• Looking Back, and Forward...

    Posted by Ann Wilt


    It was exactly a year ago today that Team Knollwood’s life changed.

    New lesson horse Leon went around our arena for the first time, much to the delight of the Tuesday Amigos.  They couldn’t wait to have a turn on him in the days ahead.

    And then a stay-at-home order was issued for the next day, and everything changed.

    We could no longer give lessons, and our customers couldn’t visit the farm. In true Knollwood fashion, we made lemonade out of the lemons handed to everyone.

    Everyday, after horses were cared for, we put our heads together to keep everyone informed about their favorite horses. Facebook and Instagram posts of horses, dogs and cats flooded our feeds, the Knollwood cocktail hour was born, and we even hosted a school horse Olympic day and interviewed Scott for his wit and wisdom.

    In the middle of all this, we took a look at ourselves, and used extra time to update our curriculum, processes, and overall lesson experience. The creative think tank came up with new programs to welcome students, and streamlined some existing categories.

    Knollwood customers were so very understanding of our situation. They walked the bridle path, and the lesson horses were beyond grateful to see their kids. Customers drove a car parade through the farm, and they donated more than generous amounts to Merton Feed to support all the unemployed lesson horses.

    When we reopened in early June, we modified camp with masks, hand sanitizer, and hand washing stations custom built by our own Mr. Berget.

    We moved our in-barn shows to the great outdoors, and discovered that everyone likes them better that way.

    Our show season was shortened, but it sure felt good to get to State Fair Park for Summerfun!

    We are ever so thankful to all who have been by our side through this challenging year. We extend our gratitude to these fine folks:

    Our customers. They went through the shutdown and crazy show season with grace. Masks couldn’t hide the smiles when they returned, both from staff and customers alike.

    Our helpers. They created a new system for keeping the barn humming when students had to meet their horses in the arena, and then made another when the kids could be in the barn, but all the lessons became private lessons.  Please thank a helper the next time you see one.

    The horses. In a world gone awry, horses kept spirits up. They were happy to see staff each and every day even when they missed their special people. School horses ran to the fence in the pasture when their kids would arrive, and show horses missed their peeps in a big way.

    Richmond. He came to the farm in February, and his kitten days kept everyone laughing, even on the crazy days. When we were going through lesson withdrawal at its worst, we attempted to teach him to ride. Most of it didn't work.

    Actually, we’re still laughing at his antics.

    We're looking forward to a healthy, vaccinated, unmasked show season ahead.



    What’s Coming Up?

    Monday, March 22

    Entries for the Knollwood Spring Show accepted!

    We’re accepting entries through April 23 for the Knollwood show on May 22-23.

    Walk, trot, and canter riders as well as walk trot riders aged 11 and up will ride on Saturday. Sunday will feature 10 and under walk trot riders, green riders showing for the first time, and our leadline stars.

    New this year? All show payments will be processed on your ICP account!




    Academy Show Planning Meetings

    Our instructors are holding parent meetings to tailor show schedules for each academy rider.  If you’d like to meet, but we somehow missed you, please talk to your instructor!


    April 15

    Knockouts Food Drive Kicks Off

    Each year, the Knollwood Knockouts hold a spring food drive for our local food bank, the Food Pantry of Waukesha County. Every Team Knollwood member who collects a minimum of five food kits by May 10 will be eligible to join a team in the Knollwood Olympics on May 15.


    April 17-18

    IASPHA Spring Show

    Our first academy show of the season is happening at Beyond Stable Farm in Woodstock, Illinois.



    May 1

    Knockouts Spring Street Clean Up

    Join your fellow Knockouts as they clean up Oakwood and Nagawicka Roads for the spring. We welcome Knollwood Kids of all ages, including parents. A permission slip from the City of Delafield is required to participate, and they’ll be available in the school barn soon.


    May 15

    Knollwood Olympics

    Let the games begin! All Knollwood Kids who collected a minimum of five food kits will compete in ‘games of skill,’ none of them serious. Previous events have included blanket races, helmet tosses, ‘Guess that Saddlepad,’ blind buggy races, and school horse charades.

    Trust us, you won’t want to miss the fun!



    May 22-23

    Knollwood Spring Show

    Saturday’s events will be in the big outdoor, and Sunday’s will be in the little outdoor.

    We’re always looking for help at the concession stand, with the gift baskets, and other parts of the show.

    Please join us!


    May 29

    Academy classes at the Madison Classic Horse Show

    Because the world is still crazy, the Madison Classic Horse Show is being held at Wisconsin State Fair Park this year.

    It’s a great show, running May 27-30 with show horses from all over the Midwest. Academy stars will ride on Saturday, and classes are expected to be DEEP.



    See you at the barn or at the ingate!


    And remember, please arrive at your lesson 15 minutes early. We want you to enjoy the most time on your horse as possible for maximum learning!


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  • Your Questions Answered!

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    Thank you to everyone who dropped questions into the tin about Knollwood, about horses, or about whatever else was on your mind!

    We've received many questions, and here are responses to the inquiries received so far.

    Please keep your questions coming!


    Why does Little Frank sleep so much?

    Is he really sleeping, or just pretending?  Pony Frank really enjoys his nap time partially because he spends most of his pasture time engaged in only 3 activities. If he’s not eating the round bale, he’s either sleeping in it, or he’s acting like a pony and bothering all the horses in the pasture with his games.

    Next time you think he’s napping in his stall, try rattling a peppermint wrapper or snap a carrot and see how asleep the imposter pony really is!



    Why do horses sleep standing up?

    Horses sleep standing up because they are prey animals. To survive in the wild, horses need to make a quick getaway from predators.

    Our lesson horses can sleep practically anywhere, and in any position because they feel safe in their surroundings. Well, except for that pesky yellow and white cat who enjoys his rounds through the stalls.




    Why do some horses use tongue ties?

    Horses are odd. Many of them like to move their tongue around a lot. In order to prevent them from getting their tongue over the bit, or to prevent some of them from sucking their tongue WAYYY back in their mouth, we tie their tongues.

    It’s painless, and keeps the horse comfortable and happy in the bridle. And, it’s a great skill for our helpers to learn!

    Horses wearing double bridles always have their tongues tied to prevent interference with the bits.



    How many lessons can Sparky do in one day?

    Sparky can do as many or as few lessons as he wants.

    Because Sparky is a rather low energy fellow, and his students tend to weigh less than his tail, he can jog through a greater number of lessons than our higher powered academy horses.

    Sparky always knows best.



    Which horse likes to go to shows the most?


    The son of two world champions, Baxter has never been on an outing he didn’t enjoy.  Horse shows give him a chance to earn extra attention as the show techs play the game of moving away from Baxter and seeing which of them he touches first.

    Baxter stands ready at the ingate, and enters like he owns the place. Every.single.time.

    He always knows how much ‘Baxter’ he can be with each individual rider, and adjusts his enthusiasm to match the situation.



    Who loves staying home the most?

    Retired gentlemen Willy and Brinkley.

    Both of them have attended exactly one academy show in their careers, and they did not enjoy it. At all.

    These homebodies spent their careers teaching lessons at home and enjoying every minute of it.



    Are there any horses on a special diet right now?

    All of Knollwood’s #bestlessonhorsesintheworld are on individual diets.

    Their diets are based on their age, their metabolism, and their energy level. In addition to their unique diets, many of the  horses are also on meds to treat chronic conditions, and of course, receive other meds when injury or illnesses crop up.

    They also enjoy dental care, chiropractic treatments and joint injections as needed.

    They can have whatever they need!



    Which horse likes outdoor recess the most?

    That’s a hard one. Hugo, who appears to be lazy when he’s in the arena is a terror outdoors. His play group includes Vaughn and Picasso. Big Frank and Thomas can also get into it, while Sparky tries to stay out of all the action.  Sundance, of course watches over his staff and issues coaching notices as needed.

    Willy enjoys life in the retired pasture, and especially likes it when there’s a mare in the next pasture.

    The academy horses enjoy their daytime outings on sunny days. While they all get along, Klem is the one who instigates nonsense out there with Heist often joining the shenanigans.



    How many acres is Knollwood?

    The farm is just under 16 acres of delight.



    What are those carts in center ring used for?

    The jog carts in center ring are used for the show horses. Their training involves a number of different activities with jogging being a really important part.

    Horses jog several time a week to get exercise without having weight on their back. It develops stamina and balance as some of their training jogs are intense or long, depending on where the horse is on the training schedule.

    Show horses have to be incredibly fit to compete against the best in the heat of the summer. Each horse has its own training regimen depending on age, show schedule, and physical condition.



    What horse was your all time best horse ever?

    OK, this one is impossible to answer, so let’s talk about two rock stars of the past.

    CH-EQ Oh What A Feeling was the winningest pleasure equitation horse of all time. Known for his charisma, intelligence, and love of his ‘people,’ Cartman carried four Knollwood riders to the top of the equitation world. Oh, and Carol loved him because he was a little bit of a punk.


    CH Lexmark is a legend in the Saddlebred world. An incredible example of everything a five-gaited horse should be, he competed in division for an unbelievable 22 years. He was tough, strong, and loved being a horse.  ‘Hootie’ taught many a Knollwood Kid the ways of a wiley old gaited horse, and even hosted a party for his 30th birthday.  All Hail Hootie!

    Thank you again for your questions.  Please keep them coming!


    What's coming up?

    All of our summer riding school sessions and our Tiny Tot camps are sold out for Knollwood Summer 2021. Thank you to everyone who signed up so early!



     Thank you  to everyone who came to our academy kickoff meeting last Saturday night. If they haven't already gotten in touch, please reach out to your instructor to set up a meeting about schedules and association memberships for the 2021 season. We can hardly wait!


    March 22

    The second full day of spring is the first day of entries for the Knollwood Spring show on May 22 and 23.  The show will again be held outside with walk, trot and canter riders and walk trot riders aged 11 and up showing on Saturday. Our 10 and under and green walk trot riders will show in the little outdoor ring on Sunday. The lead line riders will join them as well.

    Please talk to your instructor to sign up.

    Entries close April 22.


    April 4

    We'll be closed for Easter Sunday.



    April 15 - May 15

    Knockout's Annual Food Drive

    It's time to restock the Food Pantry of Waukesha County, and to have some fun. Each Knollwood Kid (of any age) who collects a minimum of five food kits will be eligible to compete in the Knollwood Olympics on May 15.


    April 17-18

    IASPHA Spring Show

    Join us at Beyond Stable Farm in Woodstock, Illinois for the first show of the season. Entries are now being accepted for one of our favorite shows which features a full slate of academy classes including a 'green' division for first year show riders.



    April 30 - May 1

    Academy Palooza

    Join us in Woodstock for an all academy show with a little different schedule. The walk, trot, and canter riders will show on Friday evening, and the walk and trot stars will show on Saturday morning.  Entries are currently being accepted.



    May 1

    Street Clean Up

    1:00 PM

    The Knockouts will be cleaning up Oakwood and Nagawicka roads as one of their annual service projects. Sign up will be available soon in the school barn lounge.


    May 15

    Knollwood Olympics

    For the finale of our food drive, donors are invited to participate in 'games of skill' pitting the different days of the week against each other. Make sure to get your five food kits in, and sign up for a team. You won't want to miss this!



    May 22-23

    Knollwood Spring Show 



    May 29

    'Madison Classic' Academy Classes

    Wisconsin State Fair Park


    May 31 

    Memorial Day

    Knollwood is closed.



    See you at the barn, or at the ingate!


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  • Knockout Banquet Recap, and More!

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    First of all, we hope everyone enjoyed watching the virtual Knockout banquet as much as we enjoyed putting it on.  Club officers and board members organized the event, and did a great job for everyone. We sincerely hope this is the last time we need to celebrate virtually!

    Great thanks to Lisa and Pam for creating the swag and award bags, and for creating the décor for the event.

    Great thanks to Wendy for all her time and expertise with the slide show.

    Finally, thanks to the best lesson horses in the world who make the lesson program the success that it is. Special congratulations to Horse of the Year Sparky, and Reserve Horse of the Year Baxter.


    Here’s a complete listing of Knockout winners:


    2020 In Barn Champions


    Champion Tie: Madelyn R and Reagan S

    Reserve Champion: Brae E

    8 and Under Walk Trot Equitation

    Champion: Dilly 

    Reserve Champion: Jilly

    9-10 Walk Trot Equitation

    Champion (TIE): Cecilia  and Sophia K

    Reserve Champion: Olivia K.

    11-17 Walk Trot Equitation

    Champion: Alessia

    Reserve Champion: Taylor K.


    8 and Under Walk Trot Horsemanship

    Champion: Maddie S

    Reserve Champion (TIE): Stella  and Leighton 


    WT Horsemanship 9 and Up

    Champion (TIE) : Alessia and Olivia R

    Reserve Champion: Cecilia 


    Walk and Trot Pattern

    Champion (TIE) : Alessia and Dilly

    Reserve Champion: Maddie S


    10 and Under WTC Equitation

    Champion: Brooklyn

    Reserve Champion (TIE): Amelia  and Tessa B


    11-17 WTC Equitation

    Champion: Mia

    Reserve Champion: Maiya K


    Adult WTC Equitation

    Champion: Whitney

    Reserve Champion: Lynn 


    10 and Under WTC Horsemanship

    Champion: Brooklyn

    Reserve Champion: Amelia


    WTC Horsemanship 11 - 17

    Champion: Mia

    Reserve Champion(TIE):  Catherine S, Addison J, and Maiya K


    WTC Horsemanship 18 and Over

    Champion: Whitney

    Reserve Champion: Lynn 


    13 and Under WTC Pattern

    Champion: Maiya K

    Reserve Champion: Lily K.


    14 and Over WTC Pattern

    Champion: Whitney

    Reserve Champion: Lynn 




    In Barn  High Point Winners

    Champion (TIE): Mia and Maiya K

    Reserve Champion: Brooklyn




    2020 Out of Barn Champions

    8 and Under Walk Trot Equitation

    Champion: Maddie S.

    Reserve Champion: Dilly 


    9-10 Year Old Walk Trot Equitation

    Champion: Brooklyn 

    Reserve Champion: Amelia


    11-17 Year Old Walk Trot Equitation

    Champion: Samara 

    Reserve Champion: Alexa


    Walk Trot Horsemanship

    Champion: Brooklyn

    Reserve Champion: Alexa


    Walk and Trot Pattern

    Champion(TIE): Maddie S. and Samara

    Reserve Champion: Brooklyn


    WTC Equitation 13 and Under

    Champion: Mia

    Reserve Champion: Maiya


    WTC Equitation 14-17

    Champion: Lauren B

    Reserve Champion: Emma K


    WTC Equitation 18+

    Champion: Lynn 

    Reserve Champion: Rachel


    WTC Horsemanship

    Champion: Mia

    Reserve Champion: Lily 


    WTC Pattern:

    Champion: Mia

    Reserve Champion: Lily 



    Overall High Point Award Winners

    Champion: Mia

    Reserve Champion: Brooklyn


    ASHA Academy Awards

    In addition to Knollwood awards, nineteen of our riders have earned ASHA Academy Awards by earning points competing away from home!

    Bronze Medallions:





    Maddie S.

    Silver Medallions:





    Gold Medallions:





    Master Bronze Medallions












    Congratulations to all the winners, and to all who showed this season. Every time you enter the ring on a horse, it’s an accomplishment, and we’re proud of all these riders have learned.


     What's Next?

    Our academy Kickoff Meeting is coming up this Saturday at 7:00 PM. Join us in the socially distanced arena for demonstrations with 2 academy stars as we discuss final schedules and clothing for the upcoming season. Jodi will have accessories and ties for sale as well.

    If you haven’t already signed up in the school barn lounge, please let Ann know that you’re attending so we have enough handouts available.



    March is the month for academy show meetings! Your instructor will set up a time to set show schedules and help with memberships, clothing, and answer questions one-on-one.


    The Knollwood Spring show is coming up May 22 and 23, and we’ll start accepting entries March 22. Entries will close April 22 to ensure production of shirts for the show.

    Everyone is welcome, from leadline riders to our most experienced academy riders wo are trying to qualify for the Knollwood Challenge. Please talk to your instructor for more details.



    Our first show of the season is coming up April 17-18 at Beyond Stable Farm n Crystal Lake, Illinois. The IASPHA show series offer strong classes, great hospitality, and well run shows all the way around. Plus, these shows offer ‘green’ division for first year show riders.


    See you at the barn!



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  • It's Almost Banquet Time!

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    The 25th annual Knollwood Knockout banquet is coming up in virtual fashion this Saturday, February 27 at 7:00 PM.  We’ll be in the arena with most of our audience joining us on Facebook Live, and we can hardly wait.


    We have a few additional seats that are available if you’d like to join us in the arena. For a minimum $50 donation to the Knockouts, you can sit in the arena and enjoy the festivities in person.  Please talk to Ann if you’d like to snag a seat.

    If you pre-purchased a swag bag, it will be available for pick up at the barn. Great thanks to Lisa for putting these all together!

    The annual slide show is finished, and will be available via a link to YouTube.  We’ll publish the link on Saturday. In-person attendees will view the slide show the traditional way in the arena. This year’s show is a  good one, and we thank Wendy for all her work!



    Coming Up?

    We’re sorry that Patchwork Pony couldn’t make it in person last weekend, but they are willing to do Facetime appointments. Please see Ann if you’d like more information.


    Our academy kick-off meeting is coming up Saturday, March 6! If you’re new to academy showing this season, please join us in the arena at 7:00 PM for demos and opportunity to ask questions of riders, parents, and staff.

    Academy show meetings will be held with your instructor during the month of March. They offer the chance to plan out the season for each individual rider to meet their goals.


    Our first out of barn show is coming up at the IASPHA Spring Show on April 17-18, and we can hardly wait!


    See you at the barn!


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  • Emma Joins the Show Horse World!

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    Congratulations to Emma on making the jump from academy showing to the show horse world!

    Emma will be hitting the ring this season on Impressive Asset, known around the barn as Fergie. Owned by the Wenzel family, this expressive mare is a champion of teaching riders the ways of a show horse.


    Emma has been riding at Knollwood for five years, and has become an integral part of Team Knollwood. 

    The one and only Distinguished Mark gave Emma her first riding lesson at Knollwood, and the rest is history. She’s had an accomplished academy show career, learning lessons from Baxter and the boys and finished it up last season by showing show barn lesson horse Alex (AKA Perilous) under the direction of Scott and Carol.

    She’s currently Co-President of the Knollwood Knockouts, and has been a legendary Tuesday helper for many years, teaching lots of young horse kids the ways of a Knollwood helper.

    Pattern camps have changed her life, and her favorite game on horses is ‘Steal the Crop.’

    Emma is very excited about her big move, and is grateful to her parents, Rick and Pam.

    We can’t wait to see Emma and Fergie enter the ring this spring!

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