• Fabulous FASH

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    Team Knollwood just returned from a wonderful week in St. Paul, Minnesota, showing at the FASH (Friends of the American Saddlebred Horse) horse show. With its friendly show committee, beautiful old coliseum and nice stabling, it's a favorite show of ours.

    Horses and riders all performed beautifully, the weather cooperated, and it was a wonderful way to celebrate Mother's Day for all our Knollwood moms.  Here are the highlights of the week!



    Equitation Excellence



     Scott and Carol and all at Knollwood are known for their passion for equitation, and FASH was a wonderful display of everyone's efforts over the winter.  All those extra lunge lessons, our clinic with Erin, and the hours spent in the saddle really paid off for our seven equitation riders last weekend.

    Lora and Sophie were unanimous winners of both the USEF Medal qualifier and of the equitation championship. Madison won the Good Hands qualifier unanimously on a borrowed horse, and finished 6th in the equitation championship. 13 year old Finn finished reserve to Madison in the Good Hands qualifier and 4th in the UPHA Challenge Cup qualifier and in the Medal.  She absolutely looked like she belonged with the 'big girls!'


    Amanda rode Alex while Pixie in continuing her equitation education with Scott, won the UPHA Pleasure Challenge Cup qualifier.  It was the first blue ribbon in equitation for the big expressive gelding.

    Fresh out of the academy division, 11 year old Hanna held her own in deep competition, while she and Tucker are coming together as a strong team.

    Haley.  Just Haley.  She showed equitation rookie Felix to unanimous wins in the UPHA Challenge Cup qualifier and in the 14-17 Pleasure Equitation Age Group.   Felix's inexperience showed in the championship, and Haley handled it beautifully with a great display of horsemanship.

    In  her junior exhibitor days, Sarah wasn't interested in the equitation division.  She campaigned her beautiful Park mare Fergie to great success last season, and has decided to try the adult equitation world this year.  At their second show, Sarah and Fergie are a force to be reckoned with. In their newest adventure, they won the Adult Challenge Cup and Medal qualifiers as well as their age group. 



    Ainsley and Millie

    Ainsley and Millie (Ashlyn's Only Charm) have had a crazy schedule.  They couldn't make it to the Royal last November, and had to miss Spring Fling while Ainsley was competing for the US at the Young Riders event in Georgia.

    They made up for it at FASH, with a second place finish in the 5 Gaited Junior Exhibitor qualifier, and they came back to unanimously win the championship on Sunday.



    Leila Is In The Building

    Leila (Brookhill's Passion Punch) seems to have enjoyed her quiet 2016 season while her owner Kerry was out on maternity leave.  This big athletic mare made quite a splash at FASH with Scott winning the Open Park Class before Kerry took over.  Kerry was the unanimous winner of both the Amateur Park qualifier and the Park Jackpot class.




    Hard Riding Girls Rock The Pleasure Division

    Pleasure classes at FASH were deep, deep, deep.  Our group of hard riding ladies did us proud in the great competition.

    Finn and Frankie won both their qualifier and championship in the Show Pleasure Division for riders 13 and under.

    Gabby and Jerry made the move to the older age group, and didn't miss a beat.  They won the Show Pleasure class for riders 14-17, and were reserve champs for riders 17 and under.

    Allison had the chance to show legendary CH Freaky Links while his owner Abby was finishing up her first year of college.  These two racked their way to victory in the adult 5 Gaited Show Pleasure qualifier, and finished reserve in a great championship class.

    Frannie had the opportunity to show Pistol in the hunt division, too, winning some good ribbons in a different discipline.

    Bella came in from Pennsylvania to show Maddie in the Open English Pleasure division and continued her education over the weekend.

    Finally, we love the versatility that our assortment of lesson horses teaches as riders come up through our lesson program.  That benefit showed up this weekend when Sarah had the chance to show Sadie (Just As Unique) instead of Alex who was furthering his equitation skills at the show.  At just her second show out of the academy division, Sarah and Sadie learned a lot about each other, and even finished with a Reserve Championship in the Open English Pleasure division.

    Last season, Parker showed Diesel to great success, and she showed Sadie at Spring Fling in April.  At FASH, Parker rose to the occasion when she got to show Smith (Bells A Poppin) in the country pleasure division.  Parker and Smith won their qualifier, and finished second in their championship.  It was quite a debut for the new pair!

    Congratulations to everyone on their wonderful performances in Minnesota, and great thanks to everyone who worked so hard to keep 20+ horses looking fabulous every time they entered the ring.

     We're looking forward to Madison Classic Memorial Day weekend, and hope to see you there!


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  • The 2017 Olympics Are Almost Here!

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    The Knockouts' biggest charitable event of the year is coming up fast, and we're sure you'd like to join the benefit!



    We're holding a food drive to benefit the Food Pantry of Waukesha County.  The pantry runs low on food at this time of year, and with kids in need getting out of school and not receiving lunch there, they really need our help.


    The Knockouts are coming to the rescue with their seventh annual Helper Olympics.  The fabulous helpers are teaming up by day of the week to see which night's team can get the most food donated for our neighbors in need.


    Helpers each need to collect a minimum of 5 food kits to participate in the fun at 5:30 on May 20 when they'll all gather to compete in games of 'skill.'


    You can help the helpers AND the Food Pantry of Waukesha County by donating food kits.


    Each kit contains the following:

    • Can of soup

    • Boxed Potato

    • Gravy

    • Jell-o

    • Canned fruit

    • Canned gravy

    • Cereal

    • Boxed dessert

    Just put the items in a bag labeled with the team you'd like to support.  Collection barrels are located in the show barn lounge.

    If you don't have time to shop, you can write a check to 'The Food Pantry of Waukesha County' and give it to a helper from the night you'd like to support.  Each $15 donated equals one food kit, and the donation is tax deductible.



    While the kits are being counted on May 20, the helpers gather to compete in a dance competition using horse show ribbons as props. They'll also run a blanket race, complete the blind buggy obstacle course, pick a member to represent them in the helmet toss, and try to be a horse showing all 5 gaits in 'Be The Horse,' and Hop, Wrap, and Run their way across the arena.


    Weather permitting, most of the events will take place in the big outdoor arena.



    We hope you'll help the Knollwood helpers help their neighbors in need with a food kit or a donation to the Food Pantry of Waukesha County.  Your donation is your ticket to come watch the helpers compete against each other for a good cause.  They'd love to have your support cheering them on!



    Even the school horses like to watch!

    See you at the Olympics!


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  • We Lose A Teacher

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    It seems ironic that on National Teachers' Day, Team Knollwood lost one of their valuable equine instructors when Chepengo lost a brief battle with colic.

    While he was usually not ambitious about his job performance, Chip taught riders many valuable lessons.  His students learned to be persistent about what they wanted from him, to not take his responses personally, and to never give up before he did what they wanted.


    A charismatic presence in the show ring, Chip enjoyed traveling to shows, and spent many a morning resting up before his academy performances. He showed off many of our academy riders over the years, and took many a victory pass as he was teaching his riders the value of persistence. 

    He was beautiful, he was quirky, and he taught his students how to persevere.


    Peace, Chip.


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  • What A Weekend!

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    We had so much fun!

    Due to a scheduling conflict, the UPHA Chapter 10 show was moved to a brand new facility in Woodstock, Illinois last weekend.  We were fortunate to be part of the first ever event to be held at Beyond Stable Farm, and we loved our new surroundings!

    Our horses loved the wooden stalls that created a quiet atmosphere for them.  In fact, many of the best lesson horses in the world spent their mornings napping in their vacation homes! 

    Klem was, of course, nickering and asking everyone passing by to bring him treats. All weekend...   

    Both the 'B' and academy classes were well filled, with some splits required on Sunday afternoon.

    Team Knollwood's riders shone in the new surroundings.  Horses and riders enjoyed the spacious warm up ring and the comfortable show arena.  With semi permanent seats, sponsored tunes from Spotify and a delicious concession stand, everyone enjoyed their new space.

    Our 'B' riders enjoyed some great rides at the show, competing in some BIG classes.  The show pleasure championship on Sunday was an exciting one with 13 horses in the ring.  JD and Panic held their own in the eventful class with Jodi and Mary enjoying the fun along the way.

    Our walk trot and canter riders turned in strong performances on Saturday afternoon.  We were especially proud of Maddie who was showing in only her first cantering show.  She and Eddie were strong contenders in both their rail classes and the pattern class as well.

    Our up and coming walk and trot riders were stars as well on Sunday afternoon.  In some nice deep classes, our horses and riders showed like experienced contenders.  Everyone rode to the best of their ability, enjoyed some adventures, learned some lessons, and had a great time with their horses.

    We couldn't be happier with their performances.


    Next Up?

    This weekend, we're building a permanent gazebo both Saturday and Sunday in the big outdoor ring. We're looking forward to avoiding moments like the one in the picture!

    If you'd like to join the construction crew, please contact Nancy.

    We're also cleaning up Oakwood at Nagawicka Roads at 1:00 on Saturday.  We'd love to have you join the Knockouts on their service project!  We'll meet in the school barn at 12:45.

    Following the clean up, we're gathering for a club meeting in the show barn lounge at 2:30.

    Show horses are off to St Paul for the big FASH show the following week.  We'll be hosting the famous Mom's Day ride on Saturday, May 13.  We have ONE spot left, so call soon if you'd like to join.

    On May 20. we're hosting our Open House from 11-3.  Please invite your friends who might be interested in lessons at Knollwood.  New customers can enjoy free mini lessons, tours, and a 10% discount on lessons purchased at the Open House.

    On the evening of the 20th, the Knockouts are hosting their biggest charitable event of the year to benefit the Food Pantry of Waukesha County.  Helper Olympics VII marks the end of the food drive hosted by Knollwood's helpers.  Please bring your donations to the farm, and be sure to mark your bag with the day(s) of the week you'd like to support.

    Each helper is required to collect a minimum of 5 food kits to participate in the games of 'skill' in the competition, and the team that collects the most food kits over their goal wins a prize.

    Of course, it's our neighbors in need who benefit the most from all our foodraising and fun.


    We hope to see you there!



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  • Knollwood Summer 2017 Is Coming Soon!

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    The sun is finally shining, the horses have shed out their winter coats, and kids are looking forward to the end of the school year.

    Knollwood Summer 2017 is coming soon, and we hope you'll join us for all the fun!

    Our classic summer riding school kicks off on Monday, June 19.  We offer four sessions of our week long camps, and they're perfect for new riders, or those who have had a little experience with horses.

    Running from Monday to Friday, these camps offer an immersion into the world of horses under the watchful eyes of our experienced instructors.  Our instructors are assisted by carefully selected advanced riders from our lesson program.

    Riders will learn how to safely work around horses while they groom and prepare their horse for their riding sessions.  After riding, they'll spend more time caring for their horses and getting to know them better.

    Our easy going horses love their jobs.  They come in assorted sizes and colors, and  they all enjoy what they do, and they love their people. Our lesson horses will create memories for a lifetime.

    Campers will ride at least once a day, and will also enjoy learning about their horses in practical classroom sessions. They'll learn about horse breeds, tack and how to care for it, colors and markings of horses, and horse psychology, too.


    We're happy to welcome Soul Fire Art Studio to our camps for crafts.  Artists bring the studio to the farm so riders can create unique horsey crafts to remember their week at Knollwood.

    We finish each week with a horse show at 11 AM followed by a cookout for families and friends.  It gives the riders a chance to show off their new skills, and to introduce their friends to their favorite horses, too!


    We're offering 4 weeks of summer riding school for 2017.  

    Dates are:

    • June 19-23

    • June 26-30

    • July 24-28

    • July 31 - August 4

     Cost is only $475 per week, and you can sign up on our website, www.knollwoodfarmltd.com.


    Of course, we continue our group and private lessons throughout the summer, too.  If your schedule works better with  a group lesson, or in private lessons, we have a schedule that will work with yours.  

    You can check out our group lesson schedule here, or call Nancy or Ann at 262-367-2391 to schedule a private lesson with our fabulous lesson horses.


    We hope you can join us for the fun of Knollwood Summer 2017!






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