• We Have Plans!

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    Anyone who knows Team Knollwood knows that we’re always up to something.  The new year is no different, and we have some great things planned.  We hope you’ll join us for many of the fun events we’re looking forward to!


    Academy Show Seminar

    Saturday, January 18 at 6:00

    We love academy showing, and it shows. We’ll be traveling to 12 academy shows with our riders and the best lesson horses in the world.  Of course, we’re a little bit biased, but can you argue with the likes of Baxter and Panic?

    Anyway, we compete against other professionally run lesson programs in the Midwest in a variety of venues. Some shows are wonderful for riders new to the show ring, and others are well suited for academy riders who have honed their skills for some time.


    Please join us at this informative session at which we’ll explain the where's, how's, and why's of academy showing, and we’ll have demos from some of our experienced academy stars.  They’ll be happy to answer any questions from parents or riders about the process, and what they’ve learned from it.

    If you’d like to join us, please sign up in the school barn so we have enough information packets for all of our attendees.


    Knockout Fundraiser at Culvers

    Wednesday, February 5 from 5:00 – 8:00 PM

    Bring your friends to the Hartland Culvers during ‘Knollwood time,’ and the restaurant will donate a percentage of all sales to the Knollwood Knockouts. This has been a terrific fundraiser for the group, and it’s delicious, too.


    Knockout Banquet

    Saturday, February 8 at 6:30

    The invitations are out for the best party of the season, so please be sure to get your payment and RSVP form in the box in the school barn by January 25.  The banquet takes place at the Legend at Bristlecone, and features a wonderful buffet dinner, social time, high point awards, a slide show, the ‘State of the Farm’ speech by Scott, and a DJ to top off the evening. You won’t want to miss this!


    Parents’ Night Out

    Friday, February 14 from 5:00 – 8:00 PM

    Parents, you can drop your Knollwood Kid off at 5:00 on Valentines Day, and we’ll entertain them with dinner, crafts, and games while you enjoy dinner, or just some quiet time. Best of all, it’s only $10, and you can sign up in the school barn to join the party.


     Barn Clean Up Days

    Friday February 28 and

    Saturday,February 29

    from 4:00 – 6:00 PM


    Help us get the barn ready for spring as we clean all the school barn tack, and clean up the barn as well.  It’s a fun way to earn your Knockout service hours, and hang out with your friends.  You can sign up here.



    Patchwork Pony Comes to Wisconsin

    Saturday, February 29

    Patchwork Pony Consignment  is coming all the way from West Virginia. and will be setting up at a hotel in Johnson Creek to offer their wide selection of show clothes with terrific customer service.  We’ll update with times and the exact location as soon as it’s available.


    Knockout Fundraiser at Culvers

    Wednesday, March 4  from 5:00 – 8:00 PM

    Bring your friends to the Hartland Culvers during ‘Knollwood time,’ and the restaurant will donate a percentage of all sales to the Knollwood Knockouts. This has been a terrific fundraiser for the group, and it’s delicious, too.


    Parents’ Meeting

    Saturday, March 7 at 6:00

    Are you interested in helping with the Knockouts, but aren’t sure how to start or what you can help with? Join us at this quick meeting in the show lounge to discuss your options for helping out. We’ll offer drinks and snacks too while you learn how you can work with this great group of kids.


    Knollwood Spring Show

    Saturday March 21 and Sunday March 22

    We’ll start the show season with a bang in our own arena.  Saturday classes feature our walk, trot, and canter riders and the entire adult division while Sunday features our walk and trot riders including the leadliners.

    You’ll have opportunities to help at the concession stand, with the gift baskets, or with the 50/50.  Please stay tuned for more info.  We expect to start the entry process next week!


    Spring Food Drive Begins

    April 15

    Team Knollwood is a big supporter of the Food Pantry of Waukesha County, and we’re starting our spring drive on April 15.  If you collect a minimum of 5 food kits, you’ll be eligible to participate in the Knollwood Olympics on May 16.


    Knockouts Street Clean Up

    Saturday, May 9 at 1:00 PM

    Join your Knockout friends as you beautify the barn neighborhood.  We’ll clean up Oakwood and Nagawicka Roads, and then return to the farm for a club meeting.  We’ll be looking for parents to supervise our cleaning crews, too!


    Helper Olympics

    Saturday, May 16 at 6:00

    Let the games begin! Knollwood Kids who have collected a minimum of 5 food kits will compete in ‘games of skill’ while the food kits are counted.  The day of the week that collects the most food kits over their goal will receive a special prize, AND all participants will have a blast competing.

    New this year, each day of the week will field both a Senior and a Junior team so some of our younger participants can compete against a field of their own age.


     Summer Camp Starts June 8

    Our first session of camp June 8 – 12 is a special one for our riders participating in the summer show on June 12-13.  This week is only for current Knollwood riders who will be showing, and isn’t listed on the website.  Please see your instructor if the rider in your house is interested in spending lots of time learning about horse showing.

    Plus, we offer 4 additional weeks of 'Classic Camp' as well as 4 sessions of TIny Tot camp for riders aged 4-6.  Our academy show riders will also enjoy their special weeks of pattern camp.  We can hardly wait for summer!




    We're looking forward to all the fun, and hope you can join us.  Be sure to ask your instructor any questions you may have.  They'd love to help you join in!



    See you at the barn.



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  • The Power of Academy Showing

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    The 2020 show season is fast approaching, and we’ve had some time to reflect on the last year's campaign.  You’ve probably heard many, many times that we love academy showing, and wish that all of our riders had the chance to experience all that it has to offer.  After some thinking, it all boils down to the power it instills in our riders who compete on the academy level.  Here are some reflections on how the 12 academy shows each year empower our riders.


    The Power of Friendship  


    Traveling to horse shows with other Knollwood families helps you meet new friends, and strengthen existing friendships.  Early mornings in the hair salon, time spent as spectators, watching and supporting friends as they show and hanging out after the show are all important parts of the experience.


    Heck, this year two of our walk and trot academy riders even had fun with a policeman after their moms locked keys in the car.  That police officer now knows ALL ABOUT Knollwood, its academy horses, and what showing is all about.

    You just never know what friend you’ll make on a given day!


    The Power of Teamwork

    Knollwood is known for its team mentality, and it shows at academy shows. Forgot something in your kaboodle? Another rider will lend you what you need.  Ripped your jods at the last minute? A show mom will make repairs.  Forgot your saddle? We’ll find one for you  to use.  Need a pep talk after a tough go? Riders and families are always there for you. You’re never alone.


    The Power of Goal Setting

    One of the great things about academy showing is that there are many levels of competition.  Our newest show stars might set a goal of a clean ride with correct diagonals throughout their class.  A more experienced rider might ride a tougher horse in a harder division and try to keep him in alignment throughout the class.

    Goals will constantly evolve as riders progress in their riding education. Our riders are all on different places in their education, and have many different long term goals.  Some want to dabble in showing while others want to make it to the show horse division as quickly as possible.  We’re there to help take you wherever you’d like to go.


    The Power of Resilience

    As in life, horse showing isn’t always pretty.  Learning and showing are challenges, and horses quickly teach us to pick up and try again.


    We like to call it ‘broadening the base.’

    There will be missed diagonals and leads, forgotten patterns, and well, things that don’t go as well as we’d like. These imperfect moments will teach riders a lot.  They learn to stay collected, fix the problem, and go on like nothing went awry.


    The Power of Mental Organization

    Imagine riding into an arena by yourself and performing a pattern with your horse when everyone’s eyes are focused on you.  That’s what we ask of our horses and riders when they perform individual work, or compete in a pattern classes.

    We LOVE those classes.  Nothing builds confidence better than keeping your composure and thoughts about you than these moments.  Add race cars outside the arena, champagne corks popping while you’re trying to keep you horse halted, or wee ones screaming and crunching nacho trays.

    Our riders are known for their mental fortitude and their ability to think like a horse at these moments. And several of our riders who have gone on to great professions have credited these skills for success in their chosen fields.


    The Power of the Best Lesson Horses In The World

    OK, we may be a little biased, but we really think we have the best academy horses around. From Klem to Panic, these fellows really love their jobs. They just about run onto the trailer, and are all ‘ears up’ at the show.

    Our starter models like Klem and Dexter will guide the least experienced riders even if they pretty much forget everything they know at the first show. Our mid level academy horses like Eddie and Baxter will challenge riders a little, and add some speed.  Panic and his friends will give riders their first taste of a show horse, and the show barn’s lesson horses like Sadie will give riders a real thrill and education second to none.

    Even better, riders get to spend quality time taking care of these wonderful horses at the shows, and to bond with them over the weekend.

      These horses are truly spectacular.


    The Power of Fun

    Sure, we all work hard and love what we do, but we all like to goof off, too. Last year at the Fall IASPHA Show, we dressed Klem as a zookeeper while some of our riders dressed as animals, our riders competed in a killer water balloon fight at the Mid America Signature Show, and we enjoyed lots of laughs before performances, at the hotels, and at our annual aisle party at the ASAW Summerfun Show.



    We’re looking forward to another season , and are hosting a seminar at the barn on Saturday, January 18 at 6:00.  We’ll offer information and demonstrations, and you’ll have the chance to ask lots of questions of instructors and experienced academy riders as well.

    Please sign up in the school barn lounge if you can join us.  We want to have enough information packets available for everyone.  Of course, food and refreshments will be provided!

    We love academy showing, and it shows!




    What’s Coming Up Next?

    Knollwood Knockout Banquet

    Saturday. February 8 at 6:30

    The Legend at Bristlecone

    Invitations went out last week, and all Knockouts are invited to enjoy our annual celebration of all things Knollwood.  Social time, a wonderful buffet dinner, awards, a slide show, a DJ, AND the announcement of the 2019 School Horse of the Year will all make for an unforgettable evening.

    If you’re not yet a member, we’d love to have you.  Please talk to your instructor about joining the fun!


    Parents Night Out

    Friday, February 14 at 5:00

    Knollwood Kids, join us from 5-8 for barn fun with the Knockout officers and board members.  For only $10, you can enjoy crafts, dinner, and games with your barn friends. Parents can enjoy a night out while we entertain the kids!


    Barn Clean Up Days

    Friday February 28 and Saturday, February 29 from 4-6 PM

    Join us in our first ever spring clean up! We’ll clean all the school barn tack, wash some walls, and who knows what else. Please use the Sign Up Genius to let us know if you can make it.


    Parents’ Meeting

    Saturday, March 7 at 6 PM

    Parents, are you interested in helping out the Knockouts, but aren’t sure how to get involved? Join us for an informal session in the show barn lounge. We’ll introduce lots of ways to work with this fabulous group of kids.


    Knockout Meeting

    Saturday, March 14 at 2:30

    We look forward to seeing members in the show barn lounge to put finishing touches on the Knollwood Spring Show, and to hear about creating the perfect show caboodle from some of our experienced riders.


    Knollwood Spring Show

    Saturday, March 21 and Sunday March 22

    Academy show season will start at home for Knollwood Kids. Entry blanks will be available soon!




    See you at the barn!

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  • School Horse Dreams For 2020!

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    After extensive parties in both the barn and the pasture, the best lesson horses in the world have decided to share their dreams for the new year.  In alphabetical order to avoid conflicts, here are their wishes for 2020.



     He wishes for more academy shows in 2020,  many, many mints from the nice ladies in the arena, and for his next door neighbor to stop kicking the walls and disturbing his beauty sleep.


    Big Frank

    Wishes for the invention of silent blow driers so they’re not so scary, wishes for signs in the barn so he always knows which way to go when he comes in, (oh wait, large Frank just remembered he can’t read OR interpret pictures, so scratch that…) and for his stall mats to go away so he can dig to his hearts content.



    As a contented retired fellow, Brinkley wishes for another year of spa treatments, lazy days spent with his BFF Willy, and well, maybe a few lessons where he gets to demonstrate once again his famous cloud canter.



     Thoroughly contented Cashew wishes for a year of walk and trot academy stardom, recesses with the grand geldings club, and trips with his friends.  Oh, and he’d also appreciate a try at pattern camp!



    Mr. Unsung Hero would like to be recognized for all the riders he’s brought up,  and for the scary faces he can make right before his ears pop up and he asks for treats. If his wishes all come true, he'll promise to try to cut down on all the slurpy noises he makes while eating his daily hot mush.



    Dudley wishes someone would invent two things for him.  First, he’d like a dryer similar to the ones used in car washes, but MUCH QUIETER, PLEASE.  He’d enjoy doing 7:30 pm groups, but with his fluffy coat, and due to his, um, aversion to body clipping, he usually has to sit it out during the winter.

    Secondly, he’d like one of you rocket scientists to invent a spray that will prevent mud from sticking to him.  Dudley greatly enjoys rolling in all types of ‘mud,’ but doesn’t like the residue it leaves behind.  Neither does his grooming team…


    Duke wishes for walk only classes with very little turning.  Kind of like the Miss America pageant, but without the talent portion.



    Equitation horse extraordinaire wishes for pattern classes every day.  He also wishes for a cure to ear fungus, and to have the option to avert his eyes in pattern classes when other teams aren’t making their circles round.

    Oh, and he's dreaming of the Nobel Prize in Mathematics for his stride counting skills in patterns.



    Fred wishes that someone would remove his overhead light to make continuous napping easier, wishes for multiple round bales on all occasions so he can recline in one while he eats the other, and wishes people would stop referring to him as fat.  He’s fluffy.




    Heist dreams of patterns being outlawed, daily trail rides being routine, and of Laura visiting him every day.



    Hooper wishes for a lifetime supply of 10 and under riders that he can teach to canter, dreams of clothes that close in the front, and of googly eyes like his to come back in style.



    Hugo has a million dreams because he sleeps so much. He wishes for the end of all pattern camps, a new next door neighbor, as Picasso has objected to some of his personal habits, and for a competitive athletic league in the pasture with events like hind leg battles, mud rolling, and round bale eating.



    Joey believes in dreaming big.

    He’d like to meditate more so he can relax his way into summer camp, would like to work on walk trot days at shows,  but would still like to accept himself as he is.

    Therefore, he’ll sit camp out, work for a select few at horse shows, and struggle to figure out which stall is his.



    Klem wishes for the end of flies who make it very difficult for him to concentrate on his lessons, dreams of doing more ladies nights AND being invited to the after party, and, of course, for his own personal round bale.  He promises he’ll clean up every last bit.



    Mr. Contentment wishes for summer camp every day, countless little girls to brush him, and to become a Knollwood pro so he doesn’t have to tell the instructor when the lesson is over.



    So, we tried to explain the concept of ‘wishes,’ and Mark just had that look on his face.  You all know the look.

    We think he wishes for lots of mushy food, lots of new beginners who have personal assistants, and hours of meaningful conversation with the elder statesmen at the round bale.



    Murphy wishes for  a wall of mirrors in his stall so he can admire himself.  All.the.time.



    Panic wishes for Holly (the person) to visit him every day, for small effective riders who enjoy being ‘Panic-ed,’ for many victory passes to showcase his extra gears, and for world peace.  Of course.



    Picasso wishes for Hugo to move far away, maybe into a slip stall where he can’t be such a bad neighbor, for another horse to pick up some of the pattern teaching slack,  and for more game days!!!


    Pony Frank

    Small Frank dreams of more horses wearing winter coats so everyone stops picking on him about his clothes, would like everyone to stop calling him Little Frank because it makes him feel so small, and for Carol to install a silent arena heater for his sensitive ears.



    Sadie thinks life is pretty grand, being the only mare in the lesson program. She would like Picasso to stop making those faces at her, dreams of her debut in the walk and trot division, and of pulling her personal grain container into her stall and binging on it.  All at once. (Would anyone care to share their Netflix login info with her?)



    Sparky is pretty content in his world.  He does wish for daily Tiny Tots, more vegetable treats as he watches his waistline,  and long sessions of grooming.  As long as there are no blow driers involved, that is. He also wishes for peace in the pasture.



    Sundance wishes for the young whippersnappers to stop questioning his authority as master of the pasture. (You know who you are, Vaughn!) He dreams of some quiet evenings in the pasture so he can discuss current USEF issues with his advisers. He also wishes for an end to shadows in the arena.



    Thomas wishes to continue his education and hopes one day to be an academy master like his mentor Sundance.  He also hopes to pass on his knowledge to newbie Vaughn.



    Tony dreams of a Caribbean cruise, but if that won’t work, he wishes to remain a loyal adviser and enforcer to Sundance.  He also would like to open a speech school for horses who can learn his extensive vocabulary for getting attention and treats. Bengal will serve as instructor for any felines who may like to enroll.



    As a wee three year old, Vaughn was nervous in his first interview.  We figured out that he’d like everyone to stop picking on him in the pasture.  He honestly didn’t know that he was supposed to come in LAST, not first ahead of Sundance.  He won’t forget that one any time soon.

    He dreams of just being ‘one of the boys,’ and of learning from all the mentors around him, even the weird ones.



    Willis is another newbie who dreams of traveling to more academy shows, learning more lessons, and teaching more lessons, too. He dreams about his pretty neighbor Sadie, even though she’s a bit older. Is Sadie a cougar?



    Willy dreams of enjoying his 32nd trip around the sun.  He has nothing to prove,  and just wants to enjoy the coming year with some lessons, some quality time with his retired friends Zeus and Brinkley, and lots of time with the wee ones.  Please, no aerosol sprays to ruin his zen moments, and no negative thoughts.


    Team Knollwood has enjoyed another fantastic year.

    We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to the adventures and fun of the last year.  From our smallest tiny tot to our most accomplished show rider, we've enjoyed every minute of 2019.  Almost.

    Best wishes to all of our friends for a new year full of health, happiness, and horses.





    And a whole lot of fun.

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  • A School Horse Debate

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    We're halfway through the election for School Horse of the Year 2019, and the race is tight at the top.  At the moment, Dudley, Hugo, and Klem are the top three, so we asked them to answer some questions for the undecided voters out there.

    Read on to learn more about the 3 candidates currently at the top of the vote count...

    1) Tell us a little about yourself:


    I’ve been privileged to be a Knollwood lesson horse since I was a wee three year old. Heck, I’ve grown up with these kids.  I came from Mike Lohman’s Southwind Ranch, and legendary Willy came from Mike’s brother Gary. So I’m kind of related.

    I’m wise enough to carry tiny tot riders, savvy enough to teach camp AND manage to get some bites of fresh grass in along the way, can carry big people, but my favorite thing is games on horseback!!!

    I digress… You can trust me about anything. Except body clipping.


    I’m a Knollwood native, born and raised here.  I’m ASHA registration number 119755G,  and my Mom is the great Hula Dancer, who is also Hooper’s mom.

    I started teaching lessons when I was three, and the rest is history. Some people say I’m lazy, but I prefer the term ‘energy efficient.’

    I enjoy fierce tiny tots, group lessons where I enjoy teaching everyone to follow through, especially cantering the first way, LOVE slow jog trotting at camp, and agree with my opponent Dudley about playing games.  I’d prefer not to do pattern camp because of the long hours of mental and physical concentration required.  Plus, those kids are pretty smart.  I am not.



    I’m a rockstar Morgan who doesn’t know his registered name, but I’m always open to suggestions. Before Knollwood, I was teaching at Hollow Haven Farm in Oconomowoc where they called me Tony. You already had a Tony working here, and you thought I was shaped like a Klement’s sausage, so I became ‘#Klem of Knollwood.’

    I quickly became a favorite of my riders, and have countless fans at all the academy shows I attend. You know how I nicker to everyone hoping for treats? Most people think I only nicker at them. Silly humans.

    I am a fur person, and consider myself one of you. This is why I’m happy to stand around in center ring after a lesson and join the conversation.

    I enjoy small advanced beginners looking to show, love teaching about follow through on left canter leads, and enjoyed my first Halloween on Horseback game session this year.  Musical towels is the best!


    2) Why should Knockouts vote for you as the 2nd ever school horse of the year, following legendary Willy?


    I am a bigger version of Willy in a really funny suit.


    I can trot as slowly as Willy. When I feel like it. Actually, I think I’d rather walk.


    Who is Willy?


    3) What would you like to change for the Knollwood lesson horses?


    I would like to see daily ear curries, as they’re the highlight of my day.  I’d also like to outlaw body clipping, or at least provide unlimited therapy for those of us who can’t handle it.


    I would like to see mandatory nap time. Every 3 hours.


    I would like to see a minimum number of treats per day. A large minimum.


    4) What do you like best about Knollwood Kids?


    They really like me!


    I like them the most when they haven’t yet learned to be effective with all their ‘go forward’ messages.  They’re really cute when I can sleep through my lessons.


    They all love to brush me and bring me treats.  I love teaching them at shows, and passing on valuable lessons at pattern camps in the big outdoor ring.  Can someone dress me as a sausage for next Halloween? Please?


    5) What’s your favorite part of the year?


    I love summer camp. I get groomed ALL THE TIME, and all the kids bring their parents to see me on Fridays.


    I love the winter. I don’t get hot from all of my hard work, and some of my friends wear blankets in the pasture, which makes it easier to grab them during pasture games. (Don’t tell Nancy.)


    I love show season! There’s nothing better than academy shows, hanging out in the warm up ring, trotting around with my kids, and helping them learn the ways of the show horse.  I am one, you know!


    6) If you could attend the banquet, who would you like to sit with?



    I would like to sit with Ann.  She’s been trying to take me home for years, but I just can’t fit in her car.


    Anyone but Parker.  I repeat, anyone but Parker. She makes me work hard in my lessons with her kids.


    I would like to sit with the Tuesday Amigos because they invite me to be in all their pictures.



    7) Closing Statements?



    Vote for the me, the biggest, best looking horse in the barn.  I promise to uphold Willy’s standards, and to be the horse everyone trusts.  A vote for me is a vote for a priceless classic.

    (And I'm good at games!)



    No, you should vote for me, the first Saddlebred the Knollwood Kids ride. Even with my character flaws like pooping in Picasso’s feed tub every day and playing too hard in the pasture so I’m exhausted in my lessons, I still help kids fall in love with Saddlebreds.



    Oh, Willy is the entitled old guy who hangs out in the other paddock with Brinkley and Zeus. Got it.

    Well, vote for me, the most handsome and vocal of them all.  You know, Willy has become vocal for his extra Senior feed at night after watching my success at using my vocal talents to beg for constant attention and mints.  I started the talking thing!

    If I win, I promise to continue to use my voice to represent all the Knollwood Kids and best lesson horses in the world.



    Thanks to all the Knollwood Knockouts who have paid their 2020 dues and cast their ballots in the election for the 2019 School Horse of the Year. Polls are open until December 31, so be sure to stop in the school barn lounge.

    If you're not yet a member, and would like to join the Knockouts, we'd love to have you.  Please ask your instructor for a ballot and membership envelope.

    And no, Willy will not be endorsing anyone in the election.


    A few reminders:

    We will not be holding lessons on December 24 or 25, or on December 31 or January 1. Please contact your instructor if you'd like to schedule a make up.


    Midwest Saddleseat Consignment has set up a special Knollwood shopping time while they're at the Holiday Inn Garden Inn in Oconomowoc.  Please join us on Friday, January 3 from 7-9 PM to shop their selection of show clothes before it's open to the public on Saturday morning.


    The good stuff is on sale through December 31.  Yes, you can receive 10% of Knollwood lessons and camps when you use the code HOLIDAY2020 on our website, www.knollwoodfarmltd.com. Your instructor is happy to design a plan for you, just ask!


    The banquet is coming up on February 8 at Bristlecone.  It sounds like a long way away, but be sure to save the date to celebrate all things Knollwood.


    See you at the barn!

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  • Relax, and Catch Up.

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    Here’s your chance.

    Take a few minutes to relax and catch up on all that we’ve been up to, and to find out all the fun we have planned.

    Off to South Africa!

      Knollwood Kid (and Triple Crown winner) Haley made it through trials last weekend at William Woods University, and is now a member of Team USA.  She’s heading to South Africa to represent the US in the Saddle Seat World Cup as part of the 5 gaited team.


    Busy, Busy Saturday

    Last Saturday was a fabulous one for Knollwood Kids.  Our friends from Soul Fire Art Studio turned the show barn lounge into a big craft room as riders enjoyed making their own ornaments.  The unique decorations made their way back to Soul Fire to be fired in the kiln, and will be returned to the artists at the Knockout Holiday Gala this Saturday.  (more about that later ...)

    If your Knollwood Kid thought that was fun, keep in mind that Soul Fire will be in their cool new space at 636 Main Street in Delafield soon. They offer craft parties, fundraising, classes, or just dropping in for a crafty afternoon.

    After we finished lessons for the day, Knollwood Kids returned (or just hung out for the day) and enjoyed a Parents Night Out with the always entertaining Knockout officers and board members.

    They created some compelling campaign posters for their favorite lesson horses, (again, more about that later…) enjoyed dinner, and spent lots of time in the arena playing all different versions of horse show.  The gaited classes were especially competitive.


    Don’t Forget to Vote!

    The Knockouts election for School Horse of the Year continues through December 31.  Renew your membership, or become a member, and you’ll receive a ballot. Dues are a real value at only $5 per junior exhibitor or $10 for senior exhibitors.  Dues entitle you to join the holiday gala, attend the awards banquet in February, and participate in all the fun activities throughout the year.

    Paying your dues also registers you to vote in the officers election for 2020 which we’re holding at the holiday gala on Saturday.


    Knockouts Holiday Gala

    Be sure to join all us this Saturday at 6:00 for the Knollwood Knockout Holiday Gala. Jeni has prepared a scavenger hunt that has lots of outdoor clues, so be sue to wear layers for your trip(s) around the farm.

    We'll also enjoy pizza before we meet to elect officers for 2020. Candidates, plese be prepared with a short speech to introduce yourself and enlighten the members as to why they should vote for you.  

    While the votes are being counted, members can enjoy anotional gift exchange. Please bring a wrapped gift of approximately $25 value suitable for a horse girl.

    Of course, we'll finish the event with games in the arena.

    Please sign up here to bring an appetizer for the adults to enjoy while the kids are scavenger hunting, or a treat to share after dinner.

    Parents, please feel free to BYOB.



    Vacations Continue


    School horse vacations continue through Christmas week, with Hooper enjoying this week off.  So far, Klem has been the only horse who hasn’t really enjoyed his week off.  He really missed his time in the arena, and missed a lot of mints, as he has most of the instructors trained to provide treats on ALL occasions.

    Next week, Cashew will enjoy a week of rest, and the one and only Thomas will finish up the schedule the following week.  Be sure to stop in and visit the holiday horses. They love special attention, extra grooming, and treats!


    Woodwear is Coming

    We expect to have all the clothing you ordered in November ready for pick up on Monday.  We’ll have a few extra pieces available above the order, so if you missed the ordering period and would like to check on availability, please get in touch with Ann.


    Pattern Class December 13

    We know it’s the off season, but we also know that it’s when the real work is done.  We’re hosting a pattern class on Friday, December 13 at 6:30 as part of our Friday Passport series.  Give us a call if you’d like to join the fun!


    Last Chance for Stirrups

    If you’d like to give the gift of stirrups and leathers to the Knollwood Kid in your house, please talk to Ann this week for ordering.  We’ve been ordering lots, and there are going to be a lot of happy riders with their very own stirrups on Christmas morning!

    Your instructor is a wealth of information for last minute gifts for your horse crazy kid.  You can never go wrong with warm riding gloves, jods, extra tie down for jods, or a helmet!


    Our Newest Knollwood Kid

    We welcome Vaughn as our newest lesson horse.  Born at Knollwood, he has learned his lessons well thanks to Lin, and has been teaching lessons for our most advanced riders who helped in his education.  Young Vaughn is slowly working into group lessons for our experienced riders, and is quickly taking a place in everyone’s heart.


    Holiday Schedule

    We won’t be teaching lessons on December 24 or 25, or on December 31 or January 1.  Please contact your instructor if you’d like to schedule make up lessons.

    Also, we know it’s a busy time of year, and we ask that you please let us know of any cancellations.  Going somewhere warm after the holidays? Please keep us informed, and think of us Wisconsonites while you’re enjoying the sun!


    Our website has been updated, and now includes 2020 dates for group lessons and summer riding school dates as well as Tiny Tot camp dates.  Heck, we even added the 2020 show dates for our academy riders!

    Lessons and camps are on sale at 10% off through December 31, and you can even shop in your pajamas.  Just use promo code HOLIDAY2020 at checkout to receive your discount.

    Of course, we’d be happy to design a lesson program to take your rider wherever they’d like to go.  Please contact your instructor for ideas.


    Coming Up! 


    For all of our show riders...

    Midwest Saddleseat Consignment will be setting up shop at the Holiday Garden Inn in Oconomowoc for the weekend of January 4-5, and Knollwood has a private shopping time on Friday night, January 3 from 7-9 PM.  The collection opens to the public on Saturday morning, so it’s a great chance to pre-shop for show clothes for the 2020 season.


    Academy Meetings

    We love sitting down with our academy show stars’ parents in January or February and discussing goals and schedules for the upcoming season. With so many shows to choose from, we can guide riders to appropriate venues and plan a progression for the year. 


    We’ll also have dates for pattern camps for our academy stars!

    Thinking about showing this year? We’re planning our academy show seminar, and will post the date shortly.  Of course, we’d be happy to meet and talk about why we love academy showing with you, too!


    Knollwood Banquet

    Join us Saturday, February 8 at the Legend at Bristlecone for an evening of all things Knollwood.  Invitations will be sent to all Knockout members at the beginning of January, and it’s an event you won’t want to miss.

    If you’re not yet a member, we’d love to have you.  Your instructor can help you join, and if you sign up by December 31, you can even vote for School Horse of the Year!


    Hope you enjoyed your 5 minutes of relaxation during the busy holiday season.


    Just a couple of questions after looking at the blog...

     Why is Klem ALWAYS the horse in pictures, and why does it look like he always just got up from a nap?



    See you at the barn!

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