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Thanks so much for all the questions. We appreciate you wanting to know more about horses and Knollwood.

Please always feel free to come to your instructor or any staff member with any questions you may have.  We love sharing these wonderful animals with you.


Will lessons be held outside when it warms up?

Yes! We’re fortunate to have 2 outdoor rings to choose from.

The smaller arena is perfect for riders new to the sport. It’s small, close to the barn, and pretty sheltered from the road, thanks to the trees along Horseshoe Bend.

We hold summer riding school and our Sunday horse show performances out here as well.


Our big outdoor ring is best suited for our more experienced riders. It’s BIG, has pastures on both sides, and is close enough to Oakwood Road that traffic noises can get pretty loud.

We use the arena for experienced riders who can keep their horses tuned in so the distractions don’t present a problem.

It’s perfect for our Saturday horse show performances when we let the classes get big.

Pattern campers have also renamed the arena ‘Patternland’ for its wide open spaces. Learning patterns on the beautiful green grass can’t be beat.





What are the Knockouts, and how does my child get involved?

The Knollwood Knockouts are our youth group which is a member of the American Saddlebred Horse and Breeder Association’s youth foundation.

One of the oldest youth groups in the country, the Knockouts have been around for more than 25 years. The club performs service for neighbors in need, and for the horse industry. They also run the concession stand at Knollwood shows.

All of our riders are welcome to join the group for only $5 a year.

The group is gearing up for Knollwood’s annual food drive, starting on May 10. They’re collecting food for the Food Pantry of Waukesha County at a time of year when the pantry runs low on stock.

The Knockouts have been helping the pantry since 2000, and we have been averaging a little over 1000 pounds of food in the last few years.

Every Knollwood Kid who collects a minimum of 5 food kits is eligible to join a team for the Knollwood Olympics on June 10. The games are funny takes on Olympic sports, and it’s a hoot to watch.

The Olympics start at 6:00, and the Knockouts are making a day of it with their semi-annual Street Clean Up taking place at 1:00 on the 10th as well.

In addition to the spring events, the Knockouts hold a car wash in July, a holiday party in December, and an awards banquet in February.



Where do you get your school horses?

Wherever we can find grand souls.

With the popularity of riding growing since Covid, it’s become increasingly difficult to find lesson horses. Luckily, we have lots of eyes out there always looking for the next great one.

We’re fortunate to have several horses who were born on the farm and didn’t want to become show horses. This group includes Dexter, Hooper, Hugo, and Vaughn.


We’re fortunate to have friends who run lesson programs and sometimes sell extra horses that aren’t being used. We have Jelly and Poppy from Sammy Jo, and Bilbo from a small program near Rockford.

We’re fortunate that Scott and Carol are well connected and are always on the lookout for fresh faces. Perfect Pumpkin and Dear Sweet Leon came to us through this route.

We had a wonderful horse dealer who found us some of the greats, like Fred, Picasso, and Sparky.




Why do riders learn patterns?

Ah, you’ve noticed that we love patterns.

Patterns teach a rider many, many skills. Knollwood Kids learn to steer evenly, keep their horses pushing from the back end, and to maintain their horse's alignment while working. Of course, these kids also learn mental organization while remembering the pattern, resilience because it’s a long process to learn it all, and confidence after getting a horse through the whole thing.

Being a competition based lesson program, we want our riders to keep progressing in their skills. Patterns are a wonderful way to learn more about horses and ourselves.



I love watching the show horses work. Is there a show nearby that I could attend?

We consider the ASAW Summerfun to be our ‘home show.’ This year, the show will be held at Wisconsin State Fair Park from July 13-16.

Team Knollwood will be there with many show horses and our academy riders.

Please come to the show, and please stop by our barn aisle to say hello!



Why don’t all of the lesson horses have shoes?

For the work they do in the conditions they do, most of the lesson horses are better off without shoes.

Some of the horses need shoes to keep them comfortable, and Scott makes sure they’re working their best. It’s an art and a science.

Lesson horses will only have shoes on in the front, as they go outside for recess, and frequently kick at each other while playing. To minimize injuries, no back shoes are allowed.

The show horses wear shoes and pads of different types and weights to keep them sound and balanced. We are lucky to have a another fabulous farrier who comes out regularly to take care of most of them, while Scott shoes some ‘in his spare time.’


I never know what’s going on at Knollwood. What’s the best way to find out?

The best way is to come in for your rider’s lesson. Most days of the week have an office admin in the lounge who’s happy to fill you in.

We post news items on the bulletin board in the school barn, and in the show barn lounge. Your instructor can fill you in after lessons as well.

THE BEST way to stay informed is to sign up for email delivery of the weekly blog. We’re not legally allowed to add to our mailing list without your consent, but please tell your instructor or office admin if you’d like to receive news directly to your inbox.


Knollwood Spring Show Updates

We're pleased to announce that Hartland Family Chiropractic will once again sponsor our concession stand. Great thanks for their continued support!

Our bright green show shirts will all be short sleeved. If it’s chilly on show weekend, please feel free to wear long sleeved shirts underneath.

We’ve brought back class sponsorships for the show. Forms will be ready on Sunday, and all proceeds go directly to the Knockouts. You pan pay your $25 fee with cash or a check made out to The Knollwood Knockouts.

We’re thrilled to announce Bridget Ward as the judge for our spring show. Bridget is an experienced instructor, and we’re looking forward to spending the weekend with her.



What’s coming up?


Academy Palooza

May 5-6


Show Prep Classes

May 6

4:00 Walk Trot Pattern Class Inside

5:00 Walk Trot Practice in the Big Outdoor

The academy team will be at Palooza, but the home instructors will be hosting a walk and trot pattern practice class inside at 4:00, and a walk trot practice for riders 11 and up in the big outdoor.

Sign up soon in the school barn. Classes are $45 each and will be billed to your IClass Pro account.





Food Drive Starts

May 10, runs through June 3





May 11-14, St Paul, MN




Knollwood Spring Show

May 12-14





Madison Classic

May 25-28

Academy Classes May 27



Memorial Day

May 29

No lessons, will be rescheduled




Prairie State Classic

June 3-4





 See you soon at the barn, or at the in-gate!




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