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Listen up everyone,


If you've ever wanted to feel your legs on fire and your core as jiggly as all our thighs are going to be after our first ride back (that is if you haven't been keeping up with your Saturday Circuits), this is the workout for you!  High intensity pyramid intervals means you will run through this entire circuit in a descending, timed rep format.  First is 40 seconds, 10 rest then 30 with 10 rest, then 20 with NO rest. Take a 20 second rest between each circuit to recover your heart rate and get a drink of water.  This is an endurance and agility circuit so you should be trying to MAX out your reps for each drill, each time.  That being said, form is ALWAYS our #1 priority to remain safe in these workouts.  Per usual, be sure to get a warm up in with some light stretching and movement.  When you're ready, let's go!


Exercise 1 - Squat Jacks - 40 Seconds, 10 rest


Much like a jumping jack, start with your feet together hands wherever you feel most comfortable.  Hop your legs just farther than hip widths distance apart and come into a squat, then hop back up and and start again.  Make sure to sit back into your hips during this squat and keep your chest lifted.  In any squat, your weight should be on your heals, not your toes!

Exercise 2 - Oblique Push Ups - 40 Seconds, 10 rest


In the push up position, come down into a push up and alternately bring one of your knees up to your elbows.  As you push back up return your leg back to regular push up position and start again.  If this feels super challenging, you can modify by just holding the high plank position and alternate bringing a knee up to your elbow for a high plank oblique crunch.

Exercise 3 - Split Jumps - 40 seconds, 10 rest

We've seen this old nugget before and it's the same as always.  From a lunge position drive up into the air, swap legs and come back down into a lunge on the other side.  Maintaining that good form!

Exercise 4 - Mountain Climbers - 40 Seconds, 10 rest


In the high plank position, alternately drive your knees up toward your chest and try to keep them in line with your hips (i.e. not too much cross action).  try to keep a straight line from your head down to your heals and focus on keeping your hips in line rather than too high (not using your core and stressing your shoulders) or too low (not using your core and stressing your back).

Exercise 5 - Reverse Lunge Skips - 40 seconds, 10 rest 1 on each side


Starting in a standing position bring your right leg back into a lunge position.  Come down into a lunge then drive your right leg forward and up into a skip.  Come back down directly into your lunge again and repeat.  Find a focal point to look at to help with your balance.  The goal is to not put that right leg down at all outside of the moment you're doing your lunge.

Exercise 6 - Bear Crawls - 40 Seconds, 10 rest


Start in a table top position with hands under shoulders and knees under hips.  Begin by hovering your knees about 3 inches off the ground and start to crawl forward 6 steps, then back for 6 steps until your timer goes off!  You will want to focus on the rhythm of when you move which hand and foot to create the movement, much like a horse! You should be moving opposite hand/leg together (right hand left leg, left hand right leg).  This will help you keep your core balanced.  You want to keep your core and hips as level as possible during the movement.


If you've made it through to the end, good for you!  Get some water, stretch it out and please don't ask us if we made it (we didn't).  See you next time riders.


Stay well!


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