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Running a big lesson program,  we’re lucky to field a lot of questions from our customers. 


Here are a few of the most frequently asked queries.



I saw on the calendar that Willy is on vacation this week.  What do horses do on vacation?

Our lesson horses are priceless, and we can’t possibly thank them enough for their cheerful work.  Even horses need breaks, so each of our hard working boys that worked summer camp has enjoyed a ‘spa week.’ For 7 days, they do NO lessons, enjoy a thorough grooming every day, receive plenty of treats, and extra attention from their fans.  Judging from Big Frank’s energy level this week after his vacation, those days off are greatly appreciated.

After the Knollwood show, the ‘box stall boys’ will start their vacation schedule, so start buying mints now!!!!!!


How do I get to ride the box stall horses?

We have a special group of horses that travel to academy shows where our students compete against  horses and riders from other lesson programs.  These very special  ‘academy horses’ are reserved for riders who have made the jump to private lessons and who have decided to compete in the academy division.

These horses are the best in the business, and teach important lessons to our show ring riders. With horses ranging from Klem to Sadie, these academy stars can take you anywhere you’d like to go.  Please let your instructor know if you’d like more information about our academy show program.


Why are some lessons done bareback?

Riding bareback is one of the most valuable tools we have for building leg and core strength in our riders. In addition to strengthening, bareback also enhances balance, communication between horse and rider, and boosts confidence.

When bareback becomes too easy, our riders enjoy lessons in their saddles with their stirrups removed.  The saddles are a little more slippery, and offer even a greater challenge.

We embrace the no stirrup lifestyle, and it shows.


Why does Bengal the cat talk so much?

We have no idea.  Do you?


The Knollwood shows offer classes for school horse and saddle seat pleasure. What’s the difference?

We group our riders into classes based on their levels of experience, and group horses according to their breed, age, and style.

Our beginner horses are mostly lower headed breeds and travel slowly with their newer riders. We assign them to school horse pleasure classes so they compete against similar horses. Some of our older Saddlebred lesson horses may also be in this division.

Saddle Seat pleasure classes are for the faster, higher headed Saddlebreds and Morgans.  The riders are more experienced, and have learned to help their horses balance and keep their heads up.


Why are some horses so difficult to keep going?

Learning to ride a horse is a process with many lessons learned along the way.  These slower horses allow riders to develop their balance first while they’re learning to post.  Once riders know how to post, and are independent of their ‘personal assistant,’ they learn how to ride the horse.  An important part of this process is learning to follow through to get what you want, and our horses are wonderful teachers.  They teach their students patience, follow through, and confidence.  These slower fellows build riders who are comfortable, and ready to step up to quicker mounts.


I see other riders wearing Knollwood clothing. Where can I get some?

We’re putting the finishing touches on our latest line of ‘Woodwear’ for the holiday giving season.  We’ll be offering tee shirts for kids and women, quarter zips in misses sizes, a personalized helmet bag for barn gear, and a fun knit orange hat with a pom pom.  All will feature the Knollwood logo, and the tees will have a fun saying on the back.  Stay tuned!!!


Please keep asking!!!

We’re always happy to answer any questions.


What’s coming up?


Mane Event Horse Show

The show horses are in Springfield, Illinois for the Mane Event Horse show, home to the first of the ‘big three’ national equitation finals of the season, the Good Hands. You can watch the show for free here.


IASPHA Fall Show

The academy and ‘B’ horses are heading to Gurnee for their last show of the 2019 season on October 26-27. Twenty academy riders and 12 horses for this show means it’s sure to be an adventure. 

Plus, Klem will be making his costume class debut thanks to Jule and her mom. Please come join us!!



Knollwood Fall Show

The grand finale to the academy show season is coming up November 9 and 10 at Knollwood. It’s a big show, and we’d love everyone’s help making it a great one.

You can sign up here to help in the concession stand, a major fundraiser for the Knollwood Knockouts. We’re also looking for donations to the helper’s gift baskets, and for the silent auction.

Please consider helping the hardest working youth group around!




See you at the barn or at the in-gate!






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