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First of all, we miss all of you. A lot.


Knollwood is not the same without horse crazy kids running around, show horse customers riding their beautiful horses, and all the socialization that comes with all that.  Scott and Richmond the kitten are  pretty funny, but they can’t make up for all of you.

The horses miss their people. They don’t get the whole pandemic thing, they just know that their favorite treat bearing friends aren’t visiting. They’re all receiving the same great Knollwood care as always, but they miss you.

Where to begin…


The lesson horses are looking great, all shed out and shiny. This Monday started out sunny, and we brought all the boys in for a big spa day.  After they were all groomed and sent out to enjoy more recess, it rained, and they found the mud. Specifically, they found BLACK mud. And they all rolled in the same very dark mud.


All of the lesson horses have been enjoying the increased foot traffic on the bridle path. The public  path is open to anyone who’d like to see the horses in the pasture, and it’s a nice walk on these nice spring days.


The show horses are enjoying work outside on nice days, and we even did some FB live broadcasts from the big outdoor ring. They all look fantastic, and are awaiting the return of their families.


What’s coming up?

We've been enjoying the FB Live broadcasts, especially  your comments and check ins. 

This Saturday, we’re looking forward to sharing a couple of new topics.

At 3:00 pm, we’re planning something with the school horses, and we're open to suggestions of what you'd like to see!


At 5:00 pm, we’re thrilled to have Scott join us for happy hour.

Here’s your chance to ask Scott any questions that have been on your mind.  Besides being an instructor and trainer of world champions, he’s pretty funny, and a great story teller. You can send your questions in ahead of time, or ask them during the broadcast.


May Birthdays!

It’s going to be a busy month with plenty of celebrations.  Knockout members with May birthdays are:

May 1  Lucy F.

May 2  Tessa B

May 3  Mary P

May 6  Alexa and Molly

May 10  Allie K

May 12  Haley B

May 14  Dilly

May 16 Rachel W

May 20  Paeton

May 25  Jada

If you’d like a birthday video from a favorite horse or two, let us know. We’d be happy to celebrate with you!!


School Horse Birthdays

May 6  Murphy

May 10  Heist

May 11  Duke

May 16  Dexter

May 17  Big Frank

May 20  Mark


Shirt Deadline

If you haven’t ordered your #KnollwoodStrong shirt yet in support of our lesson horses, time is running out!  We’re placing the order soon, and the deadline to buy online is Saturday, May 2.

The Safer at Home requirements are challenging and have us all missing the way things were just a couple months ago. We hope, however that you're able to stay connected to Knollwood through our blogs, our Instagram or Facebook accounts or even able to take a bridle path stroll to say "Hi" to the horses up close. This experience will help us all appreciate all the two and four legged friends we have in our Knollwood community.


And don't worry, we already have reopening plans in place with all sorts of fun events. We can hardly wait!!!









We are #KnollwoodStrong.





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