• What A Weekend!

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    We did it again.

    We participated in two very different shows last weekend in two states, and both were grand successes.

    Our show horses were competing at the iconic Lexington Junior League horse show at Rolex Stadium. This beautiful newish venue hosted many of the best saddlebred show horses and equitation riders from around the country.

    Always full of southern hospitality, Lexington is a favorite of many, and is seen as a tune up for the World’s Championship Horse Show coming up in August.

    The Knollwood Kids turned up and held their own against the best competition around.

    Our ‘grown up’ kids Allison and Maria competed in the adult equitation finals held at the show. Both ladies finished at the top of both finals.

    Payton showed her soulmate Eli in pleasure equitation for riders aged 14-17.  They won their qualifier unanimously in a field of 14, and finished reserve in the championship.


    Heather and Sammy showed in the equally deep trimmed senior equitation and were fantastic. These two finished second in their Challenge Cup qualifier, and fifth in a crazy good senior championship.


    Richie showed Payton’s pleasure horse Dos in the 13 and under show pleasure class and finished second before he started his equitation rides.

    We may start calling Richie ‘Rain Man,’ as both of his eq classes took place in the rain for which Lexington is famous. 


    Richie and Sophie won both their qualifier and their junior championship. 

    The championship decision was unanimous!


    Margit showed Charlie in the fabulous 5 Gaited pleasure division, and was second in her qualifier and 3rd in a rainy championship.

    Margit keeps her sense of humor always, even when she's wrapped in plastic for her own protection.



    Meanwhile, back at the home office…


    The Knollwood Summer Show was near perfect. We couldn’t have asked for better weather for an outdoor show, and everyone joined in to create a weekend made of dreams.

    We had 97 riders participate last weekend, our largest show to date.  If you’re a numbers person, we had 303 entries pass through the gates over the weekend!

    This was truly a team effort, and we have many, many  people to thank for their help.


    First of all, our friends at Wild Impact Marketing created the fantastic neon pink show shirts that the riders LOVED. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen 68 walk and trot riders running around in bright pink shirts.


    Great thanks to Knollwood Kid Emilie for creating the unique trophies won by the first place stars.  The bottles and juice glasses will be used for a long time. In case you didn’t know, Emilie’s creative business helps her pay for her academy show expenses.


    Great thanks to Hanna Agathen for capturing the show with her photographic skills. Hanna has a gift for catching the emotion of exciting events, and we’re proud to call her a Knollwood Kid. Hanna also uses her photography business to help finance her horse showing addiction.

    All KF show photos in this blog are by Hanna.

    You can view proofs and purchase pics here.


    Great thanks to Jeni for announcing both days of the show. Jeni always keeps the show light and entertaining, even apologizing at the start of each performance for mispronouncing names of riders.

    She sat in the sun, had to almost jump up and down to see ringmaster Nicole’s hand signals, and she told the riders it was ‘canter time’ as only Jeni can.

    Great thanks to ringmasters Laura and Nicole who kept the arenas safe and orderly all weekend. They distributed ribbons, organized lineups and patterns, and used an unbelievable amount of sunscreen.

    Great thanks to Sammy Jo for spending her weekend as our show judge. An honorary ‘Knollwood Kid,’ Sammy took the time to talk to riders and even left notes for our Sunday walk and trot riders.


    Knollwood Parents are unbelievable.

    Supermoms Lisa, Julie, Abby, and Pam ran a concession area, gift baskets, silent auction items, and even offered a shady hospitality area.


    The concession stand was primarily operated on a pre-order basis, but walk up Sunday business required several additional trips to the grocery store.

    The wonderful crew of parents and kids brought in more than $2000 for the Knockouts which will help with the club’s 2021 banquet and charitable contributions.


    Knollwood Kids are wonderful mentors

    Fifteen of the best helpers in the land were in the barn on Sunday at 7:30 AM brushing horses for the 9:00 AM leadline start.

    Most of the ladies showed on Saturday, helped with camp the previous week, and worked with riders for 10 hours on Sunday.

    Each of the mentors had a horse to manage for the day.  These Knollwood Kids were responsible for tack changes for the day, encouraging riders, taking care of their horse’s water breaks and comfort, and entering for the line-up in some classes. Our helpers were great with the kids, parents, and the best lesson horses in the world. We’re proud to call these horsewomen Knollwood Kids.


    We have the best lesson horses ever. Hands down.

    As we mentioned earlier, we had 303 entries pass through the arena gates, and we had ZERO horse issues. From our beginner stars like Sparky and Pony Frank to our more advanced school horses like Cashew, the boys were on their best behavior. Dexter thought the show in the big outdoor arena was the best after his injections, too.

    We’re pretty sure these horses know who’s on them, and adjust their behavior accordingly.

    We can’t possibly thank these grand souls enough but we try every day.  The boys had Monday off, and enjoyed spa treatments and nap time in a quiet, dark barn.

    We are grateful.





    What’s Coming Up?

    The Knollwood tank tops just delivered were so popular that we’re placing a quick reorder. They are available in misses and girls sizes in both lavender and charcoal.

    Order blanks will be at the barn on Wednesday, and we’re taking orders until August 4.


    The Knockouts are sponsoring a car wash at the Hartland Piggly Wiggly on Sunday, August 8.  We’ll also run the brat shack.

    Sign ups sheets will be in the school barn shortly, and we’re asking all Knockout members to take a shift for this which is one of our largest annual fundraising events.  It’s a blast, too!


    The Knockouts are co-sponsoring the ASAW Summer Showcase Show at the Ozaukee County Fairgrounds on August 14-15.

    The club will be looking for volunteers in the concession stand and for other aspects of running the show.  Stay tuned for info soon!


    The Knollwood Fall Academy show is coming up October 9-10!

    We’ll start taking entries on August 1, and all entries will close on September 1.

    Fall shirts will be a deep green in long sleeves.



    See you at the barn, or the in-gate!

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  • Ask Someone Busy!

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    We have a saying around the barn that if you want something done well, you should ask someone who’s busy.

    It seems to be working for Team Knollwood, as we’re currently working in different states, and we have a big weekend ahead.


    Last weekend, many, many Knollwood horses were competing at one of our favorite shows, ASAW Summerfun. Featuring many show horses as well as 11 academy horses, everyone was busy.

    We’re so proud of all of our horses and riders and their performances at the show.  Here are a few of our favorite stories:


    Bella and Garfield

    Bella and her friend Far Away Garfield have been enjoying a fantastic season.  Covid kept our east coast friends at home most of last year, and we’re so happy to have them back for 2021! 

    Bella and Garfield had fantastic shows at both Midwest and Summerfun, and are looking forward to peaking at Louisville!


    Margit and Robert

    Margit is not someone looking for the limelight, but she deserves some recognition for her riding skills.  Perhaps best known for her trotting and racking on Charlie, she had a fantastic show on Robert at Summerfun, winning both their qualifier and championship in show pleasure.

    Oh, and Charlie was on his way to Lexington while Margit was showing the other man at Summerfun!


    Haley and Allan

    Triple Crown Winner Haley has found a new niche as a prized adult amateur.  She’s a busy catch rider for many trainers,  but may be  happiest showing Allan (Americana’s Standing Ovation) in the amateur 5 gaited division.

    At the Summerfun show, Haley and Allan were on fire, and finished second in the 5 Gaited Jackpot Stake, a class full of professional horse trainers.

    If you think equitation is just a phase, think again.  This young lady can ride any horse at any time thanks to the foundation in an academy program and followed up by years of ‘Mattonizing.’ She’s the real deal.

    In addition to her riding skills, Haley also won the ASAW Scholarship. She’s attending Carroll University, and the scholarship will help this life-long horsewoman fulfill her dreams.


    Olive's Lead Line Debut

    If you've had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Olive Shearmann, you know she's a woman of many words, and of much confidence.

    With the help of her trusted instructor Erika, Olive made her leadline debut at Summerfun aboard the one and only Eddie, officially known as Hylee's Red Fox.

    She wowed the crowd with her waves and infectious smile.

    Parents Tom and Lin are in SO much trouble.




    Academy Stars

    Our academy riders were fabulous in so many ways.

    Our more advanced riders ‘rode up’ on some of our newest horses, and showed like pros. Others rode horses new to them, and our walk and trot riders showed their their skills in big classes as well.

    Their patterns were spot on!

    We are so proud of all of their performances, and are looking forward to their continued educations.



    Horses showing at Lexington left the farm on Thursday night with Carlos, and Carol met them down there on Friday.  As soon as he was finished getting horses home from Summerfun, Scott jumped back in the rig and headed for Kentucky for the start of the show on Monday.



    At the home office, we’re running a Knollwood Show Prep camp and a Tiny Tot camp this week, and putting the finishing touches on the show we’re hosting this weekend.  Here are some helpful hints for the weekend:



    We will be holding the show outdoors, and the weather looks picture perfect.

    Saturday’s performance featuring the walk trot and canter riders as well as all of our ‘grown-ups’ will start at 10:00 AM in the big outdoor ring. We’re asking that all riders be at the farm ready to ride by 9:30 AM.


    Sunday’s show featuring our leadline stars, maiden riders, and 10 and under walk trot pros have varied start times.  Lead line will start at 9:00 AM, and we’re asking that those riders arrive no later than 8:30 AM.

    Maiden classes will start at approximately 10:30 AM, so please arrive ready to show by 10:00 AM.

    Our 10 and under walk trot pros will ride no earlier than 12:30 PM, so please arrive no later than noon.


    Lifelong Knollwood Kid Jordan will be at the front desk on Sunday to answer any and all questions about the show.

    Overflow parking will again be available in the Kettle Moraine Curling Club lot across Horseshoe Bend from the little outdoor ring.


    Please bring your own chairs to watch the show!

    On Saturday, please feel free to set up on the west side of the outdoor arena.  Chairs can be set up west of the broodmare’s ‘foot path’ around the arena.  You’re always welcome under any trees on the property as well.


    On Sunday, please set your seating up along the north side of the little outdoor ring, or along the school barn.

    Please remember that horses are animals of flight, so they’re afraid of suddenly moving objects. Please be aware that anything flapping in the wind may scare them.


    To help with set up, the Knollwood Knockouts are auctioning off a premier viewing spot for both Saturday and Sunday. This shady suite will allow your party to view the show in comfort, with a free photo from our show photographer added in.  All proceeds benefit the Knollwood Knockouts!

    You can enter the bidding here!


    We’re looking for help in the concession stand and with other aspects of the show. It takes a team to pull off an event of this size, and we so appreciate your contributions of time and talent. 

    You can sign up here.


    Finally, we’d like to remind everyone that we’re working to teach good sportsmanship to all of our Knollwood Kids. Please refrain from coaching your child from the rail about diagonals or whatever you may see as important. We’re trying to teach our riders to organize and prioritize their thoughts, and to train themselves to focus on the task at hand.


    Please do not coach your child from the rail. It interrupts their focus, as we’re teaching them to do things on their own. Horses have SO many lessons to teach!



    Coming Up!

    Signature Show

    The academy team and some show horses are off to Roscoe, Illinois next weekend for the Mid America Horse Show Association’s Signature Show.  We can hardly wait for the fun outdoor summer show which even features a water balloon fight on Saturday.


    IASPHA Summer Show

    We’re off to Woodstock, Illinois the following weekend for the IASPHA Summer Show. Both show and academy teams will be joining the fun at Beyond Stable Farm, and we can hardly wait! It will be the first ever show in the farm’s new, beautiful outdoor arena.



    Knockout Car Wash

    Please join us at the Hartland Fox Brother’s Piggly Wiggly for our favorite fundraiser of the year. We’re asking ALL Knockouts to join us on Sunday, August 8 for a shift washing cars or staffing the brat shack. It’s one of out biggest fundraisers  of the year, and it may be the most enjoyable one of the year. You won’t want to miss it!


    Even if you’re not showing, please come visit us this weekend while we’re showing in the great outdoors.




    See you at the barn or at the in-gate!

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  • The Best Things About Knollwood Summer. So Far.

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    Knollwood Summer 2021 is in full swing, and we're loving it.

    Here are our favorite things, so far ...



    Walks on the bridle path.

      We’re fortunate to have a beautiful bridle path running along the back of the barn. Perfect for a relaxing walk while your Knollwood Kid is taking care of their horse after a lesson, a walk with the dog, or for our advanced riders, a walk after a lesson to cool their horse down. It’s a great place to see turkeys, too!



    Slower Pace after Lessons

     Knollwood Kids don’t have to rush out after lessons at night during the summer. Everyone hangs out while getting horses put to bed, and the conversations are priceless. No homework means more time with the best lesson horses in the world, and they adore warm baths and wet currying while cooling out!


    Summer Riding School

     Knollwood Kids who signed up early are having a blast at all kinds of summer riding school. Whether its Tiny Tot Camp, or Classic Summer Riding School,  camp offers fun galore.  Imagine summer Knollwood days with horses, friends, crafts, and memories for a lifetime.

    What could be better?


    Riding Outside

    During the summer, we spread out and offer lessons in our two outdoor arenas as well as our cool indoor. It’s a Knollwood right of passage to have your first lesson in the ‘big outdoor,’ officially known as Patternland.


    Summer Horse Shows

    We love traveling to horse shows during the summer!
    Our favorites? When we travel with both the academy stars and the show horses, of course.



    Walking Hot Horses Outside

    It’s the best.

    After a lesson and your horses’ bath, you can walk outdoors and cool him off. You can spend time talking to your horse,  or invite friends along for the fun.

    There’s nothing better!


    Advanced Camps

    A week of immersion in the horse world makes a Knollwood Kid an academy star.

    They ride, care for the best lesson horses, ride some more, learn horse psychology, geometry, ride more, and laugh. A lot.

    Ask a Knollwood show rider their favorite memory...



    Counselors and Helpers

    These mentors of Team Knollwood make the summer rock. They do everything!

    They’re the first people you meet, and they’re the in the barn at closing time.

    From sharing their love of horses with our newest riders to making sure the horses are ready for lessons and cared for afterward, we could not do what we do without them.

    We love having these stars in the barn.

    Appreciate all they do? Tell them!




    Naked Hazel

     Yes, Hazel Belle Boxer Matton is finally without her layers of clothes.
    You’ll frequently find her napping in the sun unless it’s really hot, when you’ll find her in the arena or the lounge.
    If camp is in session, you’ll find her in the middle of the kids.

    And if you’re looking for Richmond, chances are he’s hiding somewhere cool.



    The KF Summer Show

    We can hardly wait for the show to take over the farm on July 17-18. 

    The show horses will be at the Lexington Junior League show, so the place will be run by the best lesson horses in the world.


     Goofing Off

    You just can't overestimate the value of summer play time.

    We play games on horses, play endless games of sardines, host the ocassional water fight, and spend countless hours enjoying dogs, cats, and each other's company.


    What's Next?

    ASAW Summerfun

    July 8 – 11

    Wisconsin State Fair Park

    Our ‘home show’ is one of our favorites. Team Knollwood will be there with lots of horses, and 16 academy riders as well.

    We’ll post schedules as they’re ready!


    We are cancelling lessons on Saturday, July 10 as we’ll all be at the show. All Saturday lessons will be credited to your account, and we hope you’ll join us at the show.

    The morning performance starts at 9:00 AM, and the academy classes won’t start before 11:00 AM



    Knollwood Summer Show

    July 17-18

    We’re looking forward to a big show, and we have a few reminders:

    Practice Rides will be held on Friday, July 16.  Please see your instructor to sign up for a slot at 5:30, 6:30, or 7:30.

    Lunch orders and payment are due July 9 at 1:00 PM. You can pick up your order form in the school barn lounge.

    Please consider donating to a gift basket for the show. Themes and items needed are posted on the tack room door. The Knockouts appreciate your generosity!



    We hope you can join all the fun of Knollwood Summer.

    See you at the barn, or at the in-gate!



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  • Midwest and So Much More!

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    Team Knollwood is back from a wonderful Midwest Charity Horse Show in Springfield, Illinois. The show has struggled in a temporary arena for the past few years, but the Coliseum of Champions is now better than ever.

    Midwest is back!

    Of course, we have stories to share.



    Competition and the weather were hot, hot, hot.

    Our riders rose to the occasion and had a fantastic show.




    Finn and Leila won both their USEF Medal qualifier and the Senior Equitation Championship. 

    Heather won her age group, and was second to Finn in the Medal class.



    In her first season competing in the senior division, Payton won the UPHA Senior Challenge Cup qualifier, and finished a strong 4th in the Senior championship.


    The Equitation star of the show was our own Laney.

    No one works as hard as Laney, and she has just about lived on a horse during the off season. She and Aaron have become quite a team, and all her work paid off at Midwest.

    The Pleasure Equitation division was big and deep, and Laney ruled it. She and Aaron won the Pleasure Challenge Cup qualifier, the Pleasure Equitation Medallion qualifier, and the Pleasure Equitation Championship with 11 hard-riding competitors.


    Congratulations to Laney!!




    Richie was a very busy young man at Midwest.

    He and Sophie showed off their hard work as well, winning their age group, the Good Hands qualifier, and finishing second in the Junior Equitation Championship.


    Richie and Fergie were second in both their qualifier and championship in the 13 and under Show Pleasure division.  He and this quirky mare have reached some sort of agreement, and it’s working!


    Richie also had the privilege of showing a road pony both driving and under saddle. He and Regal’s Overnight Success, owned and trained by Rick Wallen, make a great team. We can’t tell if Richie or the pony is having more fun.




    Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make Midwest come back!



    What's Next?



    The show horses will be home for a bit until the ASAW Summerfun Horse Show.  Held at Wisconsin State Fair Park July 8-11, we consider this our ‘home show,’ and we compete with lots of horses.


    In addition to the show horses, Summerfun hosts a huge academy performance on Saturday afternoon with some of the most accomplished academy riders from around the Midwest.

    Please join us at the show!



    While some horses are competing at State Fair Park, another set of show horses will be making their way to Lexington, Kentucky for the prestigious Lexington Junior League Horse Show.  Carol will leave with the horses, and Scott will catch up with her in Kentucky as soon as Summerfun is a wrap.


    The Knollwood Summer show is coming up fast on July 17-18, and we have some updates to share.



    New for the summer show, we have set times for the walk trot divisions on Sunday

    Leadline will start at 9:00 AM, or at noon if rain forces us inside.

    Maiden classes will start at 10:30, or at 1:30 PM if weather dictates.

    Traditional walk trot classes will start at 12:30 PM, or at 3:30 PM if we have to move indoors.

    We ask that all riders be at the show dressed and ready to go 30 minutes before the start time of their competition.


    Sign up sheets are posted for gift baskets.  Please consider donating an item or two to help the Knollwood Knockouts in their fundraising.

    Opportunities will be posted soon for the concession stand, show set up, and other activities to help.


    The horse assignment ‘wall’ is now up, so riders can see who they’re showing.




    The Knockouts are looking forward to their annual day at the Hartland Piggly Wiggly. On Sunday, August 8, they’ll man the brat shack and wash cars to raise funds for the club. Please save the date so you can help us and have fun at the same time.




    See you soon at the barn, or at the in-gate!


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  • Summer Adventures Await!!

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    Things are heating up for Knollwood Summer 2021, and we have stories to share.

    From horse shows to Woodwear orders to sold out summer camp, you won’t want to miss a thing.


    The lesson horses have returned from a very successful Prairie State Classic Horse Show. Our ten riders learned some lessons, boosted their skills, and gained plenty of confidence for the future.

    Oh, and they had a lot of fun, as usual!

    Academy riders will show next at the Oshkosh Charity Horse Show on June 26.






    The Knollwood Summer Show is coming up fast on July 17-18, and we have plenty of updates about the weekend.

    We plan on starting the show outside on Saturday at 10:00 AM, and outside on Sunday at 9:00 AM.  If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we’ll move the show indoors and will start at noon both days.

    We’re refining the Sunday schedule to give riders and families a more precise idea as to the time their classes will take place. We’ll update with times after entries are complete.

    Entries are due next Tuesday, June 15.

    If you’re not able to show, but would like to purchase a show shirt, they’re available for only $20. Just fill out an entry with the desired size selected and write ‘shirt only’ across the form. We’ll charge your account.


    We will be teaching practice rides on Friday night, July 16, and will start sign ups as soon as horses are assigned.



    Sold out Summer Riding School starts on Monday with a Tiny Tot Camp AND a pattern camp. We can hardly wait for riders to spend their summer days at the barn!





    We’re ordering Knollwood tank tops through June 19 in misses and girls sizes. These beauties come in lilac and black, and are only $25.  The tanks will feature a small Knollwood logo on the front, and size samples are available in the school barn.



    Show horses are off to Springfield, Illinois for the Midwest Charity Horse Show June 15-19. It’s a sell out this year, and promises to be a fantastic competition. Horses and riders from all over the country will be attendance to show in the beautiful restored coliseum.

    Team Knollwood will be there in numbers, and you can watch all the action on Richfield Video with a subscription.

    We’ll post the Knollwood show schedule before the show begins so you can plan your viewing schedule!




    Summer Parents’ Night Out is almost here!

    Let your kids spend the evening with us on Saturday, June 19 from 5 PM to 8 PM while you get an evening to yourself! Drop your kids off at Knollwood and they can create memories with their barn friends. The Knockout officers and board members will host the event where Knollwood Kids play games, eat dinner, and enjoy an evening at the farm.  The event is only $25, and you can sign up in the school barn office.



    Knollwood will be closed on Sunday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day. Please keep us informed of your holiday schedules so we can plan lessons for the holiday weekend.




    Since all of Team Knollwood will be at the Summerfun Show on Saturday, July 10, we will not be holding ANY lessons that day. We will credit the lesson for all Saturday riders.

    Please join us at State Fair Park to watch and cheer!



    Photo by Hanna Agathen


    We're looking forward to all fun summer activities we have planned, and we  hope you can join us!


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