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Team Knollwood has a busy showing weekend coming up!

We have 19 horses at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds waiting for the FASH show to start on Thursday, and we have 100 home grown academy starts competing at our Spring In-Barn Show.

Our team is known far and wide for our good sportsmanship, and the first show of the season seems like a good time to review what it means to all of us.

Always remember, each of our behaviors reflects on ALL of Team Knollwood. 



The official definition is:






  • fair and generous behavior or treatment of others, especially in a sports contest: "he displayed great sportsmanship in defeat"



How do Knollwood riders demonstrate sportsmanship?

Riders compliment other competitors.

You can compliment their ride, their appreciation of their horse, their hair for the show, or their friendliness. The list is infinite.


Riders can lend a number magnet, a tie down, or anything missing at the last minute.


Riders can congratulate a good ride, a demonstration of horsemanship, or making it through a challenging ride.



Riders can offer a leg up, help the next rider get up, or cheer on those going into the ring.


Riders are grateful for the chance to compete with these wonderful lesson horses.

Knollwood Kids relish the chance to learn from ANY of the horses in the lesson program. Each of our 'library books' from our library of horses have a lesson to teach, and they love to do it!


Riders treat everyone with respect.

This is reflected in positive comments to others about their rides. Notice, we said talking TO others, not ABOUT others.



Riders can be kind to all horses, especially after a learning ride. Your horse is always doing the best he can with the information you have provided for him.



Anyone who has been around horses for any amount of time knows that life isn’t fair. It’s just not.

Judges are kind to give up a weekend to judge our three day show, and they can only judge what is in front of them.  Lots of things happen in a big ring, and there are many, many riders to watch.

This truth isn’t anyone’s fault, it just is. Just learn, smile, and move on.



Riders can support those less experienced than they are.

The younger riders look up to the more advanced riders, and follow their examples. Remember always that they want to be like you, so be aware of what behavior you’re showing the littles.


Riders will appreciate all that goes into putting on a show for 100 riders.

Be sure to thank a concession stand volunteer, a center ring worker, a horse's  personal assistant, or anyone who's making it a great weekend!



All riders represent Team Knollwood, and we’re known for good sportsmanship in all situations. Be sure to be a team player and represent the tradition, honor, and passion well.



Last minute show updates!

Pattern classes will start inside at 6:00 PM on Friday, so the weather isn’t an issue.

We’ll announce our weather plans for the weekend on Friday night. At the moment, it looks like Saturday will be fine starting in the big outdoor ring at 10:00 AM.

Sunday looks a little iffy at the moment. The show will start inside at 11:00 AM on Sunday if the weather doesn’t cooperate with us.

We’ll announce on social media to keep everyone posted.




We still have some class sponsorships available for $25. The sponsorships provide a fun way to honor a rider, a Mom, a horse, an instructor, a helper, or anything you can think of. All sponsorship fees go directly to the Knockouts to help fund their activities.

You can sign up in the school barn!


Photo by Hanna Agathen Photography

We're thrilled to have Hanna Agathen Photography covering all three days of the show. Hanna has a wonderful eye for capturing moments between horses and their riders.  You can view proofs and order pics here.



Clothing reminders:

Hair can be up in any way you’d like as long as it’s above your back number.

All jods must have tie downs. If yours have gone missing, you can purchase spares in the school barn lounge.

Back numbers should be attached with number magnets. If you don’t yet have any, they can be purchased in the school barn lounge.


More news?

Palooza lived up to its name.

Our academy stars had loads of fun and learned many lessons at the Academy Palooza show last weekend. Several riders moved up to walk, trot, and canter with success, and our walk, trot, and canter riders made us proud.

Next up? We’re off to Madison Classic for academy classes on Saturday, May 27. Come join us at 10:00 AM at the New Holland Pavillion at the Alliant Energy Center.


Knollwood’s Food Drive starts today!

Bring your food kits to the barrels provided by the Food Pantry of Waukesha County through June 3. If it’s easier for friends and family to donate $$, a check for $15  equals one food kit. Please make the checks out to The Food Pantry of Waukesha County.

Each Knollwood Kid who has a minimum of 5 kits donated in their name will be eligible to join an Olympic team for the games on June 10. The games are a ton of fun for a great cause.

Knollwood has donated more than 1000 pounds of food each year for the past years. We’d love your help and participation in the games.




We’re ordering summer Woodwear through May 14.

Stop by to order fuschia tank tops in girls and misses sizes with our logo, orange water bottles with logo and your name on them, or a tie dye bucket hat with our logo on it.

These items will help Team Knollwood enjoy the sun and fun of summer 2023!

All items are $25 each and will be billed to your IClass Pro account.


Summer Camp Sold Out!

All of our summer camps are now officially sold out!

We’ll start scheduling counselors and helpers shortly.

Knollwood Summer 2023 is going to be a blast!





Whether you're showing at FASH or at the Knollwood Spring Show, enjoy the weekend of horse showing.


See you at the In-gate!







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