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Team Knollwood is sad today after faithful Tony crossed the rainbow bridge.


This quarter horse/Morgan cross was as patient as they come, and loved everyone he met. In fact, he usually greeted friends with his patented ‘put put ‘ nicker.


Tony was a classic lesson horse, always doing exactly what he was told. And oh, he enjoyed making his new riders work to get the correct cue.


Tony was as smart as they come. He used tools in the pasture, chasing Mark around with a bucket he held by the handle and smacking him in the butt. He also enjoyed chasing other lesson horses with corn stalks after we disposed of them in the pasture post Halloween.



Tony will be greatly missed by the many sad hearts he leaves behind. The good news is that he was surely greeted by his friends Willy and Dudley.



Peace to you, Tony.

You were well loved.



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