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As you’re reading this, our fearless leaders are on their way to the UPHA convention in Lexington, Kentucky.

The convention brings the best show horse trainers in the country together to exchange ideas, socialize, find ways to grow the industry, plan for the future, and recognize excellence in the industry.

Excellence is where this blog is going.

Scott and Carol are being honored with the greatest award the show horse industry can bestow when they’re inducted into the UPHA Hall of Fame.


What's the UPHA?

The UPHA has given a united voice to the individual horse trainers and horse people that have developed the UPHA into the powerful lobby that it is today. In just a little over 40 years, this group has created many concrete programs to realize the common goal of improvement within the industry while still striving to recognize the unique capabilities and talents of each member.

From this small dedicated group, the UPHA has expanded to 21 regional chapters that comprise all 50 states and Canada.



Here’s the criteria for inclusion in this group of industry greats:


To be eligible for induction into the UPHA Hall of Fame, a person or persons (can be a couple/partner) must have derived his or her livelihood from the profession of training show horses or ponies. He or she must have reached their success not only through the champion horses and ponies they have developed and shown, but must possess the respect of their peers throughout the professional conduct they have maintained throughout their careers.

He or she must have willingly given of himself or herself the knowledge that they have acquired over the years, in an effort to help their fellow professionals and further the success of the show horse industry and the training profession. Induction into the UPHA Hall of Fame means this person has earned the highest esteem of their peers.


Scott and Carol certainly tick all the boxes for inclusion in this elite group. They both work tirelessly at home developing champion horses and riders, run a successful lesson program that feeds well educated riders to the show world, and maintain a historic farm.

That’s just at home.


Scott and Carol are leaders in the industry. Honestly, Scott has served on just about every committee the industry offers at both the regional and national level.  Breeding, horse shows, equitation, you name it, Scott’s imprint is there.


Carol has served the industry in countless ways as well. Equitation is her passion, and she is currently serving on the national equitation committee. She recently returned from a clinic where some of the lead instructors in the country mentored younger trainers. She shared experiences to let the younger instructors know that the current leaders are happy to lend a hand to those on the way up.

You may not see Carol in the limelight quite as much as showman Scott, but rest assured, she’s busy behind the scenes getting the work done by getting people to work together.

Both Scott and Carol value hard work. Knollwood Kids learn quickly that hard work is rewarded with success, and that there is no magic way to the top.

Because they value work ethic as the way to success, they’ve found ways for some riders to work their way into the show ring. These fortunate Knollwood Kids who have a passion for horses learn from some of the best mentors around.

All of Team Knollwood congratulates Scott and Carol on their induction into the UPHA Tom Moore Hall of Fame.

Thank you for sharing your passion with all of us.



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