• It's Almost Banquet Time!

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    Sure, more than 150 of us are heading to the banquet at the Legend at Merrill Hills on Saturday, but did you ever wonder what goes on at Knollwood when all the people are away for a bit?


    The indoor school horses are betting on who will win the horse of the year election. The pool is, of course, being run by Klem, and the currency is flakes of hay. We expect to find a mess in the aisle on Sunday morning.

    The outdoor lesson horses will be enjoying limitless hay and warm water in their pastures. Every night is a party for them!

    Dogs and cats are holding their own party in Carol’s office where we think the copy machine will be the center of the festivities. (Don’t worry, all the computer passwords have been safely secured. This isn’t Lin’s first rodeo …)

    The kittens seem to be obsessed with making copies of themselves, and Hazel in particular is happy to help.

    Richmond is pretty much terrified of the copier, so he’s choosing to enjoy the evening in the cooler cubbie.


    For the humans joining us for the 25th annual Knockout banquet, we have a few helpful reminders:

    Social time starts at 6:30 PM, with dinner at 7:15 PM.

    Most riders dress up while parents are a little more reserved in their attire.

    If you haven’t already paid your 2023 Knockout dues, please fill out a membership envelope with your cash and drop it in the payment box in the school barn lounge. We will not be taking money at the banquet.



    What’s Coming Up?

    Current Student Camp Sign Up

    Through February 28

    That's right, through February 28, surrently enrolled students can sign up for the summer riding school session of their choice.  We'll offer the remaining spots to the public starting on March 1.

    Please talk to your instructor or office admin before the end of February.

    Spots are going fast, with the second week of Knollwood Show Prep camp already sold out.  You don't want to miss out on the summer tradition!


    February 25

    Academy Measuring

     Trish is coming for academy measurements. The schedule day is full, but if you’d like to meet with her at another time, please talk to Ann. Trish works out of her home and is happy to meet you there.



    March 5

    Baxter’s Birthday


    March 13

    Thomas’ Birthday


    March 24

     Sport’s Birthday


    March 26

    Knockout Curling Outing

    3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

    Join them at the Kettle Moraine Curling Club for a curling lesson and lots of fun.


    March 29

    Alex’ Birthday




    March 30

    Leon’s Birthday


    April 9

    Easter, No Lessons.

    Your instructor will contact you to schedule a make-up.



    April 15-16

    IASPHA Spring Show

    Our first show of the season!




    See you at the barn!



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  • It's Catch-Up Week!

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    With all the fun happenings at Knollwood this winter, it’s time to catch up on a few things before we hit show season prep full on!


    Early Summer Riding School Enrollment for Current Riders

    Through February 28, riders currently enrolled in our program can sign up for their summer riding school sessions before the camp becomes available to the public on March 1.

    Camp fees will be charged to your IClassPro account on your March statement.

    And, we have two weeks of KF Show Prep camp this year!  Riders enrolled in these special weeks will pay for their show at the time of camp signup.

    Please talk to your instructor or admin to join the summer adventures!



    Please Check Your Lesson Attire

    Because we want our riders to progress and remain safe and comfortable, we instituted clothing requirements for 2022.

    After three months of lesson enrollment, all riders are required to wear their own jods with tie downs, jod boots, a fitted shirt, your own helmet, and gloves. Long hair should be pulled back into a pony or braid.

    Riders learn better when they’re dressed properly in well fitted riding clothes.

    Here are a few helpful links to products we really like:







    Riding Sport





    Ovation Deluxe Schooler

    Ovation Extreme

    Please talk to your instructor with any questions. They’re always happy to help.




    What Associations Should I Join for 2023?

    We’re looking forward to attending 12 academy shows in 2023. Most of the shows are sponsored by Saddlebred charter clubs, whose members and boards work tirelessly to promote lesson programs and the breed. These groups rely on membership fees to support their promotional work and the shows that they run.

    Associations require show exhibitors to join their organizations to help with their work.

    The associations may sound like alphabet soup at first, so here’s the simplified version.


    ASHBA is the national organization, The American Saddlebred Horse and Breeder’s Association. All academy riders should be a member of this organization, which promotes the breed and offers the Academy Award Program.

    You can join here for 2023.



    ASAW is the American Saddlebred Association of Wisconsin, our state’s charter club, which is a member of ASHBA.

    They promote the breed in Wisconsin, and run the Summerfun Show at State Fair Park each July.

    Their annual awards banquet is held each spring, and is March 4 this year.

    You must be a member if you’re showing at Summerfun, and we suggest you join to support their work in Wisconsin. Knollwood is well represented on the board, with Scott and Jane members. Please speak to either of them if you have any suggestions for new activities, or if you’d like to help at events.

    You can join here.


    The Illinois American Saddlebred Pleasure Horse Association, or IASPHA,  runs a series of wonderful ‘B’ and academy shows at Beyond Stable Farm through the year. These well-run shows are favorites for their array of classes, good competition, great management, and wonderful judges.

    Their annual awards banquet is a Sunday brunch around Thanksgiving each year.

    You must be a member if you’re showing at any of the IASPHA shows in 2023, and you can join here.


    The Mid-America Horse Show Association, or MAHSA, is a charter club serving the Chicago area.

    They run three shows a year, and our academy team attends their Signature Show held outdoors at Beyond Stable Farm each summer.

    Their annual awards banquet is held each February in Illinois.

    You must be a member if you’re showing at the Signature show, and you can join here.


    Please talk to Ann or Nancy with questions or for clarification of this alphabet soup of organizations.




    What’s Coming Up?

    Academy Demo Night

    This Saturday, February 11 at 6:00 PM

    All new academy riders for 2023 are required to attend, and anyone who'd like a refresher is welcome to join the event. We'll meet in the arena.



    25th Annual Knockout Banquet

    Saturday, February 18 at 6:30 PM

    The Legend at Merrill Hills

    We can hardly wait. We'll finish lessons at 2:00 PM so we can get the venue ready for the celebration of all things Knollwood. We hope to see you there!



    Academy Tailor Visit Day

    Saturday, February 25 from 10 AM to 3 PM



    Easter Sunday

    Sunday, April 9

    No lessons will be held. Your instructor will be in touch to schedule a make-up.




    IASPHA Spring Show

    April 14-16

    Our first academy show of the season!



    May 5-6

    Please come watch our academy team compete at the show at Beyond Stable Farm!




    Knollwood Spring Show

    Friday – Sunday May 12-14




    See you soon at the barn!








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  • We Lose A Treasure

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    Team Knollwood lost an integral part of its faculty this morning when Eddie lost a colic battle.  This treasure of a Morgan was officially known as Hylee’s Red Fox.

    After a successful show career with former owner Kellyn, Eddie came to Knollwood when Kellyn went to college. He was even a part of the scene when her now husband proposed at Knollwood. He has been a model citizen since the day he arrived.

    The master of patterns, Eddie loved to work. He particularly enjoyed pattern camps, pattern classes, and out of barn academy shows where he could pretend he was back at Morgan Grand Nationals.

    Eddie was a confidence builder. He taught a generation of Knollwood Kids that they could do any pattern in the world if they broke it down into pieces.

    We’ll miss his calm demeanor, his kind eyes, and his head peeping out of his stall because he didn’t want to miss any of the barn happenings.


    Peace, Eddie.

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  • The Off Season Excitement Continues!

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    The off season is super exciting here at Knollwood.


    In the school barn, riders are learning new skills, and stepping up to ride horses new to them. We have riders learning to canter, and falling in love with our newest lesson horse, Poppy.


    Kittens Margit and Emma are entertaining all of us. Instructor Mary taught them how to play cat video games on her phone, and their screen time is being closely monitored. They’re growing every day!


    Richmond is coming to terms with kitten life, and still seeks intelligent conversations with Hunter, and his human fans. He is still in love with Karina, Leighton’s mom, and even falls asleep on her shoulders.



    In the arena, great things are happening.

    The show barn team is finalizing leases for the season, looking for horses, and buying and selling some.

    Our first exciting announcement is that Alexa and her family have purchased Sirtainly Stylish to show in the pleasure divisions. This beautiful gelding was previously owned by the Schuh family, and we’re excited that he will be staying at Knollwood.

    Allison and Joe were stars in the show pleasure division  last season, with championship wins at Summerfun and Oshkosh.

    Alexa is a Knollwood Kid through and through. She came up through our lesson program and enjoyed great success in the academy division.

    Last season, Alexa graduated to the show horse world when her parents Jeff and Sheri leased Aaron, officially known as Seven Oaks Heir Man. Alexa and Aaron showed in pleasure equitation throughout the Midwest, with wins at Wisconsin Futurity and St Louis.

    We’re looking forward to watching Alexa and Joe enter the ring in 2023.



    We even had a special lesson last Saturday night!

    Shelby, Richie, and Brooklyn’s investment group raised $450 for the Knockouts which gave them the right to give one of their instructors a riding lesson.

    Carol selected Murphy as Scott’s steed for the lesson, and the student arrived in the arena promptly at 6:00. His instructors presented him with his personalized helmet before the games began.

    Believe it or not, Scott had an answer, and often a follow up question to his teachers’ requests. He  maintained his sense of humor, and we think he shocked his students with his work without stirrups.

    Following the lesson, Scott hosted a pizza party for the participants and spectators.

    We’re thinking of other auction items like this for future shows. Please share your ideas with us!




    What’s Coming Up?

    Early Camp Enrollment for Current Students

    February 1 – March 1

    Currently enrolled students can sign up for Summer Riding School, including our Knollwood Show Prep weeks. Just tell your instructor which week you’d like to attend, so we can get you into your best week, and we’ll invoice in March.

    Remember, if you select a show prep camp, you will be invoiced for the summer show as well.



    Academy Clothing Sale

    February 4 from 11-2

    We’re hosting our academy show clothing sale in the show barn lounge. If you need vests, shirts, boots, or jods, be sure to stop by. Experienced academy moms will be on hand to help with sizing and selection.

    Jodi will be here with her ties and bling, too!



    February 8





    Academy Demo Night

    February 11 at 6:00 PM

    Academy riders starting their show experience in 2023 are invited to join us in the arena for demos and discussion about the upcoming season. We'll have experienced riders and their parents here to answer questions about the season ahead.

    Please sign up in the school barn lounge.




    The 25th Annual Knollwood Knockout Banquet

    February 18 at 6:30

    We seriously can hardly wait!

    The prizes are here, the ballots have been counted, and the slide shows are completed.

    Make sure to join us for our favorite celebration of the year!


    Academy Measuring Day

    February 25 from 11 – 3

    Trish will be here to measure for custom academy shirts and vests, and for alteration appointments.

    Her schedule is full on the 25th, but she’s willing to add another day if needed. Please talk to Ann if you’d like help from Trish.



    Parents’ Night Out!

    April 8 at 5:00 PM


    IASPHA  Spring Show

    April 14-16

    Our first show of the season!



    March School Horse Birthdays:

    5th – Baxter

    13th – Thomas

    24th – Sport

    29th – Alex

    30th - Leon




    Food Drive Begins!

    May 10

    Knollwood’s Food Drive for the Food Pantry of Waukesha County begins, and donations are due June 3.


    Knollwood Spring Show Weekend!

    May 12-14



    See you soon at the barn!



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  • The Lesson Horses Are At It Again.

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    The lesson horses are at it again.

    Feeling left out after they were unable to complete ballots in the big ‘School Horse of the Year’ election, all of Knollwood’s lesson horses conducted an exit poll among the ranks to predict who will win the contest this year.


    First, a little mathematical data on the group:

    There are a total of 30 lesson horses, ranging from Sparky to the show barn lesson horses.

    87% of the group are geldings, with a mere 13% mares.


    60% of the crew are Saddlebreds

    19% fall into the miscellaneous category, which also includes unknown. We have some of those!

     7% are Morgans

     7% are Hafflingers

     7% are ponies


    While horses don’t have political parties as we know them, thank goodness, there are strong alliances among the group.


    These six horses, listed in alphabetical order,  happened to be the highest in votes by the Knollwood Knockout members.

    Here are some of the exit polling comments:


    From Eddie: 'Of course Klem should win. There’s never been a Morgan winner, and we do a heck of a lot of lessons around here. Plus, everyone thinks he's adorable.'


    From Hugo, the current Saddlebred pasture leader: 'Leon should be the winner, hands down. I always hear the instructors call him a unicorn, and I see him teaching lots of really small riders how to canter. Plus, he’s really handsome.'



    From Fred, a member of the ‘miscellaneous’ posse: 'I’m hoping that Jelly the Hafflinger wins the title for 2023. He’s up for anything, any time. He never appears to be tired, and he never gets crabby. I wish I could say the same about myself.'



    Klem, the only lesson horse we’ve ever known to be named after a sausage company, is standing up for fellow Morgan Eddie. He says, ‘No one does a pattern better than Eddie, and he is incapable of making a mistake. He’s been everywhere, done everything, and isn’t bothered by anything.'



    Thomas believes that home grown Hugo should be this year’s winner. He says: 'Hugo is the all-around good guy. While he loves his tiny tot jog trotting, he can also teach the best of patterns, and is a fabulous bareback steed. He also loves games on horseback. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even recognize him while he’s playing games.'



    Also home grown Vaughn is in favor of Pumpkin winning the crown, adding :  'While he hasn’t been here very long, Pumpkin has become an important member of the faculty. He loves to work, and never puts an ear back. He’s put a lot of effort into slowing down his canter, and is working on pattern work now. He’s just good at everything he tries. And, he's very handsome.'

    The winner will be revealed at the banquet on February 18. Make sure to have your paid reservations in by February 8.


    What’s Coming Up?

    January 28

      Scott’s lesson with Shelby, Richie, and Brooklyn at 6:00 PM.

      Shelby’s investment group donated $450 to the Knockouts for the right to teach the master.

      For only $5, you can watch the lesson from the comfort of the heated arena, and all proceeds go directly to the Knockouts.

      Scott is providing food and drink for the post lesson party.


    It’s also the final day to donate used academy clothes for our in-house sale the following Saturday. 



    February 4

    Our used clothing sale is happening in the Show Barn Lounge from 11 AM to 2 PM.

    We’ll have academy moms on hand to help put outfits together, and Jodi will be there with bling and ties, too!



    February 11

    Academy Demo Night at 6:00 PM

    Riders starting academy showing this year, or those who want a refresher are invited to an informational get together in the arena.

    We’ll have riders demonstrating strategies, showing clothing for the ring, and they and their parents are happy to answer any questions.



    February 18

    Knollwood Knockout’s 25th Annual Award Banquet

    Join us at the Legend at Merrill Hills for our first in-person banquet in two years. We’ll have awards, dinner, speeches, a slide show, and dancing.

    RSVP’s are due February 8 !


    February 25

    Academy tailoring event from 11 AM to 2 PM in the show barn lounge.

    Trish is coming to measure and pick fabric for custom vests and shirts. She can also tailor your academy clothes that aren’t fitting just right.

    Please talk to Ann if you’re interested in securing an appointment.





    See you at the barn!

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