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Can you believe that our offseason is almost over?

As we head into show season 2023, let’s review what all Knollwood Kids have in common!



Knollwood Kids Love Animals.


Not only do they love their lesson horses and their show horses if they’re luck enough to enjoy one, they also spend time with our retirees Panic and Tink.

Then there are the cats and dogs who share the Knollwood life with us. Would a day at the barn be complete without scratching Hazel’s butt or hearing about Richmond’s day, or catching up with kittens Emma and Margit?




Knollwood Kids are Resilient.

Anyone who has spent any time with horses knows that they keep us humble. Just when you think you have something down, a horse will come along to tell you certainly don’t.

Fall off? Get back on.

Have a less than stellar ride, or class? Learn, and move on.

Stumble down the stairs leading to the show tackroom? Have a good laugh and keep going.

Every day is full of some unplanned adventures, and Knollwood Kids take it all in stride.



Knollwood Kids Have Great Parents.

Scott is fond of saying that horses need good parents to be successful, and the same is true of riders.

We’re fortunate to be surrounded by parents who cheer for all the Knollwood Kids, and often serve as ‘show parents’ for riders other than their own.  

Our parents also help with Knockout activities, including the car wash, Olympics, and they take control of the Knollwood Show fundraising.

They’re just amazing.


Knollwood Kids Don't Take Themselves Too Seriously.

Let's face it, there's always time for fun.

Whether it's goofing off at camp,  putting costumes on Hazel, 'breaking into' the restrooms, or playing games on horseback, you'll always find a Knollwood Kid involved. More often than not, Payton's in the middle of it.



Knollwood Kids are Responsible.

After understanding #1 above, Knollwood Kids take care of their horses before and after riding. They understand that it’s a big responsibility to care for our marvelous lesson horses, as horses can’t do it themselves.

One of the Knollwood Kids’ mantra is ‘Horses first, the rest later.’



Knollwood Kids Have Grit.

Knollwood Kid mantra #2 is ‘Horses are so glamorous.’ (Insert sarcastic tone here.)

Knollwood kids can be found hauling garbage, throwing hay, dumping muckbuckets, and all manner of fun tasks in all sorts of weather.

During Knollwood Summers, you’ll find them running with camp beginners, and bathing countless horses.



Knollwood Kids are Kind.

Mean girls have no home here.

Knollwood Kids support each other through thick and thin.  Barn friends support each other through personal triumphs and  struggles, riding challenges and victories, and competition successes and disappointments.

Knollwood Kids know that everyone was a beginner at one point. They’re patient with new riders, answer many questions, and demonstrate many things with patience. Many Knollwood Kids can tell you who was their first helper, and how much they learned.

Knollwood Kids are kind on the road, too. They understand that their behavior reflects on all members of Team Knollwood, so kind behavior is required. They support fellow competitors, congratulate others, and make friends from all over the country.



Knollwood Kids are Humble.

Many new riders have no idea the level of rider who’s helping them learn the first horse lessons.

Many of our helpers don’t even know the accomplishments of their barn managers. They’re all just Knollwood Kids.



What’s Coming Up?


This Sunday from 3-5

Join the Knockouts for an afternoon of curling at the Kettle Moraine Curling Club.

Members over 10 are welcome to curl, and our younger members will do crafts while the older riders are on the ice.

The Knockouts are paying for the outing. Please be sure to sign up in the school barn lounge.



April 1

Knollwood Spring Show Entries Close




April 2

Photo Shoots with Jelly the Easter Bunny

We’ve added a few spots for this popular event. Hanna will be shooting family or friend shots with photogenic Jelly. You can sign up here.



April 8

Parents’ Night Out

Join the Knockout officers and board members for a few hours of barn fun. It’s only $25, and includes snacks and games. You can sign up and pay in the school barn lounge.



April 9

Happy Easter!

We’re closed for the day. Your instructor will be in tough to arrange a makeup lesson.





April 14-16

IASPHA Spring Show

Our first show of the season!

We’re looking to starting 2023 with 12 academy riders and 2 ‘B’ show riders as well.

Please come to Beyond Stable Farm in Woodstock to cheer us on!



April 29

5:00 – 7:00 PM

Bring a Friend Day

Do you have a friend or family member who has always wanted to ride? Here’s their chance!

You’ll groom and tack a lesson horse with them before you bring them to the arena for a beginner group lesson.

It’s only $45, and spots are limited to Knollwood Kids who are comfortable grooming, tacking, and running for the lesson.

You can pay and sign up in the school barn lounge.



May 6-7

Academy Palooza Show

We’re heading back to Woodstock for the UPHA Chapter 10 academy show. Come join us!




May 11 – 14

FASH Horse Show

The first show of the season for Knollwood’s show horses! It’s a wonderful show in a beautiful facility.



May 12-14

Knollwood Spring Show

Join us for three days of friendly competition featuring our lesson riders and the best lesson horses in the world.

Be sure to save some time to help out with the concession stand or show prep.




See you soon at the barn!


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