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The Knollwood Knockouts have a storied past.

  Now celebrating their 25th year, the youth group was one of the originals in the American Saddlebred Horse Association’s youth outreach program.


More than just a group of horse crazy kids, the Knockouts have benefited from strong leadership and a large enthusiastic membership. Sure, they go to horse shows, sponsor classes at shows and live and breathe horse shows like all Saddlebred kids do, but this group has a side that is often unseen by the general public.

The group’s mission statement is:

‘To support and promote equitation, horsemanship, and friendships through service to others.’

In the past this group has:

* Raised enough funds to send three veterans to Washington, DC on Honor Flights

* Supported the Food Pantry of Waukesha County for 10 years with an annual food drive, donating more than 1000 pounds of food each year

* Held a walk-a-thon benefitting the American Heart Association

* Been honored with the Youth to the Rescue award twice from Saddlebred Rescue

* Become the first youth group to sponsor a stake class at the World’s Championship Horse Show

* Raised funds for breast cancer research through the sale of pink roses at horse shows


Rest assured, the Knockouts have tons of fun raising funds for those in need.  One of the highlights of last summer was a car wash/brat sale at our local Piggly Wiggly.  The club ran a very busy car wash, grilled and sold a LOT of brats, and had a grand time in the process.

This year we all find ourselves in a unique situation with the global pandemic around us. The Knockout group has developed great horse people and leaders with some of the best lesson horses in the world as teachers. These hard-working horses find themselves out of work while humans stay ‘safer at home.’


Even though the Knockouts cannot be at the barn with their equine mentors, they have worked remotely, and donated $5000 to help with lesson horse care during this unprecedented event.

The best lesson horses in the world are all looking fabulous even in their unemployment. They would rather be giving lessons right now, though. We think they are getting a little sick and tired of only seeing grownups and would prefer returning to providing riding lessons for humans instead of a certain yellow kitten.

Words seem insufficient to express our gratitude to the Knockouts, and to all our fantastic customers and friends who have donated to the school horse unemployment fund, but please know that all the contributions are truly appreciated.











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