Show Careers are Begun Here

    The small indoor arena is the perfect place to bring young and  maiden riders, and we made great use of the venue this year, bringing 9 first time show stars.  Classes are small, horses and riders enjoy a controlled environment, and spectators can get up close for those important pictures.

    The schedule also allows for even first time riders to enjoy up to 4 classes at their first show, allowing for plenty of feedback between events.  By the end of the afternoon, our rookies felt like pros!



    We'd like to offer great thanks to the barns who supported the show with riders and sponsorships.  We are also grateful to all the volunteers who make the show work, from the gatekeepers to the concession stand workers and delivery crews.  Thanks also to judge Michelle Krentz for giving up time just before Louisville to look at our up and coming riders.

     It takes a village, and we have a great one.



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  • Get Ready For Summer Showcase!

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    Calling all Knockout members!





    Our biggest event of the year is fast approaching, and we need your help.


    The ASAW Summer Showcase starts next Saturday at the Ozaukee County Fairgrounds, and we're in charge.

    The Knockouts and ASAW run the show, and split all the proceeds 50/50.  It's a wonderful chance to learn the inner workings of horse shows, and it's a great benefit to the Knockouts!

    And, the ASAW portion funds the scholarships offered each year to ASAW members.  This year, Sarah and Jess each won $3000 towards their first year of college, so we need to put some money back into the pot!

    On Friday, we're looking for Knockouts to deliver bagged shavings to the stabling area, to help set up the concession stand, and to organize center ring, trophies, and ribbons.

     On Saturday and Sunday, our crack concession team will be on hand to provide show riders, friends, and spectators with great food.

     They even provide delivery service to the barns for the busy workers! Would you like to meet new friends from other barns? Sign up to deliver lunch orders.  You'll be a really popular person!

    The concession stand is air conditioned, so it's really popular.  We're looking for Knockouts to work a shift or 2 to serve all the hungry people.

    We're expecting the show to be another big one.  The show features  'B' and academy classes on both Saturday and Sunday.


     We're excited to have Michelle Krentz traveling from Kentucky to judge the show this year.  Michelle is the Media and Marketing Manager for the American Saddlebred Horse Association, and is a life long exhibitor of the breed.  Michelle started her career as a Knollwood Kid, was an equitation star on memorable horses including Jazz March and CH Louisville Lass, and is now a multi world champion rider in multiple divisions. We're thrilled she's joining us for the weekend!


    Team Knollwood is introducing 9 new riders to the show ring in the Maiden academy division on Sunday afternoon.  This show is well known for its history of starting new riders in the small, well controlled indoor arena that's used for the future stars of the show ring.



    The Knockouts are looking forward to a wonderful weekend of horse showing at the beautiful, park like setting of the Ozaukee County Fairgrounds.  Sign up sheets are going up in the school barn lounge for those of you who'd like to join all the fun.

    The show is known for starting young riders on their way to successful show careers.  We hope you'll come help your youth group, and stay to watch the show.  You never know what the future holds for these new show riders!


    See you in Cedarburg!





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  • A Signature Weekend

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    Team Knollwood enjoyed a fun filled weekend at the Mid America Signature Show.  Held in the BIG outdoor ring at Ledges in Roscoe, the show enjoyed near perfect weather for three days of horse showing.



    Mary and Laura had really nice rides and were very competitive in some big deep classes.  They earned some great ribbons for their efforts as well.


      The stars of the weekend were the 9 academy riders who joined us for the Saturday morning performance.


    Spanning a broad spectrum of experience levels, our walk trot and canter riders started the Saturday show.  Two of our most experienced riders showed our 2 least experienced academy horses to help them along in their education.  Emma showed Cashew, officially known as Captain Kaos to nice ribbons, and even won the pattern class.  Calm, efficient Emma rode the academy rookie in her relaxed way and he is learning to enjoy his new role.

    In her last show before heading off to the University of Wisconsin, seasoned academy star Jess rode Joey, officially known as Rumors of War, in his second academy performance.  Not the bravest soul, Joey looked really comfortable in the big classes, and we could see his confidence increasing throughout the morning.


    Great thanks to our two experienced riders for helping our future academy horse stars get comfortable in their new roles.



    Jordan and Panic were a vision in the big sunny ring.

     Panic never saw a straightaway he didn't want to get down, and never met a horse he didn't want to pass.  He and Jordan were working as a team on Saturday, and were rewarded for their enthusiasm and great skills with great ribbons, including the 14-17 equitation championship.


    First year cantering rider Maddie teamed up with Baxter who thought the big sunny ring was just meant for him.  This charismatic team presented themselves as the ones to beat, and no one could. They won their equitation qualifier as well as the 13 and under championship.


    Our two walk and trot academy riders were stars as well. 

    Sofia just started showing with us this season, having started her riding at a different barn.  She's been working really hard, and is enjoying the tested process that leads to success in the show ring.  She and Baxter enjoyed their time in the sun this weekend, and even won their equitation qualifier.  We're pretty impressed by the progress of our newest 'Knollwood Kid.'


    Richie enjoyed a new experience this weekend, showing Eddie, one of our fabulous Morgan academy horses.  A show ring standout, Richie enjoyed making the ring his own with passes off the rail with Eddie looking every bit the show horse. Eddie may not have been the fanciest horse in the ring, but Richie made him believe he was. The dynamic duo was rewarded for their efforts, with 9 year old Richie winning the 13 and under walk and trot equitation championship.


    We're thrilled with all the rides last weekend.  We learned a lot, had a lot of fun, and greatly enjoyed all the hospitality provided by the Mid America Horse Show Association. Richie and Sofia even got to represent Knollwood in the water balloon fight after the academy performance.

    Possibly the best way to finish a hot show performance?


    What's next?



    Team Knollwood will all be home this weekend, the first time that's happened since  before Midwest in June!


    The following weekend brings the big ASAW/Knollwood Knockouts Summer Showcase in Cedarburg.  We'll be at the show with lots of horses and riders, and we'll be asking all the Knockouts to pitch in and help up put on this great event.  Details are coming soon.

    See you at the barn!

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