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Hello Knollwoodians!

Sparky here.


As the current School Horse of the Year, and the wisest of the best lesson horses in the world, it’s my turn to share my opinions for this year’s election.


Yes, you read that right.

Unlike my coworker Klem, I don’t want your vote. A vote for me is a vote wasted, because one can only be honored with this coveted title once in a lifetime. So, if you vote for me, it’s like not voting at all.

Here are my picks:





Hugo, legally known as Hawaiian Cat, is my next door neighbor. You may not know that he usually runs into my stall when he comes in to steal some of my food.  I forgive him.

He’s great at trotting really slowly, napping, and taking great care of small riders who are learning their lessons well. He loves low key lessons, stopping in corners while going the first way, and introducing Knollwood kids to riding a horse with a neck in front of them. He introduces many of our kids to  Saddlebred friendliness, smoothness,  attitude and intelligence.

And, he poops in Picasso’s stall - every.single.day.





Honey Bee

I’d like you to vote for Honey Bee, but she really hasn’t met the residency requirements. She IS working her way into the hearts of the hard riding Knollwood Kids who are enjoying teaching her patterns and the fun of group lessons. She’s an up and comer. And she’s a girl.





Officially known as Dekscalibur, Dexter is a classic. He’s SO handsome, knows all his patterns, and loves going to academy shows.

Dexter introduces new academy stars to a cooperative show ring partner who has been there and done that. Actually, he’s been helping riders reach for the big time for years.

Oh, and he likes to act crabby in his stall until you open the door, when his ears immediately come up as he welcomes you.





Known in the show ring as Mr. Rogers, Fred is a mainstay of our lesson program, and my right hand man.

He’s big, he’s brown, and he’s the perfect energy conserver. Unless he’s playing games at pattern camp when he refuses to abide by the trot-only rule.

Seriously, he’s a grand gentleman, trots a mean serpentine, and will do anything for a mint. As long as it’s not a poofy mint. It must crunch in his mouth.





Known in the Saddlebred registry as Keep the Change, Sir, Leon has quickly made himself a favorite in the barn.

Not content to be just beautiful on the outside, he’s also beautiful on the inside. Leon likes his small riders, and his specialties are teaching them to be convincing about steering, and introducing rookie canterers to the smoothest canter ever.

Plus, he has the biggest, brownest eyes in the barn. Except for mine.





You know he’s officially known as A Champagne Toast, and that both of his parents were world champions. But did you know that he lives in the corner office, can sniff out a peppermint from a million miles away, and that his first nickname was ‘Hellion?’

It seems that when he was a yearling, he learned how to open the latches on his pasture gate, and would let himself and ALL his friends out of the pasture and into the world.

He’s still pretty good at loosening tongue ties and licking hands that might perhaps contain mints.

He’s one in a million, and if I could vote, I’d cast mine for him.



Great thanks to all our friends who donated to the Knockout holiday adoption project.  Thanks to your kindness, four local families are enjoying a more festive season.

And thanks to the Knollwood Kids who came to wrap presents last Saturday night!



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We’re closed for the holidays on December 24, 25 and 31, and January 1.  All lessons will be credited to your account.






See you at the barn!



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