• This Banquet Was Special.

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    The Knollwood Knockouts gathered last Saturday for a very special edition of their annual awards banquet.  Members enjoyed dressing up for an evening of fun while celebrating the past, present and future.  In case you weren’t able to join the affair, here are our favorite seven things about the evening.



    The Legend at Bristlecone always gives us a great atmosphere to catch up with barn friends.  Before a delicious buffet dinner, (including an ice cream sundae bar) members enjoyed some time just hanging out and enjoying the evening. 

    Our youngest Knockout, Olive Shearman, attended her first club meeting at the tender age of 5 months, and was held by quite possibly all the moms in the room. Being the daughter of Tom and Lin, (and granddaughter of Holly) Oli seemed to really enjoy the party atmosphere.


    The junior exhibitors in the crowd packed the front of the room, close to the awards, the slide show screen, and the dance floor.


    Award Winners

    We presented trophies  in many, many divisions to award the accomplishments of our academy riders. From our in-barn lead line stars to our out of barn stars, we're proud of each and every one of them!


    Academy Awards 

    We believe in the academy division, and it showed on Saturday night. We were proud to recognize our 18 winners of academy awards from the American Saddlebred Horse Association. With riders ranging from showing in their first season to our seasoned academy riders who are moving up to the show horse world next season, we love the process of building riders through the academy world.


    High Point Award Winners

    We keep track of points for all of our academy riders, whether they show at our in-barn shows or at the out of barn academy shows throughout the season.  It’s always fun to see who comes out on top in the competition for high point awards for in and out of barn shows for the season.

    For the 2017 season, we were happy to award the high point award for our in-barn shows to Maiya with Lauren in reserve. In the out of barn division, Richie was the champ with Sofia reserve.

    Congratulations to these hard working riders, and we hope you enjoy your personalized championship blankets!



    Service Awards

    It takes a village to prep and care for our academy horses as they travel throughout the season. We are very fortunate to have a team of show riders who take care of the best lesson horses in the world, and mentor our future stars at the big shows. These ladies prep horses for the ring, offer moral support to the riders, and make everyone's lives much, much easier. We couldn't do it without this great group of 'Knollwood Kids!', and we're happy to recognize them and offer them a little token of our appreciation for all they do.




    Recognizing our ‘B’ Competitors

    The banquet offered the perfect opportunity to thank our three riders who compete on the ‘B’ division.  In addition to showing, Laura, Jodi, and Mary support our academy riders at every show by helping in the warm up ring, the wash rack, and in the aisle. In addition, Laura is a tireless ‘bunmaker’ to our academy stars.

    We were happy to present the ladies with their own rubber boots for all the tail and leg washing they do throughout the year, and with gift certificates for each of them to enjoy some relaxation.




    The Big Reveal 

    2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of Knollwood Farms, and we’re thrilled to say we were able to keep a surprise from Scott!

    The banquet room was filled thanks to Scott's vision 40 years ago when a very young horse trainer started it all. Due to his hard work and dedication to his horses and riders in his care, Knollwood has grown into the phenomenon it is today.

    Oh, and Carol helped a little bit along the way. ;-)

    We created a separate slide show for our fearless leader, and our friends at Wild Impact Marketing created fun party favors to help us kick off a year of celebrating 40 years of Knollwood.

    We have some great things planned, and we hope you join us for all of it.





    What’s Next?


    Knockout and Parents Meeting

    This Saturday, February 24, we're holding a Knockout meeting in the lounge at 4:30 pm.  Please join us to meet your new officers and help plan the March show and other fun events.  We’re hosting a parents meeting immediately after the club meeting, too. We’d love to meet parents who would like to become more involved with our award winning youth club.


    Used Clothing Sale

    Next Saturday, March 3, we’re holding a used academy clothing sale from 11 am to 2 pm in the show barn lounge. We’ll have all of our used clothing available to purchase, Jodi will have her show ring accessories for sale, and we’ll have experienced academy show moms staffing the event so you can create the prefect outfit for the Knollwood Spring Show March 24-25.



    We hope you join us

    as we start the celebrations recognizing 40 years of Knollwood.

    See you at the barn!









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  • Our Mid America Champions

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    Our Mid America Champions


    Banquet season has begun, and Team Knollwood traveled to Lisle, Illinois for the Mid America Horse Show Association’s awards celebration last weekend. The association, founded in 1939, puts on three horse shows each year including the Signature show in Roscoe and the Mane Event in Springfield.

    The banquet features great raffle baskets donated by many of the attending barns, and a wonderful silent auction. Knollwood's own Mary donated one of her original artworks which sold for $265!




    After social time and dinner, awards were presented for the  academy and show horse divisions. Team Knollwood was well represented in the awards, and we congratulate all of the winners!

    In the ‘B’ division. Laura and Heist were champs in both the adult country and show pleasure divisions. (Thanks to Scott for the shoeing change during the season!)



    Jodi and JD were reserve champs in the adult country pleasure division.



    In the ‘A’ division, Kerry and Leila were champs in both Park Open and Park Amateur. 




    Haley was champion in Pleasure Equitation

    for riders aged 14-17.



    In her first year out of the academy division, and her first year showing at the canter, Hanna was champion in Pleasure Equitation for riders 13 and under.


    Finn was reserve champion of Pleasure Equitation for riders 13 and under.


    Our academy riders finished at the top of many age groups.

    Emma was champion of Equitation for riders 14-17.

    After a championship academy career, we can hardly wait to see Emma partner with Impressive Asset, AKA Fergie and enter the Pleasure Equitation division!


    Heather was named champion of both Equitation and Horsemanship for riders 13 and under.

    We’re looking forward to watching Heather and CH Fine By Me, AKA Tucker, compete in 13 and under Pleasure Equitation this season!



    Erika was reserve champion of both Equitation and Horsemanship for riders 13 and under.


    Sofia was walk and trot champion in Equitation for riders 11-17, and was reserve champion in Horsemanship for riders 11-17.




    Lauren was Walk and Trot champion of Horsemanship for riders 11-17, and Reserve Champion in Equitation for riders 11-17.



    Richie was Champion in both Equitation and Horsemanship for riders 10 and Under.

    He finished his 2017 by riding to a Reserve National Championship in the UPHA Walk and Trot Challenge Cup Final.  He’s already qualified for the 2018 final, and will campaign this season with his horse, the one and only Miss Mheirry Mac.


    What's Next??

    We'll be celebrating the accomplishments of all Team Knollwood this Saturday at the Knockouts banquet. We have some special things planned for this year's event, and we can hardly wait to look back at our 2017 adventures before we look ahead to all the great things coming in 2018.





    Don't forget the Knockout meeting coming up on Saturday, February 24 at 4:30.  You can meet your new officers, and help them plan the upcoming spring show, and the new events they're thinking of for 2018.

    After the kids meeting, we're hosting a parents' meeting. We'd love to have some new parents join the fun of helping with the club. We run concession stands at 4 horse shows, and participate in lots of fun events. Please join us to learn how you can get more involved with these great kids!




    See you at the barn, and at the banquet!


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  • What Makes The Knollwood Knockouts So Successful?

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    The Knollwood Knockouts youth group, a member of the American Saddlebred Horse Association’s Youth Foundation, has been in existence for more than 20 years.  They’ve been recognized by Saddlebred Rescue with their 'Youth to the Rescue' award, and by the American Saddlebred Association of Wisconsin for their continued support of their scholarship fund and horse shows. They’re the first youth group to sponsor a class at the World Championship Horse Show, and are the only one to be recognized on the Wall of Honor at the American Saddlebred Museum in Lexington.


    The Knockouts have sent three veterans on Honor Flights to Washington DC, held annual food drives for the Food Pantry of Waukesha County, held a walk to fight heart disease, raised funds for breast cancer research, adopted families for Christmas for many years, held car washes for several different charities, kept our neighborhood beautiful with two street clean ups per year, and sent food and hurricane relief supplies to Puerto Rico this past December.

    They also contribute generously to scholarship programs for riders through ASAW and several horse shows. Members Jess and Sarah both won college scholarships at the 2017 ASAW Summerfun show last July. They're currently studying at UW-Madison and Canisius.



    Members of all ages participate in activities and benefit from the club throughout the year.

    Knockout members also earn points each time they enter the show ring. We track points for riders who compete at both our in-barn shows and for those who compete at academy shows on the road. 

    At our annual award banquet held the second week of February, we recognize high point award winners in both the in-barn and out of barn divisions.  We also recognize riders who earn Academy Awards from the Saddlebred Horse Association, and show barn riders who assist in our academy program.

    To earn a high point award, members are required to participate and support the club in two ways. Riders must attend a minimum of three club meetings throughout the year, and must perform a minimum of two hours of service to the club.

    Meeting are usually held on Saturday afternoons, the busiest days at the barn. Our new officers are planning fun activities to be held in conjunction with the meetings, so stay tuned!

    We have many, many service opportunities throughout the year, and many of our members go above and way beyond in their support of the club. Riders can participate in a street clean up, work at the concession stand at one of our in-barn shows, or at the ASAW Summer Showcase in Cedarburg, which is co-managed by the Knockouts and the American Saddlebred Association of Wisconsin. Club members can also help us set up in Cedarburg, help us tear down, or even deliver lunch orders to the barns participating at the show.



    Why perform service to the club? We’re firm believers in giving back to the horse industry and to those in need, and this is a great way to start. The Knockouts provide support to many charitable causes, underwrite the bulk of their annual awards banquet to keep it an affordable event for Knollwood families, and they host our popular holiday celebration for members.


    The Knockouts also underwrite lots of fun activities for members. Past events have included curling, mini golf outings, and ice skating nearby.




    One of the largest horse industry youth groups in the country, our success can be summed up in one word: participation.

    If you’ve not yet had the chance to participate in the Knockouts, please consider joining us and finding out what all the fun is about. We’re holding our first meeting of the year at 4:30 pm on Saturday, February 24. We’ll meet in the show barn lounge, and finish plans for our Spring show coming up on March 23-24.

    Following the club meeting, we’re hosting a meeting for parents who would like to become more involved with the group. We’re always looking for mentors who can pitch in with the concession stands we run at four shows, or who would like to help at other events.

    We’re sure you’ll have a great time with our horse crazy kids.









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  • While Scott And Carol Are At The Convention...

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    Scott and Carol left Wednesday morning for the UPHA Convention on beautiful Amelia Island in Florida.  They’ll enjoy a retreat, warm weather and meetings with the best and the brightest of the saddlebred world. We’re sure many interesting, animated discussions will ensue as important issues within the show horse industry are considered.




    Meanwhile, at the home office, our school horses are looking forward to a rather relaxed weekend.  With Scott and Carol gone, the lesson count will go down, and the best lesson horses in the world are planning how to enjoy their extra free time.


    Willy is looking forward to a stress free weekend without Scott in the arena.  In case you don’t know, Willy has an irrational fear of Scott, even though he’s never touched him except to shoe him.  Actually, Scott can’t touch him because Willy runs away when Scott tries. So, Willy will work on his bravery skills this weekend as he teaches tiny tot lessons as only he can.



    Fred wouldn’t wake up to tell us his weekend plans, but we’re guessing they won’t change from the usual napping/playing dead whenever he has the chance.


    Panic is looking forward to a restful weekend, and is thinking of taking a break from showing off his patented ‘Yippy Yahoo’ canter starts on his patterns. 

    If you're riding him early next week, be ready for a rejuvenated Panic.

    Be very ready.



    Brinkley is very sad that Carol is gone, because she can’t resist his big blinking eyes as he begs for peppermints.



    Baxter is bummed that Panic is taking it easy this weekend, because he enjoys trotting races down the rail with his friend.  He’ll also miss Carol’s generosity with mints, but he’ll be sure to make eye contact with the other instructors.


    Heist is quite relieved that Scott is away for a few days, and will rest his ear muscles in his absence.  Scott always demands that Heist keep his ears in the forward position, and Heist finds it MOST challenging.


    Klem will miss teaching his advanced riders and playing Morgan tricks on them.


    Sadie and Maddie are looking forward to a ladies spa day while Scott and Carol are enjoying the resort life.





    Frank the Pony will get a self esteem boost even though he doesn’t need one. He'll enjoy a weekend  without Scott in the arena discussing his distaste of ponies of all sorts.


    Big Frank doesn’t know who Scott and Carol are, and doesn’t know what relaxation means.  Blissfully unaware, Frank will be engaged in his usual activity, walking around his stall.


    Team Knollwood may be enjoying a quiet weekend, but there's still plenty coming up!

    Don't forget to submit your banquet RSVP's soon!  Saturday is your last chance, and you won't want to miss this great event.

    The February Knockout meeting is coming up on Saturday, February 24th.  We're hosting a parents meeting right after the club meeting, too.  


    Our used clothing sale is coming up on Saturday, March 3rd.  From 11 am to 3 pm you'll be able to shop our collection of used academy show clothes of all sizes. Experienced 'horse show moms' will be on hand to help create the perfect look for the upcoming Knollwood spring show.

    If you have clothes that you've outgrown, please consider donating them to the sale by February 24th.  All proceeds will benefit our retired school horse fund.

    The Knollwood Spring Show is coming up fast on

    March 24th and 25th. 

    We can hardly wait!



    See you at the barn!




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  • The Spring Excitement is Building!

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    The Spring Excitement is Building!

    We may still be in January enjoying the rain, thunder, snow and some subzero conditions to keep it interesting, but Team Knollwood is already looking forward to spring.  Spring means horse show season to us, and we can hardly wait for the 2018 campaign to start. We have some great events coming up to both look back at 2017 and to get ready to jump into 2018.  We hope you can join us for all the excitement!


    Academy Showing Seminar

    We’re kicking off academy show season this Saturday at 6:00 PM with our show seminar. Riders new to showing as well as our current show riders are encouraged to attend this fun and entertaining event. We’ll offer an informative session about our schedule which includes 3 in-barn and 12 shows away from home this season.  With shows from small academy venues offering classes for the newest show ring stars to the ‘big time’ A shows at which academy riders compete in the same arena as the show horses, we have shows appropriate for all levels of showing.

    We’ll also have a session with Mary Kay consultant  Dawn Emanuele who will help the riders with appropriate make up for the ring and their age group.  Knollwood instructor Laura will be on hand to teach the tricks of the perfect horse show bun, too!


    Some of our academy stars from past and present will be riding demonstrations in the arena, too.  You’ll learn all about clothing and turn out for the show ring, including proper fit and accessories. The riders will also show what judges are looking for, and will be available for questions as well.

    Please let us know if you’re attending so we can be sure to have enough information folders available.  You can talk to your instructor, or sign up in the school barn lounge. 

    We can hardly wait!






    Banquet RSVP’s Due February 3

    Remember to get your banquet reservations and payment in to the school barn by February 3.  You can also pay your 2018 dues using a membership envelope. 

    The annual banquet is always a sellout, so be sure to have your response in by the 3rd.   





    Knockouts Award Banquet February 17


    We all love the event where we get together to celebrate the previous show season and look forward to the upcoming one. 2017 was a fabulous season with a record number of academy show riders at all different stages of their journey.  From our rookies who started out in the maiden division at Cedarburg to our academy riders who are moving to the “A’ division, we’re proud of all the progress 2017 offered. Our show barn riders made terrific impressions this season, too. Our equitation riders rocked in the finals, with Finn and Hanna dominating the 13 and under pleasure equitation division while our senior riders rode at the top of in incredibly strong field. Our performance riders and horses were always in top contention with a western national championship for Kerri and Sir Don Juan, and many other teams rising to the top of their divisions.


    You’ll want to join us as we celebrate everyone’s accomplishments and offer awards to our academy riders for both in barn and out of barn competitions. We’ll also recognize riders who earned academy awards from the American Saddlebred Horse Association, and show barn riders who offered their assistance and support to our academy riders.

    Of course, we’ll also enjoy Susan’s Treasurer report,  the annual slide show, and Scott’s ‘State of Knollwood’ speech.


    Used Clothing Sale March 3

    We’re holding our annual used academy clothing sale on Saturday, March 3 from 11-3. If you have clothes that you’ve outgrown, please bring them in for the sale by February 24 so we can offer them to our up and coming show stars. All proceeds from the used clothing sale will benefit our school horse retirement fund.

    Jodi will have bling and ties on hand as well to accessorize your show ring look.  We’ll even have professional ‘horse show moms’ at the 'store' to help you get show ready!


    Knollwood Spring Show March 24-25

    Show season will kick off for real on Saturday, March 24 at 1:00 with the start of the Knollwood spring show. Our walk, trot, and canter riders, and all of our adult riders  will show on Saturday, while our walk trot and leadline stars will take over Sunday at noon.  We offer a maiden division for our first time show riders, and are looking forward to an impressive turnout of new riders ready to hit the ring.

    All Knockout members are required to preform at least 2 hours of club service, and the show is a great chance to work in the concession stand. You can work a shift and then watch the show to cheer on your friends all in one day. Sign up sheets will be available soon.


    IASPHA Show April 14-15

    We’ll be traveling to Gurnee for our first out of barn show for 2018. The Illinois American Saddlebred Pleasure Association puts on a great event, all under one heated roof, with exhibitor parties every night, junior judging competitions, and a great show ring with plenty of deep competition.





    Team Knollwood has plenty of spring adventures planned, and we hope you can join us!


    Tradition.Honor. Passion.






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