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Team Knollwood just finished the 2022 show season, and what a time we had.

Our academy team stayed pretty close to home, and traveled to 11 shows from April to November.

Our show horses traveled far and wide from Louisville to Kansas City with lots of stops along the way.

We had a ball.





After a little time to relax, refuel, and get all the laundry done, we’re ready for the offseason.

As usual, we have big plans for the months ahead.


Master Ken of Knollwood has many, many plans for repairs and improvements as his continues his adventures of keeping the barns and everything around them looking fabulous. Is there anything Ken can’t do? We sure haven’t found it.


This is when Team Knollwood prepares for next year.

Off season is the time for Mattonizing. Scott,  Carol, and Lin will spend the home season getting some young show horses ready for their debuts next year, will equitate some horses, and will continue polishing and improving others.

It’s also time for the show team to teach on overdrive. Big progress is made when the travel schedule is light, and some of the lease horses are off lease until February or so. The ‘lesson library’ is enlarged for the show barn riders, and progress is amazing.

Always looking ahead, the show barn team is busy putting new combinations together, planning  new lease teams, and looking for horses. Of course, they’re selling horses, too!


On the Academy Side?

Our lessons continue pretty much non-stop. We’re always running introductory classes in addition to our daily private lessons.

We’re currently enjoying some fun times with games on horseback, and are looking forward to an off season of strengthening riders’ muscles and minds. The winter is full of patterns, learning new skills, and moving up the ladder of lesson horses. It’s an exciting time in the school barn, and we love it.

We’re preparing for next academy season by holding parent meetings with each of our showing families. Yup, we’re making plans for shows and setting goals for 2023 already.


We like to mix celebrations with accomplishment.

A week from now, The Knockouts are holding an election to select a new management team and board for 2023. Of course, this will take place at their holiday party, which Covid had eliminated for the past  2 years.

How great it’s going to be to see all the Knockouts running (and we mean running) around the farm on their team scavenger hunt before they settle into seats to enjoy a pizza dinner to listen to campaign speeches before they vote for Knockout board members.


The celebration continues in February as we all gather at the Legend at Merrill Hills for our first in-person banquet since 2019.  Everything we’ve loved about banquets at Bristlecone will be there, thanks to master party planner Susan.

A great buffet dinner, awards, words of wisdom from Scott and Susan, a slide show to relive the fun of 2022, and a DJ to dance the night away.

We hope everyone will join the celebration of all things Knollwood.


Please join us for our exciting off season when we progress in skills, strength, and try to improve our ability to communicate with our horses.

Rest assured, a few things will never waver. Our lesson horses will be living their best lives and getting fat over the winter, our show horses will live their best lives and remain real athletes, and Scott? He’ll be shoeing horses in all weather.


What’s Coming Up?


Gift Certificates are On Sale!

From now through December 31, you can purchase any amount of gift certificates and receive 10% off when you use promo code ‘Holiday2023’ at checkout on our website, WWW.KnollwoodFarmLTD.com

For riders currently enrolled in our program, your purchase will be applied directly to your account.

Of course, your instructor or office admin would be happy to help in person as well!




School Horse of the Year Election

Polls open December 1

All Knockout members are invited to renew their 2023 dues and receive a ballot to elect 2022’s school horse of the year.

The winner will be announced at the banquet in February with his own video, and each banquet attendee will receive gift marking the election result.




Knockout Holiday Party and Election

All Knockout members and families are invited to join the fun on Saturday, December 10 at 6:00.

Please sign up in the school barn lounge with a total number attending so we’re sure to order enough food for everyone.

Parents, you’re welcome to BYOB for the party.

If you’re not yet a member and would like to join, please contact your instructor or an office admin. We’d love to have you!



Holiday Celebrations

We will take a break from lessons on December 24, 25, 31, and January 1.




Academy Meeting Part 2

Saturday, February 11 at 6:00

New academy riders for 2023, please join us for an entertaining meeting including demo rides from some of our current academy stars. Current riders and their parents will be there to answer questions about our academy show program. Of course, refreshments will be available.



The Banquet is Back!

Saturday, February 18 at 6:30

After a two year Covid break, we’re getting back together in person.

We’re gathering this year at the Legend at Merrill Hills while Bristlecone is under renovation. All Knockouts and their families are invited to join our celebration of all things Knollwood.

Invitations will be sent to all members shortly after the first of the year.

Not yet a member? We’d love to have you.



See you soon at the barn!





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