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2020 Gift Guide for Knollwood Kids


Does the horse person in your house confuse you with lingo like ‘4 ¼ inch stirrup irons,’ 'Woodwear,' and ‘Kentucky Jods?’  Well, we’re here to help you find the perfect gift, and we’ll even order some of them for you.

We can make you (or Santa) a real star!




Once the rider in your house has decided that horses are not just a phase, it’s time to make your first purchase, a helmet of your own.

Our favorite is the Ovation Deluxe Schooler, because it’s well ventilated, adjusts really well, and can easily take an academy rider from lessons to the show ring. It has a nice clean profile, has dial adjustment in the back, and comes in a variety of colors. Of course, if you’re planning on showing, you’ll want to purchase a black helmet, or purchase a lycra cover that can make it black.

You can purchase it from Dover Saddlery here, complete with a size chart.


 Warm Gloves


Sure, the arena is heated in the winter, but it’s still winter in Wisconsin.  Cold weather riding gloves are a must so that riders can maintain a good solid grip on the reins.  Nothing can impede lesson progress quite like trying to ride in knit ‘civilian’ gloves that keep slipping on the reins. (Although Frank the Pony greatly enjoys slippery rein lessons!)

We recommend these gloves from Dover that come in several colors, and will help your rider progress through the winter months. They’re great for working in the barn as well!

You can purchase these directly from Dover here:

Adult sizes are available here:



 Show Gloves


Looking for a really nice pair of gloves for the show ring? These Roeckl Grip Junior Gloves are perfect. The material is soft, sticky, and the profile of the gloves is perfect for showing. Best of all? They’re machine washable and can air dry!


Buy them here.

They’re also available in adult sizes here:



The right equipment always makes lessons easier, and a good pair of jods will prevent saddle sores and eliminate leggings ridding up the riders leg during the ride.

P and S makes a great entry level polyester Kentucky jod, and it comes in black and navy. These are perfect for lessons and entry level showing. Best of all, they come in long and Extra long lengths, and the customer service is fabulous. Be sure to purchase some extra tie downs as well!

Buy jods here.

 Buy tie downs here.




Show Jods

For riders beyond entry level academy showing, we suggest Lucky jods. The fabric is stretchy, seems to repel dust, and presents a great finished look. Luckily, these jods run long, and are available in long lengths!

Get your Lucky Jods here!



After you purchase your helmet, boots are the next important purchase. Boots help the rider develop a proper foot position with support across the foot, and improve the ability to feel the stirrup across the foot.

Best of all, SmartPak offers a kids boot that won’t break the bank!

You can buy them here.



Saddle Rental

Our school saddles are great as riders are learning the basics of horsemanship. They’re well used, and are pretty traditional in design.

If the rider in your house has decided to start showing, talk to your instructor about leasing an upgrade saddle to help your student progress. These newer, adjustable saddles, offer better construction, finer leather, and stirrup bars that adjust to put the rider in a great position even as they grow.

We offer saddles in all sizes, and rental is only $250 per year for all lessons and shows. Best of all, if your rider grows during the year, as they often do, we can move to a bigger saddle for the rest of the year.

Please contact Ann if you might be interested in leasing for 2021.



Stirrup Leathers and Irons

Once riders are renting an upgraded saddle, we suggest that they purchase their own stirrup leathers and irons. Riders will no longer have to spend time adjusting stirrups before each lesson,  making lesson time more productive.

The stirrup combination we use runs about $175. We use the best so they don’t stretch, and will last a really long time!

We’re happy to order these for you so you get the right leather length and stirrup width for your star.  Please talk to Ann if you’re interested.



Don’t forget, you can order the classic Knollwood Jacket, ¼ zips in purple, and Knollwood face masks for gift giving. Orders are due by November 10 for holiday delivery.  Order blanks and size samples are available in the school barn.

Remember, orders close November 10 to ensure holiday delivery!



Your instructor would be happy to help with any gift ideas. Please reach out, and we’ll help you find what you’re looking for!


Happy shopping!

Shop like Richmond, from the comfort of your own bed.





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