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Team Knollwood enjoyed a fantastic weekend showing in 2 different states. While the show horses were in St Paul, Minnesota showing at the FASH show, the academy team put on the first in-barn show of the season.

It was hard to narrow it down to 10 stories from the weekend, so we went to 11. Here, in no particular order are some of our adventures from shows last week.


FASH Stories

Alexa and Joe Make Their Debut

Alexa grew up in our academy division, and leased Aaron last season to get her feet wet in the show horse world.

Over the off season, the Gross family purchased Sirtainly Stylish for Alexa to show in the deep Show Pleasure Division. Known around the barn as Joe, this exciting gelding enjoyed great success in the adult show pleasure division for the Schuh family.

From the moment Alexa and her new teammate entered the ring in St Paul, it was obvious that these two were going to be tough to beat. So tough, in fact, that they won both their qualifier and championship at FASH.

It’s going to be a fun season for these two!



Kim and Nacho Beat Them All

The exciting new Single Bit division is making stars of some horses who may not have had the chance in the past. Nacho is one of those.

Kim had Nacho, known officially as Trust Fund Blues, behaving like a gentleman throughout his classes. This isn’t always easy for Nacho, who still has a touch of the juvenile delinquent in him.

Nacho kept his ears forward, and Kim helped him remain focused as they beat some much fancier horses who couldn’t keep their behaviors on the straight and narrow.

This teamwork helped Kim and Nacho win both their qualifier and their championship.




Tess and Lola

Tess has grown-up at Knollwood, and has been a star in the academy division. For this season, her parents have leased Lola, officially known as We’re All Nuts to show in the pleasure divisions.

Tess made a stunning debut in her beautiful new suit, winning her initial class unanimously.  The new team came back for the championship, and finished a strong 4th.

It’s going to be quite a season for these two!





Amelia and Her New Partner

Another rider who grew up a Knollwood Kid, Amelia started her show horse career last season showing Eva, officially known as Castle Booty. She enjoyed great success, and earned the respect of her competitors.

This season, Amelia’s family has leased the legendary CH-EQ Brookhill’s Passion Punch from the Cooper family. You may remember that this statuesque mare took Haley to the Triple Crown in 2018, took Finn to the top of the equitation world, and teamed with Richie to great success in his first season of senior equitation.

The Leila tradition continues, as Amelia made her debut in style. This dynamic new team finished second in both their qualifier and championship against older riders.

We can hardly wait to watch these two compete again!


Shaye And Teddy Debut

In the off season, Shaye’s family purchased a new horse for the 2023 season. Now teamed with Teddy, officially known as Fox Grape’s Fort Defiance, Shaye wasted no time making the new team known, by winning the UPHA Challenge Cup qualifier unanimously at their first show together!

These two are going to be so exciting to watch!



Maddie Goes Big Time

Last season’s star in the 10 and under walk and trot academy division has moved to the show horse world. Her parents have leased Castle Booty for Maddie to show in the pleasure equitation division.

Maddie maintained the poise for which she’s famous, and qualified for the Saddle and Bridle Pleasure Equitation Medallion Final at her very first show by placing second in the qualifier.

We’re looking forward to watching Maddie and Eva grow together this season.




Meanwhile, at the home office, we held a horse show with 99 participants.

Our favorite things about the weekend?



We’re happy to report that we had 48 riders participate in the Friday night pattern class performance. From the 10 and under walk and trot pattern riders to the experienced kids showing in the walk trot and canter Knollwood Challenge qualifier, we had a ball.



This was one of the most educational shows we can remember. Judge Bridget Ward took time to give feedback to the riders after their patterns. She even managed to give advice on Saturday and Sunday as well.

She answered questions from the audience, and enlightened parents about the ins and outs of horse showing.

All the information was appreciated by riders and their parents alike.



The Volunteer Team!

We cannot possibly give enough thanks to our crew of parents and kids who help make these show possible. They volunteer for the concession stand, donate to gift baskets and class sponsorships, take the ‘show village’ up and down, and they offer a wonderful support system to all the riders.

Thanks to all their efforts, the Knockouts earned $2000 this weekend!

We couldn’t do it without them.



Personal Assistants Make the Show Flow

Our experienced riders who help with the horses and riders through three days of showing really keep the show flowing.

These Knollwood Kids were responsible for all things related to the horses and riders. They prep the horses for the ring, tack them with the correct saddle size for each rider, and offer kindness, confidence, and assistance throughout the weekend.

They stay with horses in the lineup on Sunday, and take care of the horses when the show is done.

They are the best.



The Horses Are the Best

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. We have the best lesson horses in the world.

Judge Bridget agreed, and was especially fond of Pumpkin, Jelly, and Picasso.

Everyone from new member Poppy to long time star Sparky worked the show, and retained their sense of humor to the end.

We can’t thank them enough for creating memories for so many riders, but we’ll sure try.


What’s Coming Up?


Food Drive Through June 3

Don’t forget to bring in your 5 food kits to earn your right to be a Knollwood Olympian on June 10!

Help us help our neighbors in need by supporting the Food Pantry of Waukesha County.



Madison Classic Horse Show

May 25-28, 2023

Academy classes are on Saturday morning, May 27

Join us at the New Holland Pavillion for a fantastic show!



Prairie State Classic Horse Show

June 2-4

The academy team and ‘B’ horses are heading to Beyond Stable Farm in Woodstock for a weekend with our Morgan friends.


June 10

1:00 Street Clean Up

Join the Knockouts as they clean up Oakwood and Nagawicka Roads, and earn your service hours for 2023!


6:00 Knollwood Olympics

All Olympians are invited to participate in fun events to celebrate our successful food drive for the Food Pantry of Waukesha County.



See you at the barn, or at the in-gate!






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