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If perfection is even possible, we experienced it last weekend at our spring in-barn show.

For three days, we celebrated our academy program and the all the wonderful people and horses who contribute to its success. Of, don’t worry, there were contributions from dogs and cats as well. It IS Knollwood, after all.

We’re grateful to so many for so much, and we’ll try to explain.



It takes many, many hands to put on a horse show for 90 plus riders who compete in a minimum of three classes each. Knollwood families pitch in to make this a grand weekend for our riders.

We had kids and parents working in concession, grilling delicious food, creating gift baskets, and putting up and tearing down the tents.

Lisa oversees the ‘Knockout Village’ of concession stand and other fundraising. Because the show fell on Mothers Day weekend, the Knockouts served lemonade and cupcakes to moms, grandmas, and honorary moms of all types.

Thanks to our generous sponsors of OKTA and TRIP-LICITY, THE Knockouts cleared over $1500 this weekend, which will help the club defray award banquet expenses.

If you’re interested in sponsorship, or know of someone who might be, we have 2 more shows coming up this season. We’d love to get the name of your company out there!

We are grateful for all the families who donated some of their Mothers Day weekend to make the show a memorable event for so many.



Knollwood Kid for life Ainsley judged each and every class like it was the first of the show. She evaluated each class with great thought, and rewarded riders who improved class to class, which is fantastic. 

She also offered words of encouragement to riders, and explained some of the placings.




Show Staff

Wendy announced both Saturday and Sunday, offering explanations, and keeping everyone up to date on upcoming events. She didn’t break into song once!

Hanna took wonderful pictures of the show both Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to check out your proofs here.

Jane was our Sunday concierge and helped our 10 and under walk trot riders navigate the day.



 Personal Assistants

These Knollwood Kids are the best.

Our 15 Sunday assistants were each responsible for a horse for 10 and under walk trot day.  They’re knowledgeable, kind, efficient, and friendly. From prepping horses to making sure saddles and stirrups were correct to putting up their horse after the show, they were amazing.

Their contribution on Sunday freed up the instructors to watch their newest show stars in the ring and offer them advice before their championship classes.

They’re just amazing horse people.



 The Horses


We’ll say it again.

We have the best lesson horses in the world.

From our newest horse Mulligan who worked at the show with Brooklyn to Sparky who’s probably shown 14000 times, they were all on their best behavior as teachers.

Some highlights?

Earl thought the crowd was great, and wanted to visit with them.

Bee won her first equitation championship.

Poppy thought showing walk and trot in the big outdoor was the best.

Mulligan enjoyed everything about the weekend in both arenas.


 Knollwood’s Show Stars

We were thrilled to have over 90 riders participate in our spring show.

Entry level showing is a chance for riders to practice all the skills they acquire in their lessons in a different situation. These Knollwood Kids overcome their nerves each time they enter the ring, and every one of them should be congratulated for that.

So many lessons are learned at these shows.

Some horses, like Hugo are a lot easier to get going in a show situation while others, like Earl are actually distracted by the audience and move a little slower.

Riders learn that the show ring is unpredictable. Other riders can make interesting traffic decisions, diagonals can be more difficult to identify with the added stress,  and you can never predict when a certain yellow and white cat may enter the show ring.


Riders learn resilience. Everyone is learning, so there will be missed diagonals and leads, there will be forgotten pattern elements, and there will be disappointments. Riders quickly learn that mistakes are part of the process, and should be learned from. Move on, congratulate someone on a good ride, and move on.


What related things do they learn?

To congratulate everyone who was as brave as they were to show, and be judged.

To clap for everyone, even from the line up.

To appreciate, respect, and give credit to your horse.

That the most important thing is your ride. Did you meet your goals? Was your instructor happy with your ride?

It's not the ribbon, it's the ride.



What’s Coming Up?


The Food Drive is On!

We’re teaming with the Food Pantry of Waukesha County through May 31 to help them at a time of the year when stocks run low. It’s our 12th annual drive, and we’d love all of Team Knollwood to help us help our neighbors in need.

Just bring in a minimum of 5 food kits, and  you’ll be eligible to compete in the Knollwood Olympics on June 8. Participants will be placed on teams by day of the week, and compete in ‘games of skill’ like blanket racing and helmet tossing.


 Summer Tee Shirts

We have some fun summer shirts in stock! Youth sizes are available in kiwi and purple for only $20. You can pick yours up from an admin or an instructor. We’re taking cash, credit card, or checks.



Madison Classic Horse Show

May 23-26

New Holland Pavillion, Madison WI

Most of the show horses, and some lesson horses will be at this big, big show. It will be worth a road trip to see all the grand show horses and accomplished academy stars.



Memorial Day

Monday, May 27

We’re not holding lessons in honor of Memorial Day. Your instructor will schedule a make up.


Prairie State Classic Horse Show

May 31 – June 2

Beyond Stable Farm, Woodstock, IL

Our academy horses and riders will compete against some great Saddlebred and Morgan lesson programs. We have 4 new riders making their academy debut at the show, too.

Please come down and cheer them on!


Knollwood Summer Show Entry Time

June 1-15

Yup, it’s time to enter our Summer show which is happening August 16-18.

Think the weather can be as perfect as last weekend?



Knockout Car Wash

June 23

Piggly Wiggly in Hartland

11AM – 3:00PM

It’s the most entertaining fundraiser of the year!

All Knockouts are asked to take a shift to wash cars and work the brat shack. We need parent volunteers as well to grill and man the cash boxes.





See you soon at the barn. 





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