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Photo by Andrea Sitzman photography


Every so often, a horse show day really stands out.

Not because everything was perfect, or even that everything went as planned.

Things never go as planned.


This was a glorious day because of our the sportsmanship and teamwork shown by our academy team.


At Prairie State last weekend, we were set for four riders to ride in their very first horse show. They’s worked at home for months to get ready. They worked on using the ring, on their pattern for the pattern class, and bonded with their horse for the show.

When we got to the show, Leon came out of his stall lame, and clearly wasn’t going to show. Being our unicorn, he was scheduled to show Olivia the ropes of the academy division.

Plan ‘B’ was started …

We asked Madison, another new show rider if she’d move up and show  Sport, who she’d ridden at home a few times. She immediately said ‘yes’ to the challenge.

Olivia visiting Leon

Part 2 of plan ‘B’ was to ask Olivia if she’d like up accept the challenge of showing perfect Baxter, who she’d never ridden before. Her first words were, ‘ I feel so bad for Leon.’

Challenge accepted, and she rode Baxter before the show for 10 minutes, and practiced the pattern.

Meanwhile, all of our more experienced walk and trot academy riders were encouraging these riders, and show techs Adrienne, Jilly, and Thea assisted with updated tack schedules and confidence building.

All the riders cheered, hugged, and egged each other on.

Our rookies on horses new to them? They rocked.


Photo by Andrea Sitzman Photography


Olivia and Baxter rode like pros, using the ring in ways well beyond their experience. They even placed 4th in a highly competitive pattern class.


Photo by Andrea Sitzman Photography


Madison and Sport looked like they’d prepped for this day, and were even reserve the Novice Rider Championship.

We couldn’t be more proud of how all of our walk trot riders came together, and supported each other in their first of many days when things don’t work as originally planned.


Photo by Andrea Sitzman Photography


What’s Coming Up?



 Knollwood Show Entries

Entries for the Knollwood Summer Show continue through June 15.


Knollwood Olympics

This Saturday!

4:45 Pizza Party

6:00 Opening Ceremonies

We’re still accepting donations by check made out to The Food Pantry of Waukesha County.


Midwest Charity Horse Show

June 11-16

The show horses are off to Springfield for the first huge show of 2024.

We’ll update with webcast info and schedules soon!



Knollwood Knockout Car Wash

June 23

Hartland Piggly Wiggly

It’s the most entertaining fundraiser of the year!

All Knockouts are asked to take a shift at this fun event. Proceeds go to the Knockouts to defray members’ cost of the awards banquet.

Not signed up yet? You can join the fun here.


Mid America Signature Show


Walk Trot Day

August 4

Unfortunately, we won’t be attending the ASAW Summerfun show this year, and we’re heading to Woodstock for the Signature show as a replacement. We have some openings in the walk and trot division. Please talk to Ann if you’d like to join the fun in the big outdoor ring at Beyond Stable Farm!


Knollwood Summer Show

Photo by Hanna Agathen Photography


August 16-18

This summer’s show features neon pink show shirts,and a beach theme.

Get your beach gear ready!




Photo by Andrea Sitzman photography

See you at the barn or at the in-gate!



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