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Team Knollwood enjoyed a glorious fall weekend at the Wisconsin Futurity Horse Festival last weekend. With everything from weanlings to performance classes to the state championships of the academy division, it was a weekend full of great performances, great friendships, and great fun. Here are a few of our favorite stories from Wisconsin State Fair Park!


Gabby and Charlie, officially known as Ken Follett, continued their wonderful year of competition in the 5 gaited show pleasure division.  With wins in both their qualifier and championship, these 2 are having a blast, and are quickly becoming the standard of excellence in the competitive division. Best of all, they’re having a great time!

Speaking of having a great time, Susan and Geronimo came to the show and enjoyed every minute of it.  This grand gelding and Susan enjoy every class they enter.


Maria made her debut on Belles a Poppin at Futurity, and turned in beautiful rides with this game mare. This new team was consistent, and even rode to a reserve championship in their final class!



Amanda and Emma represented Knollwood in the equitation divisions, and did us proud.  Emma and Fergie won their UPHA Challenge Cup qualifier and were reserve in the Good Hands class while Amanda and Pixie were reserve in the equitation championship on Sunday.


Our weanling Robin, now officially known as Day Dream Dancer, showed for the first time in the Limited Breeder’s Stake, and finished 6th in a strong field of 17.  She made her debut with Sue and Carol, and the ‘girl power team’ looked great in a ring full of very pretty weanlings.


The Academy division was a big one at Futurity, and Team Knollwood came ready to compete. With 16 riders and 10 horses, we were in the thick of the competition.

Our star-studded support team makes it possible for so many of our stars to compete at a show like this.Our equitation rockstars that weren't showing at Futurity got up really early to mentor our academy competitors.  Did you know that our dream team of Haley, Hanna and Heather has won a total of 10 national or reserve titles? These three grew up as Knollwood Kids and like to give back to the up and comers. They prep horses, warm up horses, and support the riders with their knowledge and experiences. We couldn’t do it without them, and we appreciate all their help.

Sue and Laura were also in the aisle at 6:30 to put 16 buns in to make sure riders looked fabulous. After walking the wonderful patterns created by Judge Cates, Team Knollwood was ready to compete.

This final big ‘A’ academy show of the season gives us all a chance to reflect on the progress of our riders. We can safely say that each competitor has made terrific progress since the spring shows. Riders are showing horses who are a little more creative in the ring, or who are stronger in show situations. Several riders were showing at their first BIG show in front of a three judge panel, and absolutely looked like they belonged there.

The championship workouts to determine the state champions were challenging, and were appropriate for the strong academy riders competing for the titles. Call judge Cates asked all competitors to perform the additional work so they could have the experience of working individually in the beautiful, big coliseum. And the work? It was impressive!

We are so proud of our riders and the progress they’ve made over the past season. Our standouts of the day?

Emma was showing at her first big show, and was showing the one and only Baxter for the first time. This team was impressive and gained confidence with each ride. What a way Emma has come from the early spring shows! We couldn’t be happier, and it looks like neither could Baxter!

Mia and Murphy have learned so much from each other since their debut in the same arena at the ASAW Summerfun. These 2 have become a team, and they looked like they’ve known been doing this forever. Mia was named the state champion in 10 and Under Walk Trot Equitation for the second year in a row.


Zada and Panic were a sight to behold in their championship, and got better as the class progressed. And their workout, which was a variation of this year’s senior Louisville workout? They nailed it to be named state champions of Walk, Trot, and Canter Equitation. Erika and Alex were reserve in their debut together, and Syd was third on Eddie.

We’re so proud of our 16 competitors, and of the lessons we learned at Futurity.  With two more academy shows this season, we’re ready to finish strong and to keep having fun.


What’s next?

The show horses left Monday morning for St Louis where they’re competing at one of our favorite shows. Ainsley, Heather, and Haley are competing for 2 Pleasure Equitation Finals, and our show horses are competing against some of the best in the country. You can watch all the events live at www.SeeHorsevideo.com.

The Knockouts will be cleaning up Oakwood and Nagawicka Roads at 1:00 on Saturday and will hold a club meeting at 2:30 in the lounge.


The Knollwood Fall show in coming up fast on November 10 and 11th. This show features the Helper Basket Challenge, and the donation sheets are going up on Thursday. Help support your favorite helpers with a donation to their cause. The winning helper team will earn a pizza party from the Knockouts!



See you at the barn, or at the in-gate!








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