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Hey Fam,

This upcoming circuit should really get your heart rate up and your core on fire.  These reps will be timed, like last week!  So this circuit is best performed one rep/exercise and then do the whole circuit 3-5 times.  If you're combining with previous circuits, just do 3 rounds.  If a stand alone workout, do closer to 5. For a real challenge, start your times out higher and lower them as you go through the circuit, for example: 60 seconds work, 30 rest, 40 seconds work, 20 rest, 30 seconds work, 10 rest. Make sure to focus on form over speed, but push yourself to the limit on reps, while maintaining that good form.


Exercise 1 - Squat Jump Switches - 30 seconds, 10 rest

Much like the traditional squat jump we've seen in our previous circuits, squat down into your hips and power up into a jump with your hands over head.  This time however, you're going to swap directions to face the other way each time you jump.  Focus on turning with your obliques as you jump!


Exercise 2 - Switch Kicks - 30 seconds, 10 rest

Laying on your back, with your arms by your sides, raise your head, upper back and arms off the ground and begin to kick your legs as if you were swimming.  Focus on pressing your lower back into the ground as you contract your lower ribs.

Exercise 3 - Ski Jumps - 30 seconds, 10 rest

Similar to a squat jump, this is a side to side jump so rather than having your legs hips width apart, your feet should be relatively close as if you were speeding down the luxurious ski hills of Aspen. Make sure you land softly and stay on the balls of your feet.

Exercise 4 - Plank shoulder raises - 30 Seconds, 10 rest

In a high plank position begin alternation arm raises working exclusively from your shoulder.  Be sure to focus on keeping your hips steady as you lift one hand off of the ground, and really squeezing those shoulder muscles at the top of their movement.  If you need extra stability you can widen the stance of your feet!

Exercise 5 - Flat Out Burpee - 30 seconds, 10 rest

The only difference between this burpee and a regular one is that instead of just doing a pushup, you will lower your body entirely onto the ground (chest to the floor, belly on the ground) and push up from there before jumping your feet to meet your hands, and jumping up into the air.  It's a real doozy guys!


Exercise 6 - Side Plank Crunches - 30 Seconds, 10 rest each side

In a side plank position, raise your top arm over your head and drive your top arm and leg together for a side crunch all the while maintaining your side plank with hips lifted to the sky!  Repeat this movement on the other side after a moment of rest.


As always make sure you cool down and stretch after any workout.  


Stay healthy everyone!


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