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Valentine's Day means many different things to different people. Here at Knollwood, it’s a chance for our delightful animal friends to tell us who their favorite person or thing might be.

Here, in no particular order, are some things we discovered in our chats with friends…


Richmond’s heart belongs to Karina.

The purring starts as soon as he hears her voice, or sees her come into the barn. He’s been known to spend an entire group lesson on her shoulder, and has tried to follow her to the car on several occasions.


Mulligan’s heart belongs to Brooklyn.

This pair forged a bond as soon as they met, and they’ve been spending time together ever since. You can find them in the Tuesday group, and working together during Brooklyn’s Friday helper rides.

Brooklyn has helped him settle into his new home, and is bringing his confidence back.




Poppy’s heart belongs to her 10 and under walk trot riders.

She loves her little short legged kids,  and remains patient while she teaches them circles and serpentines. They put her in her happy place like no other age group does.




Sparky’s heart belongs to his grooming staff.

Our grand beginner horse LOVES being groomed, especially in his current shedding phase. At this time of year, you’ll know who groomed Sparky, as they’re covered in white hair.

No one appreciates a good curry more than sweet Sparky.




Izzy’s heart belongs to Hazel.

Superstar Hazel is Izzy’s mentor, and is helping her learn the way of a Matton dog. While Hazel corrects Izzy firmly at times, the puppy knows it’s for her own good. Izzy’s dream is to be like Hazel.




Hazel’s heart belongs to Carol and Scott.

Hazel has forgiven them for bringing Izzy into the household, and has taken on her new mentor role on like a champ.

She loves spending time with Scott and Carol, and especially loves going to parks with Carol, and spending hotel nights at horse shows.

Plus, they let her spend time at summer riding school with all her small friends!




Leon’s heart belongs to all of his cantering club members.

Being one of the best cantering teachers in the world, Leon has taught countless Knollwood Kids the joy of riding the ‘cloud.’  He’s agreeable, forgiving, and smoother than you could imagine.

Leon is a favorite of everyone who spends time with him, is never short of visitors, and loves every minute of it.

Plus, he's sooooo handsome!



Emma the cat’s heart belongs to whoever fed her last.

That speaks for itself.




Fred’s heart belongs to his ‘double wide’ stall.

It allows him to achieve his perfect napping position, and to soak up the sun when the back door is open.



Murphy’s heart belongs to Scott.

Scott understands Murphy’s brain better than most, and has become his trusted confidante, and therapist.


Bee’s heart belongs to her cantering school graduates.

The Hackney pony with unlimited energy has taught many, many kids how to sit a canter, and she just keeps going. Her kids shower her with attention and treats in return.



What’s coming Up?

Continuing through February 29 ...



Summer Riding School sign up

Currently enrolled students can select their week(s) of summer riding school before we open it up to the public on March 1.

We offer camps for Tiny Tot riders, riders new to our program, and riders prepping for our summer show.

Please talk to your instructor if you haven’t already selected your week for Knollwood summer 2024!


Jelly Bean Jod Orders

We’re ordering our signature Jelly Bean Jods through February 29.

These cool jods are navy with tan knee patches, and has our name embroidered on the back of one leg.

They’re perfect for everyday wear and for in-barn shows. Plus, you can modify length, waist size, and pocket selection for a slight charge.



Parent and Knockout Meeting

Sunday, March 18

3:00 PM

Parents, join us for a gathering where you’ll learn about opportunities to help the Knollwood Knockouts. This great group of kids is looking for ideas, and assistance with shows and special events. The meeting will be in the show barn lounge.

Knockouts, your meeting will be a fun one to plan some upcoming events, and to do some crafting.

Please RSVP here if you can join us.


Knockout Banquet

Saturday, February 24

6:30 PM

The Legend at Merrill Hills

The party of the season is almost here, and it’s going to be a big one!

Our biggest banquet in history will kick off with social time before dinner, awards, speeches, the annual slide show, and a DJ to end the night.

Please remember to celebrate our champions in style, which means no denim, and men wearing tucked in shirts with collars.

We have many, many things to celebrate!



Academy Kick Off

Saturday, March 16

6:00 PM

Show Barn Lounge

All academy riders and parents are invited to join us in the show barn lounge for a fun event with the experts.

Scott will share his proven technique of tying the perfect knot for small riders, and Karina will share her knowledge of the ‘Knollwood bun’ for the show ring as well as some cosmetic tips for young riders.


Parents Night Out

Saturday, April 6

5:00 PM

Knockouts, enjoy a few hours of barn fun with the Knockout officers and board members. Signups will begin in March.



Bridlespur Society Horse Show

April 11 - 13

National Equestrian Center

St. Louis, MO

The first show of 2024 for our show horses.



IASPHA Spring Show

April 13 - 14

Beyond Stable Farm

Join us for our first academy show of the season!

We’re looking forward to several riders making their debut at this show, and we’d love a big audience.



Knollwood Spring Show

May 10 - 12

Our first in-barn show of 2024!

Entries will start in March.




 See you at the barn!


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