• Frank the Pony Explains the Show

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    My name is Frank the Pony, and I have stage fright.

    Because of my fears, I’m unable to participate in the Knollwood Fall Show.  As part of my therapy regimen, I’ve been collecting information about the show in an attempt to de-sensitize myself.  Please bear with me as I work my way through explanations that I know very little about. I hope my co-workers aren’t leading me on …



    The show runs two afternoons, with walk trot and canter classes on Saturday, November 9 starting at 1:00 pm, and the walk and trot performance follows on Sunday, November 10 at noon. The riders you’ll see on Saturday are the ones who enjoy riding me bareback, love playing games with me because of my zero turning radius, and who make me behave and not act like a pony.

    The Sunday riders are the ones I teach on a daily basis how to follow through to get what they want from me. They may be small, but I’ve made them mighty.




    Show shirt and back number packets will be ready for pickup in the school barn lounge starting at noon on Thursday. 

    New for this show? You’ll receive a program with your packet!  Great thanks to Wild Impact Marketing for the fun show shirts.


    The concession stand will be up and running on both days of the show.  Be sure to stop by and enjoy some delicious food and terrific service, served up by the Knollwood Knockouts. They still have some opportunities to volunteer in the stand, and you can sign up here. (If someone could sign me up, I think I could make it there…)



    The show also features the annual Helper Basket Challenge.  Judge Kelsey will pick her favorite basket, and the helpers from the winning night will receive a pizza party courtesy of the Knockouts.

    These are major fundraisers for the Knollwood Knockouts, our award winning youth group.


    Speaking of Judge Kelsey, everyone is excited to welcome celebrated Knollwood Kid Kelsey back to judge our final show of the year.  She grew up here, and went on to become a top rider, even winning the World’s Grand Championship of Saddle Seat Equitation.

    Her expertise will be needed this weekend at the grand finale with full classes, hard riding stars, and the best lesson horses in the world. (Including me, even though I won’t be showing.)




    We have depth.

    Our leadline division is so full that we split it into 2 classes. Many age divisions had to be split, the pattern classes are full, and the ‘grown-ups’ are out in number.





    This show features the finals of the Knollwood Challenge.

    Based on the big equitation finals, the Knollwood Challenge offers riders the experience at an academy level. Riders compete in a qualifying class at each of our three shows where they ride both on the rail and perform a predetermined pattern.  In the walk and trot division, riders all trot a non-inverted figure eight, and in the walk, trot, and canter division, all riders trot an inverted figure eight.

    The top two placings in each qualifier advance to compete in the final at the November show.

    The Final class features railwork, and a more difficult pattern that the riders see for the first time the morning of the show.

    The winner of each final receives a bronze traveling trophy for a year, and a custom show shirt from deRegnaucourt.



    We have that in spades.

    In addition to the really competitive classes, we host a gaming division on Saturday before the WTC Challenge Final.

    Show and academy riders are welcome to join the games of Slowest Canter, Musical Towels, and Ride a $5.

    Even the judge joined in at the summer show!

    There are a couple of spots left for gamers.  Contact Ann if you'd like to join in!

    This is the first division I'd like to compete in after I've completed my therapy!




    The Fine Print:

    Parking is limited to our lot and the street.  No parking is permitted in the Kettle Moraine Curling Club lot, as they have a major event this weekend as well.  Please help us be good neighbors.

    Knollwood Challenge Final riders will show in their academy show outfits.  If you're riding in a qualifier, please have your show clothes ready.

    Future academy star Willis made his debut at the IASPHA Fall show, and ill continue his education on Saturday. Korinne will again be riding him during the show on Saturday to help him become more comfortable in groups.  



    See you at the show!!

    If anyone has any ideas to help me over my stage fright, I'll be taking advice in the pasture this weekend.  You'll find me at the round bale.








    And a lot of fun.



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  • Knollwood's Fall Adventures Continue!

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    Is there anything better than Fall in the midwest? 

    The nights are cooler, the leaves are beautiful, and it’s still horse show season!

    Our academy riders and horses enjoyed their last out of barn show last weekend in Gurnee, Illinois. The show, run by IASPHA, is always a favorite, and this fall was no exception.  We traveled with 13 horses, 20 academy riders, and 4 show horse riders.

    The facility, Fields and Fences is wonderful, with the whole show under one roof.  While it rained all day Saturday, everyone stayed warm and toasty all day.

    Klem really appreciated it!!

    Our riders finished the show season strong with good rides and ribbons to boot.  The progress from the start of the season is amazing, and we’re so proud of all our riders.

    A couple of stand outs?

    Korinne showed Willis at his first academy show this weekend.  She did a fabulous job helping this future academy star navigate through BIG classes with lots of traffic. Willis gained confidence in every class thanks to Korinne's horsemanship skills.

    Maddie finished her 13 and under career this weekend with personality-plus Panic.  This dynamic duo went on to the senior division with a bang, winning all of their classes.  Panic was so caught up in the day that he racked all of his victory passes.  Well.


    Lily lives in Philadephia, and doesn’t get a chance to ride as much as she’d like.  She joined us at IASPHA for her first walk, trot, and canter classes and did a fabulous job.  She even won her pleasure class and her equitation class!



    Klem wore his zookeeper outfit with style in the costume class.  He was joined by a couple of elephants and a tiger.  We think he really liked his hat, as he never put his ears back all through the class. 


    Denise dominated the ‘grown up’ walk, trot and canter division, winning all three of her classes on JD.  IASPHA is popular with adults, as it gives them their own championship class.


    We’re always known for dominating pattern classes, and IASPHA was no exception.  On a fun note, our riders won both splits of the walk and trot pattern class.  Maiya on Cashew won the first split, and Maya on Baxter won the second.


    Finally, we were joined by several of our newest show riders, some even showing at just their second show.  They rode like pros, using the arena like they’ve been doing it forever.  These newbies are destined for great success in the future.



    Next Wednesday, November 6 is a Knockout fundraiser night at the Hartland Culvers. A percentage of all purchases made between 5 and 8 PM will be donated to our youth group.  What a great reason to meet some friends at Culvers!




    The Knollwood Fall show is coming up on November 9 and 10.  Please sign up here to support the Knockouts at the concession stand.  We’re also looking for donations to the helper gift baskets, which you can assign up for in the school barn lounge.

    Great thanks to our friends at Soul Fire Art Studio for sponsoring our concession stand for the Fall show!

    They're moving to a new location at

    636 Main Street in


    soon, so stay tuned!



    Orders for fall Woodwear are due on Sunday, November 10 so we can have the styles in time for the holidays.  Size samples for tees, and quarter zips, and embroidered samples of the hat and tote as well as order blanks are available in the school barn lounge.



    Show horses are off for Kansas City next weekend to show at the UPHA National Championship American Royal Horse Show.  We’ll update with schedules and webcast information as soon as they’re available. You won’t want to miss watching all the national championship classes and the last 2 equitation finals that make up the triple crown.  Knollwood riders are sure to be in the thick of the deep competition!


    The Knockouts are hosting their first Harvest Day on Saturday, October 16.  From 3-6 that afternoon, you can come and bob for apples, paint pumpkins, carve pumpkins, and have your photo taken with a horse.  The admission is the donation of 2 food kits for the Food Pantry of Waukesha County.

    To end the festivities, the Knockout officers have designed a killer relay race in the arena which will take place at 6 PM.  The entry fee is one extra food kit per racer, and you can sign up on the bulletin board in the school barn lounge.


    Voting for the 2019 school horse of the year will start on December 1.  When you pay your 2020 Knockout dues, you’ll receive a ballot for the election.  The winner will be announced at the banquet!


    Don’t forget that the Knockout Holiday party is coming up soon on December 14 at 6:00 PM.  We’ll be electing officers for 2020, and if you’re thinking of running, please talk to Erika or Korinne for more details.


    Point totals are being tabulated, and high point awards will be announced at the Knollwood Knockouts awards banquet on Saturday, February 8.  Please plan to join us at Bristlecone for an evening of celebration. All Knockouts will receive an invitation in early January.  Not a member?  We’d love to have you.  Please see your instructor for more details.




    Hope you can join us for all the fun we have planned at Knollwood.

    See you soon at the barn or at the in-gate!

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  • Our Adventures Continue

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    Some people think we’re crazy, always traveling to horse shows and maintaining lessons and events at home. 

    We may be a little crazy, but mostly we like to have fun and adventures. 

    We’ve been really good at it lately!




    Last weekend was a winner at home and at Mane Event.

    Our show horses were competing at the Mane Event show in Springfield, and what a show they had.

    Gabby and Charlie did it again, unanimously winning the gaited show pleasure qualifier and championship for junior exhibitors.  This team is such a blast to watch.

    Richie and Tink along with Bella and Garfield were stars in the junior exhibitor country pleasure division, and even finished second and third in the championship.

    Linda and Warheart were stars in the 5 gaited country pleasure division, finishing second in their qualifier and coming back to win the championship on Sunday.

    Our equitation riders rode fabulously, and Richie and Finn made the cut in the Good Hands national final.  Laney and Payton turned in fabulous rides in the Jackpot class with Laney finishing reserve champ and young Payton finishing a strong 5th.


    The best part of Mane Event was the fun. 



    Knollwood Kids are always finding things to celebrate, and this weekend was no exception.

    Laney turned 16, and a grand party was held, which only led to more jumping around and goofing off. We certainly know how to enjoy those special moments.





    Did someone say party?

    Halloween on Horseback was a hit last Friday night at Knollwood.  A dozen costumed horses and riders entered the ring for fun and games.  Some of our favorites were Tess and the Pony as Shrek and Donkey, Mark as a princess and Samara as a toad, and Duke as a knight with Brooklyn as a princess.  Klem enjoyed his first party, and thought he looked fabulous with Lyla, both sporting blinking pumpkin lights.


    Believe it or not, he liked the games even better, and was especially fond of musical towels.



     IASPHA Fall, Here We Come!

    This weekend, 13 horses are headed to Gurnee for the final academy show of the season.  We’re looking forward to a great show with our friends from IASPHA.  The show sold out before entries were due, and classes are HUGE.  All of the academy classes are 10 or bigger, and our riders can hardly wait to play in traffic, just like they do in their group lessons.


    Some of our newest show riders are making the trip for the ‘green’ division, and some of our most seasoned stars will be rocking it as well.


    Saturday night features class 1313, the costume class.  Great thanks to Jules’ Mom for organizing our entry, starring Klem as a zoo keeper.  And yes, he WILL be sporting a custom made costume.

    Please come join us at the show. It’s a short drive, and it’s going to be a great weekend!


     Order Your Fall Woodwear! 

    We’re now taking orders for our new line of Woodwear. We’re offering tees, quarter zips, helmet bags, and fun hats with pom poms.  Size samples are available in the school barn lounge, and pre-paid orders are due Sunday, November 10 to ensure holiday delivery.



     Knollwood Fall is Almost Here!


    The grand finale is coming up fast! The Fall Knollwood Show will be held on November 9 and 10, and we can hardly wait.  It features the finals of the 2019 Knollwood Challenge, and it’s a big show.

    We’re still looking for donations to our helper gift baskets, and for some help at the concession stand, especially on Sunday.  You can sign up here for the stand.

    We’re excited to welcome Kelsey Nicole Farnham as our judge for the weekend. Kelsey grew up a Knollwood Kid, and achieved great success in the equitation world, winning numerous finals and the World’s Grand Championship of Saddle Seat Equitation.  

    We can't wait  to celebrate the progress of all of our riders.


     Here Comes the Royal!


    While we’re enjoying the in-barn show, our show barn crew will be prepping horses in Kansas City for the UPHA  American Royal National Championship Horse Show.   The last show of the 2019 campaign, the Royal features national championships in many divisions, as well as the last of the equitation finals.

    Our horses and riders will be competing in many divisions for national titles.

    Knollwood’s Equitation Kids will be competing in both the UPHA Challenge Cup National Finals and the USEF Medal Final.  Look for Finn, Heather, Laney, Payton, and Richie to be riding their hearts out at their last show of the season.  


    The show will be webcast for a fee, and we’ll update with information as soon as it’s available.



     Fall Fest at Knollwood!


    The Knockouts are holding their first ever Harvest Day celebration on Saturday, November 16.  All Knollwood riders and their friends and families are invited to join the celebration from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Admission is 2 food kits for the Food Pantry of Waukesha County, and visitors can enjoy pumpkin carving and painting, bobbing for apples, and pictures with horses.


    The Knockout officers have designed a challenging relay race, and you can sign up a team before Harvest Day in the school barn lounge.  The entry fee for these 2 or 3 people teams is another food kit.  Join the fun in the arena at 6:00 PM for the race start.


    We hope to see you at all of these events!  You won’t want to miss any of them!

    See you at the barn, or at the in-gate!



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  • Answers to (most of) Knollwood's FAQs

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    Running a big lesson program,  we’re lucky to field a lot of questions from our customers. 


    Here are a few of the most frequently asked queries.



    I saw on the calendar that Willy is on vacation this week.  What do horses do on vacation?

    Our lesson horses are priceless, and we can’t possibly thank them enough for their cheerful work.  Even horses need breaks, so each of our hard working boys that worked summer camp has enjoyed a ‘spa week.’ For 7 days, they do NO lessons, enjoy a thorough grooming every day, receive plenty of treats, and extra attention from their fans.  Judging from Big Frank’s energy level this week after his vacation, those days off are greatly appreciated.

    After the Knollwood show, the ‘box stall boys’ will start their vacation schedule, so start buying mints now!!!!!!


    How do I get to ride the box stall horses?

    We have a special group of horses that travel to academy shows where our students compete against  horses and riders from other lesson programs.  These very special  ‘academy horses’ are reserved for riders who have made the jump to private lessons and who have decided to compete in the academy division.

    These horses are the best in the business, and teach important lessons to our show ring riders. With horses ranging from Klem to Sadie, these academy stars can take you anywhere you’d like to go.  Please let your instructor know if you’d like more information about our academy show program.


    Why are some lessons done bareback?

    Riding bareback is one of the most valuable tools we have for building leg and core strength in our riders. In addition to strengthening, bareback also enhances balance, communication between horse and rider, and boosts confidence.

    When bareback becomes too easy, our riders enjoy lessons in their saddles with their stirrups removed.  The saddles are a little more slippery, and offer even a greater challenge.

    We embrace the no stirrup lifestyle, and it shows.


    Why does Bengal the cat talk so much?

    We have no idea.  Do you?


    The Knollwood shows offer classes for school horse and saddle seat pleasure. What’s the difference?

    We group our riders into classes based on their levels of experience, and group horses according to their breed, age, and style.

    Our beginner horses are mostly lower headed breeds and travel slowly with their newer riders. We assign them to school horse pleasure classes so they compete against similar horses. Some of our older Saddlebred lesson horses may also be in this division.

    Saddle Seat pleasure classes are for the faster, higher headed Saddlebreds and Morgans.  The riders are more experienced, and have learned to help their horses balance and keep their heads up.


    Why are some horses so difficult to keep going?

    Learning to ride a horse is a process with many lessons learned along the way.  These slower horses allow riders to develop their balance first while they’re learning to post.  Once riders know how to post, and are independent of their ‘personal assistant,’ they learn how to ride the horse.  An important part of this process is learning to follow through to get what you want, and our horses are wonderful teachers.  They teach their students patience, follow through, and confidence.  These slower fellows build riders who are comfortable, and ready to step up to quicker mounts.


    I see other riders wearing Knollwood clothing. Where can I get some?

    We’re putting the finishing touches on our latest line of ‘Woodwear’ for the holiday giving season.  We’ll be offering tee shirts for kids and women, quarter zips in misses sizes, a personalized helmet bag for barn gear, and a fun knit orange hat with a pom pom.  All will feature the Knollwood logo, and the tees will have a fun saying on the back.  Stay tuned!!!


    Please keep asking!!!

    We’re always happy to answer any questions.


    What’s coming up?


    Mane Event Horse Show

    The show horses are in Springfield, Illinois for the Mane Event Horse show, home to the first of the ‘big three’ national equitation finals of the season, the Good Hands. You can watch the show for free here.


    IASPHA Fall Show

    The academy and ‘B’ horses are heading to Gurnee for their last show of the 2019 season on October 26-27. Twenty academy riders and 12 horses for this show means it’s sure to be an adventure. 

    Plus, Klem will be making his costume class debut thanks to Jule and her mom. Please come join us!!



    Knollwood Fall Show

    The grand finale to the academy show season is coming up November 9 and 10 at Knollwood. It’s a big show, and we’d love everyone’s help making it a great one.

    You can sign up here to help in the concession stand, a major fundraiser for the Knollwood Knockouts. We’re also looking for donations to the helper’s gift baskets, and for the silent auction.

    Please consider helping the hardest working youth group around!




    See you at the barn or at the in-gate!





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  • Fall Adventures Coming Up!

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    The grand finales are coming!


    Let’s start by saying that we had a great time at the UPHA Chapter 10 show last weekend. The academy classes were strong, and the walk and trot classes on Sunday were BIG. Our riders rode well, and learned a lot of lessons that can only be learned in show ring situations. We’re so proud of all of them for the way they rode, and for the sportsmanship they displayed.

    The show horses will be leaving early next week for the Mane Event show which runs October 17-20 in Springfield, Illinois. This is the first time we’ll be showing in the newly restored coliseum on the Illinois State Fairgrounds, and we can’t wait.  While the Mid America Horse Show Association did a great job sprucing up another space for shows the last couple of years, the historic brick building is one of a kind, and is one of the best horse show venues in the country.

    Many of the best show horses in the country will be traveling to Illinois, and the best equitation riders will be there as well. Mane Event hosts the first of the ‘big three’ equitation finals which make up the Triple Crown of Saddle Seat Equitation, the Good Hands.

    It’s the oldest final of the big three, and is often an indicator of how the rest of the fall will go. Last year, Knollwood Kid Haley won the Good Hands on her way to winning the triple crown.  She’ll be at the show to hand the 2019 trophy to the winner, and to cheer on all the riders.



    The following weekend, 20 academy riders as well as some ‘B’ horses and a handful of ‘A’ horses will travel to Fields and Fences in Gurnee for the last academy show of the season. The IASPHA shows are some of our favorites, with good competition, a great facility, and fun, fun, fun.

    It’s going to be quite an event both in the show ring and out, as we think we have a winning costume entry for Klem and any Knollwood Kids  who’d like to join the group.  Please talk to Ann or Juliet’s Mom, McKenna if you’d like to join us on Saturday night for class 1313.


    The grand finale of the academy show season is coming up on November 9 and 10 when we celebrate everyone’s accomplishments at the Knollwood fall show. We’re thrilled to have Knollwood Kid and former World’s Grand Champion Equitation rider Kelsey Nicole Farnham back to judge both days of the show, including the finals of the Knollwood Challenge.

    We have several exciting things to remember about the show:

    Entries close this Saturday, October 12.

    The fall show features the helper basket challenge.  That means that the helpers on each night of the week are asking customers and friends to contribute to gift baskets for the show.  Judge Kelsey will pick her favorite basket, and the winning helper team will enjoy a pizza party courtesy of the Knollwood Knockouts.


    The concession stand and gift baskets run on volunteers, and we ask all of our members to donate a minimum of 2 hours a year in support of the Knockouts. Here’s the link to sign up for concession stand, show set up, and basket set up assistance.





    The show horses will finish their season at the UPHA National Championship American Royal Show November 11-16.

    It's a biggie, with National Championships at stake, an the last 2 jewels in the triple crown up for grabs, the UPHA Challenge Cup National Finals, and the USEF Medal Final.

    Team Knollwood will be in the thick of the competition, and we'll post webcast information as it becomes available.


    What else is coming up?

    Street Clean up is this Saturday at 1:00. Please be sure to have a signed permission slip from the City of Delafield, which is available in the school barn lounge.

    Join us back at the barn for a 2:30 Knockout meeting.



    Halloween on Horseback is sold out on Friday, October 18, and feel free to come in costume and watch the festivities.  You can bring an appetizer to share, and join the ‘after party!’




    We’re putting the finishing touches on our Knollwood merchandise offerings for holiday giving.  We’re working on both apparel and a gifty item, so please keep your eyes peeled for more information.


    It seems like a long way away, but save these dates now…


    The Knockout holiday party is Saturday, December 14 at 6:00.

    It features a scavenger hunt, pizza, a club meeting, and election everyone can get behind.  The party finishes with an optional gift exchange.

    All members are welcome, and we always love meeting new members!





    The Knockout Awards Banquet celebrating the 2019 show season is Saturday, February 8 2020,  at the Legends at Bristlecone.  All members are welcome, and if you’re not yet a member, we’d love to have you! Talk to your instructor for more information.




    See you soon at the barn or at the in-gate!

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