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Team Knollwood just returned from our first academy show of the season, and we had a grand time.

The Illinois American Saddlebred Pleasure Horse Association (IASPHA) puts on some of the best shows around. They offer classes for everyone at their spring, summer, and fall shows.

The hospitality can’t be beat, with parties and free food through the weekend.

They give back to the industry in big ways, too. Huntoon Stables suffered storm damage to their roof a few weeks back, so IASPHA raised $3000 through a ‘Chuck a Duck’ promotion which also generated additional donations.

The facility, Beyond Stable Farm, is top notch as well. It’s immaculate, the staff is friendly and responsive, and they have a heart, too. They’re currently housing horses for the Huntoons until a new roof is in place.

Thanks to everyone who made it a great weekend of horse showing.

Knollwood had some excellent adventures!


Yay For the Grown-Ups

We had four adult competitors in the 18 and over academy division. Ranging from 18 year old Emilie who joined the adult division for the first time to some riders who are much more experienced at being adult riders, and they all rode well.  While competing fiercely, these riders seem to have a well developed sense of humor and perspective. There were lots of laughs.


Yay for the Rookie Canterers

Hannah, Jilly, and Stella all moved up into the walk, trot, and canter division for the 2023 season. Starting out again as rookies in a new division can be humbling, but it also presents a good opportunity to appreciate progress, and practice good sportsmanship.


Yay for Friends

Sublime Stables found themselves short a horse on Sunday, so we lent them Leon for their 6 year old rookie rider. Dani fell in love with Leon, and rode confidently on the one and only Keep the Change, Sir.

Sammy has helped Knollwood out many times in the past, and we were happy to be able to help her out this time.

Yay for Nacho!

Home grown Nacho, officially known as Trust Fund Blues, is making a name for himself. He's outgrown his bratty kid phase, and is now a very handsome, pretty well behaved chap.

Last weekend, Jules showed him in the highly competitive academy division, winning both of her equitation classes.

At the Saturday evening performace, Mary showed him in the Single Bit championship, and earned reserve championship honors.

The future is very, very bright for our Nacho!


Yay for Our Walk Trot Stars

We may have only brought three walk and trot riders to this show, but what a trio they were! Kali moved into the tough 9-10 year old division with great success. She and Thomas floated through some really deep classes to great ribbons.

Dilly? She and Sport were a perfect match in energy and charisma.

They had an adventurous victory pass when a garage door was opened right as they were approaching. Calm Dilly settled Sport down before continuing down the rail. We don’t think Dill’s butt moved in the saddle during the whole thing, and the pictures are great!

Rags showed away from home for the first time ever, and was a rockstar. Showing in the ‘all ages’ Green classes, Rags was easily the youngest rider in the arena. She and Baxter competed as if they owned the place, and ended up winning three classes while finishing second to older sister Dilly in the pattern class.

It was a terrific debut, and we can’t wait to watch Rags continue to progress!



What’s Coming Up?

Bring a Friend Day

Saturday, April 29 at 5:30 PM

Knollwood Kids who can groom and tack their own horse are invited to bring a friend to the barn and show their friend why they love horses so much.

Riders will prep their horses with their friend, and then help their friend with a group lesson, and help their friend take care of their horse after the lesson.

The fun is only $45, and you can sign up in the school barn.


Academy Palooza


May 5-6

Our Academy Team is headed back to Beyond Stable Farm for an all-academy show. We’ll compete Friday night and Saturday morning.

Please come down and cheer us on!



FASH Spring Show

May 11-14

The Knollwood show horses are off to St Paul for their first show of the season. It looks like it’s going to be a deep, deep competition. Anyone up for a road trip?



Knollwood Spring Show

May 12-14

Show weekend is shaping up to be a great event.

Pattern classes and Knollwood Challenge qualifiers will all be on Friday evening with walk trot and canter classes as well as 11 and over and Premier walk trot classes taking place on Saturday. Our 10 and under walk and trot stars as well as leadliners and maiden riders will show on Sunday in the little outdoor ring.


  • Patterns for the show are out! Your instructor will start working with you this week.

  • Gift basket sign up is looking good. Please check out the basket needs in the school barn.

  • You can volunteer a number of ways HERE.

  • Please consider sponsoring a class for only $25. Maybe sponsor more than one!?


Food Drive Starts!

May 10

The food barrels from the Food Pantry of Waukesha County will be up and ready for your donations. Every Knollwood Kid who has five food kits donated can join an Olympic team for the fun events on June 10.  Donations are due June 3.


Upcoming School Horse Birthdays

April 25 Hugo

May 6    Murphy

May 7   Nacho

May 11 Duke

May 16 Dexter





See you soon at the barn or at the in-gate!





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