• Spring Knollwood Show is in Bloom

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    Show season has begun and our second away show is just around the corner.  Horses, along with their Academy Team riders will be heading to Academy Palooza in Northern Illinois for performances April 29th and 30th!  While that is indeed fun and exciting, our first in-barn show of the year is just around the corner, running from May 13th - 15th with a totally revamped schedule!  


    This year, instead of having our show Saturday and Sunday only, our in-barn show schedule has been extended to Friday as well!  Our lesson students have been chomping at the bit to get in the show ring and extending our schedule has made it easier for all parties involved to do just that.  This year, most of our pattern classes will be held Friday evening instead of intermingled throughout the show.  The Walk-Trot-Canter and Walk-Trot Challenge class qualifiers will open the Friday evening performance; followed by the Walk-Trot-Canter 14 and up Pattern class, Walk-Trot-Canter 11-13 Pattern class and lastly the Walk-Trot-Canter 10 and under Pattern class.  Arrival time for this group of classes is slated for 5:45pm as the performance begins at 6:30.


    Once we have our show shirts, we will be able to get all participating riders their number and info packet detailing when to arrive for their section of riding.  Our 11-17 Walk-Trot-Canter riders will open the Saturday performance of the Spring Knollwood show and should arrive at 9:15am. Next up is the 10 and under WTC riders with a call time of 10:15.  Our grown up riders should come to the barn at 11:15 and our 11-17 Walk and Trot riders will close out the Saturday performance with a call time of 12:45pm. 


    As for Sunday, our leadliners will open the show with a call time of 8:15, riders will hit the ring (hopefully walking) at 9am sharp!  Our Maiden riders are up next and should be to the barn by 9:45.  Our large group of 8 and under riders are asked to be at the barn by 11:45 and represents one of the largest sections of our show this year!  Lastly, our Sunday performance closes out with 9-10 year old age group classes and our WT pattern classes; with a call time of 1:45.


    If you and your family would like to order a prepacked concessions meal, information on how to preorder will be available soon!  You can also find the Sign Up Genius for volunteering at concessions here.  Don't forget that all Knockouts members are required to perform service hours in order to earn show points to win awards at the end of the year. 


    This spring, our KF Show judge is the one and only, Miss Laney Lonchar!  Accomplished equestrian and 2022 World Cup Competitor, Laney will be coming all the way from Colorado to lend her discerning eye to these students' first in barn show of the year.  Laney showed owns and showed Seven Oaks Heirman last year, along with Far Away Garfield thanks to his owners the Kingsbury family.  Keep in mind, our Knollwood Shows are free to watch! 

    Other upcoming events is the Knockouts Olympics and Meeting, coming May 21st at 5:30pm in the Show Barn Lounge! Here is another sign-up genius for the cookout portion of the day.  


    We will see you at the barn or at the in gate!

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  • Stories From Our First Show

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    Team Knollwood is back from our first horse show, and what a time we had!

    We made some great memories, and have stories to share!



    Alexa and Amelia moved up to the show horse world!

    Both of these ladies have been working their way through our academy program over the past few years, and have competed against the best academy riders in the Midwest.  They’ve both made the jump to the show horse world by leasing horses for the season.

    Alexa’s family has leased Aaron, officially known as Seven Oaks Heir Man, for Alexa to compete with in the pleasure equitation division.  Aaron is owned by the Lonchar family, and has carried Laney to multiple championships over the past couple of seasons.

    Alexa looks relaxed and comfortable in the ring, and showed in her beautiful suit as if she’d been doing it for years. She and Aaron finished their first show with a pair of second place ribbons to show. They’re going to be a great pair to watch.


    Amelia’s family has leased Eva, officially known as Castle Booty for for her to show in the pleasure equitation division. Eva is owned by Allison Schuh, and has been competing with Eva in adult equitation after a successful career in the junior exhibitor world.



    Amelia and Eva looked like they absolutely belonged in the show ring together as they navigated a ten horse class for their debut. After picking up a good 7th, Amelia and Eva rode up to a third place in their championship. These two are going to make a great team!



    Jane and Willis hit their stride

    Few people are more dedicated to the American Saddlebred than Jane, and she found a wonderful show ring partner in Willis.  Officially known as Garden of Roses, Jane and Willis hit the ring at IASPHA and never looked back, winning both their qualifier and championship in the single bit division.

    The smile on Jane’s face, and Willis’ expressive face say it all.


    Payton was a horse in a former life.

    Payton and her family have invested lots of time and money into rescuing Saddlebreds who have fallen into difficult situations.  They rescued a horse later known as Riddle who has become an amazing equitation horse, and their latest project horse, Thaylee, made her debut at IASPHA.

    Officially known as Choo Choo Dakota, she and Payton entered the ring to a class of ten horses for Thaylee’s first class. Payton worked her magic, and navigated the rookie through traffic, and came out with an amazing third place ribbon.

    To top it off, Payton guided Thaylee to a first place ribbon in the championship!

    We thank the Duerr’s for their dedication to saving these animals who fall through the cracks. They spend lots of time and money helping them find jobs in the world. Thanks as well to the Knollwood training team who helped Thaylee figure out who she could be.

    Payton wasn’t done.

    Since Payton lives in Colorado, her new equitation horse Gigi was at the show for lessons with her. Payton and Scott made the decision to enter the new team into the UPHA Challenge Cup qualifier on Sunday morning.

    They were a sight.

    If this is how good they look at their first show, just imagine how they’ll look after a little more time together!


    Academy Stars!

    Our academy riders had a marvelous weekend in some really nice competitions.

    Saturday showcased our three grown ups and four 17 and under walk,  trot, and canter riders. We learned plenty of lessons at the first show, had lots of fun, and even earned some pretty ribbons for our efforts.

    Our five walk and trot Sunday riders were fabulous as well, and we’re happy to report that Nacho, officially known as ‘Trust Fund Blues,’ competed in his first all academy show like a champ. He even won his first ever pattern class.

    Oh, and he was reserve in the Single Bit championship with Mary, too!

    Great thanks to Maddie and Scott for guiding him through his big debut!


    What’s coming up?


    Food Drive

    May 1-21

    Knollwood’s 10th annual food drive benefitting the Food Pantry of Waukesha County starts on May 1, and runs through May 21, when we host the Knollwood Olympics.

    Food barrels will be up and ready for your donations starting on May 1. Each Knollwood Kid who donates a minimum of five food kits can join an Olympic team and compete in ‘games of skill’ with their friends, and join us for a cookout afterwards.


    FASH Spring Show

    May 5-8

    Minnesota State Fairgrounds

    Team Knollwood’s show stars are off to St. Paul for a great show. The grounds are beautiful, the hospitality is top notch, and the competition is pretty great, too.



    Knollwood Spring Show

    May 13-15

    Horses are assigned, the judge is super excited, and we’re ready to go!

    Join us for the Knollwood spring show starting on Friday night, May 13 at 6:30 PM.

    Walk trot and canter riders and our 11 and over WT riders will show on Saturday, while our leadliners, 10 and under, and maiden walk trot riders will compete on Sunday.

    We’ll be looking for volunteers to help with set up and running of the show, so stay tuned!



    Knollwood Olympics

    May 21

    Be sure to get your five food kits in so you can compete in the Knollwood Olympics. If you or your friends would rather not shop for five kits, donations to the Food Pantry of Waukesha County are accepted as well. $15 equals one food kit, so a donation of $75 cash or a check made out to the pantry is the same as five kits.

    You won’t want to miss this!



    Madison Classic Horse Show

    May 26-29

    New Holland Pavillions, Madison

    Show and academy horses will be making their way to Madison for a wonderful local show. It’s a short drive from the barn, so be sure to come check it out!


    See you at the barn, or at the in-gate!







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  • Show Season 2022, Here We Come!

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    Team Knollwood is heading off to our first show of 2022 this weekend when a full trailer of show and academy horses is heading to the IASPHA Spring Show at Beyond Stable Farm.

    We're excited to have two former academy stars making their show horse debuts this weekend.  Amelia will be showing Eva, officially known as Castle Booty,

    and Alexa will be showing Aaron, officially known as Seven Oaks Heir Man as well. What a treat to see these riders take all the lessons they've learned with the academy horses and move into the show horse world.





    We are so fortunate to be able to spend time with these amazing animals and our barn friends.  Many, many people would love to be able to ride and participate in the horse world, and we actually get to live our dreams and learn life lessons in the process.


    One of those is that each of us is on our own journey in the horse world. Your progress and path are your own. And so is everybody else’s.

    Some people will seem to progress really fast, and some may seem to be happy riding certain horses and going to certain shows. And that’s perfect.

    Each horse person is in control of their own journey. Talking about other people’s progress, or wanting to progress as fast as someone else or ride the perceived ‘better horses’ only hinders progress. Comparing one's path to another's can take the joy out of this beautiful process of growing with horses.

    There is a saying, ‘Sit with the winners, the conversation is different.’ Winners don’t compare horses, ribbons, or talk about others. Winners support other competitors, work with their coaches to improve their skills, and live in the now.

    Life has been challenging the past few years. Now is the time to lift up our fellow horse people, to cherish the time we have with these unbelievable horses who make our lives fabulous, compliment our fellow competitors, and enjoy all the moments that make memories which last a lifetime.

    Let's be grateful for out friends, families, and horses we get to spend our time with.


    What Else is Coming Up?



    Entries are complete for the Spring Knollwood Show, and horse assignments and an updated schedule will be available soon. Now that all the entries are in, we’ll be able to pinpoint schedule times, as well.

    It’s going to be a great show, with loads of competitors. It has become a three-day show, with pattern classes and Knollwood Challenge qualifiers moved to Friday evening.


    Would you or your business like to help sponsor the concession stand? The Knockouts are offering bronze sponsorships for $125, silver sponsorships for $250, and gold level for $375. These donations will go toward food purchases for the concession stand to increase profit going to the club.  Please talk to Ann if you might be interested.




    Olympics 2022 are coming!

    The 10th Annual!

    Our food drive for the Food Pantry of Waukesha County is starting on May 1. You’ll see barrels from the pantry in which to place your food kits.

    Talk to your neighbors, family, and friends for donations to help Knollwood support neighbors in need. If you gather five food kits, you earn the right to compete on an Olympic team on May 21.

    If people would rather donate money, they can make out a check to the Food Pantry of Waukesha County. Each donation of $15 equals one food kit, so a donation of $75 would be enough to join an Olympic team.


    We then divide all the donors into Olympic teams, and new this year we’ll even out the teams by age. And, we’ll name the teams after school horses!

    Everyone is welcome to participate in our event, from our smallest tiny tots to our adult riders.

    While we’re not finished planning the events for 2022, we know that teams will be competing in:

    Blind Buggy

    Blanket Race

    Helmet Toss

    Relay of our creation

    A new event created for 2022


    We hope every Knollwood Kid helps our neighbors in need with donations to the food pantry, and then has the opportunity to participate in the Olympics.

    We’re happy to announce that the post Olympic picnic is back, too! After the final event, we’ll gather to enjoy a cookout with all the participants. Each team will be assigned to contribute a part of the feast.



    The Knockouts are excited to be hosting a new charitable event this year. Saturday, June 11 brings our Walk for LifeStriders in memory of Knollwood Kid Libby who passed away earlier this year. Her parents asked that memorials be made to the therapeutic riding center where Libby donated her time and talent.

    Team Knollwood will be raising pledges for LifeStriders, and will walk the bridle path at 10:00 AM on June 11. Please save the date to help us honor Libby’s memory and to help a wonderful charity.



    See you soon at the barn, or at the in-gate!


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  • How Well Do You Know the Knockouts?

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    The Knollwood Knockouts are a charter member of the American Saddlebred Horse Association’s Youth Foundation. Founded 27 years ago, our award winning youth group has evolved into a force for good in these crazy times.

    Our mission statement is:


    To support and promote equitation, horsemanship, and friendships through service to others.


    The equitation and horsemanship part is in our blood.

    Thanks to our hard working instructors and trainers, Knollwood is a leading training center for horsepeople and equitation stars. It starts with our academy program which focuses on the interaction between horses and riders. Even our youngest riders can tell you about how a horse sees and reacts to the world and the proper alignment of a horse which is a foundation for making our equine partners perform at their best.

    The Knockouts promote equitation at all levels, from academy to the World Championships as the most effective way to help a horse perform to his best. If you don’t understand how your horse sees and reacts to the world, you’ll never be the best.


    It’s all about relationships.

    The Knockouts are inclusive. Everyone is included. Do you love horses and the Knollwood experience? You’re in.

     The Knollwood Knockouts promote friendships among horse kids. Whether you’re just starting out in our lesson program, or you’re one of our national or world champions, everyone is welcome here.

    We have a saying, stolen from someone, that says, ‘The world champion in any event was once a beginner.’ Truer words have never been spoken.

    Horse kids bond. If school isn’t so great, or things are crazy with sports, your barn friends are always there.  You can always talk to fellow horse kids about your favorite lesson horse, your riding challenges, or you can just talk to a horse and hug him.

    Horse showing makes life long friendships.

    The nights swimming at the hotel, the days at shows with Knockout leaders, watching shows with your barn besties, and showing with the support of Team Knollwood behind you are the best. These friendships last through high school, college and beyond. We love it when the college kids come ‘home’ at breaks, and when they return as career kids. They’re always Knollwood Kids to us.



    The Knockouts are all about celebrating successes.

    We host award banquets honoring high point winners in academy divisions, and we award out show barn mentors as well.

    While Covid has curtailed these in person celebrations, we look forward to celebrating in our 2022 winners at Bristlecone Pines next February.

    If you’re a member of the Knockouts before the May show, we’ll calculate points for the three in-barn Knollwood shows and award high point awards in each division.

    In addition to academy awards, the banquet features social time, a delicious buffet dinner, awards from the American Saddlebred Horse Association, updates from Scott, a slideshow celebrating the year, and dancing!

    Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss the celebration.


    The Knockouts Holiday Party is a classic.

    Members gather to celebrate holidays and elect officers for the next year. The party includes a scavenger hunt and pizza dinner before the group hears campaign speeches from members hoping to serve the following year as officers and board members.

    Election results are announced after the optional gift exchange is completed.


    Service to Others

     Adopted families

    The Knockouts adopt families from our area at the holiday season.  Members donate requested items from the families, and meet to wrap the presents before the officers deliver gifts to the families.

      Food Drive

    Each spring, the Knockouts hold a food drive for the Food Pantry of Waukesha County at a time when their stocks run low. This year, the club will be accepting donations of food kits from May 1-21.

    We’ll celebrate the end of the food drive with the 12th annual Knollwood Olympics. Member who have donated a minimum of 5 food kits are invited to join us for ‘games of skill’ while we complete the final tabulation of which team has collected the most food kits above their goal.

    There’s nothing better than helping neighbors in need.



      Ice Cream Social


    The Knockouts also donate funds to the American Saddlebred Association of Wisconsin  for an ice cream social at the ASAW Summerfun Show at State Fair Park in July.


      Walk for Lifestriders

    New this year, the Knockouts are holding a walk in memory of former Knockout member Libby to benefit Lifestriders Therapeutic Riding Program.

    Members are invited to solicit pledges to benefit this wonderful program, and we will walk the bridle paths around Knollwood in Libby’s memory. She is missed.


    The Knockouts  Create Strong Leaders

      Elected officers and board members are mentored by marvelous supportive parents, former officers, and Knollwood leaders. These ladies learn organizational skills, follow through, and the importance of personal communication.

      The Knockouts promote strong female mentorship. Let’s face it, even though we love Scott and Richie to death, the horse world provides a space for women to learn leadership skills. Trainers and instructors teach young ladies to stand up for themselves, and those young ladies teach younger kids the same. It’s perfection.

     Parents are the glue.

    Scott is fond of talking about horses needing good moms, and our Knollwood Kids need the same. We are so fortunate to have a fantastic group of parents who understand that they don’t need to ‘snowplow’ all discomforts out of the way, but to teach kids how to deal with imperfection, the unpredictable, and the unexpected setbacks. Great thanks.



    The Knockouts Raise Money

    Good deeds need funding.

    The Knockouts are hosting a car wash at the Fox Brothers Piggly Wiggly in Hartland on July 19from 11-2. Please save the date for fun in the sun selling brats and washing cars. It’s a major fundraiser for the club, and it’s lots of fun for both member and parents.

    Would you or your business like to support these fabulous kids with a concession stand sponsorship? Please talk to Ann if you'd like to help. It's a great way to reach families of involved kids.


    The Olympics on  May 21 are a major food/fund raiser as well. We have a chance to restock the empty shelves at the Food Pantry of Waukesha County, and have a great time in the process.

    Please consider donating a minimum of 5 food kits and joining the fun as we help neighbors in need. Knockouts of any age are welcome!



    ASAW Summer Showcase Horse Show

    The Knockouts and ASAW hold a horse show at the Ozaukee County Fairgrounds, and they split the show proceeds. Primarily an academy show showcasing new riders, the Knockouts and the American Saddlebred Association of Wisconsin’s Scholarship Fund split the proceeds of the show. Since many of the scholarship winners have been Knollwood Kids, we feel a special attachment to the fund.

    We’re always looking for parent and Knollwood Kids to help us put un a marvelous show for all the kids who are starting their show careers.


    What’s Coming Up?

    April 1

    Knollwood Spring entries and KF jod orders close.


    Academy Show Meeting

    Last chance this Saturday at 7:00 for parents who’d like to learn more about academy showing in 2022!


    IASPHA Show

    Join at Beyond Stable Farm in Woodstock, for the first academy and ‘A’ show of the season.




    The Knockout officers and board members are looking forward to seeing members on Saturday, April 15 at 6:00 for a couple of hours of barn fun. You can sign up in the school barn lounge.



    Join us at Beyond Stable Farm for an all academy show featuring our up and coming stars. We have three riders showing for the first time, and we can hardly wait to watch them shine!



    The show barn is attending their first show in St Paul, Minnesota. The State Fairgrounds are a perfect show venue, and the stars will be there!


    Food Drive

    Starting May 1, please bring your food kits to Knollwood. If you bring a minimum of 5 kits, you’re eligible to compete in the Olympics!


    KF Spring Show

    It’s finally here! 

    KF’s show season starts Friday night with pattern and KF Challenge classes. The show runs through Sunday with fun for all.  Entries closed on April 1.




    See you at the barn, or at the in-gate!

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  • The Spring Break Edition

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    Spring Break Has Started!

    Many, many Knollwood families are on a break away from Wisconsin’s ‘spring,’ and many more are heading out around Easter.  Please keep us informed of your schedule changes so we can arrange make up lessons.

    Headed away from home? Be sure to take a pic of yourself in your Knollwood gear, and we’ll post it on social media. So far, we’ve heard from Lauren in Florida, and Aubrey in South Carolina.



    The Great Pumpkin Is Here!

    Please join us in welcoming Pumpkin to the happy group of our best lesson horses in the world.

    Pumpkin comes to us from Kentucky, where he was teaching lessons for Nancy Brannon. Handsome Pumpkin is half Morgan, and half Connemara Pony.

    He’s successfully joined the herd in the pasture, and doesn’t have a single mark on him, meaning that the current school horses have welcomed him without any initiation rituals. It’s a sign that he’s really a good guy.

    He’s already teaching lessons, and can find his own way to his stall, something that Thomas still can’t do after 4 years.

    Please stop by and introduce yourself to the grand man.



    The Deadlines are Coming!

    April 1 is the last day for Knollwood Spring entries, and for ordering our fun Knollwood jods. Please talk to your instructor if you have any questions.


    Questions Welcomed

    We’re lucky to have some of the smartest and most educated lesson horses around. It turns out that they’d like to answer your questions in future blogs.

    Please submit your questions in the box in the lounge, and please address the question to the horse you’d like to answer your query. You might be surprised by their literacy!



    Easter Holiday

    We will be closed on Easter Sunday, April 16. All lessons scheduled for Easter will be credited to your account.



    Get Ready For the Car Wash!

    Knockouts, please be sure to keep Sunday, July 17 free for the annual car wash and brat bash at the Hartland Piggly Wiggly.

    It’s the most entertaining fundraiser of the year, and we hope everyone can make it.



    You Won't Want to Miss:

    IASPHA Spring Show

    April 8-10

    Join us at Beyond Stable Farm in Woodstock, Illinois for a weekend of horse showing. We’ll be there with show horses and an academy crew!



    Parents’ Night Out

    Saturday, April 16

    Knockouts, join us from 6-8 PM for snacks and fun with your club officers and board members. You can sign up in the school barn, and it’s only $25 which will be billed to your account.



    Academy Palooza

    April 29-30

    We’re headed back to Beyond Stable for an All-Academy show. Adalyn, Charlotte, and Kali are making their show ring debuts, and some of our ‘up and coming’ academy stars will be there as well. Please come and cheer us on!


    Food Drive!

    May 1-21

    Join us in restocking the Food Pantry of Waukesha County at a time when they really need donations. If you donate 5 food kits, you’re eligible to compete in the Knollwood Olympics on Saturday, May 21. Trust us, no Knollwood Kid wants to miss the Olympics, and a chance to help out neighbors in need.


    FASH Horse Show

    May 5-8

    Minnesota State Fairgrounds, St Paul, MN

    The show horses are off to their first big show of the year. The show is full of deep competition, and the facilities are wonderful, so why not take a trip to Minnesota to cheer them on?


    Knollwood Spring Show

    May 13-15

    New this year, we’ll be holding pattern and Knollwood Challenge classes on Friday night starting at 6:30.

    On Saturday, we’ll feature all adults, all walk trot and canter riders, and our walk trot riders aged 11 and up.

    Sunday will showcase our leadliners, 10 and under walk trot riders, and all of our maiden stars.


    The extravaganza needs many hands to make it a success, so please save time that weekend to help with concessions, organization, gift baskets, or other fun support positions.

    We have so much fun!


    Photo Sessions with Hanna Agathen Photography


    May 22, 10 AM-4:45 PM

    Hanna will be at the farm doing photo shoots in May. You can sign up here.



    See you soon at the barn!





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