• A Good Time Was Had By All!

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    The Knockouts gathered last Saturday to ring in the holiday season, Knollwood style.


    We changed things up a little bit, and left Dudley at home during caroling. Klem had expressed interest in joining the party, and those of you who know the talkative Morgan know exactly how he does that.

    So, Forest and Klem donned their bells and lights and headed out with about 40 Knockouts to serenade our neighbors on Horseshoe Bend.  Several of the stops included treats for the carolers, and as expected, Klem made his presence known. After nickering at the neighbors, he made many new friends and gained a few pounds along the way.


    The traditional scavenger hunt back at the barn was fabulous as usual. How Jeni keeps coming up with clues written in Dr Seuss rhymes is beyond us, but it’s greatly appreciated. Four very enthusiastic teams traveled the entire farm, before Korinne’s team won the battle. (The answer to the often asked question of ‘How did all the boys end up on the same team?’ is randomness. Yes, it was totally random …)

    After pizza and treats, the real work began. 2018 president Jordan introduced the 2019 co-presidents Erika and Korinne. These three presided over the election of officers and board members for next year. After rousing campaign speeches, we had an incredibly close election with Emma winning the race for club secretary. Board members for 2019 are Richie, Heather, Maya E, and McKenna. They already have some brilliant ideas for the upcoming year, and can hardly wait to get started.

    After the gift exchange, the party finished up as usual, with endless games of ‘horse show’ in the arena.



    Most members have already renewed their memberships for 2019 and have cast their votes for our first ever ‘School Horse of the Year’ contest. If you’re not yet a member, it’s easy to join. Just talk to your instructor at your next lesson, and you can sign up and vote.

    The winner will be announced at the Knockout banquet on Saturday, February 9 at the Legends at Bristlecone.


    Last chance to save on the best gift of all, lessons at Knollwood!  Through December 31, you can receive 10% off lesson purchases in person or on our website. If you’re shopping online, use  promo code HOLIDAY2019 to receive your discount.

    Feel free to call us at 262-367-2391 where Ann or Nancy would be happy to discuss lesson ideas. We can even have certificates ready for pick up.

     We will be taking a break from lessons on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as well as New Year’s Eve and Day. 

    See you at the barn!

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  • Gifts for Knollwood Kids of All Ages

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    We love the holidays. 

    Knollwood Kids of all ages are looking forward to some time off, holiday gatherings, and of course, presents!


    If you’re not sure what would make the rider in your house jump for joy, we have some ideas that are Knollwood tested and approved. Oh, and they’re guaranteed to make you Knollwood Kid happy.


    Stirrups and Leathers

    These beauties are a life saver for the accomplished academy rider who leases a saddle. No more stirrup adjusting, just pop them on before your lesson and you’re set to ride. You can keep your new purchase on our stirrup wall at the barn, and we’ll bring them to shows for you. There. We just eliminated some hassles in your rider's life!

    Please talk to your instructor about appropriate sizes for your rider.  We can even order them for you to save you more holiday time.


    Warm Riding Gloves


    While the arena is heated throughout the season, hands can get chilly during lessons. Since cold hands make rein adjustments difficult to achieve, we recommend that all riders wear riding gloves. Here’s a kids model and one for adults. You won’t believe how much better your hands feel!


    Your Own Helmet


    Parents, you’ve probably figured out that horses aren’t just a phase.

    Once you realize this, it’s time to buy your rider their own helmet.  You’ll be sure of a perfect fit, and you’ll always know where it is, as long as you have your rider’s name in it. Side note, address labels work really well for helmet identification.


    Industry Publications

    Does the Knollwood Kid in your house love to look at pictures of horses?

    Both National Horseman and Saddle and Bridle magazines cover the Saddlebred world, providing show results, beautiful photos, and offering some great articles and interviews.


    Limited Quantities of Wood Wear

    We have a few Knockout hoodies and Knollwood long sleeved tees available for purchase. Please talk to your instructor to see if we might have the size you're looking for! 


    Lessons at Knollwood

    Of course, the best gift of all is lessons at Knollwood. Luckily, through December 31, all our lessons are available at 10% off using the promo code HOLIDAY2019 on the website. You can purchase group, private, or tiny tot lessons. You can even purchase summer camps and receive the discount. Academy show riders can even prepay for horse shows and receive 10% off!

    Please contact Ann or Nancy at 262-367-2391 if you’d like some help tailoring a program to suit the rider in your household. We love helping our riders progress, and individualizing everyone’s path.



    Want to celebrate the holiday season with us?  All Knockouts are invited to join the club’s Holiday Gala this Saturday, December 15.  Don't worry, if you're not currently a member, you can join at any time, even at the party. It's only $5 for kids or $10 for adults, and joining entitles you to vote for School Horse of the Year!

    We’ll leave the barn at 5:45 with Dudley and Forest and carol to our neighbors on Horseshoe Bend. The carolers will return to Knollwood for the annual group scavenger hunt, pizza feast, and election of 2019 Knockout officers.

    Following the election, we’re hosting an optional gift exchange. If you’d like to participate, please bring a wrapped gift with a value of $25.

    Games will follow in the arena until parents tell us to turn the lights out.

    Parents and grown ups are welcome to bring their own adult beverages.



    And don’t forget that Saturday is the deadline to  donate new or gently used coats to One Warm Coat. The collection barrel is in the show barn lounge.  The Knockouts will deliver the warm coats to make sure our neighbors in need stay warm this winter.

    If you haven’t paid your 2019 Knockout dues and voted for the School Horse of the Year, be sure to get your vote in by December 31 when the polls close.


    See you at the party!!

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  • Early Exit Polling ...

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    Hi everyone, Klem here.

    Yes, I snatched the iPad from Forest while he was eating.  That was easy.

    Early exit polling in the first ever School Horse of the Year election is not looking good for us ‘box stall boys.’ Sure, I know that the ‘outside boys’ are a little more rugged, and do group lessons as well as privates, but we’re academy horses for goodness sake. We take our fun loving show riders al over and teach them the ways of the show ring. Plus, I’m really handsome!

    So, I asked all of my co-workers what they would promise to do if they were awarded the coveted title. Here, in alphabetical order by barn name, are the campaign promises from the front of the barn:



    Alex, officially known as Perilous has opted out of campaign promises.  He was having trouble with the big words. But he’s beautiful.





    Officially known as ‘A Champagne Toast,’ Baxter is a legendary academy horse. In this year’s academy ads, he was pictured in 8 of the 12 victory pass photos.  He promises a corner office for ALL the box stall boys.




    Captain Kaos may be new the lesson program, but he’s wormed his way into the hearts of many, many riders. He REALLY isn’t a politician, so he promises to remain thankful for his new job.


    Home grown Dekscalibur promises to stop peeing on his front leg wraps to make everyone’s life a little more pleasant.


    Hylee’s Red Fox promises modular bridles to all school horses so no one’s ears will ever be bent again.




    Heist want everyone to know that if elected, he’ll trade his aisle seat of a stall with no neighbor on one side.




    The one and only Hula Hooper promises to end ‘over the head’ clothing for all horses. From now on, everyone’s clothes will open in the front!


    If miraculously elected, John Dillenger will become a vegan.


    I promise to nicker at everyone who walks past my stall, Oh wait, I already do that.


    An Irish Victory will stop telling everyone that ‘his mother’ works here.




    CH Callaway's Don't Panic has never had a bad day in his life. From earning his CH status in a year and half to teaching many a rider what it feels like to ride a show horse, every day is a good day to be Panic.

    If elected, Panic promises to become a Tiny Tot lesson star. 

    The date of this transformation has yet to be set.


    Just as Unique is the only mare in the lesson program. She’s promised all the grand geldings that she’ll try to be in the arena more often during their lessons.


    Andeker Light may be retired, but he promises to share his ‘everyday is Louisville’ attitude through a series of motivational speeches for the boys.



     What's Coming Up?


    Next time you’re at the barn, be sure to put your 2019 Knockout dues in the ballot envelope, vote for your favorite lesson horse, and place the envelope in the ballot box. You might want to double check that Dean’s not in the box first.



    Don’t forget that Parent’ Night Out is coming up this Saturday from 5-8 PM. You can sign up in the school barn lounge to join the fun. It’s only $10!



    The Knockouts Holiday Gala is coming up the following Saturday, the 15th. We’ll carol at 5:30 with Dudley and Forest before we return to the barn for pizza, party, and election of 2019 officers. Members, please sign up in the school barn lounge so we know how much food to order.  If you’re not yet a member, we’d love to have you. Plus, when you join, you receive a ballot to vote for school horse of the year.


    And most importantly, remember that lessons are 10% off through 12/31. Group lessons, private lessons, camps, even horse shows are 10% off. Stock up now so you can spend time with me.  And the other lesson horses.


    See you at the barn!


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  • They're Making Promises.

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    Hi everyone, Forest here, master of social media and currently in possession of the school horse iPad.

    (Plus, the internet connection is stronger in my pasture than in the big school horse playground… Please don't tell the people at the curling club that I'm stealing their internet. Probably.)

    If you’re wondering why I’ve been escaping from my stall so often these last few weeks, it’s because I’ve been given a new reporting assignment. The latest? I’m collecting campaign promises from all the school horses who live in the back of the barn. Yes, most of us hard working boys have dreams of being elected School Horse of the Year, and voting starts on Saturday, December 1.  

    Here, in alphabetical order by their barn names, is the list of campaign promises made by the boys:


    It’s My Kinda Town

      Big Frank promises to stop overreacting when the arena heat comes on, and will provide personal escorts EVERY DAY to help fellow slow learners find their stalls.



    Bo promises to stop telling the instructors which gaits should be done when during group lessons, and promises to provide a year round mud pit in the pasture.



    Sun of Achilles

    Brinkley, AKA ‘the cloud’ for having the smoothest canter in the land, loves his time with little riders. He promises free on-demand spa treatments for all.




    Dudley Do Right


    Duke’s Winged Medallion

     Dudley and Duke are always the last horses to go out at night because of their thick coats and long sessions with blow dryers. They have decided to open a blow out bar and will offer services each night. By appointment only.



    Forest Gump

    If elected, I promise to share all those big rocks that keep finding their way to my feed tub. Perhaps some other horse needs help slowing down their eating? I would never rush through all the deliciousness I find waiting for me.



    Mr. Rogers and Hawaiian Cat

    Fred and Hugo both know the value of a good nap, so the Quarter Horse and the Saddlebred are coming together and promising mandatory nap times.





    Rumours of War

    Joey has some anger management problems, especially when riders drop their stirrups. He has proposed the issuance of a ‘No Stirrup Dropping’ card that horses can rent from him on a week by week basis. Proceeds go to …Joey’s therapy sessions.



    Li'l Frank

    Frank the Pony loves life in the calorie controlled paddock with his best friend, ME. He does, however, have some issues with sudden noises, especially the arena heater. He has promised to provide group counseling session for those affected by the heater. Running the sessions? The laid back Fjord, of course!




    Distinguished Mark

     If miraculously elected, he will not serve.

     It’s all too confusing.




    Way Cool Willy

     Picasso understands that his attitude toward some of co-workers won’t win him many votes, so he promises to improve his attitude in the arena. He urges others to keep their opinions to themselves as well.




     It’s always the quiet ones who have the best ideas. Sparky promises to provide unlimited brushing by small children. Your back and head might not be so clean, but your legs will be spotless.



    Bonnie Novel Santoro

     Sundance, AKA ‘The Master of the Pasture’ has made a huge promise to the lesson horses and will relax the code of conduct in the pasture. On Saturday nights only, gentlemen.



    Fort Chiswell’s Aristocrat

     Thomas has enjoyed his first year at Knollwood, and has especially enjoyed his trips around the country as the practice horse. If elected, the rookie promises to stay out of trouble and to keep working his way into the hearts of Knollwood Kids.



    Tony Ray

    Tony has never seen a mint he didn’t like, and didn’t talk about. His campaign promise is to provide FREE MINTS FOR ALL LESSON HORSES!!



    Dakota’s Diamond Sam

    Elder statesman Willy has done it his way, and wouldn’t change a thing. (Well, maybe he’d work on his fear of fly spray, but that’s a story for another time…)

    He does, however, promise to share his favorite food with his fellow workers. Yes, thanks to Willy, FREE EQUINE SENIOR FOR ALL!



    The fine print:

    All Knollwood Knockout members who have paid their 2019 dues will be issued a ballot for the election.  Your instructor and election commisioner can get your ballot and dues envelope. Please deposit your special envelope and dues in the ballot box in the school barn.

    No photo ID is required.

    You just need to be a Knockout to vote!



    Be sure to stop by this Saturday for Soul Fire ornament making in the show barn lounge. For only $10, you can create a unique ornament which will be fired at the studio and returned at the Knockouts Holiday Gala on December 15.

    You won't want to miss that evening.

    Trust me.

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  • We Are Thankful

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    Knollwood is quiet today, with the horses all enjoying a well-deserved day off.

    We are grateful for many things.

    Most importantly, we are thankful for our customers who entrust us with their riding education, and with their beautiful horses.

    Thanks to you, we get to work with wonderful, talented people and horses.

    We love what we do.

    We hope you enjoy a joyous day filled with friends and family.






    (And Lots of Fun.)

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