• An Event Not To Be Missed

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    This Saturday, the Knollwood Knockouts are hosting an inaugural fundraising event.

    At last Fall's Knollwood show, the Knockouts auctioned off the opportunity for a group of Knollwood Kids to give their fearless leader Scott a riding lesson.

    Bidding was fast and furious, with friends from Scott's past and present customer base joining the fun. Heck, bids even came in from fellow professionals from many states!

    The winning team consists of 1 former and 2 current show riders. The faculty includes:


    A graduate of our lesson program and an equitation star, Shelby is now a graduate of Lawrence University, and is in grad school at the Medical College of Wisconsin. In her rare spare time, Shelby helps out the Knockouts and helps with the Tuesday evening academy class.



    Knollwood's favorite red-headed equitation rider, Richie needs little introduction. He started riding after his older sister caught the horse bug, and zoomed through our academy program to become a serious student of equitation. 

    He's won national and world championships, rides every chance he can, and helps in whatever way he can, whether it's in the show barn or as a lesson barn helper.

    He's ridden with both Scott and Carol for years, and will offer valuable insight to Scott's mind.



    She may be the youngest instructor on the team, but don't let that fool you. Brooklyn is an old soul, always listening and thinking about many things.

    She also came up through the academy program, and even won a world championship her first year in the show horse world.

    Her quiet fierceness will be a valuable asset with teaching a student who knows it all.



    You can watch Scott's students try to teach him a thing or two this Saturday at 6:00 PM in the arena. Admission is a mere $5, with all donations going to the Knollwood Knockouts.

    Please come and pay your entry fee before Friday so we're sure to have enough food for everyone. If you're coming from out of town, please call the school barn at 262-367-2391 to reserve your spot.

    Scott is providing pizza and fixin's after the lesson.

    You really won't want to miss this!

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  • An Insider's Guide to the Banquet

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    2022 arena set up for online banquet


    We’re so excited!

    For the last two years, Covid has forced us to downsize our annual awards banquet, and to hold the festivities in our arena. While we made it a lot of fun broadcasting on Facebook Live, it just wasn't the same as being together in one room.

    We’re back in full in-person celebration mode for this year, which happens to be the 25th anniversary of our first ever Knockout awards banquet back in 1998.

     Winners at the first ever banquet in 1998.


    Because we haven’t held an in-person banquet since 2021, many of our current stars have never experienced the real thing. Here are some helpful hints to enjoy the Knollwood celebration of the year like an experienced banquet attendee.



    Jordan and Dilly dancing in 2020.


    The banquet is being held on Saturday, February 18.

    Social time starts at 6:30 PM with dinner beginning at 7:15 PM.




    The Legend at Merrill Hills

    W270 S3425 Merrill Hills Rd

    Waukesha, WI 53189



    Archival photo of Academy Award winners in 2020


    Who’s Invited?

    All Knollwood Knockouts and their families are invited to join the fun. Invitations were mailed January 1. If you haven’t received your invitation, please let your instructor know, and we can provide one. Plus, we’ve placed extra invitations in the RSVP box in the school barn. Please feel free to fill out a card and attach your payment to secure your spot, even if your invitation didn’t make it to you in the mail.

    RSVP’s are due by February 8.

    Of course, new members are ALWAYS welcome, and your instructor or office admin would be happy to help!



    How Do I RSVP?

    Just return your invitation postcard with your name, and indicate how many will be in your party. Please attach cash or a check made out to the Knollwood Knockouts to secure your places. No reservations can be made without payment.



    From the dance floor files of 2020, Sofia, Brooklyn, and Amelia


    What’s the Dress Code?

    It’s a celebration, so riders wear dresses and party finery. Parents tend to dress more casually.



    From the archives, 2012 President Shelby turns leadership over to incoming 2013 president Sydney.

    What happens at the banquet?

    Oh, so much.

    The party starts with social time where everyone catches up with friends, and decides where to sit. Riders can choose to sit with other riders at ‘kids’ tables, or to sit with their families. Typically, the riders sit at the tables near the front of the room, near the prizes, the speakers’ podium, and the screen for the slide show.

    This year we’re trying a variation of our traditional buffet dinner. We’ll be having a dinner with three different ‘stations’ to visit along the way. Guests can visit the pasta bar, the slider bar, and the salad bar.

    Party planner and Knockout adult treasurer Susan has also sourced a really fun dessert for us.


    Your 2023 Officers and board members


    We expect a peaceful transfer of power after dinner, as our 2022 Knockout officers and board review the year that was before they hand control over to the incoming 2023 team.

    Election results will be revealed when the Knockout officers announce the winner of the 2022 School Horse of the Year contest. A short video is included of the star, since country clubs frown on horses attending parties in person.


    Susan delivering the 2021 financial report


    Susan will present an always entertaining treasurer’s report. We don’t know how she makes the numbers interesting and inspirational, but we think it's one of her super powers.

    Following that, we’ll present awards earned by our riders at both in-barn shows, and at out of barn shows throughout 2022.

    Academy award winners in 2012


    Twenty riders have earned academy awards from the American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association. While we won’t have the actual medallions from the association yet, we will recognize these hard-working academy stars.


    High point winners in 2018.

    We’ll also hand out the ultimate high point awards to the top two point earners for both home shows and academy shows away from home.



    Emilie and Baxter, reserve academy champs at Madison Classic in 2022

    A highlight of any banquet is the annual slideshow, which brings back memories of the year that was. The show will feature pictures from home and the road, and will showcase many pics never seen before. It’s guaranteed  to make you laugh and enjoy the recap of 2022.

    No caption needed.

    The grand finale of the presentations is Scott’s ‘State of the Farm’ address.  A master orator, Scott reviews the show season, stories from the road, and memorable lessons. The address usually involves some zingers, and often includes some heckling back. It’s the perfect closure.


    From the 2013 dance floor files

    After all the awards and addresses, the DJ takes over, and the dance floor fills.

    Whether it’s your first Knollwood banquet, or you’re a veteran of the event, we hope you can join us for this February classic.



    What’s Coming Up?


    The famous jods incident. Show tech Emma lent her pants to Cece whose zipper died in the warm up ring.

    January 28

    It’s the last day to drop off donations for the academy used clothing sale on February 4. Please hang them in the school barn lounge.

    Please bring them in on hangers, and tagged with your name, cell #, email address, and price of each piece. If you'd like to donate sales proceeds to the Knockouts, please let us know.

    And, Thank You!

    Again, no caption needed.

    Also on January 28:

    Remember the silent auction at the Fall Knollwood Show? 

    Shelby and her investment group outbid all other takers and paid $450 for the right to give Scott a riding lesson.  Shelby, Richie, and Brooklyn will be giving Scott at lesson at 6:00 PM.

    A limited number of $5 tickets are available to watch the lesson. All proceeds will benefit the Knockouts, as did the purchase price of the lesson.

    Both Scott and his instructor team are preparing for the event, and we're not sure who's more excited for the evening.

    Before anyone even asks, Carol is in charge of the horse assignment. As we always say, 'Carol knows things.'



    Walk trot stars at Turkey Trot 2022


    February 4

    11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

    Knollwood’s used academy clothing sale.

    Here’s your chance to purchase academy clothing for the upcoming season. We’ll have a selection of jods, shirts, and vests. Jodi will be there with ties and bling to finish off any outfit.


    February 8

    Banquet reservations and payment due.


    Demo riders in the 2022 academy event.

    February 11

    6:00 PM

    Academy Demo Night

    If you’re starting your academy show journey this season, this event is perfect for you. Please join us in the arena at 6:00 PM when you’ll see some of our stars give demos on the do’s and don’ts of academy showing.

    You’ll learn the fine points of attire, hair and makeup for the show ring, and show strategy. Please bring all your questions for an entertaining event.



    Finn, Laney, Payton, Lauren, Maria, and Lily with the Senns at the 2020 banquet


    February 18

    6:30 PM

    Knockout Banquet

    You won’t want to miss it!



    Taylor at IASPHA Summer 2022

    February 25

    11:00 AM-2:00 PM

    Academy Vest and Shirt Measuring

    Trish will be in to measure for custom vests and shirts for our academy stars. Please see Ann if you’d like to schedule an appointment.



    Brooke, Hannah, Stella, Dilly, and Maddie at IASPHA Spring 2022


    April 15-16

    IASPHA Spring Show

    Beyond Stable Farm in Woodstock, Illinois

    Our first academy show of the season!



    Heather presenting awards to winners Stella and Leon at the Knollwood Spring Show


    May 12-14

    Knollwood Spring Show





    No caption needed.

    See you at the barn!


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  • 2023 Goals for Knollwood Kids

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    Happy 2023 to everyone!


    Team Knollwood has been busy planning for the new year of new adventures. We’ve created a list of goals for every Knollwood Kid in the tribe.


    Knollwood Kids Follow the Lesson Clothing Requirements.

     Remember, after three months of enrollment, riders should wear their own boots, jods, fitted shirt, gloves, and helmet to each and every lesson.

    Did we mention tie downs on your jods? Yup, jods won’t do you any good if they’re climbing up to your knees. Whether your boot cut pants require clip ons, or you have jods ready for button on underpasses, these accessories are required for every lesson.

    We have them available for sale. If you arrive without tie downs, you can buy from our store.

    Finally, all long hair must be tied back, and bulky coats left on the bench in the arena. It’s hard to detect or correct riding position when the person looks like a marshmallow riding a horse.



    Knollwood Kids Arrive to Their Lessons on Time.

    On time means 15 minutes prior to the lesson time if you aren’t ready to get your own horse ready, or 30 minutes prior if you are advanced enough to prep your own horse. Be prepared to spend time taking care of your horse after the lesson as well.

    If you have to leave before your horse is put up, be sure to tell your instructor exactly who is going to take care of your horse in your absence.


    Knollwood Kids Join the Knollwood Knockouts.

    Our youth group has won awards for their charitable work for the local community, and for the horse industry.

    For only $5 a year, you can be a member of this fantastic group of horse people.

    We’ll keep track of your academy show points, you’ll get to help with Street Clean-ups, the Car Wash, Gifting families in need at the holidays, and assisting at horse shows. Each member is expected to provide two hours of club service during the year to be eligible for high point awards. You can help in many, many ways.

    Membership gives you an invitation to the holiday party, and the banquet, which is coming up fast on February 18.



    Knollwood Kids Show or Help at Our Three In-Barn Shows.

      Whether you’re competing, or helping in the barn or at the concession stand or center ring, it takes a huge volunteer crew to run these big, big shows. Plus, mentoring the youngest riders makes you feel good, and makes the new riders feel confident.


    Knollwood Kids Make New Riders Feel Welcome.

     Be sure to answer questions, offer to lend a hand, fit a helmet, lead a new rider to or from the arena, or comfort a little rider who looks lost. Everyone was once a beginner looking for a friendly face. Be that, and make someone’s day.



    Knollwood Kids Know There’s Always Something to Be Done in the Barn.

    If you find yourself with some time on your hands, ask an instructor or a barn manager how you could help. Maybe the retirees need brushing, or the bareback pad cubbie needs straightening. Of course, it’s never a bad time to sweep!


    Let’s make it a great year by coming to lessons on time and prepared, and by pitching in to help others in the barn.




    Dates to remember:

    January 28  Used clothing donations due in the school barn lounge

                         Scott’s lesson.

    February 4  Used clothing sale in the show barn lounge from 11 AM to 2 PM


    February 11  Academy show demos in the arena at 6:00 PM

    February 18  Knollwood Knockout banquet at Merrill Hills

    February 25 Trish will be in the show barn lounge to measure academy riders for vests and custom shirts. Please talk to Ann if you’d like an appointment.


    See you soon at the barn!

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  • Our Favorite Stories of 2022

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    Has it been a year already?

    Team Knollwood has enjoyed many, outstanding adventures in 2022.  Here, in no particular order, are ten of our favorites.


    Hazel Dominates the World

    Hazel Belle Boxer Matton makes friends wherever she goes. Whether she’s in the lounge sitting on customers laps or in the middle of the arena enjoying layer upon layer of coolers on the bench, Hazel has made friends of everyone at 2800. One of her favorite home activities is to take Tori for runs on the bridle path.

    When Hazel hits the road for horse shows, her circle of friends expands dramatically. She has dog and human friends everywhere she goes. Whether she’s leaning into someone who had a tough day or sitting on Jane’s lap at a horse show, Hazel make’s everyone’s day better.


    Klem to the Rescue

    So, we were just minding our own business at the IASPHA fall show when a horse got loose and headed for the hay field way beyond the barn.

    Enter fast thinking Lin who jumped on Klem with just a halter and leadropes to try to bring the running horse back to civilization.

    Of course, Klem’s sense of humor entered the picture when he refused to canter, and just wanted to TROT  REALLY FAST through the fields.

    The sight of Klem and Lin made the running horse curious, and he came over to them so someone could catch him.

    It’s all in a day’s work for Lin and Klem.


    Louisville 2022

    Scott, Carol, and the Knollwood equitation riders worked and worked getting ready for Louisville, and it showed.

    Payton won a World Championships in her senior age groups on a new horse.

    First year out of academy super woman Brooklyn won her qualifier her first time ever in Freedom Hall on her beautiful Gamora.

    Hard work and dedication work.


    Richmond Is Obnoxious, and We Love Him

    Thanks to Richmond’s primary care vet Rachel, everyone’s favorite yellow and white cat didn’t lose too many lives this year.

    He DID have some near misses in the arena, forced numerous people into getting out the BIG ladder to rescue him from his perch, and tried to celebrate 2023 early by knocking someone’s gift of champagne off the school barn counter to its death on the floor.



    Academy Show Adventures

    So, last year, we traveled to eleven out of barn shows. Over the season, 118 horse/rider combinations entered shows, for an approximate 472 trips into the ring.

    From our newest riders making their debuts to our seasoned academy stars riding at the top level of the division, we learned many, many lessons, and made many, many memories on our adventures.


    New Horses for Payton, Richie, and Tori

    Three Knollwood Kids welcomed new members to their family this season.

    Payton made big waves with beautiful Isn’t She Something, known to all as Gigi. She and Payton are soulmates with big hearts and personalities.

    They started their partnership with a bang, winning their age group at Louisville, and were National Champions in the ASHA National Championship of Pleasure Equitation.

    Just imagine what’s coming up for next year!


    Richie and his new partner Reedann’s Dark Mystery, known around the barn as Doc made a splash in their debut as well by winning their age group at the Kansas City Royal.

    Doc is spending his off season learning the ways of an equitation horse with Scott, Carol, and Richie. We can only imagine where this team is going in 2023.


    Tori had a dream season with her new Country Pleasure horse, Stella’s Stilettos. From the very start, it was obvious that these two were loving each other.

    Stella and Tori have learned from each other all season, enjoyed each other’s company, and earned some really great ribbons along the way.


    Knollwood Shows Keep Growing

    Our three in-barn shows got even bigger this year as we moved to a three day format. Our pattern class offerings have grown so much that they need their own Friday night performance.

    With a full day of walk, trot and canter, 11 and over walk trot, and premier walk trot  classes on Saturday, and leadline, 10 and under and Maiden walk trot classes on Sunday, we had a ball.

    We cannot possibly offer enough thanks to the parent crew who run the concession stand and all that goes around it, who run the show office throughout the weekend, and who cheer for all the riders.

    Our personal assistants are the heart of the barn on these action packed weekends, and the lesson horses? They’re simply the best.

    We can hardly wait for the Spring show on May 12-14!


    We Have 2 Hafflingers!

    Jelly is the man. He likes working with the wee riders, and is happy to carry adults and even play at pattern camp. We just love him.

    When Carol saw another of his kind become available, he quickly came to Knollwood. Bilbo is a wonderful gent, and started working as soon as he passed his Knollwood tests. He’s enjoying life while living next to Jelly.


    A Big Year for New Show Riders

    Team Knollwood had four riders ‘graduate’ from our academy program to the show horse world.

    Alexa jumped into the senior pleasure equitation division aboard Aaron, officially known as Seven Oaks Heir Man. She enjoyed a wonderful first season, winning the Pleasure Equitation Championship at Futurity, and the Medal qualifier at Mane Event.


    Amelia, Brooklyn, and Maiya moved up to the Junior Pleasure Equitation division this year.

    Ameilia leased Eva, officially known as Castle Booty for the season. She hit the ground running, and even finished as the reserve champion in the Junior Championship at Lexington. In her first year.

    Brooklyn’s family purchased the beautiful Gamora, and she quickly became a real partner to Brooklyn. Both teammates are incredibly smart, and while Gamora was learning patterns, Brooklyn was learning the ways of a show horse.

    These two put together a dream first season, winning their qualifiers at Louisville and Kansas City, and being named Reserve National Champions at the Royal.

    Maiya leased Riddle, officially known as Who’s on First for the season. These two shone in the show ring, and even finished reserve champs in the Junior Equitation Championship at Midwest!


    The Knollwood Knockouts Give Back. A Lot.

    Under the leadership of Emma and Hanna, the Knockouts had a banner year of events and community service.

    Their Food Drive for the Food Pantry of Waukesha County brought in more than 1000 pounds of food for families in need.

    When paired with the Knollwood Olympics, it became a real celebration of the club.


    The club hosted a walk to benefit Life Striders in memory of Knockout member Libby. They raised more than $1500 for Life Striders and enjoyed a beautiful day walking the bridle path.


    July brought the annual car wash and brat bash at Piggly Wiggly in Hartland. Teams of Knockout members and their parents washed cards, grilled brats and burgers, and served up delicious food. The club raised more than $1500 in one day.


    For the holidays, the Knockouts adopted two families who needed help bringing the season into their homes. The group met to wrap many, many gifts, and Knockout officers delivered the presents to the families in need.

    In addition, the Knockouts sponsor classes at horse shows throughout the year, and sponsor the ice cream social at the ASAW Summerfun Show.

    We’re proud of all that the Knollwood Knockouts give back to their local community and to the horse industry.




    These are 10 top memories from 2022.

    What are yours???





    Don't miss these dates!

    January 7 Midwest Saddleseat Consignment

    January 28 Scott's lesson 

    February 4 Knollwood Used Clothing Sale

    February 11 Academy Demo Meeting

    February 18 Knockout Banquet

    February 25 Academy Vest Measuring

    April 15-16  IASPHA Spring Show






    See you soon at the barn!!




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  • Holiday Wishes From The School Horses

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    The best lesson horses in the world had some inside days during the wacky weather last week, and used it productively, as expected.

    The topic of conversation was 'What is your holiday wish?'. As you'll see as you read through their answers, some of the horses are brilliant, while others are, well, not.

    In somewhat alphabetical order, here are the wishes of the horses who start the careers on many, many horse loving kids.

    Bee is looking forward to sunny days and camp in the big outdoor ring.

    Bilbo’s wish is to be as fit as fellow Hafflinger Jelly.

    Always deep thinking Duke would like world peace.

    Fred would like bigger round bales. It’s so hard to nap in the current ones while other horses are munching hay around you.

    Hugo is asking for more tiny tot riders. They’re his favorite.

    Jelly would like the pairs class to come back to the Knollwood show so he can showcase Hafflingers with his new friend Bilbo.

    Leon would like everyone to stop calling him a unicorn, and just admit that he’s a Saddlebred.

    Pony Frank would like smaller round bales. He’s tired of giant beds, and would like pony sized bales.

    Mac asks, ‘What’s a wish?’

    Marge would like to be in the middle of the arena. All the time.

    Picasso wishes for more game days. Yahoo!

    Pumpkin would like to do more lessons. He’s looking for a career in endurance.

    Sparky wishes for nothing, his life is perfect.

    Thomas wishes for unassigned stalls so he can choose where to go each day.

    Vaughn just wants the scary holiday lights in the lounge to come down.

    Baxter wishes for a worthy successor to ‘School Horse of the Year!’

    Beau would like more academy walk trot adventures

    Cashew would like more outdoor recess.

    Eddie wishes for more pattern classes.

    Hooper wants to make everyone’s life as pleasant as his, and would like front close clothes for everyone.

    Klem is hoping for stock in the Taffy Town company so he can drive the price up by eating lots of their product.

    Murphy would like to start a school horse beauty contest.

    Sport wants to meet more new riders, and would like to join Klem’s investment plans. Anything for taffy.


    What's Coming Up?


    December 31

    Last day to purchase lessons at 10% off

    Last day to pay your 2023 dues and vote for School Horse of the Year




    December 31 and January 1

    We're closed for two days, and will not be holding lessons.

    Accounts will be credited for the missed lessons.


    Saturday, January 7

    7 PM to 9 PM

    Midwest Saddleseat Private Shopping Night

    Jon us at the Hilton Garden Inn in Oconomowoc to shop Jen's great selection of consignment show clothing before the shop opens to the public on January 8.

    This event was originally scheduled for the 6th, and has moved to Saturday the 7th.


    Saturday, February 4

    11 AM to 2 PM

    Knollwood Academy Clothing Sale

    Come and shop Knollwood's own consignment sale in the show barn lounge. We'll have experienced show moms to help with selection and fit.

    If you have show clothes that you've outgrown and would like to sell, please bring them on hangers with tags stating your name, phone, email, and the price you'd like for each item. 

    Deadline for donations is January 28.



    Saturday, February 11

    6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

    Academy Demo Night

    Academy parents and riders, please join us for a fun filled evening of information and demonstrations. Some of our seasoned academy stars will showcase correct attire, show riding, and sportsmanship in the arena and beyond.

    Sign up sheets will go up soon, so we have enough appetizers for everyone!



    Saturday, February 18

    6:30 PM

    Knollwood Knockout Banquet

    All Knockouts and their families are invited to join us at The Legend at Merrill Hills for an evening of all things Knollwood. 

    Dinner, awards, meeting new officers and saying goodbye to last year's team, speeches, slideshow, dancing, and the announcement of 2022's school horse of the year make it a fantastic evening you won't want to miss.

    Invitations will go out to all Knockout members shortly after the first of the year.

    Not yet a member? We'd love to have you! Please talk to your instructor or office admin to join the fun.



    Saturday, February 25

    Times TBD

    Academy Vest Measuring

    Trish, our tailor, will be at the farm to measure riders for custom academy vests and shirts.

    You can pick your fabric, and get measured for your custom look at your appointment. 

    Please talk to Ann if you're interested in meeting with Trish for a custom shirt and/or vest.


    IASPHA Spring Show

    April 14-15

    Beyond Stable Farm

    Our first show of the 2023 season!




    See you soon at the barn!




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