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You’ve probably heard us saying it many times, but we love academy showing.

We just returned from the IASPHA  Fall show, and what a show it was. Most of the academy classes had to be split because entries were bigger than the arena could accomodate in one class.

We’ve participated in 10 shows this season, and are off to our final academy show of 2021 on November 19 at Beyond Stable Farm in Woodstock. We’re already looking forward to 2022 when we hope to travel to 12 academy outings.

Here are just a few reasons why we’re big believers in the academy show experience:



Goal Setting and Confidence

Our academy outings range from shows for the least experienced riders to those that showcase our most experienced stars who have been competing for years. Each of our riders has their own goal for each show.

Whether it’s getting correct diagonals or perfecting a difficult pattern,  riders build confidence through working towards and reaching their goals. You just can’t beat the feeling of reaching a personal goal through hard work and teamwork with your horse.


Communication and Problem Solving

Our academy riders learn early that much of riding is communication with their horse.  Showing in a new environment continues the development of the bond between a rider and horse.  Riders may find their horse is distracted by a certain part of the arena, a noise, or even a garbage can.  As each rider figures out these circumstances and helps their horse deal with the distraction, the team gets stronger.




Things don’t always go as planned. They just don’t.

Horses get ill, horses go lame, a loud noise may distract your horse just when you’re starting a pattern, another rider may cut you off - the list goes on and on.

Academy showing teaches riders to accept that we don’t control everything, and to do the best for your horse in any situation.



We value sportsmanship above all, and don’t tolerate those who do not.

Because our sport is a subjective one, and we ask someone to judge a class, we won’t always agree with the results.

We will, however, accept them and move on.


Team Building


Team Knollwood is a tight group.

More experienced riders cheer for our newest members, and serve as show mentors for our maiden riders.



We cheer for each other, take care of the best lesson horses in the world together, and lend a hand whenever it's needed.


Weekends at horse shows build strong friendships which frequently last for a lifetime.  Just ask some of our adult stars!





If you think your Knollwood rider might be interested in joining our academy show team for 2022, please join us for an informational meeting on Saturday, November 13 at 7:00 PM. This initial meeting is for parents only, and we’ll discuss the fine print of showing, including schedules, types of shows we attend, and the costs involved with the process.

Snacks will be provided, of course.

Please sign up in the school barn, or let your rider's instructor know that you’d like to attend. We want to have enough materials ready for everyone.


What’s coming up?

November 10

Woodwear Orders Due

Be sure to get your order in for the latest Knollwood styles!

They make great presents for the Knollwood Kid in your house!



November 21 and 28

Holiday Photo Shoots with Hanna

Sign up here if you’d like to support the Knockouts and get a great holiday photo of your family, your pet, or whatever you’d like to celebrate.

The Knockouts are also selling ornaments for the event!




December 1

Voting Starts for School Horse of the Year

Pay your 2022 Knockout dues and receive a ballot for school horse of the year for 2021.  The winner will be announced at the banquet!



December 11 

Knockouts Holiday Party and Election

Join us at 6:00 PM for our annual scavenger hunt followed by pizza, an optional gift exchange, and election of Knockout officers for 2022.  You won’t want to miss this!



See you soon at the barn or at the in-gate!


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