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Scott and Carol left Wednesday morning for the UPHA Convention on beautiful Amelia Island in Florida.  They’ll enjoy a retreat, warm weather and meetings with the best and the brightest of the saddlebred world. We’re sure many interesting, animated discussions will ensue as important issues within the show horse industry are considered.




Meanwhile, at the home office, our school horses are looking forward to a rather relaxed weekend.  With Scott and Carol gone, the lesson count will go down, and the best lesson horses in the world are planning how to enjoy their extra free time.


Willy is looking forward to a stress free weekend without Scott in the arena.  In case you don’t know, Willy has an irrational fear of Scott, even though he’s never touched him except to shoe him.  Actually, Scott can’t touch him because Willy runs away when Scott tries. So, Willy will work on his bravery skills this weekend as he teaches tiny tot lessons as only he can.



Fred wouldn’t wake up to tell us his weekend plans, but we’re guessing they won’t change from the usual napping/playing dead whenever he has the chance.


Panic is looking forward to a restful weekend, and is thinking of taking a break from showing off his patented ‘Yippy Yahoo’ canter starts on his patterns. 

If you're riding him early next week, be ready for a rejuvenated Panic.

Be very ready.



Brinkley is very sad that Carol is gone, because she can’t resist his big blinking eyes as he begs for peppermints.



Baxter is bummed that Panic is taking it easy this weekend, because he enjoys trotting races down the rail with his friend.  He’ll also miss Carol’s generosity with mints, but he’ll be sure to make eye contact with the other instructors.


Heist is quite relieved that Scott is away for a few days, and will rest his ear muscles in his absence.  Scott always demands that Heist keep his ears in the forward position, and Heist finds it MOST challenging.


Klem will miss teaching his advanced riders and playing Morgan tricks on them.


Sadie and Maddie are looking forward to a ladies spa day while Scott and Carol are enjoying the resort life.





Frank the Pony will get a self esteem boost even though he doesn’t need one. He'll enjoy a weekend  without Scott in the arena discussing his distaste of ponies of all sorts.


Big Frank doesn’t know who Scott and Carol are, and doesn’t know what relaxation means.  Blissfully unaware, Frank will be engaged in his usual activity, walking around his stall.


Team Knollwood may be enjoying a quiet weekend, but there's still plenty coming up!

Don't forget to submit your banquet RSVP's soon!  Saturday is your last chance, and you won't want to miss this great event.

The February Knockout meeting is coming up on Saturday, February 24th.  We're hosting a parents meeting right after the club meeting, too.  


Our used clothing sale is coming up on Saturday, March 3rd.  From 11 am to 3 pm you'll be able to shop our collection of used academy show clothes of all sizes. Experienced 'horse show moms' will be on hand to help create the perfect look for the upcoming Knollwood spring show.

If you have clothes that you've outgrown, please consider donating them to the sale by February 24th.  All proceeds will benefit our retired school horse fund.

The Knollwood Spring Show is coming up fast on

March 24th and 25th. 

We can hardly wait!



See you at the barn!





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