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My name is Big Frank, and it’s my turn to speak.

From what I can tell, Knollwood is a Saddlebred barn. Even I know that much.

And yet, none of the school horses of the year have been Saddlebreds. Better not let the Saddlebred Association hear about that!


I’m speaking up for my fellow members of the ASHBA!

Yes, believe it or not, I’m registered as ‘It’s My Kinda Town, and my membership # is 117994G.


My picks for horse of the year are:


Hula Hooper

Membership # 112238G

Hooper is THE pattern master and  wonderful cantering teacher to the up and coming Knollwood Kids. He pretty much wrote the UPHA Pattern book, and is proud of it. I’ve heard a rumor that he makes the box stall horses practice patterns during their outdoor recess periods.

He IS a little quirky, though. He refuses to wear clothes that go on over his head.




Captain Kaos

Membership # 111766G

Cashew is just grand, like a fancy peanut. He LOVES going to shows, and he loves teaching riders about rhythm at the canter.

He also enjoys his hay wet, and will do almost anything for a mint.



Duke’s Winged Medallion

Membership # 104637G

What is there to recommend Duke?

He’s fluffy, he’s never in a hurry, and he sweats. A lot.

His slow, lofty trot encourages the smallest Knollwood Kid to learn posting quickly.

He’s very photogenic.

He loves small children. They don’t weigh much!



Fort Chiswell’s Aristocrat

Membership # 119103G

Thomas is relatively new to Knollwood, and has become a fast favorite.

He’s big and handsome, and has lots of energy, kind of like myself. He does, however, remember how many lessons he’s done in a day.

Thomas loves going to shows with the ‘A’ riders for his vacations when he gives a few lessons and gets to enjoy a big show horse box stall for a week.

To this day, Thomas has no idea which stall is his, or even which way to turn when he comes in from the pasture. He never sweats the small stuff. And it’s all small stuff.



A Champagne Toast

Membership # 108324G

You’re probably tired of hearing it, but Baxter is the best.

He’s the only academy horse who went to every single show in 2021.

He makes riders look wonderful, and enjoys every minute in the ring.

Heck, he’s so good that even I can recognize his greatness. And I’m not the brightest bulb.

Don't forget to pay your 2022 Knockout dues, and to cast your ballot!



A Wonderful Weekend


Last week, Team Knollwood members traveled to New Orleans for the first ever United States Saddle Seat Association’s International Experience Clinic.

Held at beautiful Cascade Stables, the event included more than 160 people. Riders were selected through a lottery, so there were all different levels of participants.  In addition to the riders, all the trainers donated their time and paid their expenses for the event which also included parent mentors and rider mentors who served as assistant coaches.

Knollwood Kids participating in the clinic were Finn, Heather, Laney, Payton and Richie while Ainsley and Haley served as mentors. Sue and Tina were parent mentors, and of course Scott and Carol were coaches.

Everyone enjoyed the warm New Orleans weather and hospitality while learning a lot. The experience included clinics, forums, and a day of team competition simulating the World Cup experience.

Great thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put this magnificent event together.



What’s Coming Up?

As Big Frank reminded everyone, don’t forget to pay your 2022 Knockout dues and vote for School Horse of the Year!





Gift certificates can be purchased at 10% off through December 31 when you use promo code Holiday2022. All gift certificates will be applied to enrolled students’ accounts.

Of course, anytime you’d like to purchase 6 months or more of enrollment, you’ll receive 10% off your purchase.




Saddle Rentals

If you’re renting a saddle, please remember to pay your $250 rental fee by December 31. 



The Holidays are Here

We’re taking a few days off, and won’t be holding lessons on December 24, 25, 31, or January 1.

All holiday lessons will be credited.






See you soon at the barn!


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