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Team Knollwood’s horses are resting up in Springfield, Illinois, waiting for the 2020 Mane Event to begin. Held in one of the most beautiful arenas for horse showing in the country, the show is a favorite of trainers and exhibitors alike.

Plus, it’s home to the first of the ‘Big Three’ equitation finals, The Good Hands.

And, you can catch all the action here, on SeeHorse Video, for FREE! If you’re really a show geek, and you know who you are, you can even review entries here.


This year’s Good Hands competition promises to be one for the ages. Seventeen of the nation’s top equitation stars are entered and all are coached by the best in the business. This competition is crazy deep.

Knollwood is proud to be well represented by (in alphabetical order) Finn, Heather, Laney, Payton, and Richie.


Preliminary rounds will be held Friday morning at 9:30 AM. Riders who make it through phase I will return to the arena Saturday evening at 6:00 PM for railwork and a pattern for phase II. The top 10 and awards ceremony will take place immediately after phase II.


There’s even an adult division, and Knollwood’s own Allison will be competing for the final. A juvenile equitation star back in the day, Allison is back in the division on her animated mare, Ava.


Mane Event is so much more than just the Good Hands finals though. The four day show features fantastic show horses and ponies in all divisions, and Team Knollwood will be in the thick of it.

Margit will continue her exciting inaugural suit year, showing Robert in the 3 gaited show pleasure division, and the one and only Charlie in 5 Gaited Show Pleasure.

Allison’s mom Kim will be showing Maddie in Country Pleasure, and Alison will show her new horse, Joe, in 3 Gaited Show Pleasure.

The Honkamp family will be there with both Rudi in the Hunt classes and Hershey in the 3 Gaited Show Pleasure ones.

Linda will be showing Parker in the amateur 5 Gaited division, and Richie will show Fergie in Show Pleasure as well.


In the Cinderella story of the year, Payton and Rescue Riddle will continue their adventure together, too!

Best of luck to everyone showing at this wonderful show!


Meanwhile, at the Home Office…


The school barn refreshing has begun. Frank of Molett Painting LLC has started painting in the lounge for color testing. We’re looking forward to some great changes!!


The lesson horses and a few show horses are heading to the last IASPHA show of the year next weekend. Nineteen academy stars will compete at Beyond Stable farm against other academy riders from around the Midwest, and it’s a SELL OUT! We can hardly wait.


The 2020 Knollwood Challenge Finals are coming up on Friday, November 13 at 6:00 PM, with Terri Anne Ullman judging the affair. We’ll host a qualifying class for both the walk and trot division and the walk, trot, and canter division before the two final classes.

Haven’t qualified yet? Sign up with your instructor for a qualifying class for only $40. If you finish first or second, you’re in the finals with a chance to win a custom shirt from DeRegnaucourt!

Riders already qualified for the final, don’t forget to pay your entry fee of $45.

Due to Covid, we’re limiting the audience for the evening to riders and their parents. If there’s enough interest, we’ll Facebook Live the finals.


We’re heading to Beyond Stable Farm for our last academy show of the crazy 2020 season on December 5-6. The show is expected to be another sell out, like the IASPHA show next weekend, so we’ll be turning in stall counts soon. If you’re planning on joining the adventure, please be sure to get your entry form and deposit in now to be included in our count!



See you soon at the barn, or at the in-gate!


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