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Editor's Note:

Here's the first in a series of voter education articles written by some of the most literate lesson horses in the barn, and in the world, for that matter. Look for future articles during the election which runs through December.

Hi Everyone, Klem here.


The polls opened this morning for the big 2021 School Horse of the Year election, and I’d like to weigh in with my opinions about the race.

Here are my top 5 choices for the election:


Big Frank

I know many of you are thinking, Big Frank? What makes him so special?

Lessons, people, lessons.  Large Frank gives a lot of lessons, and does it really matter if he remembers any of them? At least he can remember where his stall is every day, unlike a horse to be named later in this editorial.

Big Frank, officially known in the saddlebred registry as It’s My Kinda Town, is always happy to teach lessons, especially if he’s the first one out of a stall. He’s always pleasant, unless it’s a blow dryer your’re talking about.

I think he deserves your consideration.







Little Frank

So you’re probably thinking I picked Pony Frank next because it makes logical sense after Large Frank. It does, but I didn’t.

I picked Pony Frank because he’s one of Knollwood’s only ponies. We actually have another, but Honey Bee hasn’t been here long enough to be considered for this coveted award.

‘Lil Frank enjoys teaching Tiny Tots, and challenging young advanced beginner riders.  He REALLY enjoys games with the more experienced Knollwood Kids, and pretending he doesn’t know where his stall is and running down to eat some of Fred’s food before he meanders to his real stall where there are a few handfuls of pony food.

And he’s still fat.





OK, I admit I picked Thomas next because HE’S the one who cannot find his own stall.  Heck, some days he can’t even decide if he should turn left to the school barn or right to the arena. Just not interested in the details of everyday life.

However, this grand gelding can do it all. He’s been to way more academy shows this year than I have, and he even went to the UPHA National Championship American Royal Horse Show where he taught lessons to all the show riders.

Thomas can do any pattern you ask of him, even if he can’t find his way to his very own stall. He’s smooth, handsome, and has become a favorite of everyone who’s ridden him.  FYI, if you want to Google his background, his legal name is Fort Chiswell’s Aristocrat.




What about me? A vote for Klem is a vote for handsome, sausage shaped Morgans everywhere.

I love my job, and mostly I love all the trainable Knollwood Kids who bring me treats. I love going to shows, I love teaching kids how to canter (on my left lead) and I love challenging more advanced riders about my right lead.

And did I mention that I greet everyone who walks past my door? And that I roll everytime you take off my clothes? Or that I can park out further than possibly any other horse on the planet? Did I mention that I’m handsome? Oh wait, I did.

Vote for ME!





Actually, I have to admit that Baxter is the front runner.

His Mama, Lady Luck, was a World Champion, as was his Daddy, Heir to Champagne.  He comes from a great family.

Legally known as A Champagne Toast, Baxter will be whatever you need him to be. Need a show horse for an 8 year old walk trot rider, he’s your man.  Need a horse to challenge a more advanced rider about patterns? He’s happy to do that as well.

Baxter confided to me that he often feels more like a human than a horse.  I think that’s why we get along so well.  We gravitate towards the people in center ring, especially our favorite ones who give us the treats we so greatly deserve.

Baxter has been a starting point for Knollwood’s last two Triple Crown winners, Nick Maupin, and Haley Berget. He’s educated many, many other star riders, including Ainsley, Margit, Heather, and Richie to name a few.

He’s beautiful, he's smart, and he's kind.

Vote for Baxter for me.




And remember, Richmond is on the job as poll watcher.  He sees all.



What’s coming up?


Through December 31

Just pay your 2022 Knockout dues to receive your ballot to vote for School Horse of the Year.  The winner will be announced at the banquet!



Gift Certificates are 10% Off!

Through December 31

It’s the perfect gift for the Knollwood Kid in your house. All purchases made through December 31 are eligible for 10% off using promo code ‘holiday2022.’

All purchases will be added to your rider’s account, and used for their Knollwood adventures.

As always, you receive a 10% discount off the regular price when you pay for six months of lessons at once, whether you do so now or any other time during the year.




Enrollment Update Meetings

For riders participating in our academy show program, your instructor will be meeting with you to plan your enrollment changes for 2022. The 2022 schedule is on our website, and it’s time to start planning our adventures!

New for 2022, we’re including shows in your monthly enrollments to make everyone’s lives easier!



Holiday Closures

Team Knollwood will enjoy some holiday days off, so we will not be holding lessons on December 24, 25, 31, or January 1.  All missed lessons will be credited to your account.



See you at the barn, and at the polls! 


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