• Knollwood Summer 2019 Is In Full Swing!!

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    We’re enjoying Knollwood Summer 2019.

     With lessons, camps, horse shows, and just general barn fun, we’re loving every minute of it.

    Let’s catch up!

    Last week, Team Knollwood had a blast at one of their favorite summer events, the Oshkosh Charity Horse Show.  With its park-like atmosphere, hospitality galore, friendly management and lots of talented horses and riders, there’s no better place to spend a show weekend.  We even had some impressive summer storms thrown in for added adventure!

    Our favorite Oshkosh stories?


    The Oshkosh girls made a splash. Sarah returned to the show ring with Fergie, officially known as ‘Impressive Asset.’  Recent college grad Sarah enjoyed showing the one and only Fergie who had been her adult equitation horse in the Park Pleasure division at Oshkosh.

    Fellow Oshkosh girl Amanda had quite a show with fiery Smyth.  Officially known as Bells A Poppin, Smyth can be a little picky and demanding, but she and Amanda have a special understanding.  In fact, this team won the Wisconsin Owned Country Pleasure class, and finished third in their Junior Exhibitor Country Pleasure Stake.


    Finn came in from Colorado to show Leila and to get some more qualifying in for the fall finals.  The dynamic duo won the UPHA Challenge Cup qualifier as well as the Equitation championship.  They’re looking fabulous heading into the summer shows.


    Bella and Garfield have been improving with every show and were very, very impressive in Oshkosh.  They won both of their classes in the big ring, and they both looked like a million bucks.

    Our twelve academy riders rode their hearts out in the spacious arena  Classes were big, and competition was deep with the Knollwood Kids in the thick of it.  Many lessons were learned about ring position, listening to pattern instructions, and, once again, that the harder you work, the luckier you get.

    Some highlights?

    Thomas was, once again, a rock star. He looks more and more confident at each show, and even won the 10 and Under Walk Trot Equitation Championship with Mia.

    Zada has learned lots from Alex in the last few shows. Those lessons came together last weekend as she won the Walk, Trot, and Canter Equitation Championship.  She earned the DJ’s Celebration Memorial traveling trophy, and in an odd coincidence, it was won in 2018 by Alex with Maria aboard!

    Tessa took a big step forward horse-wise, and showed the one and only Panic in her academy classes.  Initially a little cautious, Tessa and Panic got more and more comfortable, and Tessa had the grand gelding making great passes off the rail, made him look smooth and easy, and earned some good ribbons for her efforts.


    Coming Up?

    The academy and ‘B’ horses are headed to Gurnee this weekend for the IASPHA Summer Show. With 15 riders, the show will be an exciting one. 

    Please stop by and cheer us on!


    The following weekend, Team Knollwood will be enjoying their ‘home show.’ ASAW Summerfun at State Fair Park.  Running July 11-14, the show features beautiful horses, talented riders, an ice cream social sponsored by the Knockouts, and a fabulous academy performance featuring 18 Knollwood riders. 

    Join us for the academy excitement Saturday morning!


    Knollwood Kid Jordan will be honored during the Saturday evening performance as a winner of one of the ASAW scholarships.


    The Knockouts are still looking for volunteers to help with the car wash at Piggly Wiggly on Sunday, August 4, and for the concession stand at the ASAW Summer Showcase at the Ozaukee County Fairgrounds on August 10 and 11.  Please click on the links above to help our hard working youth group!


    We’re now accepting entries for the Knollwood Summer Academy Show to be held August 24 and 25.  Entry blanks and shirt size samples are available in the school barn lounge, so please talk to your instructor to see which classes are best for you.  Payment is required at time of entry.

    We’re looking for assistance at the concession stand for the show as well.



    We hope you'll join us for all the fun we've planned for Knollwood Summer, 2019.

    See you at the barn, or at the in-gate!





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  • Tales From Midwest....and More!

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    Team Knollwood is currently doing laundry and unpacking from a week’s worth of adventures at the 78th annual Midwest Charity Horse Show.  Held at the beautiful and historic Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield the show features deep competition and wonderful hospitality. 

    What could be better than a competitive horse show with parties every evening?  Let us know if you think of anything!


    Here are some of our favorite memories of the weekend:

    Kerry and Susan enjoyed a mother, daughter weekend at the show, with Kerry showing both Rudi in the Western division and Hershey in the Show Pleasure classes.  Kerry had a strong showing, and  finished reserve with Rudi in the Western Pleasure Championship, and won the Shatner qualifier. 

    St Louis, here they come!




    Our second mother, daughter duo also enjoyed quite a weekend in Springfield.  Kim gained more show ring experience with Maddie in the Show Pleasure division.  After watching daughter Allison’s storied junior exhibitor career, Kim knows that the more you show, the better you get.  She and Maddie are  making great strides as they show in different situations this season.

    Allison made her debut on Ava, her new 3 gaited horse. She and Scott have only been working with this charismatic mare for a short time, and are already turning in clean rides.  We can’t wait to see how this exciting new team grows together!




    Payton and her Mom Nicole made a trip from Colorado to enjoy Midwest.  Payton turned in some fun rides on Eli in the Show Pleasure division.  Payton and Dos are becoming a force to be reckoned with in the 13 and under pleasure equitation division, winning their qualifier and finishing reserve grand champs.  This strong team also won the 13 and under UPHA Challenge Cup qualifier!




    Richie and his ‘two girls’ continue to enjoy the process of learning all about horse showing. Last year’s walk and trot equitation horse Tink has become an enthusiastic competitor in the Country Pleasure division. Richie really made a mark in the Equitation division at Midwest aboard the beautiful Sophie, officially known as Royal Tryst.  ‘Team Sophie’ won the 13 and under Saddle Seat Equitation qualifier as well as their championship. 11 year old Richie even finished third in a deep Good Hands qualifier for riders 17 and under.




    Heather is making  a splash in her first season in the Senior Equitation division. 

    This lucky girl had the opportunity to show two very different equitation horses at Midwest, and learned many lessons along the way. 

    Heather was reunited with Tucker, her 13 and under mount, and won the Pleasure Equitation Championship for riders 14-17, as well as the Pleasure Equitation Medallion qualifier.  She also had the chance to show the one and only Fergie who is always up for teachable moments.  



    Haley may be retired from the equitation world, but she continues to be a force of nature at horse shows. 

    She helped out Team Knollwood by continuing Roger’s education in the Show Pleasure division.  She also enjoyed showing Smyth in the Country Pleasure division, and even earned two second place finishes with the energetic mare.

    Haley stepped into a new role at the show as she started work as a commentator for Richfield Productions. 

    She interviewed winners at the out gate, and filled air time with RH as well.  Haley looks as comfortable on camera as she is on a horse, and we’re looking forward to seeing her on more webcasts.





    Gabby and Charlie just keep getting better and better. 

    This dream team won their 5 gaited Show Pleasure qualifier, and then worked even harder in the championship to win it unanimously. They are so much fun to watch,  showing such teamwork every step of the way.



    What’s Next?

    Team Knollwood is traveling to the Oshkosh Charity Horse Show June 26-29.  Please join us for this show held in a park like setting. 

    The Saturday morning academy performance is going to be a biggie with 10 Knollwood horses and 14 riders competing.  You won’t want to miss this.



    The Knockouts are looking for some volunteers. 

    If you haven’t performed your two hours of club service yet, here are a few really fun ways to help. And for those of you who pitch in every chance you get, THANK YOU! 

    We could use your help again!


    The Knockouts are hosting a club fundraiser at Piggly Wiggly in Hartland on Sunday, August 4.  We’re running the brat stand as well as a car wash, and need everyone to pitch in. 

    Want to get wet? Help with the car wash.

    Don’t want to get wet? Help in the brat shack!

    You can sign up here or at the barn.



    The Knockouts are also manning the concession stand at the ASAW Summer Showcase Horse Show in Cedarburg on August 10-11. The stand is air conditioned, and is a great way to meet other members and watch the show before or after your shift. 

    Please sign up here to help with the Cedarburg concession stand.



    See  you at the barn or at the in-gate!

    And we'd love to see you at Piggly Wiggly and at the Showcase Show, too!


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  • The Big Reveal

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    So, kids are finally getting out of school, the weather is trying to cooperate, and everyone at the farm is looking forward to Knollwood Summer 2019.

    Scott, Carol, and crew enjoyed a rare quiet weekend at home while the academy and some ‘B’ horses were competing at the Prairie State Classic show.  Primarily a Morgan show, Prairie State is a favorite to many with its hospitality and friendly atmosphere.

    Our favorite stores of the show?

    Jodi and JD have been working hard, and it all came together in Woodstock when they won both their qualifier and championship.  Congrats to them both!


    Thomas continues his education as a Knollwood academy horse. 

    He’s gaining confidence with every performance, and seemed to really enjoy being at the show, living the life of an indoor show horse.  He and Juliet even won their equitation championship, so Thomas got to make his first victory pass!  He was a little unsure about the neck ribbon at first, but he made his turn around the arena like he’d been doing it forever.


    It’s Big Time.

    Show horses will be leaving Saturday for the 78th annual Midwest Charity Horse Show in Springfield, Illinois. Horses and riders from all over the country will be competing at one of the best shows in the nation, and it’s the first one on the calendar where many Louisville contenders meet.

    Team Knollwood will be there in numbers, and we’ll fill you in on the webcast and schedule information as soon as it’s all set.



    Time For Camp

    Summer riding school starts on Monday!

    Our first sold out session of Tiny Tot Camp and an advanced camp both start first thing next week. 

    Classic Summer Riding School starts the following Monday, June 17.  Helper sign ups are on the tack room door in the school barn, so please get your name on the schedule if you’d like to join in the fun!


    The Drive is Almost Over!

    Great thanks to everyone who’s donated to our annual food drive so far.  We currently have 186 food kits or cash equivalents on hand, and are accepting donations through Saturday. The food is heading to the Food Pantry of Waukesha County on Monday.

    All riders who collected a minimum of 5 food kits are gathering Saturday for a Knockout meeting at 5:00, followed by the start of the Video Scavenger Hunt at 5:30. 

    (Thanks to our friends at High Caliber Stables for their information and inspiration!)

    Teams will get to travel all over the farm to perform the following:



    • Make a video of selected school horses at the round bale.

    Yes, you’ll be asked to imitate Tony, Fred, and Frank the pony as they enjoy all the food they can eat.


    • Take a team photo of how many people can fit on a Fjord.

    We’re not sure if there’s a world record, but we’re confident we can break one.  Right, Forest?



    • Make a team video of the school horses coming in for lessons.


    Team members get to be Hugo, Mark, Bo, Sparky, and Big Frank as they try to find their stalls. Or not.



    • Take a team photo of the best sardines hiding spot you know.

    The farm is a big place when you’re trying to hide 5 or 6 people in this classic  Knollwood game.



    • Make a team video of Hazel making the round of laps in the show barn lounge.

    Yes, one team member gets to don a tiara and carry a rawhide as she imitates Hazel making friends in the lounge.



    • Take a photo of the entire team on the little outdoor fence screaming like Bengal the cat.

    Silent human screams, of course.



    Bonus !

    Make a video of Scott teaching a lesson OR coaching a show class

                   We made it a bonus, because not everyone has had the pleasure of having a lesson with the one and only.  Props include Scott’s arena stool, a lash whip, and anything else you can think of.  Be sure to throw in key phrases like, ‘That’s way more betterer,’ and the always classic, ‘Stupid horse.’

                  Groups can break teams for this event so many of Scott's students get a chance to give a Scott lesson.


    Following all the filming, we’ll gather for a huge picnic while we get the pics uploaded to social media for all to enjoy.  We’ll also award prizes for the teams most over their goal.


    If you didn't donate but would like to watch, the price of admission is one food kit or a $15 donation to the Food Pantry of Waukesha County.


    See you at the barn, or at the in-gate!



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  • We're Mad About Madison

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    Team Knollwood is at home after a wonderful weekend at the Madison Classic Horse Show.

    Always a favorite show, this year’s edition was even bigger and better than in previous years. The event was more impressive than ever, with new barns competing, and favorites traveling from near and far to enjoy the hospitality for which the show is known.

    And the competition? Classes were large and deep.  We got to see the reigning world’s grand champion fine harness horse on Saturday night, and many former or current world champions were in attendance.

    Team Knollwood enjoyed their weekend at the show, and created lots of memories. Here are a few of our favorite stories:

    Gabby and Charlie continued their winning ways in Madison, winning their Junior Exhibitor 5 gaited show pleasure qualifier and championship. When these two are in the ring, we really can’t tell who’s happier, Gabby or Charlie!

    Bella’s in town for the summer, and she and Garfield won their Limit Horse Country Pleasure class at the show with a reserve finish in the championship. They’re coming together as a team, and are looking forward to a really fun summer.


    Haley may be retired from equitation after winning the Triple Crown last year, but that doesn’t mean she’s done showing. Haley showed four horses in Madison for three different barns, and won three classes. She also served as a mentor to our academy kids on Saturday morning, and even did a couple of interviews for Richfield during the weekend.


    Amanda and Smyth have become a force in a short period of time.  Amanda enjoys the feisty mare who can be a little opinionated.  They had another successful show in Madison, with strong classes in both the Country Pleasure and Pleasure Equitation divisions.


    Finn and Leila looked fabulous at their second show, and won the USEF Medal qualifier.  The highlight of the win may have been Haley’s interview at the outgate.

    Richie and Tink are really loving the Country Pleasure division. Maybe it’s that Tink gets to go faster, or maybe that she can be a little more competitive getting down the rail, but the team looks really bright and exciting. Team Tink featuring 11 year old Richie finished as reserve champs in a tough 17 and Under Junior Exhibitor Country Pleasure championship.

    Richie also had a strong showing on his star equitation mount, Sophie.


    The academy division was as deep as the rest of the show. And classes were BIG, with qualifiers running as large as 12 entries. Our riders shone in the depth of the competition, and we couldn’t be more proud.

    Some highlights?

    Thomas (Fort Chiswell’s Aristocrat) made his out of barn debut at Madison, and looked like he’d been doing this his whole life. Sofia gave him confidence in the walk trot and canter division before Juliet took over for the walk and trot classes.

    Eight year old Amelia rode in her first ‘big’ academy show with her trusty partner Klem, and looked like they owned the place. She even won her equitation qualifier!

    Mia and Maiya finished champion and reserve in the 10 and Under walk trot championship, and it was a great class.

    Lily came in from Pennsylvania on Thursday night, rode at the barn on Friday, and showed on Saturday.  In a big 11-13 division, Lily finished fourth in her equitation qualifier and championship.

    All of our riders rode well and smart at this deep show. Our riders are all at different points on their riding journeys, and they all rode their best.  We are so proud.


    Up Next?

    Our academy and a couple of 'B' horses are off to the Prairie State Classic show this weekend.

    Team Knollwood will be concluding their food drive and hosting their first ever video scavenger hunt on Saturday, June 8 at 5:30. Please keep those food kits and donations coming for the Knollwood rider of your choice!

    Our show horses are at home preparing for the Midwest Charity Horse Show in Springfield, Illinois on June 11-15. The first really big show of the year, this historic event features the best horses in the country.  It's a predictor of the World's Championship Horse Show in August.

    We'll provide webcast information as soon as we have it!


    See you at the barn. Or at the in gate!


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  • The Clock is Ticking ...

    Posted by Ann Wilt

    Hi Everyone, Forest here.


    As you may be aware, I know a lot about food.  

    Because of my expertise, I've been chosen to remind all my fans about Team Knollwood's food drive currently in progress.

    We are looking for donations of food kits, or for those of you who are too time constrained to shop, financial donations to the Food Pantry of Waukesha County.

    We're trying to help our neighbors in need at a time of year when the pantry runs low on inventory.

    Of course, there's a Knollwood twist to the drive.  Each Knollwood Kid who collects a minimum of 5 food kits or $$ equivalent is eligible to join a team for our first ever video scavenger hunt on Saturday, June 8.  (I've heard that I'm involved in at least one of the stations, but it's all very top secret, so my exact role has not been revealed.)

    Right now, Team Tuesday is running away with the competition with Saturday in close pursuit.  

    Please remember to mark your donation with the day of week and rider you'd like to support.

    Thanks in advance for your generosity. 

    If you might happen to bring some carrots my way, it wouldn't be the worst thing. 


    See you at the scavenger hunt!

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