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Team Knollwood is back from our first horse show, and what a time we had!

We made some great memories, and have stories to share!



Alexa and Amelia moved up to the show horse world!

Both of these ladies have been working their way through our academy program over the past few years, and have competed against the best academy riders in the Midwest.  They’ve both made the jump to the show horse world by leasing horses for the season.

Alexa’s family has leased Aaron, officially known as Seven Oaks Heir Man, for Alexa to compete with in the pleasure equitation division.  Aaron is owned by the Lonchar family, and has carried Laney to multiple championships over the past couple of seasons.

Alexa looks relaxed and comfortable in the ring, and showed in her beautiful suit as if she’d been doing it for years. She and Aaron finished their first show with a pair of second place ribbons to show. They’re going to be a great pair to watch.


Amelia’s family has leased Eva, officially known as Castle Booty for for her to show in the pleasure equitation division. Eva is owned by Allison Schuh, and has been competing with Eva in adult equitation after a successful career in the junior exhibitor world.



Amelia and Eva looked like they absolutely belonged in the show ring together as they navigated a ten horse class for their debut. After picking up a good 7th, Amelia and Eva rode up to a third place in their championship. These two are going to make a great team!



Jane and Willis hit their stride

Few people are more dedicated to the American Saddlebred than Jane, and she found a wonderful show ring partner in Willis.  Officially known as Garden of Roses, Jane and Willis hit the ring at IASPHA and never looked back, winning both their qualifier and championship in the single bit division.

The smile on Jane’s face, and Willis’ expressive face say it all.


Payton was a horse in a former life.

Payton and her family have invested lots of time and money into rescuing Saddlebreds who have fallen into difficult situations.  They rescued a horse later known as Riddle who has become an amazing equitation horse, and their latest project horse, Thaylee, made her debut at IASPHA.

Officially known as Choo Choo Dakota, she and Payton entered the ring to a class of ten horses for Thaylee’s first class. Payton worked her magic, and navigated the rookie through traffic, and came out with an amazing third place ribbon.

To top it off, Payton guided Thaylee to a first place ribbon in the championship!

We thank the Duerr’s for their dedication to saving these animals who fall through the cracks. They spend lots of time and money helping them find jobs in the world. Thanks as well to the Knollwood training team who helped Thaylee figure out who she could be.

Payton wasn’t done.

Since Payton lives in Colorado, her new equitation horse Gigi was at the show for lessons with her. Payton and Scott made the decision to enter the new team into the UPHA Challenge Cup qualifier on Sunday morning.

They were a sight.

If this is how good they look at their first show, just imagine how they’ll look after a little more time together!


Academy Stars!

Our academy riders had a marvelous weekend in some really nice competitions.

Saturday showcased our three grown ups and four 17 and under walk,  trot, and canter riders. We learned plenty of lessons at the first show, had lots of fun, and even earned some pretty ribbons for our efforts.

Our five walk and trot Sunday riders were fabulous as well, and we’re happy to report that Nacho, officially known as ‘Trust Fund Blues,’ competed in his first all academy show like a champ. He even won his first ever pattern class.

Oh, and he was reserve in the Single Bit championship with Mary, too!

Great thanks to Maddie and Scott for guiding him through his big debut!


What’s coming up?


Food Drive

May 1-21

Knollwood’s 10th annual food drive benefitting the Food Pantry of Waukesha County starts on May 1, and runs through May 21, when we host the Knollwood Olympics.

Food barrels will be up and ready for your donations starting on May 1. Each Knollwood Kid who donates a minimum of five food kits can join an Olympic team and compete in ‘games of skill’ with their friends, and join us for a cookout afterwards.


FASH Spring Show

May 5-8

Minnesota State Fairgrounds

Team Knollwood’s show stars are off to St. Paul for a great show. The grounds are beautiful, the hospitality is top notch, and the competition is pretty great, too.



Knollwood Spring Show

May 13-15

Horses are assigned, the judge is super excited, and we’re ready to go!

Join us for the Knollwood spring show starting on Friday night, May 13 at 6:30 PM.

Walk trot and canter riders and our 11 and over WT riders will show on Saturday, while our leadliners, 10 and under, and maiden walk trot riders will compete on Sunday.

We’ll be looking for volunteers to help with set up and running of the show, so stay tuned!



Knollwood Olympics

May 21

Be sure to get your five food kits in so you can compete in the Knollwood Olympics. If you or your friends would rather not shop for five kits, donations to the Food Pantry of Waukesha County are accepted as well. $15 equals one food kit, so a donation of $75 cash or a check made out to the pantry is the same as five kits.

You won’t want to miss this!



Madison Classic Horse Show

May 26-29

New Holland Pavillions, Madison

Show and academy horses will be making their way to Madison for a wonderful local show. It’s a short drive from the barn, so be sure to come check it out!


See you at the barn, or at the in-gate!








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