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It’s the week all of Team Knollwood has been waiting for. It’s banquet week.

The points have been tabulated, the prizes have arrived, and we’ve heard that the fashions will be exciting.

Have you ever wondered about what happens in the barn while we’re celebrating?


We suspect …

It will be party night in the school horse pasture.

We can envision Hugo running an illegal gambling operation behind a round bale where he’s taking bets on the School Horse of the Year election results.

Since the lesson day will end a little early on banquet day, we suspect that the horses will have time to play before dark out there, and then gather for their own party.

They’ll be reliving 2023 with stories…

  Bilbo will recount his skill of backing up the chute and waiting for an instructor to find him.

  Sparky will join in from the senior paddock and regale the youngsters with his best times of running into the barn so fast that he can’t make the turn into his stall.

 Earl will recount his new skills of cantering slowly, and the crowd of experienced cantering teachers will heckle him. A bit.



 Bee will chime in from the ladies paddock about her new found skills of playing games on horseback. We hope no one tells her that it’s the rider, not the horse who has to get the foot on the towel …


It’s party night for the box stall boys and girls in the barn.


Grand retirees Panic and Tink will tell the others what Freedom Hall is like. Again.

They’ll also tell the party goers about the people in their lives who still love them in retirement.



Mulligan will tell the others how much he loves his new home.



Everyone will make up ghost stories to tell Alex, and they all happen to take place in the arena.

Being young, Nacho will listen, and believe half of them.




And in the school barn lounge?

Richmond will retell his adventures of 2023. He'll put so much fear in the hearts of Emma and Margit that they won't leave the safety of the lounge for days.

And, of course, super sized Emma will complain that there’s not enough food at the party.



May we all have as much fun as the animals who make our days so enjoyable.


What’s Coming Up?


Last Chance!

This week is the last chance for our enrolled students to pick their week of camp before we open it to the public on March 1.

It’s also the last week to place your order for our signature Jelly Bean jods. They fit our young riders really well, and they’re perfect for Knollwood shows.


Show Barn Clinic

March 1-3

The show barn will be hosting a clinic with UPHA Hall of Fame member Linda Freseth the first weekend in March. Linda is a legendary trainer and instructor currently based in Kentucky.

If you ride on Fridays or Saturdays, your instructor will be in touch to schedule a make up lesson. Sunday’s schedule will run as usual.


Knollwood Show Entries Begin!

Monday March 4

You can pick up your entry form starting on March 4th, and entries will close on March 29th to ensure delivery of our show shirts.


Tiny Tot Mini Camp

Sunday, March 24

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Do you know of a young rider between the ages of 4 and 6 who would like to learn about horses and ride? Our mini camps are a perfect introduction where riders learn safety and horse care under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor and personal assistants.

The experience is $99. Please call to reserve your spot, or to learn more.


Bridlespur Charity Show

April 10-14

St. Louis, MO

First show of the season for Knollwood’s show horses


IASPHA Spring Show

April 13-14

Our First Academy Show of 2024


Mini Camp for Riders 7 and Up

Sunday, April 21

Noon – 3:00 PM

It’s the perfect introduction to horses and riding in a safe environment. Enjoy time learning about safety, grooming, and getting a horse ready before a riding lesson at 2:30 PM.

This horse experience is only $99, and will be taught by our instructor Whitney.


Knollwood Spring Show

May 10-12

Our first in-barn show for 2024



See you at the barn!


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