• Peace to You, Tony.

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    Team Knollwood is sad today after faithful Tony crossed the rainbow bridge.


    This quarter horse/Morgan cross was as patient as they come, and loved everyone he met. In fact, he usually greeted friends with his patented ‘put put ‘ nicker.


    Tony was a classic lesson horse, always doing exactly what he was told. And oh, he enjoyed making his new riders work to get the correct cue.


    Tony was as smart as they come. He used tools in the pasture, chasing Mark around with a bucket he held by the handle and smacking him in the butt. He also enjoyed chasing other lesson horses with corn stalks after we disposed of them in the pasture post Halloween.



    Tony will be greatly missed by the many sad hearts he leaves behind. The good news is that he was surely greeted by his friends Willy and Dudley.



    Peace to you, Tony.

    You were well loved.


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  • Another 2 State Show Weekend

    Posted by Ann Wilt


    Team Knollwood spread out again last weekend and participated in horse shows in both Illinois and Wisconsin.

    From the heights of the show horse world to the beginnings of show ring experiences, we had a blast with both ends of the spectrum.

    Show horses were in Springfield at the beautiful Illinois State Fairgrounds competing at the Mane Event Show.  This show is for the best in the industry, and the 2021 edition did not disappoint.

    Mane Event is known for presenting the Good Hands National Equitation Final for both Junior and Senior Exhibitors as well as the USEF Medal Final for adults.

    Team Knollwood had 5 riders in the junior exhibitor Good Hands, and they all did us proud. Finn, Heather, Laney, Payton, and Richie had all qualified for the right to compete by placing in a Good Hands class at a local show this season.

    After the preliminary round, Finn, Heather, Payton, and Richie advanced to Phase II.  Following that pattern, Finn and Heather were announced as members of the Top 10.

    At the end of the event, Heather and Sammy finished in third place, and Finn and Leila received he 8th place ribbon in the final.


    In the adult finals, Maria and Riddle finished third in the Good Hands, and Allison and Ava took the 5th place ribbon.

    Maria showed in the Medal final as well, and finished with the championship ribbon.

    Congratulations to all our equitation riders!

    Next stop, Kansas City for the UPHA Challenge Cup Finals, and the USEF Medal Finale.


    In addition to equitation, Mane Event features deep competition in all the show horse divisions.

    Margit and her boys had quite a week.  She and charismatic Charlie were unstoppable in the 5 Gaited Show Pleasure division, winning both their qualifier and championship.

    Margit and Robert were a sight in the 3 Gaited Show Pleasure division, too. They finished in second place in both the qualifier and championship.


    Tori and Frankie just keep getting better.

    They earned a strong third place in their qualifier, and finished 6th in an action-packed championship.  Congrats!


    While Mane Event was finishing up, Team Knollwood gathered for day 2.5 of our Fall in-barn show.



    Photo by Hanna Agathen


    We had to revamp Sunday’s show and staff, as the show was rescheduled due to rain the previous weekend. Our original judge Allison was showing at Mane Event, our announcer was unavailable, many of our personal assistants were showing in Springfield, and many of our volunteers for the Knollwood village had other plans for the new weekend.

    On to plan C …

    Photo by Hanna Agathen

    This edition featured our 10 and under walk trot riders, our maiden riders, and our novice pattern class. We enjoyed a perfect fall day in the little outdoor ring where Kelsey Nicole Farnham presided over all classes.

    We’re beyond fortunate to have Kelsey step in to judge our future stars. She was the Grand Champion of Saddle Seat Equitation in her junior exhibitor days, and  has a lifelong passion for all things equitation.

    Now an executive and Mom of Ian, Kelsey offered inspiration and encouragement to each of the riders in the ring. We offer great thanks for her time and expertise.


    Holly stepped in as announcer for the day, and offered her unique perspective. Always lighthearted and knowledgeable, Holly shared the view of a mother and grandmother of riders.

    Many volunteers stepped in to man the Knollwood village of concessions, gift baskets, and merchandise sales. Thanks to everyone who pitched in.


    Photo by Hanna Agathen

    Our center ring crew kept the show running smoothly and safely. Great thanks to Nicole, Jodi, and Brenda.



    Our personal assistants were rockstars. 

    We had several new, young assistants join the crew of horse managers.  These Knollwood Kids each take care of a horse and all his riders for the day. They adjust stirrups, reins, and offer encouragement to their riders. Many of these kids were managing more than one horse because many riders were showing at Mane Event.

    They were simply amazing.


    Most of all, we owe a debt to the best lesson horses in the world.  The boys were total gentlemen with many different riders, different crowds along the rail, and pesty yellow jackets coming from out of nowhere. We cannot thank them enough, but we’ll sure try.

    They enjoyed a sunny Monday off from lessons, and LOTS of treats as well! It's a start.

    Photo by Hanna Agathen

    To put it in perspective, over the course of Knollwood Fall Show days 1, 2, and 2.5, we had 369 entries head through the in-gate.

    It takes a village of dedicated friends to pull off an event of this size, and we’re grateful for everyone who contributed to this great event.



    What’s Coming Up?


    IASPHA Fall Show

    October 22-24

    Beyond Stable Farm

    Our academy team and some show horses are heading to Woodstock, Illinois for the final IASPHA show of the season. Please join us if you can at this beautiful facility and well run show. We always love a cheering section!


    Fall Woodwear Orders are Due November 10


    Come try on samples, and make your selections of jackets, quarter zips, and a cool hat.  All purchases will be handled on your ICP account.



    Academy Info Night for Parents

    Saturday, November 13 at 7:00

    Parents, join us for an informational event about our academy showing program for 2022.  We'll discuss schedules, finances, time committment, clothing, and all that can be gained from showing away from home.

    We'll offer a kid friendly follow up in early spring with demos and more info.


    UPHA American Royal National Championship Horse Show

    November 8-13

    Home of the last 2 of the Big Three Equitation Finals, the show also features national championships in many divisions.

    Team Knollwood will be there in numbers!



    UPHA Turkey Trotters Academy Show

    November 19-20

    Beyond Stable Farm

    Our 2021 academy season is finishing at one of our favorite venues. WTC riders will show on Friday night, and our walk trot stars will show on Saturday morning.

    Please talk to your instructor if you'd like to join us!



    Holiday Photo Shoots

    Sunday November 21 and 28

    Hanna will be at the farm for holiday photo shoots to benefit the Knockouts.  You can sign up here.


    Horse of the Year Voting

    Starting December 1, you’ll receive a ballot for school horse of the year when you renew your Knockout membership for 2022.  The winner will be announced at the Knockout award banquet.


    Parents’ Night Out

    Saturday, December 4

    5-8 PM

    Knockouts can join officers and board members at the barn for an evening of fun. The event is only $25, and includes dinner and lots of activities. Sign ups will begin soon!



    Knockout Holiday Party and Election

    Saturday, December 11

    6:00 PM

    All Knockouts are invited to join the scavenger hunt, pizza dinner, election speeches, an optional gift exchange, and election of officers for 2022.  You won’t want to miss it!


    Photo by Hanna Agathen

    See you soon at the barn or at the in-gate!



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  • Knollwood Fall Show Day 2.5

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    So, last Sunday’s morning monsoon may have rained out most of our show day, but we’re all set for day 2.5 of the 2021 Fall Knollwood Show.

    Some Updates?

    Photo by Hanna Agathen Photography


    So, while the rain poured down last Sunday morning, our leadliners were able to show in the school barn arena. Judging from the smiling faces, we’d say it was a great success. Thanks to our amazing helpers who created an exciting atmosphere for our youngest show stars.

    We’re looking forward to a (fingers crossed) sunny Sunday with a high of 65.

    Overflow parking WILL be available in the Kettle Moraine Curling Club lot. Great thanks to our neighbors for helping out.

    Our show schedule remains the same as last Sunday:



    We have one group of 9 and 10 year old riders showing at 10:00 AM, and we’d like them at the farm no later than 9:15 AM.

    Our maiden riders will start showing at 10:30 AM so we’d like to see them no later than 9:45 AM.

    Our 8 and under riders will start showing around 12:30 PM, so we’d like to see them no later than 11:45 AM.

    Our 9 and 10 year old riders will show around 3:00 PM, so an arrival time of 2:15 PM is perfect.


    Allison, our judge who presided over last Saturday’s show will be showing at Mane event this weekend.  Kelsey Nicole Smith has agreed to step in and judge our riders on Sunday.

    Kelsey grew up a Knollwood kid, enjoyed a very successful equitation career, culminating with winning the World’s Grand Championship of Saddle Seat Equitation, the only Wisconsinite to ever win the title.

    Now a graduate of Arizona State and a working Mom, we look forward to Kelsey sharing her unique perspective and expertise with our young stars.


    Because of the date shift, we are still looking for some help in the Knockout Village for Sunday. Please sign up here if you can volunteer some time on Sunday.


    Coming Up?

    Mane Event! 

    Mane Event starts tomorrow on Springfield, Illinois.  The Midwest’s Fall showcase for grand show horses and the best equitation riders in the land, this show is a favorite of everyone.

    The show is being webcast on SeeHorse Video, and you can watch for free here.




    Photo by Hanna Agathen Photography


    Parents’ Academy Meeting

    Saturday, November 13 at 7:00 PM

    If you’d like to learn more about academy showing for 2022, please attend our informational evening.  We’ll talk about our schedule, lesson and clothing requirements, and the different types of shows.

    You’ll be sure learn why we love academy showing so much! Of course, refreshments will be provided.

    We’ll host another academy evening in early spring which will be kid friendly with demos.




    Turkey Trotters Academy Show

    Last chance for entries for the Turkey Trotters Academy Horse Show on Friday, November 19 and Saturday morning November 20.

    Our final show of the season is an academy only show with a relaxed atmosphere. Please let your instructor know if you’d like to join us!


    Holiday Photo Shoots

    Hanna will be at the farm on Sunday, November 21, and Sunday November 28 for holiday photo shoots.  You can reserve your spot here!

    All proceeds benefit the Knollwood Knockouts.




    Knockout Holiday Party and Election

    Saturday, December 11 at 6:00 PM

    All Knockouts are invited to participate in our annual scavenger hunt, pizza dinner, and election of officers for 2022. You won’t want to miss the fun and the campaign speeches.

    If you’re not currently a member, please talk to your instructor to join our award-winning youth group!


    Whether it's at Mane Event, or in our little outdoor ring, best of luck to everyone showing this weekend.

    Photo by Hanna Agathen Photography


    See you soon at the barn, or at the in-gate!

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  • Klem Explains the Fall Show.

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    Greetings fellow members of Team Knollwood. Klem here with all the information you’ll need to enjoy our final home show of the year this weekend.

    Personally, I love home shows because I get to sleep in my own bed, and I get to see all my favorite people, and even meet some of their parents.

    All riders should have received a packet with their personal schedule as well as a lunch pre-order form and show attire graphic. If you have any questions, please don’t ask me, as my answer to every question is ‘peppermint.’ Your instructor will be much more helpful.

    I DO know that riders should arrive one hour before their show section is to begin, and that they should report to the school barn.

    Lifelong Knollwood Kid Heather will be running the show reception area on Sunday, and, with her show experience and friendly ways,  can help with almost anything.

    If you have not picked up your show shirt and back number, they will be available in the school barn lounge on show day.

    Bling magnets from Jodi will also be available for sale up front.

    Please bring your own chairs to watch the show.  For Saturday,  chairs can be set up on the west side of the arena anywhere behind the ‘horse path’ along the straightaway. For the Sunday show, you can set up along Oakwood Road or along the school barn.

    Parking will be a bit challenging for the show. Our neighbors at the Kettle Moraine Curling Club are hosting an event this weekend, so Knollwood peeps CANNOT PARK AT THE CURLING CLUB.

    The concession stand is still looking for some help covering some shifts. I’d like to help myself, but the health department frowns upon horses working with food. Could you help? You can sign up here.

    If you signed up to donate to gift baskets, please have your goodies to the show barn lounge by Thursday night.


    Now for the fun questions that I know something about!


    What’s the difference between pleasure and equitation classes?

    Pleasure classes are judged on the combination of horse and rider. Do they communicate well, look smooth, and perform as a team? Are they riding into corners, and making good traffic choices? Are they traveling at a good speed and look like they’re enjoying themselves?

    Equitation classes are mostly judged on the rider’s skills.  The rider’s body position is taken into account, as correct position will put the rider in place to ride the horse in the most efficient manner possible. The rider is also judged on trotting on the correct diagonal and cantering competitors are judged on their leads. The judge is looking for smoothness in the saddle and an overall look of ease.

    I excel in both types of classes.



    What’s all this about the Knollwood Challenge Final?

    Great question.

    The Knollwood Challenge is based on the National Equitation Finals that our show riders participate in.

    We hold qualifying classes at each Knollwood Show for both walk-trot and walk-trot-canter riders. In each qualifier, riders compete on the rail and then each competitor will complete a required pattern.  For the walk and trot riders, the test is trotting a non-inverted figure eight. Our walk, trot, and canter riders will trot an inverted figure eight for their pattern.

    The top two ribbon winners from each qualifier will advance to the final held at out fall show. In the final phase, riders compete on the rail and then all complete a pattern that they learn that day. Riders will have the chance to walk the pattern before they ride it.

    The winner of the final will receive a beautiful bronze traveling trophy and a custom shirt from deRegnaucourt, our suitmaker who outfits many of our show ring stars.




    What’s a Personal Assistant?

    Personal assistants are the best. Each of us lesson horses has our own person on Sunday to do our tack changes, help our riders get ready for the ring, and take good care of us. Some high maintenance horses like the Hafflinger even have their own stylist so Flabio looks his best.

    These Knollwood Kids are as kind to the riders as they are to us, and that says a lot. They help riders in the line up, act as cheerleaders, and show new riders the sportsmanship lessons of a Knollwood Kid.


    What do the lesson horses think about horse show weekend?


    We love it.

    You know, one of Knollwood’s catch phrases is ‘We love what we do,’ and that includes us, the best lesson horses in the world.

    All of us love teaching lessons. In fact, each of us has his or her own lesson to teach. I enjoy teaching my young riders to pay attention to this smart Morgan who dreams of being a stand up comedian, and I also enjoy working the crowd.

    So, horse show weekend allows us to show off our riders we’ve taught so well. Of course, we’ll still have our chances, as we’re professionals, but mostly the kids will win.

    What’s better than a weekend with our kids, extra attention, personal assistants, a photographer, and a Monday off?


    Who’s in center ring?

    Our judge for the weekend is Allison Schuh. A longtime Knollwood Kid, Allison has been showing horses for most of her life.  After a highly successful Junior Exhibitor career, Allison is now competing in adult equitation, and is currently the national champion of the adult Good Hands Final and the UPHA Adult Challenge Cup national final.

    Filling out the center ring staff are our helpful adults who act as ringmasters, keeping the ring safe and organized. They’ll also hand out awards and arrange victory passes.

    Jeni will be announcing on Saturday, while Wendy will be the voice of Sunday.

    Hanna of Hanna Agathen Photography will be taking pics from center ring, and will be shooting candids before and after the show. You just know she’ll get great shots of me!

    The best lesson horses in the world can hardly wait for the weekend.  Please be sure to cheer on your favorite riders and horses. WE love it!

    Ps: Peppermint!




    Catching up and looking ahead!

    We couldn’t be more proud of our riders who competed at the St Louis National Charity Horse Show last weekend.

    Some highlights?

    Laney won the USEF Medal qualifier, and a National Championship in the Saddle and Bridle Equitation Medallion Senior Final.

    In her first year showing in the senior equitation division, 14 year old Payton is the reserve national champion in the ASHA National Championship of Pleasure Equitation, and finished third in the Senior Medallion Final, all while riding her heart horse Eli.


    In her fourth show out of the academy division, Emma made Top 10 in the ASHA final, and held her own in a STACKED Medallion final.

    As usual, Margit and Charlie were a sight in their 5 gaited show pleasure classes, finishing reserve in both qualifier and championships. She and Robert were competitors as well.

    Tori and Frankie continue to learn from each other, and rode to wonderful ribbons in the process.


    Finn and Richie were stars in the trimmed equitation, even finishing first and second in the Saddle Seat Equitation qualifier.


    It was such a busy show that even Hazel was exhausted after watching all the workouts.


    Looking ahead...

    We won’t be holding lessons this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday because of practice rides and our big show. The best lesson horses in the world will have Monday off as well, so no lessons on Monday except for our 6:30 PM Welcome to Knollwood class which will still meet.



    Mane Event Horse Show

    October 14-17

    Illinois State Fairgrounds

    Show horses will be off to Springfield, Illinois on Monday to prepare for the Mane Event Show. One of everyone’s favorite shows at a wonderful facility, the show features the first jewel in the triple crown of Saddle Seat Equitation, the Good Hands.

    Knollwood will be there in numbers, and we’ll update with schedules and webcast information soon.



    IASPHA Fall Show

    October 22-24

    Woodstock, IL

    Our academy team and some show horses will he heading to Beyond Stable Farm for our last IASPHA show of 2021. We’d love a cheering section, please come join us!



    UPHA American Royal National Championship Horse Show

    November 9-13

    Kansas City

    The National Championship Show features the last two equitation finals that make up the Triple Crown of Saddle Seat Equitation, the UPHA Challenge Cup Final and the USEF Medal Final.

    Team Knollwood will be there competing for national championships.

    We’ll update with schedules and webcast info as the show gets closer.



    Parents’ Academy Show Meeting

    November 13, 7:00 PM

    Parents, please join us for an informational meeting to learn all about academy showing for 2022.  We’ll provide information, answer questions, and talk about schedules, clothing requirements, as well as the costs and benefits involved.  You’ll learn why we love academy showing so much!

    We'll hold another meeting in early spring for riders, which will feature demos and more kid friendly topics.




    UPHA Fall Academy Show

    November 19-20

    Woodstock, IL

    The academy team is heading to Beyond Stable Farm for its last show of the 2021 season. Our walk trot and canter riders will show on Friday evening, and our walk and trot stars will compete on Saturday morning.




    Horse of the Year Election

    Starts 12/1

    Knockouts are invited to pay their 2022 dues and vote for school horse of the year. The election winner will be announced at the Knockout banquet.



    Parents Night Out

    Saturday, December 4,  5-8 PM

    Parents can enjoy three hours of holiday shopping, or dinner out while your Knockout  enjoys time at the barn with fellow club members. This season’s night will have a holiday theme, so stay tuned for sign up info! 




    Knockout Election and Holiday Party

    Saturday, December 11 at 6:00 PM

    All members are invited to join us in the arena for a treasure hunt, pizza, election speeches, an optional gift exchange, and the election of 2022 Officers and Board members.




    See you soon at the barn, or at the in-gate!




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  • Happy Birthday, Richmond!

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    Today is Richmond of Knollwood’s second birthday.

    We had our doubts that everyone’s favorite yellow and white kitten would even make it to his first birthday, but here we are celebrating his second.

    Richmond came to us in September of 2019 in a litter of kittens from horse trainer Richmond DeHart.

    We had been looking for a yellow and white kitten to break up the boringness of all of our grey-ish cats.  We were also looking for a special kitten to fill the hole left by our loss of Dean, the most personality plus Knollwod barn cat. To date.


    So, Richmond, his three calico sisters, and his tuxedo brother came to live in school barn lounge.

    His sisters soon went to Winsome Farm, and are still living the good life with Terri Anne and her daughter.

    Richmond’s tuxedo brother went to live with Rachel, Knollwood rider and small animal vet.  She’ll reappear later in Richmond’s story…


    Richmond enjoyed every minute of his kittenhood. Afraid of nothing, he hung out with Holly until the adult cats came around to ‘another kitten.’ He made fast friends with Hazel, who has an insanely good sense of humor with wild children of all types.

    Covid came and shut down the farm, and it can safely be said that Richmond kept us going some days. Every day featured another ridiculous adventure, from riding horses to climbing trees to running on the barn roof, he kept us all entertained.

    With all his antics, we all had our doubts that he might use up all of his nine lives in short order.

    Life #1

    Richmond enjoys running around the top of the pasture water tanks. Not always successful, there were a couple of days with a very wet kitten.

    Life #2

    Richmond was looking a little punky, so Rachel came out to look at him, found a wound in his neck, and suspected a parasite. 

    Richmond took a trip to the clinic the next day so Rachel could get the creature out with some minor surgery.  The yellow and white cat returned, and …


    Life # 2.5

    Ripped out his stitches, and got an infection in the wound.

    After several weeks of dressings, antibiotics, and wearing socks around his neck, Richmond was on the mend.


    We’re sure he’s had lots of other close calls, and we’re actually glad we missed them.


    Richmond purrs like a motorboat, acts boneless when you pick him up, loves his laser pointer,  leads yoga classes, and enjoys being in the middle of everything from the arena to the school barn counter.


    Please be sure to wish Richmond a Happy Birthday when you see him  this Week!




    Don’t forget the Knollwood Show is coming up October 9 and 10!

    You can sign up for practice rides with your instructor.

    Please consider donating to the gift baskets. These items are due October 1.

    You can sign up to volunteer your time and talent to the concession stand here.

    Lunch pre-orders are due on September 28.


    What’s coming up?


    Academy Photo Shoot

    This Sunday

    Hanna will take the group shot at 5:00 PM, and we ask that all participants be at the farm by 3:30 PM, so our hairstylists can have everyone ready in time.  Please remember to wear your show clothes!



    St. Louis Charity Horse Show

    September 29 – October 2

    Team Knollwood will be in St. Louis with big numbers. The show features Pleasure Equitation finals, and a terrific horse show.

    We’ll post schedules and webcast info as soon as we can!



    Knockouts Street Clean Up

    Saturday, October 2

    You can sign up in the school barn lounge to help the Knockouts clean up Oakwood and Nagawicka Roads for the Fall.  It’s a great way to earn your Knockout service hours and help beautify our little corner of the world.



    Practice Rides for the Knollwood Fall Show

    Friday, October 8

    Classes are at 4:30 PM, 5:30 PM, and 6:30 PM.

    You can sign up with your instructor in the school barn lounge.


    Knollwood Fall Show

    Saturday October 9 and Sunday October 10

    9:00 AM start both days

    Join us in the BIG outdoor ring on Saturday, and in the little outdoor ring on Sunday.

    Rain dates are the following weekend, October 16 and 17


    IASPHA Fall Show

    October 23-24

    Our last IASPHA show of 2021 will be held at Beyond Stable Farm in Woodstock, Illinois.  We’re taking a big academy team, and would love to see you there.


    UPHA American Royal National Championship Horse Show

    November 9-13

    Knollwood will be in Kansas City to compete for national championships and the last 2 BIG equitation finals, the UPHA Challenge Cup, and the USEF Medal Final.


    Introduction to Academy Parent Meeting

    Saturday, November 13

    7:00 PM

    If you think you might be interested in showing with our academy team next season, please attend this adult only meeting where we’ll discuss schedules, goals, and finances of the academy show program.

    We’ll follow up with a rider and parent meeting in early spring.


    Holiday Photo Shoots

    Sundays November 21 and November 28

    Hanna is coming to the farm to take photos for holiday cards, family portraits, or just for memories.

    Sign-ups will be available shortly!


    UPHA Chapter 10 Fall Academy Show

    November 19 and 20

    There’s still time to add to our final academy show of the season!

    Walk, trot, and canter riders will show Friday night, while our walk and trot stars will show Saturday morning.




    See you at the barn, or at the in-gate!


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