• Horses' Gifts To Us

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    Almost everyone around the world celebrates a holiday this time of year that includes gift giving.

    Let’s think about the gifts that horses give us 365 days a year:



    Horses Give us Calmness.

     After a trying day at school, at work, or with life in general, all you have to do is walk into the barn and inhale. You’ll feel the stress start to leave your body. If you’re lucky enough to hug a horse, you’ll feel your entire body relax.



    Horses Give us Laughs.

    After you watch horses for any length of time, you realize that some horses are goofs.

    Baxter likes to tighten the tabs on zip strips, the late great lesson horse Tony used to use tools such as corn stalks and stray buckets to chase his friends in the pasture, and Bilbo likes to exit the arena in slow motion when he thinks no one is looking.

    These big animals can act like 4th grade boys in the pasture, and give us hours of amusement.



    Horses Give us Interaction With Another Animal.

    Many horses enjoy time with their people as much as we like our time with them.

    Whether it’s getting a horse ready to ride, giving a thorough spa treatment, cooling your horse down after a lesson, or just spending quality time in a stall, the hours go quickly.

    You can try to find your horse’s favorite scratching spot, brush your horse until he shines, or just talk to him. They answer, you know they do.


    Horses Give us Exercise.

    As anyone who’s ridden for any length of time knows, riding a horse is physically and mentally challenging. The living breathing creature you’re riding has a mind of his own, and a strong body as well.

    Learning to ride is a long, challenging process, and it keeps us fit and alert.

    Did someone say chores?

    Dumping buckets, throwing hay, pushing wheelbarrows to outside pastures, cleaning up after horses, and feeding horses all involve lots of physical activity as well.

    They’re good for us!


    Horses Give us Life Long Friends

    Horses gives us friends with a built in common interest. When things aren’t great at school, work, or at home, you can walk into the barn and immediately talk about horses.

    Time spent working with and riding horses develops strong friendships. You ride together, take care of horses together, enjoy summer camp together, and show with and against each other.

    Many of these friendships last through college and into adulthood. Horses unite people.


    Horses Give us Compassion.

    Spending time with horses develops our compassion as we see them on good and bad days. Sometimes horses are ill, sometimes they are lame, and sometimes they’re laid up for a time.

    They require our care as they age as well. As horse people, we learn to care for them in good times, and to help them through rough times and through the aging process.



    Horses Give us Joy For a Lifetime.

    With riders aged three to 70+ at Knollwood, you can see the joy in the eyes of everyone who walks into the barn and inhales.

    While you’ll enjoy horses in different ways throughout a lifetime, these beautiful animals will bring joy whether you’re actively competing, just starting out, or admire them from the ground.`



    So, this holiday season, be sure to thank the horses who make your life more joyful:

    Hug a horse.

    Kiss a snout.

    Give an extra thorough spa treatment.

    Share a big carrot.

    Tell a horse how much they mean to you.


    You won’t regret it.


    What’s Coming Up?


    Knollwood Purchases are 10% off through December 31.

    You can purchase online using promo code HOLIDAY2024, or you can purchase through your instructor or admin. We’re happy to help.

    The polls are open through December 31 for the School Horse of the Year election!

    Just pay your 2024 Knockout dues to receive a ballot. Richmond is our poll watcher, and has actually stopped a case of voter fraud on Tuesday. (In all fairness, the Knockout member said she'd already voted, but we like to help RIchmond with his self esteem, so credit to him.)



    Holiday Closures

    Knollwood will be quiet on December 24, 25, 31, and January 1 so the staff can enjoy the holidays with their families.

    All enrolled lessons will be credited to your account.



    Midwest Saddleseat Consignment Trunk Show

    January 5, 7-9 PM

    Hilton Garden Inn, Oconomowoc



    In-House Academy Consignment Sale

    Saturday, February 10

    11:00 AM

    All academy riders are invited to consign their outgrown show clothes to the sale. Please tag your items with your name, approximate size of item, price, and a cell # for contact. Please have your consigned items to Lisa by February 3.

    Shoppers, please visit the sale in the show barn lounge on Saturday, February 10. We’ll have experienced academy moms to help, and Jodi will be there with her fantastic accessories and ties.


    Academy Tailor Visits

    Saturday, February 24

    Starting at 9:30 AM

    If you’re interested in having a custom shirt or vest made, or if you’d like some alterations done to your show outfit, Trish will be coming to us on the 24th. We’re setting up 30 minute appointments for measurements.



    Knollwood Knockout Award Banquet

    Merrill Hills

    All Knockouts are invited to join the celebration of all things Knollwood at Merrill Hills.

    Who can resist social time, dinner, awards, Scott’s ‘State of the Farm’ address, a slide show, and dancing the night away?

    Invitations will go out to all current members in January.

    Reminder, country club dress code is in effect.                                                                                                                                               You won’t want to miss it!





    Jelly Bean Jods for Spring 2024

    Orders February 10-24

    We’re ordering everyone’s favorite Knollwood jods! It’s your chance to order the navy jods with tan knee patches, and our logo embroidered on the bottom of the leg.

    The jods will be ready for the May Knollwood show!




    Academy Kick Off Night

    March 16 at 6:00 PM

    All academy riders and parents are invited to join us for a social evening in the lounge.

    Scott will share his necktie skills, and share his ‘perfect’ horse show knot. Be sure to bring a tie to join the fun.

    Karina will be on-hand to show us how to create the perfect horse show bun, and how to create an age appropriate makeup look for young show riders.

    Of course, we’ll provide refreshments and appetizers for everyone.



    IASPHA Spring Show

    April 13-14

    Beyond Stable Farm

    Woodstock, Illinois

    Our first academy show of the season!





    See you at the barn!







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  • Why Be A Knockout?

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    Your 2024 Knockout officers and board members.

    The Knollwood Knockouts have been around for 27 years, and their members have been contributing to the farm and the community the entire time. They’ve been having a lot of fun, too.

    The Knockouts' mission statement is ‘To support equitation, horsemanship, and friendships through service to others.'

    Read on to learn more about how they fulfill their mission.



    Joining the Knollwood Knockouts immediately brings riders into a group of horse-loving kids. Having friends at the barn creates a place where members can immerse themselves in horses, and escape the tension of school.

    Knollwood Knockouts always have something to talk about at the farm, and it’s almost always horses.

    Many of these barn friendships last through college and beyond. Knollwood  Knockouts always come back to the farm.



    Knollwood Knockouts are immersed in horses and Knollwood.

    The club runs three in-barn shows at the farm, staffing the concession stand, the gift baskets, and countless other tasks.

    Many Knockouts also serve as helpers in the barn on busy lesson days. These young mentors help new riders learn about horses by example and in more structured situations such as running with beginner riders.


    Leadership Opportunities

    The Knollwood Knockouts are run by current Knollwood riders. The officers are elected at the annual holiday party, and serve one year terms.

    The club has two co-presidents, a chairman of the board, and four board members, and all are elected positions.

    These young leaders organize events, run the events, and work tirelessly to get Knollwood Kids involved in their club.

    Officers address the crowd at the banquet, and run the club meetings throughout the year.


    Knockouts provide service to others in many ways.

    In addition to managing the in-barn shows, the Knockouts keep the farm neighborhood tidy by staffing two street cleanups a year. Members split into teams and, with parents assistance, they head out and enjoy a day outside while helping their neighbors.

    The Knockouts host an annual car wash at the Piggly Wiggly in Hartland, and run the brat shack during the afternoon. Members band together to wash cars and sell brats and burgers while having a blast, and maybe getting a little wet.

    The Knockouts hold an annual food drive for the Food Pantry of Waukesha County each spring.  Knollwood Kids collect food kits from their families, friends, and neighbors. Each rider that collects a minimum of five food kits earns the privilege of competing in the Knollwood Olympics.

    On a Saturday in May, the Olympians gather to compete on teams based on the day of the week the members ride.

    The teams compete in games of ‘skill,’ such as the helmet toss, the blind buggy race, blanket race, and fun events that we make up each year.

    This event helps the Food Pantry at a time when their stocks run low, and their demand goes up when children don’t receive lunch at school. We’ve been a proud supporter for of the food pantry for 14 years.


    Each Holiday season, the Knockouts adopt two families in need. Riders donate gifts from family wish lists, and the club gathers to wrap the gifts and celebrate the holiday season. Knockout officers then deliver the gifts to the families to make their holidays a little more cheerful.


    Money from these fundraisers supports local groups in need. We’ve sent veterans on the Honor Flight, supported the American Heart Association, Lifestriders, Breast Cancer research, and several horsemen who have endured barn fires and tornado damage to their farms.

    The Knockouts also sponsor academy classes at several local shows to promote the growth of academy.

    In addition to donations to charitable causes, the Knockout fundraising also supports outings for members and the club’s annual awards banquet.

    In 2023, club members enjoyed a trip across the street to the Kettle Moraine Curling Club where they enjoyed a lesson from the friendly members.

    In previous years, Knockouts have played mini golf, enjoyed water parks, and trips to the Summerfun horse show. You just never know what fun events club officers will dream up!


    Each February, the club members change out of their barn clothing and gather at Merrill Hills for their awards banquet.

    All members, from leadline stars to National and World titleholders gather to celebrate all things Knollwood.

    The club offers awards for both in-barn and out-of-barn show divisions, presents a slide show review of the year, listens to speeches from club officers, our adult treasurer, and Scott’s always entertaining ‘State of the Farm’ address.

    The club partially subsidizes the cost of the banquet to make it affordable for families to attend.

    To keep events like this possible,  all members are required to complete two hours of club service during the year. These service hours can be helping at a Knollwood show, working a shift at the car wash, helping with a street clean up, or assisting at any Knockout event.

    The Knollwood Knockouts have earned awards from Saddlebred Rescue, and are the only youth club to have their name represented at the American Saddlebred Horse Museum in Lexington as recognition of their good works and support of the breed.


    How Can You Help?


    We need your help. Many of these events require adult assistance with organization and/or execution, as the officers are still in high school.

    We’re looking for parents who would like to mentor these wonderful kids before and at the events. You won’t regret time spent with these fantastic Knockouts.

    You can volunteer at the concession stand at Knollwood shows, help get the gift baskets put together, help get the show set up, help count food kits for the Olympics, take a shift at the car wash, lead a team at the street clean up, attend a meeting and offer suggestions, or provide any of your talents to help the members be successful.

    If you own a business, please consider sponsoring our concession stand at a Knollwood show. We provide signage and recognition at the show, including announcements, stickers on drink cups, and social media shout outs. Please talk to Ann or super admin Lisa for more details.



    Your $5 Knockout membership is a ticket to becoming more involved in Knollwood.

    You’ll meet great friends, receive an invitation to the holiday party and the banquet, and earn the right to vote for club officers and the school horse of the year.

    You’ll help your neighbors in need, enjoy more time at the farm, and earn points towards high points awards.

     We’re proud of all the Knockouts have achieved, and we’d love for all Knollwood Kids to be a part of the experience.


    What’s Coming Up?

    Through December 31

    10% off all purchases

    The best gift of all is 10% off all things Knollwood. You can prepay your enrollment fees, or give a gift certificate to a new rider at a discount.

    You can purchase online using promo code HOLIDAY2024, or talk to your instructor or admin who will be happy to run the transaction for you.



    School Horse of the Year election continues!

    Remember to pay your 2024 Knockout dues to receive a ballot for the big election.

    Fred, Jelly, Leon, Pumpkin, and Thomas all survived tough primary battles in their respective parties to make it to the general election.

    Every vote counts, and Richmond is our experienced poll watcher when he’s not out killing mice or sleeping on a heated bed.



    Banquet invitations will be mailed to all Knockout members.

    The banquet is Saturday, February 24.


    January 5

    Midwest Saddleseat Consignment Private Shopping Event

    7-9 PM

    Hilton Garden Inn, Oconomowoc

    It’s a great place to start your 2024 show shopping, and it’s just for Team Knollwood.



    In house camp enrollment throughout the month. Don’t miss your chance to sign up before we announce camp dates to the public in March.

    We’ll send camp dates to current customers in January.



    February 10

    In house academy consignment sale

    10:00 AM

    Bring your outgrown academy attire to the school barn by February 7 marked with your name and cell #, as well as the item’s price and size.

    Jodi will be there to accessorize your look to make it your own.


    February 24

    Academy Tailor Appointments

    The fabulous Trish will be in the show barn lounge starting at 9:30 AM to measure for custom shirts and vests, and to fit current clothing for alterations.

    Jodi will be there with her wonderful bling and ties as well.

    Please talk to Ann if you’d like an appointment to create a new look, or to alter your current one.


    Knollwood Knockouts Banquet

    The Legends at Merrill Hills

    It’s banquet time!

    Join your friends and their families for the party of the season.

    You’ll enjoy social time, dinner, awards, speeches, the annual slide show, and a DJ to dance the night away.

    No one wants to miss this!

    Remember, the country club dress code is in effect.

    No denim of any kind.

    Men’s shirts must have collars and be tucked in.

    Thank you for celebrating in style and in code.



    Academy Prep Fun Night

    March 23

    6:00 PM

    Join us in the show barn lounge with Knollwood mom and master stylist Karina to learn to create the perfect bun, and to learn tips and tricks for appropriate make up for young riders.

    As an added bonus, Scott will be joining us to teach the perfect tie knot for small riders.

    Of course, refreshments will be served.


    IASPHA Spring Show

    April 13-14

    Beyond Stable Farm

    Our first academy show of the season!




    Photo by Hanna Agagthen Photography



    See you at the barn!


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  • A Knollwood Kid Rocks It, and Yet There's More!

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    To start off the week, we’d like to congratulate Knollwood Kid Richie on his selection for the TEAM USA Saddleseat team which will represent us at the World Cup in 2024.

    Last weekend, Richie and Scott traveled to William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri for the trials. Riders from all over the country were selected to the trials for both a three gaited and a five gaited team.

    Trialists drew for horses from among the horses used in the equestrian science program at the university. Prospective team members are evaluated on their ability to get on a horse unknown to them and to guide them through railwork and patterns.

    Some of the horses are great at patterns, and others are less educated or cooperative about the intricacies of the work.

    Richie was a horse in his former life, and is known for his ability to figure out horses’ minds pretty quickly. Because of this, he’s a sought after catch rider for other trainers, and has had great success showing in a wide variety of divisions, including riding a road pony.

    Richie finished the event with the highest scores in all three phases of the trial, and will be representing the US in Parys, South Africa next December.

    We couldn’t be more proud of this young man who became a Knollwood Kid after watching his sister Tori’s lessons.

    Richie became a student of horses and of the sport at a young age, and enjoyed a successful academy career. Following that, he was paired with the legendary Ms Mheirry Mac, and the team were reserve national champions in the UPHA 10 and Under Walk Trot Challenge Cup final.

    Tink is now retired at Knollwood, and still gets to enjoy time spent with her Richie.

    Richie showed Royal Tryst in 13 and under equitation, and won the World’s Championship of Junior Equitation with the princess. He then showed legendary Brookhill's Passion Punch to great success in senior equitation before the Dallens purchased Doc, officially known as Reedann's Dark Mystery.


    Along the way, Richie has spent time listening, watching, and working. He rides any horse he can, and has become a true horseman.

    Congratulations, Richie!



    'tis the season of saving!

    From now through December 31, you can purchase any amount of enrollment and receive 10% off when you use promo code HOLIDAY2024 on our website.

    Of course, your instructor or admin is always happy to help if you find the website a little clunky.


    Remember, the Knockout holiday party is coming up this Saturday at 6:00 PM. The new scavenger hunt is ready to go, the pizza is ordered, and candidates are finishing their campaign speeches.

    We can hardly wait to celebrate with the Knockouts and their parents!


    A favorite ballot from the past, and it's still true.

    Speaking of campaign speeches, please don’t forget to pay your Knockout dues and vote for the 2023 School Horse of the Year. According to exit polling, it looks like a really tight race.

    Every vote counts, so be sure to join the race!



    For those of you who are still looking for a present for your rider, it’s the time of the year when a riding vest is perfect attire for lessons. These vests are warm and slim fitting so instructors can monitor a rider’s posture while riding. Big fluffy jackets make it hard to see back position, so we recommend vests in the arena. Riders can leave their jackets in the center ring seating area.

    Here’s a link to a fun kids vest from Dover. If you want to see it in person before purchasing, Dover has a store in Germantown.



    Team Knollwood will be taking Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Years Day off from lessons.

    Enrolled students will be credited for these missed lessons.


    For those of you looking ahead:

    Private Shopping Night

    Friday January 5

    7 PM to 9 PM

    Knollwood private shopping event with Midwest Saddleseat Consignment.



    In House Academy Clothing Sale

    February 10

    11:00 AM

    Academy riders, please bring your outgrown show clothes to sell to other team members. Please have your items tagged with your name, contact info, and price to the barn by Wednesday. February 7.



    Jelly Bean Jods orders

    February 15 – 28

    We’re ordering Jelly Bean jods in navy with tan knee patches and embroidered logo.

    We’ll have size samples to get the perfect fit. These jods are perfect for Knollwood shows.



    Academy Show Tailor Appointments

    February 24

    9:30 AM

    Trish is coming to measure for vests and shirts.

    If you’re looking to create a new academy look for 2024, Trish will help you look your best. We’ll book half hour appointments for measuring on the 24th.

    Trish can also do fantastic alterations if last year’s clothing needs some adjusting.


    Academy Prep Night

    March 23

    6:00 PM

    All of our 2024 academy riders are invited to attend a fun event where we’ll show you how to create a perfect horse show bun, and how to use makeup to make your rider look her best for her age.

    As an added bonus, Scott is joining us to show everyone how to create the perfect tie knot for small people.



    See you at the barn!


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  • Our Lesson Horses Organize Their Election

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    Remember last Thursday when you were enjoying Thanksgiving with your family and friends? You know, when you chilled out with yummy food, a Packer win, and thoughts of gratitude?

    We bet you thought the lesson horses were chilling out in the pasture or in their stalls, munching and napping on their day off.

    They were not.

    This school horse of the year election has become very important to them, so while you were chilling at home, they were holding debates and primary elections. It seems our horses have become organized, so look out world.

    Here, in alphabetical order, are the winners of the primaries, and the parties they represent:



    Fred is running for school horse of the year, and is the candidate representing the Energy Conservation Party.

    Known to be the best napper in the barn, Fred truly enjoys his ‘last stall on the left,’ which is also a deluxe stall and a half.  This extra space allows him to snore while spread out, and absolutely nothing wakes him up, even cats crawling around him.

    Fred exhibits the same aura in the arena, and can be trusted on all occasions, once you get him going.

    He’s a true gem, having taught many, many riders diagonals, posting, and relaxation.

    Did you know he likes accordion music?

    Anyway, he was nominated by Beau, whose legal name is Beaucoup Revival for all pertinent documents.

    Beau is the chairman of the Energy Conservation Party for obvious reasons.

    Says Beau, “A vote for Fred is a vote for just slowing down.’



    Jelly is running for school horse of the year representing the Blonde Surfer Dude Party.

    Known for his laid back attitude, Jelly is always up for a lesson or two. We’ve never seen him upset, even when his dinner might be a little late. Jelly loves everyone, from tiny tots to ‘grown ups,’ and just takes things as they come.

    Photo by Hanna Agathen

    Jelly is a true surfer dude in the arena, staying chilled out even in the busy Saturday arena, and see’s the show horses not as scary, but as exotic creatures to meet.

    Jelly loves Knollwood shows, and is quite photogenic. Yup, he’s a favorite of photo shoots, and even played the role of Easter Bunny for photos this Spring.


    Jelly was nominated by fellow dude Bilbo, leader of the Surfer Dude Party.

    Mac is an honorary member of the party, and continues to practice their mantra of ‘Stay cool,’

    Bilbo says,’ A vote for Jelly is a vote for chilled out dudes everywhere.’



    Leon is a candidate for the election representing the Kindness Movement.

    Known for his big brown eyes and cloud-like canter, Leon has never met a soul he couldn’t get along with. Known in  the Saddlebred Association’s registry as Keep the Change, Sir, Leon is the diplomat of the lesson horses. A gentleman in the arena, he’s taught countless Knollwood Kids the joys of cantering, and or riding a really nice Saddlebred.

    Leon loves traveling, especially to academy shows. He’s so kind that he’s even worked for other barns when they found themselves short a horse.

    This grand soul was nominated by the Kindness Movement’s chairman Sparky, who also happens to be the 2020 School Horse of the Year winner.

    Sparky says, ‘A vote for dear sweet Leon is a vote for treating everyone with kindness,’




    Pumpkin is running for school horse of the year representing the Master of All Trades Party.

    A relative newcomer to the Knollwood faculty, with four years of teaching on his resume at a place where some horses have 20+ years of experience, Pumpkin has quickly become a favorite of all.

    Pumpkin joined us from his last job in Kentucky where he was trained in dressage. Being the brilliant fellow that he is, he quickly learned the ways of a saddleseat lesson horse, and is excelling with his new teammates.

    Pumpkin is now teaching everyone from tiny Tots to grown ups, and even traveled to his first academy show this season.

    Pumpkin loves being a lesson horse, and is willing to learn anything. He likes Knollwood shows, camps, pattern camps, lunge lessons, and just hanging out with his peeps.

    Nominated by party chair Hugo, who could have joined many, many parties, Pumpkin is a master of all trades.

    Hugo says, ‘A vote for Pumpkin is a vote for master teachers everywhere.’




    Thomas is a candidate for school horse of the year representing the Academy Superstar Party.

    Known in the Saddlebred registry as Fort Chiswell’s Aristocrat, Thomas is one of the most important teachers on our academy team.

    Photo by Hanna Agathen

    Known for his smooth gaits and light mouth, Thomas has become a master of introducing new stars to the show ring. In fact, he traveled to 10 academy shows this season, the most of any of our faculty members.

    Thomas is willing to do any pattern at any time, even though he can’t find the way to his own stall in the morning.

    Thomas was nominated by legendary Baxter, officially known as A Champagne Toast, Knollwood’s Lesson Horse of the Year in 2021.

    Baxter says, ‘A vote for Thomas is a vote for future show riders everywhere.’



    The election winner will be announced to the 2023 banquet on February 24 at Merrill Hills.

    Be sure to join or renew your Knockout membership during December to receive your ballot.




    What’s Coming Up?

    Going on Now Through December 31

    The Knollwood Sale!

    From now through December 31, you can purchase lessons for 10% off when you purchase using promo code HOLIDAY2024.

    You can purchase in-person or online, and the promo code must be used to receive your discount.

    Instructors and admins are always happy to help you give the best gift of all!



    Enrollment meetings

    Academy show riders will meet with their instructors during the month to set up 2024 enrollments and schedules.

    If you’re not currently a show rider and would like to add a show or two, or would like to include your Knollwood shows or camp into your monthly payment, please talk to your instructor or admin who can get in touch with a senior instructor to help you out.


    December 1

    Last day for stirrup orders!

    Please contact Ann who will order the perfect length and size for your rider.


    December 1

    Polls Open!

    The School Horse of the Year election begins in the school barn lounge. Simply pay your dues to receive a ballot for the big election.

    Vote for your favorite candidate, whatever the reason!



    December 2

    Academy Demo Night

    Sign up in the school barn lounge to learn more about our academy program. It’s a continuation of our meeting in November, and it’s your chance to see a few of our academy stars fully dressed in their show attire. Experienced academy parents will be on hand as well to answer questions.




    December 9

    Knockout Holiday Party

    All Knockouts are invited to join their friends for the annual holiday gala.

    After a team scavenger hunt that will take Knockouts inside and outside all over the farm, we’ll enjoy pizza and election of 2024 officers and board members.

    Interested in running for office? Please talk to Ann, Thea, or Adrienne for more info.

    We’ll finish the night with an optional gift exchange. If you’d like to participate, please bring a wrapped gift of $25 value.

    Parents are welcomed, and encouraged to join the fun. And, you are welcome to BYOB.


    Holiday Closures

    Team Knollwood is taking off December 24, 25, 31, and January 1.

    We wish you and yours a joyful holiday season!




    January 5

    7-9 PM

    Private Shopping Session with Midwest Saddleseat Consignment

    Join your Knollwood friends for a shopping session for Midwest Saddleseat. It's a great way to start a search for your 2024 show attire, and Jen's customer service can't be beat.


    February 24

    Knockout Award Banquet

    Merrill Hills

    All Knockouts and their families are invited to join our annual celebration of all things Knollwood.

    Dinner, awards, entertaining speeches, more awards, a slide show, and dancing to a DJ, all fit into one evening!

    Invitations will be mailed to all current Knockout members in January.

    Not yet a Knockout? We’d love to have you! Please talk to your instructor or admin to join.

    Please remember, Merrill Hills is a country club, and as such, has a dress code that they enforce.

     No Denim

     Men must wear collared shirts

     Men’s shirts must be tucked in.

    Our banquet is a celebratory occasion for all the hard work these riders put in all year. Let’s celebrate in good style!



    Photo by Hanna Agathen


    See you at the barn!






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  • The Holiday Gift Edition

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    The holiday season is upon us, and we have the perfect gift items for all the Knollwood Kids in your life.



    A Knollwood Knockout Calendar

    The Knockouts have designed a 2024 calendar that features photos and information about the school horses, and all things Knollwood.

    Calendars are only $25 with all proceeds benefiting the Knockouts.

    You can pay for, and order your calendar in the school barn through November 30. The Knockouts are accepting cash or checks made out to the Knollwood Knockouts.





    An Updated Lesson Outfit

    Does the rider in your house keep growing? We have some great ideas to upgrade gear for lessons and Knollwood shows.

    You can get terrific clothing to fulfill your lesson clothing requirement from our friends at Freedman’s.

    Freedman’s products offer great craftsmanship, and their products are tested by professional horsemen during the design process.

    Team Knollwood uses their products daily, and highly recommends them. If you purchase their products, please enter ‘Knollwoodfarmlt’ in the trainer referral code area.


    Their jods are available in both kids and ‘grown up’ sizes.

    Kids sizes are offered in black in both regular and long lengths for $99.

    Misses sizes are available in an array of colors for $129. Camo prints are $149. Lengths range from petite to long.

    We love these jods because they offer 4-way stretch compression fabric for comfort and performance, have silicone knee patches for grip, and offer reinforced tie down buttons.




    Freedman’s boots are also available in either kids or adult sizes.

    All boots feature a rubber sole for stirrup grip and comfort, and are available in black. They’re super comfortable, even when you’re on your feet for hours at shows.

    Kids sizes are $89, and misses sizes are $139.

    Size note, misses sizes are in British sizing, which run a whole size larger than US sizing. It’s recommended that you order one whole size down from your usual size.





    We love the Ovation Deluxe Schooler helmet for all of our academy stars.

    It features exact fitting with the dual adjustment system, has a removable washable liner, and is well ventilated for comfort.

    Plus, it has sleek lines which make it appropriate for the show ring or daily lessons.

    After purchase, please be sure to get your rider's name in the helmet!


    Warm Riding Gloves

    Let’s face it, riding in the winter can be a little chilly, even in the heated arena.

    These kids gloves from Kerrits can take the chill off, they’re only $25 from SmartPak, and they come in two different prints.



    Show Coverage

    Do you have a horse show junkie in your house?

    How about gifting a Richfield Video subscription? For roughly $25 a month, your horse crazy family member can access the archives of horse shows, and can watch many shows live throughout the season.




    How about a subscription to Saddle Horse Report? It’s available in both online and print editions, and offers show coverage, show results, and even posts judge’s cards.



    Saddle Rental

    If you have a growing academy rider in your house, why not gift them their saddle rental? For only $250, your rider will have a wonderful saddle for one year of lessons and shows.

    Please speak to your instructor who can help find the perfect size and model for your rider.

    Friendly reminder that if you’re currently renting a saddle, renewals are due January 1.




    All of our academy riders are required to own their stirrup irons and leathers for a couple of reasons. First of all, owning stirrups saves a lot of time in lessons. You just pop your stirrups onto your rental saddle, and you’re ready to ride.

    Having your own stirrups also ensures that your stirrups are always the correct length, and that they’re even. Plus, it’s a great feeling to own your first bit of horse equipment!

    We’re happy to order your stirrups for you to take the care of the guesswork of leather length and iron size. Please talk to Ann by December 1 to get in on our holiday order from Freedmans.  You can get the best irons and leathers out there for $200.



    The Best Gift Is On Sale!

    Starting November 24, the day after Thanksgiving through December 31, you can purchase any amount of enrollment and get 10% off!

    You can purchase online or in-person. Please use promo code online  HOLIDAY2024 at check out to receive your discount.

    It’s the perfect gift for any Knollwood Kid, and can be purchased in any amount. All purchases will be applied directly to your account.



    What’s Coming Up?

     Happy Thanksgiving

    Thursday, November, 23

    No lessons, all of Team Knollwood will enjoy a day off.



    Parents’ Night Out

    Saturday, November 25

    6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

    We have a few spots left for our evening of fun and service.

    We’ll be wrapping gifts for our adopted families, and enjoying dinner and games.

    We still need a few gifts as well, so please check the sign up sheets on the tackroom door.



    Enrollment Updates

    Month of December

    Academy riders will be meeting with their instructors throughout the month to set up 2024 enrollments.

    If you’re not yet an academy show rider, and would like to include Knollwood shows or camp in your enrollment, please talk to your instructor or admin. We’ll have a senior instructor get in touch for a meeting to build an enrollment just for you.

    All 2024 changes are due December 24.




    Polls Open

    December 1

    You can start voting for School Horse of the Year on December 1! Just pay your 2024 Knockout dues to receive a ballot. We always welcome new members, and would love to have every Knollwood Kid join the fun.

    The polls close December 31!




    Stirrup Orders Due

    December 1

    Be sure to have your stirrup orders to Ann, so we can place the big order for holiday delivery.





    Academy Demo Night

    December 2

    6:00 PM

    We had a spirited parent meeting last weekend about our academy program. Part 2 is our always exciting demo night in the arena.

    New academy parents and riders will get to watch some academy stars demonstrate what it’s all about. We’ll also have experienced academy parents on hand to answer any questions.  We will, as usual, have refreshments for the meeting.

    Please sign up in the school barn so we can prepare food for everyone.




    Knockout Holiday Party

    Saturday, December 9

    6:00 PM

    All Knockouts are asked to join fellow club members for their holiday party and election of officers and board members for 2024.

    We’ll have a scavenger hunt, so please dress warm. The clues will no doubt take you all over the farm!

    After pizza, we’ll elect officers and board members. If you’re planning on running for any office or board, please talk to Thea or Adrienne.

    We’ll finish the night with an optional gift exchange. If you’d like to participate, please bring a wrapped gift valued at $25.

    Parents are welcome to BYOB.




    Holiday Closures

    December 24 and 25

    December 31 and January 1





    Midwest Saddle Seat Consignment

    January 5

    We’ll have a private shopping night on Friday from 7 PM - 9 PM! It's a wonderful opportunity to get set for the season, and Jen's customer service can't be beat.





    Knollwood Knockout Awards Banquet

    February 24

    Merrill Hills

    Save the date!

    Please plan on joining us for our annual celebration of all things Knollwood. We'll enjoy social time and a delicious dinner followed by an evening of awards. We celebrate high point awards for both in-barn and out-of-barn academy riders and hear from club officers. We finish up with a slide show, Scott's entertaining 'state of the farm' address, and dancing the night away.

    Invitations will go out to all members in January. If you're not yet a member, please join as we'd love to have you.

    Just a reminder, country club dress code is enforced at the facility.

    No denim of any kind is allowed.

    Men must wear collared shirts, and all shirts must be tucked in. 

    Please help us make the celebration enjoyable for everyone as we congratulate all the winners and adhere to the dress code.




    See you at the barn!

    Read more