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Looking out onto the world from inside our homes has made for a strange month (and counting), and with Safer at Home orders being extended till May 26th, it seems we will be inside for even longer than most of us originally thought.  Many Wisconsin families have been hit hard by this illness with family members lost, and others still battling for their lives and health. The good news is that it seems the Safer at Home orders are working as Wisconsin's early action has managed to keep the number of cases from hitting an unmanageable level. 


Unfortunately, with all of this staying at home comes a lot of economic strife. Over twenty-two million unemployment claims have come through since social distancing measures went into place, and the small business relief loans are still in process, leaving many small businesses without the aid they need, when they need it.  It's scary times outside our doors, but Knollwood Farm is strong and we are unbelievably proud to say that not one of our staff has been let go or furloughed. 

At a time when 1 in 7 Americans are out of work, Knollwood has been able to maintain all of our full time staff.  This is largely due to the strong and fierce Knollwood community, a community you all belong to.  It is also due to the strong set of values the entire Knollwood Farm staff holds when it comes to horse care and what needs to be done.  Sacrifice is something we are all familiar with right now, and the equine industry folks are familiar with putting the horses and their care first.  Horses aren't just a fun hobby.  They become a part of your identity and as people that live that life professionally, we gladly devote our lives to these animals and their care.  

Luckily for us, that sacrifice is met with the reward of the relationships we build with these animals and you, our Knollwood families and students.  While we are so very proud that we have been able to keep our full staff during this scary time, we are feeling the loss of seeing you all daily and cannot wait to get to the end of May, or hear of any other superseding ordinances that may allow for limited opening.

If you are missing your barn time, don't forget to work on your Saturday Circuits to stay in riding shape and be sure to get a #KnollwoodStrong T-Shirt to represent our community to your household pets and your coworkers while you have Zoom conference calls.


Stay Well Everyone






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