• Congratulations, Margit!

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    In a famous Knollwood tradition, when a Knollwood Kid receives a horse, they are instructed to tell everyone who congratulates them,

    ‘Thank you very much. I’m a very lucky young lady/young man, and I have the best parents in the world.’


    Well, we’re happy to say that Margit will be saying that for a very long time.

    The Rhode family has purchased CH Ken Follett for Margit to show in the 5 Gaited Show Pleasure division and will start showing the one and only Charlie this season.

    Knollwood has been beyond fortunate to have had this grand horse in the barn since 2017 when Nance Marsden purchased him for her granddaughter Gabby. Now referred to as a dynamic duo, Gabby and Charlie clicked, and they have won championships all over the country.

    Gabby is off to college this fall, and her studies at the University of Minnesota at Rochester will take up most of her time, so the Rhodes quickly purchased this grand horse.

    Margit has grown up a Knollwood Kid, progressing through the academy program. After showing ‘regular’ academy for a few years, she stepped up last season and showed Sadie in academy under the direction of Carol.

    Margit’s family has leased Robert, officially known as Rosewood’s Homecoming Dance, for her to show this season in the pleasure and equitation divisions. Thanks to her academy education, Margit knows how to use the show ring like a pro, and has already been quite successful with Robert.



    Margit is a Knollwood Kid through and through. She’s a camp counselor, as she’s fantastic with kids.  You cannot rattle Margit. She’s kind to all the riders, has am amazing vocabulary, and a fabulous sense of humor.  This kid is wise beyond her years.


    We can hardly wait to see Margit trotting and racking down the rail on Charlie.

    This is the start of a brilliant adventure!

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  • We're Having A Ball!

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    Knollwood Summer is in full swing, and we’re having a ball.

    The Car Wash!!

    Last weekend, the Knockouts held one of their favorite fundraisers of the year, their annual car wash and brat shack event at the Piggly Wiggly in Hartland. We were the first group to hold such an event since the COVID-19 pandemic started, and we were very popular.


    The event was full of adventures, starting with one outdoor water system that was broken and another that was not operational. No worries though with our amazing club president Erika. She tracked down another outlet at the far end of the strip mall and secured permission for its use.  Two fantastic Knockout moms ran home for additional hose, and we were in business with a car wash. Our newest hashtag is #nevertellaknollwoodkiditcantbedone!

    Add to that buckets that had been stuck together since last July, a slight incendiary event with the grill, washing a top down convertible VERY carefully and a customer serenading Lisa, and you get just a little sample of the fun filled afternoon.

    Great thanks to Lisa and Erika for getting this pulled together, and to all the Knockouts and parents who volunteered their time and senses of humor for the afternoon.

    The hard working Knockouts raised more than $800 for the club in a mere four hours of fun.

    Reinvented Knollwood Summer Show

    Our Knollwood Summer Show is coming together quickly.

    First of all, we’re thrilled to welcome Knollwood’s latest Triple Crown of Equitation winner Haley Berget to judge both days. Haley grew up a Knollwood Kid, and rose to legend status by winning the three big finals in 2018.

    Since we’re going to be enjoying the great outdoors, we’ll start the show at 11 AM on both days.  Our walk trot canter riders of all ages and the walk trot riders aged 11 and up will show in the BIG outdoor ring on Saturday.

    Our 10 and under walk trot riders, maiden riders, and lead line starts will show in the little outdoor ring on Sunday.


    We’re inviting spectators to bring their own chairs or blankets and spread out in the pasture overlooking the ring.  Coolers and picnics are welcomed as well. A reminder that Knollwood's safety protocols include wearing a mask when you're not able to socially distance outside at the farm and at all times if you need to go inside.


    Hazel will be most disappointed that we won’t be hosting a traditional concession stand, but will be selling water and soda in a socially distanced manner.

    Lisa will be making boxed lunches for preorder and touchless pickup on show day.  You will also be able to preorder beverages for pickup.

    We’ll provide this info to you around August 1 so you can place your orders, and will have a limited number of boxed lunches available for purchase on show day as well.

    There will be a small raffle, too.


    Coming Up?

    July 24-26

    Mid-America Signature Show

    We’re  off to the Mid-America Signature Show in Roscoe, Illinois this weekend. We’ll be showing in the great outdoors, and we can hardly wait.


    July 31 – Aug 2

    IASPHA Summer Show


    The following weekend,we’re off to Gurnee, Illinois for the IASPHA Summer Show.


    August 8-9

    ASAW Summer Showcase

    We’ll be showing at the ASAW Summer Showcase in Cedarburg. The fairgrounds are park-like, with plenty of room to social distance. We’re looking forward to three new riders making their show ring debut!


    August 15

    Knockout Meeting and Parents’ Night Out

    The Summer Knockout meeting will be held outside at 4:30 PM, followed by Parents’ Night Out.  For only $20, your Knollwood Kid can enjoy three hours of non-riding fun while parents enjoy peace and quiet for a few hours. We’re planning a water fight after dinner, so please send towels, dry clothes, and water throwing equipment. No water balloons, please.


    August 22-23

    Rain dates August 29-30

    Knollwood Summer Show


    We’re going old school!

    Join us for our first ever all outside show!


    We’re so excited that our schedule is starting to fill up.  Keep wearing those masks so we can continue.


    See you at the barn or at the in-gate.

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  • 44 Stalls

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    We went to a big horse show in Wisconsin!


    In previous years, this would not be a headline, but 2020 is different. In the midst of a global pandemic, there are not too many people with the ability to make a horse show happen, and we were lucky to have Vicky Holston in our corner. She navigated countless obstacles to put together a show with 500 horses in attendance. We owe her and her whole crew a debt of gratitude for making it possible to show horses, meet up with horsey friends, and enjoy a fabulous weekend.


    So, Team Knollwood occupied 44 stalls at the show, and created plenty of memories.  Here are just a few.


    Lily’s debut

    Lily has been showing with us in the academy division for a couple years.  She and her sister Isabella live in Pennsylvania, so their Knollwood time is limited to summers and occasional trips during the school year. Well, Lily is one determined young lady, and as you may know, Carol is a little determined, too.

    Lily made her debut in the pleasure equitation division riding the one and only Tucker, officially known as CH Fine By Me, who she’s leasing for the season. This brand new team won their first class, the 13 and under pleasure equitation qualifier.

    These two have a bright future ahead of them.


    Margit Joins the Show World

    Margit has grown up a Knollwood Kid, and enjoyed several years competing with us in the academy division. After a successful 2019 season showing Sadie, her family has leased the beautiful Robert, officially known as Rosewood's Homecoming Dance for her this year. Margit and Robert made their debut at Bridlespur a few weeks ago with great success, and built on what they learned at Summerfun. Margit uses the ring like a professional, thanks to her years showing in big academy classes. She and Robert look like they're loving every minute of their new adventures!


    The Richie and Tink Show

    These two have a mutual admiration society, and everyone can see it.

    Master teacher Tink, officially known as Miss Mheirry Mac has taught Richie the ways of the show horse early in their 10 and under WT equitation days. Now they’re having a blast in the 13 and under Country Pleasure division. After wins at Bridlespur, this dynamic duo won their qualifier and the 17 and under Country Pleasure championship at Summerfun.


    Charlie, Horse of the Year

    Gabby’s heart horse, Charlie, was named the ASAW Horse of the Year for 2019.  Class winners at the show each won a beautiful framed portrait of Charlie, and he was honored in a beautiful ceremony on Saturday night.

    Gabby and Charlie are one of those once-in-a-lifetime pairings that just click.

    They’ve won all over the country, and put on some wonderful performances last weekend.  The best thing about Gabby and Charlie is the look of sheer joy as they make their way around the ring. 

    Congratulations to a grand horse, and his favorite person!


    The Equitation Riders

    Sure, equitation is the most efficient way to ride a horse, and the Knollwood kids showed that in so many ways last weekend.


    Finn, Heather, and Richie all looked amazing in the trimmed equitation division, often making Judge Parker’s job a challenge. Laney and Payton turned in great performances in the pleasure equitation division.

    More than that, several of these riders also showed in the performance divisions, and did quite well. Payton and Eli won the Junior Exhibitor 3 Gaited Championship, Finn earned great ribbons with Frankie in show pleasure, while Richie and Tink were unstoppable.


    That Academy Division!

    We had so much fun.

    Classes were BIG, and deep. The walk trot and canter championship had 15 riders, and the 9-10 year old division had 14. Our Knollwood Kids loved the challenge of using that nice big arena to their best advantages.

    Most of these riders had already attended their pattern camps for the summer, and the 11 and under crew had just finished their week of intensive camp. It showed.

    We are so proud of all these riders who rode with poise and flair while showing great technique as well. All sixteen academy stars rode well, learned a lot, and improved as their classes progressed.

    Some shout outs?

    Tess who rode in her first BIG show in the deep 13 and under WTC division. She did a fantastic job with Eddie in tough classes.


    Hard working Maya who seems to be the Saturday barn manager EVERY week, rode at her first BIG show in that dreaded deep 13 and under WTC division. Well, Maya used her technique, flair, and the enthusiasm of herself and Baxter to top her qualifier and the championship.


    Amelia learned a lot at the show.

    After getting a little too enthusiastic with speed in her equitation qualifier, Amelia made an adjustment to find Eddie’s ‘best trot’ and finished reserve in the 10 and under walk and trot championship.


    Tessa and Brooklyn made their presence known in that 14 rider 9-10 year old division. Tessa, showing Cashew for the first time, came out the winner in the equitation qualifier,

    while Brooklyn aced the pattern to win the equitation championship.



    Our academy riders are beyond fortunate to have the best youth mentors on the circuit. Show barn riders got up early to help the academy stars both in the warm up, and as headers in the ring.  These ladies can offer advice to help the young riders progress in their showing. Our show riders were fighting over who got to go into the ring and head the riders!


    They also took great care of the best lesson horses in the world, along with ‘grown ups’ Anna and Jeni.


    We are grateful to everyone who helped make this such a great weekend.


    What’s coming up?

    Car Wash and Brat Bash

    Sunday, July 19 from 11 AM to 3 PM

    Piggly Wiggly in Hartland

    Knockouts, please sign up here to help your club raise some funds. We need car washers and helpers in the brat shack.


    Mid-America Signature Show

    July 24-26

    The Ledges, Roscoe,  IL

    The academy and some ‘A’ horses are heading to a wonderful outdoor show.  We’ll be sure to post updates!



    IASPHA Summer Show

    July 31 – August 2

    Fields and Fences, Gurnee, IL

    Academy and some ‘A’ horses will travel to Gurnee for one of our favorite shows.



    Summer Knockout Meeting and Parents’ Night Out

    Saturday, August 15

    4:30 PM

    Come for the meeting, stay for PNO!

    It’s only $20, and includes dinner, a water fight, and lots of fun!



    Knollwood Summer Show

    Saturday and Sunday, August 22-23

    We’re going old school!

    WTC classes on Saturday will be held in the big outdoor ring, and the WT classes will be in the little outdoor.

    If you were entered in the spring show that we had to cancel, you’re automatically entered for the summer show.

    Questions, see Ann!




    See you at the barn,



    At the in gate!!


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  • Knollwood Summer 2020. So Far.

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    Knollwood summer is very different than summers of the past, and we’re figuring it out as we go.As a matter of fact, our Covid protocols are starting to feel like they’ve always been there.


    We’re so excited to have riders back in the barn, and the horses are too. Our ‘regular’ helper staff is back, with sanitization direction from the super helpers.

    Private lessons have been running, and on July 1 we started to teach new riders and Tiny Tots again. These riders wear masks while they ride, as does their instructor, as they’re in such close communication. Even with the masks on, we can still see the smiles on the new riders.

    We’ve started a couple of new programs for our new riders, as well.

    Sunday afternoon mini camps are a wonderful way to introduce new riders to horses. Horse lovers come to Knollwood from noon until 4, and with the help of their instructor and personal assistant, they learn to groom, lead, tack, and work safely around horses. They finish their camp session with a ride and a photo op for their parents, Mini camps are only $59, and are selling out fast.

    The first week of the month is for riders 7-17, the second Sunday of the month is for Tiny Tot riders aged 4-6, and the third week is for new adult riders. You can purchase mini camps online, though we recommend you call first to check availability.

    We’ve also started a small beginner group program we’re calling ‘Welcome to Knollwood.’ This four week beginner session meets on Monday nights at 6:30, and is a relaxed introduction to riding and working with horses. Our first session sold out, and are currently booking the August session. It’s a steal at $99.


    We’re in the middle of our second week of pattern camp, and are working with 9 of our academy stars showing at Summerfun this week. These Knollwood Kids are working hard but still finding plenty of time to goof off with water fights and games on the school horses.

    Next week, we start the first week of our sold out summer riding school, We’re excited to test out our safety protocols with a full camp, and are looking forward to seeing helpers back at work with the new riders. Great thanks to Mr Berget for building us our 2 new outdoor handwashing stations!!


    Almost ALL of our show horses are currently at Wisconsin State Fair Park waiting for the ASAW Summerfun show to start tomorrow. Our lesson horses will be joining them Friday night after they’re finished with camp.

    Both the show and academy horses have competed at one show so far this year, but Summerfun is our ‘home’ show, where most of us get to sleep in our own beds.


    It will have a different feel this year, with waivers, wristbands, and masks, and we’re all so grateful to show manager and ASAW President Vicky Holston for all her hard work and negotiations to make sure this show happened for all of us.  The show wouldn’t have happened without her tenacity and her team of hard working horse people.


    Academy riders, don’t forget to turn in your waivers by Friday if you’d like us to get your wristband for Saturday! And remember, wristbands and masks are required to get into the arena.


    What’s Coming Up?

    Car Wash and Brat Shack Sales

    Sunday, July 19

    11:00- 3:00 PM

    The Knockouts are once again washing cars and selling brats at the Hartland Piggly Wiggly.  We had a blast last year, and raised a lot of money for the Knockouts. Here’s a link to the Sign Up Genius.  We’d love to see all members there to support the club.


    Mid America Signature Show

    Roscoe, Illinois

    July 24-26

    Both show and academy horses will be competing in the BIG outdoor ring in Roscoe.


    IASPHA Summer Show

    Gurnee, Illinois

    July 31 – August 2

    Both show and academy horses will be competing at one of our favorite shows!


    Knockout Meeting and Parents Night Out

    Saturday, August 15

    Knollwood Farm

    Join us for the club meeting, and stay for Parents Night Out. We’ll be playing games, eating dinner, and having a water fight, weather permitting. Signups start soon!


    Knollwood Summer Show

    August 22-23

    Knollwood Farm

    Join us for a retooled event. We’re planning on showing in the big outside ring on Saturday, and we’re working on some other updates. Stay tuned!



    See you at the barn.

    It feels to good to say that!!

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  • ASAW SummerFun - The Biggest Show of the Year

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    Hello Knollwood Families and Students,


    With the ASAW SummerFun horse show fast approaching, the biggest A Circuit and Academy show of the year is upon us.  We weren't sure we'd be able to get to this point at all this year and we are so grateful that we have and that we get to showcase our horses and riders next week at the Milwaukee State Fair Grounds!

    For us, these local shows are the highlight of our year.  There are lots of familiar faces and it's always a good competition.  While we are ready to fast forward to next week and enjoy the show, we would be remiss if we didn't mention some of the changes that are going to be a part of this years experience of SummerFun. 

    After having our first show of the season for both the A team and the Academy team, we will be doing some things differently.  There will be regular dressing rooms, however we are asking that you still come to the show dressed to avoid any large congregations in the dressing rooms at one time.  We will also be bringing our coolers, but do ask, where ever possible, to bring your own refreshments and food along with you.  We are unsure of what the vendor situation will be at the grounds at this time and we will not be putting out communal snacks like we normally would.

    Seating arrangements will also be different at the show.  We aren't sure yet what that will look like, but we know that the spacing of barn seating, and therefore location of barn seating, will be different.  Stay in touch with your instructors/trainers to get the news up to the minute! 

    Lastly, masks will be required.  In the heat of July, wearing masks can be uncomfortable.  All we know is that wearing a mask and getting to be at a horse show is way better than not wearing a mask and not having a show to go to.  Please remember to bring your masks for when you are around and about at the grounds.  Riders do not need to wear masks while riding, but again are able to if they feel most comfortable without being penalized in anyway. 

    Horse shows don't look quite the same as they used to without all of the spectators and parties, but to the riders, the instructors and the horses, horse shows feel the same.  We still get a thrill as we hit the in-gate with our horse.  Our instructors still look forward to seeing how we perform under pressure and the lessons we have yet to learn together.  Our horses still hear the cheers and feel the excitement of being somewhere new with horses they've never met.  We are so excited for next week and we hope you are too.  See you at the horse show!






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