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We're halfway through the election for School Horse of the Year 2019, and the race is tight at the top.  At the moment, Dudley, Hugo, and Klem are the top three, so we asked them to answer some questions for the undecided voters out there.

Read on to learn more about the 3 candidates currently at the top of the vote count...

1) Tell us a little about yourself:


I’ve been privileged to be a Knollwood lesson horse since I was a wee three year old. Heck, I’ve grown up with these kids.  I came from Mike Lohman’s Southwind Ranch, and legendary Willy came from Mike’s brother Gary. So I’m kind of related.

I’m wise enough to carry tiny tot riders, savvy enough to teach camp AND manage to get some bites of fresh grass in along the way, can carry big people, but my favorite thing is games on horseback!!!

I digress… You can trust me about anything. Except body clipping.


I’m a Knollwood native, born and raised here.  I’m ASHA registration number 119755G,  and my Mom is the great Hula Dancer, who is also Hooper’s mom.

I started teaching lessons when I was three, and the rest is history. Some people say I’m lazy, but I prefer the term ‘energy efficient.’

I enjoy fierce tiny tots, group lessons where I enjoy teaching everyone to follow through, especially cantering the first way, LOVE slow jog trotting at camp, and agree with my opponent Dudley about playing games.  I’d prefer not to do pattern camp because of the long hours of mental and physical concentration required.  Plus, those kids are pretty smart.  I am not.



I’m a rockstar Morgan who doesn’t know his registered name, but I’m always open to suggestions. Before Knollwood, I was teaching at Hollow Haven Farm in Oconomowoc where they called me Tony. You already had a Tony working here, and you thought I was shaped like a Klement’s sausage, so I became ‘#Klem of Knollwood.’

I quickly became a favorite of my riders, and have countless fans at all the academy shows I attend. You know how I nicker to everyone hoping for treats? Most people think I only nicker at them. Silly humans.

I am a fur person, and consider myself one of you. This is why I’m happy to stand around in center ring after a lesson and join the conversation.

I enjoy small advanced beginners looking to show, love teaching about follow through on left canter leads, and enjoyed my first Halloween on Horseback game session this year.  Musical towels is the best!


2) Why should Knockouts vote for you as the 2nd ever school horse of the year, following legendary Willy?


I am a bigger version of Willy in a really funny suit.


I can trot as slowly as Willy. When I feel like it. Actually, I think I’d rather walk.


Who is Willy?


3) What would you like to change for the Knollwood lesson horses?


I would like to see daily ear curries, as they’re the highlight of my day.  I’d also like to outlaw body clipping, or at least provide unlimited therapy for those of us who can’t handle it.


I would like to see mandatory nap time. Every 3 hours.


I would like to see a minimum number of treats per day. A large minimum.


4) What do you like best about Knollwood Kids?


They really like me!


I like them the most when they haven’t yet learned to be effective with all their ‘go forward’ messages.  They’re really cute when I can sleep through my lessons.


They all love to brush me and bring me treats.  I love teaching them at shows, and passing on valuable lessons at pattern camps in the big outdoor ring.  Can someone dress me as a sausage for next Halloween? Please?


5) What’s your favorite part of the year?


I love summer camp. I get groomed ALL THE TIME, and all the kids bring their parents to see me on Fridays.


I love the winter. I don’t get hot from all of my hard work, and some of my friends wear blankets in the pasture, which makes it easier to grab them during pasture games. (Don’t tell Nancy.)


I love show season! There’s nothing better than academy shows, hanging out in the warm up ring, trotting around with my kids, and helping them learn the ways of the show horse.  I am one, you know!


6) If you could attend the banquet, who would you like to sit with?



I would like to sit with Ann.  She’s been trying to take me home for years, but I just can’t fit in her car.


Anyone but Parker.  I repeat, anyone but Parker. She makes me work hard in my lessons with her kids.


I would like to sit with the Tuesday Amigos because they invite me to be in all their pictures.



7) Closing Statements?



Vote for the me, the biggest, best looking horse in the barn.  I promise to uphold Willy’s standards, and to be the horse everyone trusts.  A vote for me is a vote for a priceless classic.

(And I'm good at games!)



No, you should vote for me, the first Saddlebred the Knollwood Kids ride. Even with my character flaws like pooping in Picasso’s feed tub every day and playing too hard in the pasture so I’m exhausted in my lessons, I still help kids fall in love with Saddlebreds.



Oh, Willy is the entitled old guy who hangs out in the other paddock with Brinkley and Zeus. Got it.

Well, vote for me, the most handsome and vocal of them all.  You know, Willy has become vocal for his extra Senior feed at night after watching my success at using my vocal talents to beg for constant attention and mints.  I started the talking thing!

If I win, I promise to continue to use my voice to represent all the Knollwood Kids and best lesson horses in the world.



Thanks to all the Knollwood Knockouts who have paid their 2020 dues and cast their ballots in the election for the 2019 School Horse of the Year. Polls are open until December 31, so be sure to stop in the school barn lounge.

If you're not yet a member, and would like to join the Knockouts, we'd love to have you.  Please ask your instructor for a ballot and membership envelope.

And no, Willy will not be endorsing anyone in the election.


A few reminders:

We will not be holding lessons on December 24 or 25, or on December 31 or January 1. Please contact your instructor if you'd like to schedule a make up.


Midwest Saddleseat Consignment has set up a special Knollwood shopping time while they're at the Holiday Inn Garden Inn in Oconomowoc.  Please join us on Friday, January 3 from 7-9 PM to shop their selection of show clothes before it's open to the public on Saturday morning.


The good stuff is on sale through December 31.  Yes, you can receive 10% of Knollwood lessons and camps when you use the code HOLIDAY2020 on our website, www.knollwoodfarmltd.com. Your instructor is happy to design a plan for you, just ask!


The banquet is coming up on February 8 at Bristlecone.  It sounds like a long way away, but be sure to save the date to celebrate all things Knollwood.


See you at the barn!


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