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Last weekend’s academy show offered something for every Knollwood Kid. From our newest leadline riders to our most experienced pattern riders, we can safely say that everyone had a grand time.

Here are some of our favorite stories:


The Knollwood Suite

For the first time ever,  customers were able to bid on a special viewing suite for their day at the show.  The suite offered a covered, screened area with comfy chairs, a cooler of beverages, free raffle tickets, a free photo from Hanna Agathen Photography, and even warm blankets.

Congrats to Jada’s family who enjoyed the suite on Saturday, and to Brae’s family for winning the suite on Sunday. All proceeds went directly to the Knockouts!



Knollwood Kids are known far and wide for their pattern riding ability. Actually, some of us have even been called ‘pattern geeks,’ which we take as a compliment.

Riders' skills were on full display on both Saturday and Sunday as riders of varying levels competed in both walk-trot and walk trot and canter classes.

In addition to the regular pattern classes, we had four riders advance to the Knollwood Challenge Finals, which will be held on Friday, November 13 at 6:00 PM.

Congratulations to all our pattern riders on a job well done.


Memories Captured

Knollwood Kid Hanna captured the show through her camera lens on both days of the show. Hanna knows her way around a show ring, and took some great arena shots as well as candid pics from around the farm.  In fact, most of the pics in this blog are Hanna's. You can view and purchase her pictures here.



Knollwood parents are a special group. Led by super organizer and Knockout President Mom Lisa, parents put together beautiful gift baskets, made lunches for pickup at the show, set up the concession stand, tents for the baskets, erected the suites, and even did some landscaping to make the entrance to the viewing area a little easier.

Our show ring staffs are super heroes as well. Our ringmasters kept order in the ring through wind, rain, and sun, handed out ribbons, ran the gate, and set up victory passes. Announcer Wendy kept everyone well informed and entertained from her tent.


Young Rock Stars

Our youngest walk and trot divisions were the most popular of the show. With three splits of 8 and under walk trot and two splits of maiden riders, these classes were so good they were difficult for Judge Ainsley to sort out.

Our leadline division was so popular that we had to add a walk only division!

The classes showcased our youngest riders, and they all looked fantastic, trotting with their Knollwood Kid mentors.  Our future looks very bright!


Judge Ainsley

Life long Knollwood Kid Ainsley presided over both days of the show, and it required all of her well honed decision making skills. Ainsley pretty much grew up in the show ring, and really enjoyed spending the weekend at her home away from home.


After the regular performance on Saturday, World Champion Rider Ainsley and her World Champion sister Sydney participated in the games division of the show. We had a blast watching these two compete in relay games, ride a $5, and musical towels.

The laughter was contagious!


Amelia’s Skill and Generosity

Speaking of games, 9-year-old Amelia beat the world champions and people with much longer legs to win the Ride a $5 event. Amelia and Pony Frank were not to be denied, and won a total of $70, which they donated back to the Knollwood Knockouts.  Thank you, Amelia!!!


Pony Frank Gives In

Pony Frank has always refused to participate in shows when they were held inside. Maybe he knows something we don’t know, or maybe he’s just being a pony, which is way more likely. In any event, Little Frank participated in the show, and was a perfect gentleman.

No more show weekends off for Pony Frank!


Knollwood Helpers

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: We couldn’t do it without these amazing horse girls. The helpers assisted the mostly self sufficient riders on Saturday, and took care of inexperienced walk and trot riders on Sunday.

Taking care of riders on Sunday means that each helper  changes tack, adjusts stirrups, offers pep talks and encouragement, explains schedules and patterns, locates riders for their classes, and makes sure the right riders enter for the correct classes.

They are organized, knowledgeable, and kind, and we are grateful for each and every one of them.


Best Lesson Horses in the World.


Again, you’ve probably heard us say this a million times, but these are the best lesson horses in the world.

The boys showed in two different arenas in two different climates with many different riders, and they all behaved like little choir boys.

They took care of their riders, challenged some, and looked like they enjoyed the extra attention that horse shows provide for them.

We owe each one of them dinner and a movie after we get through these crazy times.



What’s Coming Up?


Knockouts Street Clean Up and Pumpkin Farm Outing

This Saturday at 1:30 PM

Join your Knockout friends as they clean up Oakwood and Nagawicka Roads. After the clean up, everyone is invited to travel to Schuett Farm where you’ll enjoy pumpkins, a corn maze, and a hay ride. 

The pumpkin farm outing is only $15, parents must provide transportation, and reservations close on Thursday.

Here’s the link to the sign-up.


Mane Event Horse Show

Show horses will be traveling to the Mane Event Horse Show in Springfield, Illinois on October 15-18.  The show features the first of the ‘Big Three’ equitation finals, the Good Hands. It’s also a fantastic horse show in all the other divisions.

Team Knollwood will be there in numbers, and you can watch the livestream for free on the SeeHorse Video!



One Last Academy Show!

The IASPHA Show on October 24-25 is a huge academy show for us, with 12 horses traveling to Beyond Stable Farm in Woodstock, Illinois.

Our last show of the season is The Holly Jolly show, which is being held December 5-6 also in Woodstock.

Please get your entries in soon so we can start planning for another big outing!


Knollwood Challenge Finals

Because of the COVID-19 situation, we’re not holding an indoor fall show. We WILL host the finals of the Knollwood Challenge, however, on Friday, November 13.  We’ll offer one more qualifying class for both WTC and WT divisions, and proceed with the finals immediately after.

Judge Terri Anne Ullman from Winsome Farm will preside over the finals.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 restrictions will apply, and we’re limiting the event to riders and their families only. Those interested in seeing the event can watch on Facebook Live.


Woodwear is Coming!


We’re putting the finishing touches on our Woodwear for holiday giving. Samples will be arriving shortly, and we’ll start ordering right away.

And yes, we’re ordering our classic navy jackets again! We’ve added #KnollwoodStrong down one sleeve for this year’s edition, too.


See you at the barn, or at the in-gate!



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