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Team Knollwood is heading off to our first show of 2022 this weekend when a full trailer of show and academy horses is heading to the IASPHA Spring Show at Beyond Stable Farm.

We're excited to have two former academy stars making their show horse debuts this weekend.  Amelia will be showing Eva, officially known as Castle Booty,

and Alexa will be showing Aaron, officially known as Seven Oaks Heir Man as well. What a treat to see these riders take all the lessons they've learned with the academy horses and move into the show horse world.





We are so fortunate to be able to spend time with these amazing animals and our barn friends.  Many, many people would love to be able to ride and participate in the horse world, and we actually get to live our dreams and learn life lessons in the process.


One of those is that each of us is on our own journey in the horse world. Your progress and path are your own. And so is everybody else’s.

Some people will seem to progress really fast, and some may seem to be happy riding certain horses and going to certain shows. And that’s perfect.

Each horse person is in control of their own journey. Talking about other people’s progress, or wanting to progress as fast as someone else or ride the perceived ‘better horses’ only hinders progress. Comparing one's path to another's can take the joy out of this beautiful process of growing with horses.

There is a saying, ‘Sit with the winners, the conversation is different.’ Winners don’t compare horses, ribbons, or talk about others. Winners support other competitors, work with their coaches to improve their skills, and live in the now.

Life has been challenging the past few years. Now is the time to lift up our fellow horse people, to cherish the time we have with these unbelievable horses who make our lives fabulous, compliment our fellow competitors, and enjoy all the moments that make memories which last a lifetime.

Let's be grateful for out friends, families, and horses we get to spend our time with.


What Else is Coming Up?



Entries are complete for the Spring Knollwood Show, and horse assignments and an updated schedule will be available soon. Now that all the entries are in, we’ll be able to pinpoint schedule times, as well.

It’s going to be a great show, with loads of competitors. It has become a three-day show, with pattern classes and Knollwood Challenge qualifiers moved to Friday evening.


Would you or your business like to help sponsor the concession stand? The Knockouts are offering bronze sponsorships for $125, silver sponsorships for $250, and gold level for $375. These donations will go toward food purchases for the concession stand to increase profit going to the club.  Please talk to Ann if you might be interested.




Olympics 2022 are coming!

The 10th Annual!

Our food drive for the Food Pantry of Waukesha County is starting on May 1. You’ll see barrels from the pantry in which to place your food kits.

Talk to your neighbors, family, and friends for donations to help Knollwood support neighbors in need. If you gather five food kits, you earn the right to compete on an Olympic team on May 21.

If people would rather donate money, they can make out a check to the Food Pantry of Waukesha County. Each donation of $15 equals one food kit, so a donation of $75 would be enough to join an Olympic team.


We then divide all the donors into Olympic teams, and new this year we’ll even out the teams by age. And, we’ll name the teams after school horses!

Everyone is welcome to participate in our event, from our smallest tiny tots to our adult riders.

While we’re not finished planning the events for 2022, we know that teams will be competing in:

Blind Buggy

Blanket Race

Helmet Toss

Relay of our creation

A new event created for 2022


We hope every Knollwood Kid helps our neighbors in need with donations to the food pantry, and then has the opportunity to participate in the Olympics.

We’re happy to announce that the post Olympic picnic is back, too! After the final event, we’ll gather to enjoy a cookout with all the participants. Each team will be assigned to contribute a part of the feast.



The Knockouts are excited to be hosting a new charitable event this year. Saturday, June 11 brings our Walk for LifeStriders in memory of Knollwood Kid Libby who passed away earlier this year. Her parents asked that memorials be made to the therapeutic riding center where Libby donated her time and talent.

Team Knollwood will be raising pledges for LifeStriders, and will walk the bridle path at 10:00 AM on June 11. Please save the date to help us honor Libby’s memory and to help a wonderful charity.



See you soon at the barn, or at the in-gate!



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