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Has it been a year already?

Team Knollwood has enjoyed many, outstanding adventures in 2022.  Here, in no particular order, are ten of our favorites.


Hazel Dominates the World

Hazel Belle Boxer Matton makes friends wherever she goes. Whether she’s in the lounge sitting on customers laps or in the middle of the arena enjoying layer upon layer of coolers on the bench, Hazel has made friends of everyone at 2800. One of her favorite home activities is to take Tori for runs on the bridle path.

When Hazel hits the road for horse shows, her circle of friends expands dramatically. She has dog and human friends everywhere she goes. Whether she’s leaning into someone who had a tough day or sitting on Jane’s lap at a horse show, Hazel make’s everyone’s day better.


Klem to the Rescue

So, we were just minding our own business at the IASPHA fall show when a horse got loose and headed for the hay field way beyond the barn.

Enter fast thinking Lin who jumped on Klem with just a halter and leadropes to try to bring the running horse back to civilization.

Of course, Klem’s sense of humor entered the picture when he refused to canter, and just wanted to TROT  REALLY FAST through the fields.

The sight of Klem and Lin made the running horse curious, and he came over to them so someone could catch him.

It’s all in a day’s work for Lin and Klem.


Louisville 2022

Scott, Carol, and the Knollwood equitation riders worked and worked getting ready for Louisville, and it showed.

Payton won a World Championships in her senior age groups on a new horse.

First year out of academy super woman Brooklyn won her qualifier her first time ever in Freedom Hall on her beautiful Gamora.

Hard work and dedication work.


Richmond Is Obnoxious, and We Love Him

Thanks to Richmond’s primary care vet Rachel, everyone’s favorite yellow and white cat didn’t lose too many lives this year.

He DID have some near misses in the arena, forced numerous people into getting out the BIG ladder to rescue him from his perch, and tried to celebrate 2023 early by knocking someone’s gift of champagne off the school barn counter to its death on the floor.



Academy Show Adventures

So, last year, we traveled to eleven out of barn shows. Over the season, 118 horse/rider combinations entered shows, for an approximate 472 trips into the ring.

From our newest riders making their debuts to our seasoned academy stars riding at the top level of the division, we learned many, many lessons, and made many, many memories on our adventures.


New Horses for Payton, Richie, and Tori

Three Knollwood Kids welcomed new members to their family this season.

Payton made big waves with beautiful Isn’t She Something, known to all as Gigi. She and Payton are soulmates with big hearts and personalities.

They started their partnership with a bang, winning their age group at Louisville, and were National Champions in the ASHA National Championship of Pleasure Equitation.

Just imagine what’s coming up for next year!


Richie and his new partner Reedann’s Dark Mystery, known around the barn as Doc made a splash in their debut as well by winning their age group at the Kansas City Royal.

Doc is spending his off season learning the ways of an equitation horse with Scott, Carol, and Richie. We can only imagine where this team is going in 2023.


Tori had a dream season with her new Country Pleasure horse, Stella’s Stilettos. From the very start, it was obvious that these two were loving each other.

Stella and Tori have learned from each other all season, enjoyed each other’s company, and earned some really great ribbons along the way.


Knollwood Shows Keep Growing

Our three in-barn shows got even bigger this year as we moved to a three day format. Our pattern class offerings have grown so much that they need their own Friday night performance.

With a full day of walk, trot and canter, 11 and over walk trot, and premier walk trot  classes on Saturday, and leadline, 10 and under and Maiden walk trot classes on Sunday, we had a ball.

We cannot possibly offer enough thanks to the parent crew who run the concession stand and all that goes around it, who run the show office throughout the weekend, and who cheer for all the riders.

Our personal assistants are the heart of the barn on these action packed weekends, and the lesson horses? They’re simply the best.

We can hardly wait for the Spring show on May 12-14!


We Have 2 Hafflingers!

Jelly is the man. He likes working with the wee riders, and is happy to carry adults and even play at pattern camp. We just love him.

When Carol saw another of his kind become available, he quickly came to Knollwood. Bilbo is a wonderful gent, and started working as soon as he passed his Knollwood tests. He’s enjoying life while living next to Jelly.


A Big Year for New Show Riders

Team Knollwood had four riders ‘graduate’ from our academy program to the show horse world.

Alexa jumped into the senior pleasure equitation division aboard Aaron, officially known as Seven Oaks Heir Man. She enjoyed a wonderful first season, winning the Pleasure Equitation Championship at Futurity, and the Medal qualifier at Mane Event.


Amelia, Brooklyn, and Maiya moved up to the Junior Pleasure Equitation division this year.

Ameilia leased Eva, officially known as Castle Booty for the season. She hit the ground running, and even finished as the reserve champion in the Junior Championship at Lexington. In her first year.

Brooklyn’s family purchased the beautiful Gamora, and she quickly became a real partner to Brooklyn. Both teammates are incredibly smart, and while Gamora was learning patterns, Brooklyn was learning the ways of a show horse.

These two put together a dream first season, winning their qualifiers at Louisville and Kansas City, and being named Reserve National Champions at the Royal.

Maiya leased Riddle, officially known as Who’s on First for the season. These two shone in the show ring, and even finished reserve champs in the Junior Equitation Championship at Midwest!


The Knollwood Knockouts Give Back. A Lot.

Under the leadership of Emma and Hanna, the Knockouts had a banner year of events and community service.

Their Food Drive for the Food Pantry of Waukesha County brought in more than 1000 pounds of food for families in need.

When paired with the Knollwood Olympics, it became a real celebration of the club.


The club hosted a walk to benefit Life Striders in memory of Knockout member Libby. They raised more than $1500 for Life Striders and enjoyed a beautiful day walking the bridle path.


July brought the annual car wash and brat bash at Piggly Wiggly in Hartland. Teams of Knockout members and their parents washed cards, grilled brats and burgers, and served up delicious food. The club raised more than $1500 in one day.


For the holidays, the Knockouts adopted two families who needed help bringing the season into their homes. The group met to wrap many, many gifts, and Knockout officers delivered the presents to the families in need.

In addition, the Knockouts sponsor classes at horse shows throughout the year, and sponsor the ice cream social at the ASAW Summerfun Show.

We’re proud of all that the Knollwood Knockouts give back to their local community and to the horse industry.




These are 10 top memories from 2022.

What are yours???





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January 28 Scott's lesson 

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February 11 Academy Demo Meeting

February 18 Knockout Banquet

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April 15-16  IASPHA Spring Show






See you soon at the barn!!





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