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We can hardly wait for our May show!

Being a competition based riding program, Team Knollwood places a high value on the lessons learned at horse shows.

We offer three in-barn shows each year so that even our newest students can enjoy the  lessons and camaraderie of entry level competition.

We encourage every rider in our lesson program to participate in the show, and to volunteer some time to support the Knollwood Knockouts who run all the fesrivities.


Here are a few of the reasons why we love in-barn showing.




Showing a horse offers countless opportunities for learning.

If offers riders the chance to practice all the lesson skills they’re leaning in a new situation. Our in-barn shows provide a predictable show with only our horses and our riders in our own arenas.

Students showing are familiar and comfortable in their home arenas so they can concentrate on using their skills.

Riders can practice spacing, diagonals, and body position in a fun environment.



Not only are riders learning technical skills, they’re also learning and practicing good sportsmanship.

One of our favorite sayings is  ‘It’s not the ribbon, it’s the ride.’

Riders make a ton of progress at these shows as they get to show multiple times in a day, and they get feedback to improve.

Ribbons are lovely, but not everyone can win, nor should they. Our riders learn to congratulate and cheer for everyone.




Showing builds confidence.

Anyone who rides a horse into a show ring should be applauded for their bravery. These kids (and grownups) are controlling a big animal with it's own thoughts and feelings.

They’ll steer their horse in traffic, look for their correct diagonal, and will try their best to maintain proper position at the same time. It’s really impressive.

Show riders are supported by a legion of instructors and ‘personal assistants’ to make sure the experience runs smoothly.




In-barn shows allow all of Team Knollwood to be together at the same time. Show participants connect with both old and new friends, and spend hours cheering on fellow Knollwood kids.



Let’s face it, horse shows are fun.

Between time showing, time helping in the concession stand with friends, and cheering everyone on during the show, these are three of the best weekends of the year.



Minimal Investment

Competitors at our in-barn shows wear their lesson attire, and they get a show shirt to keep. This spring, riders will be in royal blue long sleeve tees.

Riders will receive a back number to wear for the show, and they can purchase number magnets at the barn.





What’s Coming Up?

Do you have spring break travel plans? Please keep us informed if you’re going to be away, and please bring your Woodwear on vacation so you can send us a pic to post!



Academy Kick Off Night

March 16

Our academy night is going to be a whopper. It looks like we’ll have about 50 people joining us to learn from Scott, Karina, and Hanna.

Please bring a tie to practice with. We’ll have extras if you forget!





Knollwood Show Entries and Jacket Orders Due    

March 29

Entries are due for the Knollwood Spring Show on May 10-12

Jacket ordes are due as well.



Happy Easter

March 31

All lessons will be rescheduled.




Parents Night Out

April 6

Join the Knockout officers and board members for dinner and barn fun.

It’s only $25!


Bridlespur Society Horse Show

April 11-13

St Louis, MO

The first show of 2024 for Knollwood's show horses.



IASPHA Spring Show

April 12-13

Woodstock, Illinois

Our first academy show of 2024!



Street Clean Up

April 27


Join the Knockouts as we clean up Oakwood and Nagawicka Roads for the spring. Stay for the Knockout meeting following!



Academy Palooza

May 3-4

Woodstock, IL

Join us for this fun, friendly academy show on a Friday night and Saturday morning.




Knollwood Spring Show

May 10-12

We can hardly wait.






See you soon at the barn!


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