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Team Knollwood hopes you are all enjoying the beautiful sunny days. The farm is green as can be, and Carol’s apple tree is starting to bloom!

First of all, thank you again to everyone who pitched in and supported the best lesson horses in the world in their unemployment.


Thanks to your donations to Merton Feed and all the fundraising projects you’ve done and are still doing, all 30 lesson horses are fat, shiny and happy.

We stand in awe of your kindness and generosity. We don’t know how to possibly thank you enough, but we’ll sure try.


We’re beyond thrilled to be working on our slow, phased reopening plans.  We’re reviewing our processes and staffing to make lessons as safe as possible and we look forward to sharing more information as soon as the phase I master plan is complete.

The Knollwood Summer Show has been rescheduled to August 22 and 23 from its original June dates. This will allow all of our riders to get back into riding shape, and get the lesson horses back up to speed as well.

Weather permitting, we may even hold the Saturday classes in the big outdoor ring. Imagine the game division with all that space to play!


We’d love to add another show in early October as well so we have three qualifying events for the finals of the Knollwood Challenge.


The popular Knollwood Prep camp has also been rescheduled and will be held August 10-14. Originally planned for June 8-12, this camp offers KF show riders a chance to immerse themselves in riding close to the competition. This camp helps riders make new friends, and creates memories for a lifetime.


Riders will focus on all things horse, and will have a blast in the process. Please contact us if you’re interested in joining your fellow show stars for a week of camp just for you!


Team Knollwood has been busy while you’ve been schooling online!



The show barn is clean as a whistle, the manure pile has been removed, and a ton of fencing has been replaced all over the farm. Thanks to some generous used furniture donations, the farm office has been refurbished, and the old striped carpeting is a thing of the past!

Richfield Video featured Knollwood in one of their Virtual Visits which was a mix of scenes from the farm, live interviews with Scott and Carol, and the video from their UPHA LIfetime Achievement Award in 2019. You can watch it here.


We've enjoyed Facebook Live broadcasts on Saturday afternoons.

Although we would rather be teaching lessons, we've had some pretty entertaining experiences.


The school horses basically mobbed us the first day we went out in the pasture, and were terrified of Shelby's 'Derby Day' hat.

At first.

We hosted an entertaining 'Ask Scott Anything' broadcast, and raised some funds for the Food Pantry of Waukesha County last week with a School Horse Olympics broadcast.


Be sure to join us again this Saturday at 5:00 pm for a Happy Hour with the lesson horses and the instructors. Weather permitting, we'll venture out to the pasture and see what happens.



In the school barn, the tack cubbies have been reorganized ALPHABETICALLY, the stirrup wall in now labeled ALPHABETICALLY by riders’ first name, and all the work bridles are now hanging in the barn with the rest of the tack.  No more standing in front of the cubbies or the stirrup wall with that quizzical look on your face!

All the lesson tack has been cleaned and conditioned, and the school barn has been cleaned from top to bottom including ceiling fans and stall fronts.


The summer planting has started as well, with pots full of blooming flowers waiting to greet you at the door. Oh, and that adventurous yellow and white kitten has been helping us with spring plant clean up as well!


The school horses look fabulous, all shed out and shiny. We’ve tried our best to keep them company, but they really miss all their kids.  Your visits to the bridle path make them very happy, especially when you bring carrots.  They really do miss all of their peeps.


We’ve been riding the boys recently so they’re not shocked when they go back to work, and are happy to report that they all look happy and are ready to get back to work.


It looks like the Oshkosh Charity Horse Show will be our first competition of the 2020 season. Show management is working hard on safety protocols for everyone’s safety, and this spacious outdoor show seems like the perfect way to start the 2020 season.

Held in a park-like setting, Oshkosh has always been a favorite of exhibitors. Open barns, many mature trees, and that fantastic jumbo sized arena with open sides and a roof make the show feel like heaven. And it’s nearby!


We miss all of our friends, and can't wait to start teaching lessons again.  Please stay tuned for our phased reopening plans to get you riding again safely.






We Are #KnollwoodStrong



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