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As we take stock of the crazy year of 2020,

Team Knollwood is already looking ahead to 2021.


The polls open tomorrow for the election of Knockout officers AND for the coveted Lesson Horse of the Year award for 2020. Once again, Richmond will be our poll watcher.

All Knockout members are welcome to vote after they pay their club dues for 2021, which are a bargain $5 for kids and $10 for adults.

Each current member has an envelope waiting at the barn. Please update the contact information on the front, and fill out both ballots, enclose your dues, and seal the envelope before placing it in the ballot.

Not yet a member?

We'd love to have you!  Please talk to Lisa or DeeDee up front, or to your instructor to join.



Remember, Richmond is watching.



Here are some of the front runners for the lesson horse award:



Officially known as A Champagne Toast, this charismatic fellow loves his Knollwood Kids, loves spa treatments, and LOVES horse shows.

He’s given countless riders confidence in the ring, and has helped them developed a need for speed as he enjoys passing other contestants in the show ring.

When it’s pattern time, Baxter is the master of precision, and always works with his perfectly hooked ears in the ‘forward’ position.



Officially known as Sparky, this grand soul is unflappable. Unless you tie him up in his stall.

He loves small riders, mints, taffy, and loonnggg sessions of grooming. Friendly to everyone, he’ll jog trot all day no matter what’s going on around him. He gets a little bossy at Knollwood shows, and likes to tell the judge when to reverse, but we think he’s entitled to a little attitude.



Pony Frank

Yes, he’s a pony, but he’s our pony. He’s equitated, and has a firm grasp of the definition of the word ‘no.’

The perfect size for tiny totters, he’s also a favorite for kids bareback and saddle no stirrup rides as well as games. Frank LIVES for steal the crop when he runs tiny circles around the big horses.




Officially known as Mr. Rogers, Fred is the definition of an ‘easy keeper.’

He’s content to eat AND sleep in the round bale at the same time, is master of trotting patterns for the tiniest of riders, and can do multiple lessons a day with ease.

He may not be beautiful on the outside,

but he sure is on the inside!



Born on the farm, and officially registered as The Hawaiian Cat, this ‘son of Hula’ is the renaissance man of lesson horses.

He’s usually the first saddlebred that students ride, and is happy starting beginners and helping advanced beginners become a little more insistent. Hugo knows all his patterns, and is thrilled with advanced riders at pattern camp and at in-barn shows as well. He’s particularly fond of the gaming division.

He’s also a champion napper.


The polls close on December 31, so be sure to place your votes this month.


Coming up?


Our annual sale has begun.

As we embark on our exciting new enrollment system, you can now pay your enrollment fees in advance and receive 10% off. Please contact your instructor for assistance, they’d love to help.



Unsure about gifts for your Knollwood Kid? Here’s the blog of items we suggest for the rider in your house.






Woodwear will be delivered soon, and we’ll let you know as soon as it arrives!

We have ordered some extra masks, so if you'd like the perfect $10 stocking stuffer for 2020, please see your instructor.





Saddle rentals are due this month for 2021.  Please talk to your instructor if you’re interested.




 Last chance to place your stirrup orders with Ann.

Please contact her by December 10 if you’d like holiday delivery. Some iron sizes are short in stock around the country due to COVID, but we’ll try to source what your rider needs!

Please note that in the picture above, Knollwood rock star Finn has no stirrups. On big trotting Leila. 



2021 calendar planning is in full swing, and we’ll have dates for camps and shows as soon as horse show dates have been finalized around the country.



See you soon at the barn,

and we're looking to the in-gate in 2021!









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