Posted by Ann Wilt

Hey Knollwood Families and students,


Spring time is here and it has been an incredible weekend. We know you've all been out in the yard playing in the sun and if we know you equestrians, you've been playing horse show in those yards.  Perhaps forcing a parent into playing the role of a competitor, perhaps making your dog or cat play the ring master, and perhaps making your brother or sister play the voice of the announcer.  Well here's a fun yard game for you: Lawn Patterns.


Bellow we've posted three patterns. 1. beginner, 2. intermediate and 3. advanced for you to take on in your yard.  We encourage you to reach out to your fellow equestrians or instructors for any questions you may have on how to accomplish, or improve upon your pattern execution.  If you like, take a video and post it to our facebook page! 


A couple key, at-home pattern requirements: firstly, your hands show which diagonal or lead you are on.  If you're to be on the right lead or diagonal, your right hand should be in the air!  We all know what sticklers our instructors are for diagonals and leads so make sure you pay attention to those diagonal/lead changes! Secondly, mark out your "arena" with patio chairs or trees or family members, really with whatever you have at your disposal to give you an idea of how you need to space our your rails and circles.


Beginner Pattern:

Intermediate Pattern:

Advanced Pattern:


Extra Credit: Take the intermediate and advanced pattern and try it by changing two cantering leads/passes into a slow gait and a racking pass!


GOOD LUCK equestrians!