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Hey guys,

For this week's Saturday Circuit, we are going to alternate strength with cardio to get a full body workout.  These will be timed exercises in a descending pyramid.  Start with 40 seconds per exercise, then 30 seconds, then 20.  NO REST IN BETWEEN exercises, 30 seconds rest once you complete a full set. Make sure you get a nice warm up in to prepare your body for this beast of a workout!

Exercise 1 - Curtsy Lunge

Chest High and weight into that front heel, alternate moving one of your legs back behind you like a curtsy and drop into a lunge.  Try to get that back knee as close to the ground as you can without touching and with control.  Keep that weight forward in that front heel and use those abs to help you rise back up with control.

Exercise 2 - Skiers

Much like a slalom skier, with bent knees, use your arms to help your momentum in jumping side to side with your knees and feet close together.  As you land, load back into your hips and spring back up and across for another jump!  Remember to keep your chest high and eyes front.

Exercise 3 - Forward and Back Lunge

Like a traditional lunge, you are lunging forward on one side, then back on the same side, then switching to the other leg.  If you need to put your foot down and reset between lunges for balance go ahead, but to challenge yourself try not to touch down in between!

Exercise 4 - Split Jump

From a lunge position, jump up and land down in a lunge on the other side.  Use your arms to help you in this movement, ESPECIALLY when you get tired!  As always, chest high and eyes front to make sure you are keeping your balance and loading into your glutes, hamstrings and quads as opposed to your back.

Exercise 5 - One Legged Deadlift (one round on each side)

Grounding down into one of your legs, hinge from your hips to lower toward the ground while letting your back leg lift with a flexed foot, then hinge back up.  Speed is NOT the key here.  It's about control and good form so make sure you're taking your time with this movement.  To help with your balance, keep your gaze at the same spot on the ground, about a foot or two forward from your foot.

Exercise 6 - The Finisher - Combination Split Jump and Squat Jump

Just to make sure we got all we could out of this workout, we are combining a split jump with a squat jump.  Come down into a lunge then jump up and land down in a squat, jump up and land down in a lunge on the other side, repeat until time is up!  This is GOING to be rough, but it's an excellent strengthener and cardio movement that really puts an emphasis on your large muscle groups.  Use those arms for momentum to help you!

We recommend tacking on a glute and abs circuit for a full workout! As always, finish off with some light stretching to cool down.  

Stay Well!



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