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Greetings to all of you schooling at home.

Some of the lesson horses have been taking their studies very seriously.  For instance, Fred is determined to study the science and benefits of sleep. Here he is, sharing what he's learned with others.

The other horses haven’t shown as much progress in their selected fields of study, so we decided to start with some mandatory subjects that all the boys can take part in.

Personal Hygiene


It’s shedding season, and the boys all want to look their best when their riders return.  There has been MUCH currying and brushing around here the last month.  Spring coats are coming in sleek and shiny. Eddie is so shiny you almost need sunglasses to look at him!



We know that some of the horses can read.  Klem has posted a sign outside his door, and is asking all his horse friends to tell him what is says.  So far, no one but Klem has read it correctly. We’re working hard on our alphabet at the moment.


Playing Well With Others

Everyone needs to learn to play well with others, especially those who may be a little different than you. 

Enter instructor Richmond.

He enjoys riding horses, after he introduces himself to his mount for the session. So far, only Sadie has gotten tired of his act. Her trick? She grabs her coat, AKA Richmond’s saddle, and gives it a good shake.


Phy Ed

This unusual schedule is tough on all of us, even the best lesson horses in the world.  The boys have found that physical exercise is very important, even if they’re not teaching lessons to people. Somedays, the boys run in for their food, and others they play with each other in the pasture.

Please note that Mark is going so fast he's blurry!


Nap Time

Stress of this new temporary schedule is often relieved by naps. The horses have called on Professor Fred to help them get their Z’s in the pasture.  Thomas is apparently the teacher’s star pupil.

We hope you’re learning as much at home as the school horses are.  Please feel free to pass on any advice you think will help them get ahead.


Other Happenings:

Great thanks to everyone who has donated to the lesson horse unemployment fund. 

If you’d like to join the movement, you can send checks to:

Merton Feed

N71 S28312 Mill Street

Merton, WI 53056


You can also call them at 262 – 538- 1250 to make a donation with your credit card.


 Please be sure to tell them that you’d like to help the Knollwood lesson horses.

And besides, you never which Knollwood friend you'll meet there!

And, they have the best chicks.  Just ask Brenda who's picking up her 5 new family members on Friday.



Mary is auctioning one of her artworks for the school horses as well. The current high bid is $400, and if you’d like to up the ante, please contact her at her FB page.




Are you looking forward to riding again as much as we are looking forward to seeing you? 


Please consider purchasing one of our #Knollwoodstrong tees to wear to all the summer activities we have planned. We’d love for everyone to wear them to show your support for the best lesson horses in the world.

Plus, we’d like to look like a wall of orange at horse shows this summer and fall. They’re only $25, are made out of great athletic fabric, and are perfect for riding in the summer months.

You can buy your shirt here.




We’re going with the flow about scheduling. Some horse shows have cancelled, and some are looking to reschedule, so stay tuned for all our updates.  We’re open to moving the Knollwood Summer show further back in the summer so that we can all enjoy our annual tradition.

Most importantly, we can't wait to start lessons and camps as soon as it's safe to do so. As always, we follow the guidance of the CDC for everyone's safety.


It looks like Saturday is going to be a beautiful spring day, so we’re planning on doing some FB live broadcasting from the big outdoor arena, and from the pasture.  Plus, Parker is cooking up a LIVE version of her hit game, ‘Knollwood’s Separated at Birth.’ We’ll update with times, and please send us any questions you may have, or about suggested pairings for the game.

We miss you.

The horses miss you.

We can't wait to see you in person!








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