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Well, that was fun.

Louisville 2022 was a great one, and we’re happy to say that all of Team Knollwood is home safely. After a few days of rest the show barn will be on the road again to Indianapolis for the All American Horse Classic and the first of the Pleasure Equitation Finals. (We DO have to say that Scott was at it right away, shoeing horses that needed his attention.)

So many  great memories were made in Kentucky that we can’t possibly share them all. Here are a few of our favorites!


Richie Makes His Mark. Again.

Last year’s World’s Grand Champion of Junior Equitation made his first Louisville appearance in the senior division this year. He and Princess Leila were ready for the challenge, and were just electric in their qualifier. The dream team finished reserve world champions in the 14-year-old qualifier with a first place vote.

Never one to rest on his accomplishments, Richie returned to Freedom Hall on Thursday night for the World’s Grand Championship of Senior Equitation. After working on the rail, the judges trimmed the class of 22 to a final group of 10 that they wanted to see perform the pattern.

Knollwood was represented in the Top 10 by Payton and Richie.

The pattern was a challenging one, worthy of a world’s championship. Richie guided Leila through the complicated pattern with patience and brilliant horsemanship. He kept the princess lined up for all the tricky starts, and showed true halts when required. Not a step was out of place.

His solid no-stirrup work? You can find Richie riding lesson horses without stirrups every chance he gets.

In his first year in the senior division, Richie finished 4th in the championship, quite an amazing accomplishment for a 14-year-old. Congratulations to everyone who had a hand in Richie’s performance.




A Force to Be Reckoned With - Payton and Gigi

Payton and her dynamic mare Gigi sure left their mark in Louisville. These two beauiful wild women won a deep 15-year-old equitation qualifier, and they were stunning.

Now they're off to Indy for the first of the Pleasure Equitation finals. Look for them in the senior division!





Brooklyn. Just Brooklyn.

Believe it or not, just a year ago, Brooklyn was showing with our academy show team.

She was a star in the 10 and under walk and trot division on the tough Midwestern academy circuit. Brooklyn has always been known for being a student of the sport and of horses in general.  She is intense, mature, and kind to all. Brooklyn will ride any horse at any time, whether it’s a Hackney Pony, a huge quarter horse, or a beautiful Saddlebred mare named Gamora.

Carol likes to say that Brooklyn is actually 40 years old.

At the beginning of this season, Brooklyn’s family purchased the beautiful mare Gamora for her to show in the equitation divisions. This is a new path for Gamora, who has been a wonderful performance horse.  She’s a smart girl like Brooklyn, and is learning her patterns well.

So, the team has shown several times, and made the decision to head to Louisville for the 11 and under equitation division. The rest is history.

In their first trip into Freedom Hall, Brooklyn and Gamora were named the unanimous world champions of the 11 and under equitation qualifier.

The dynamic duo showed back in the 13 and under World's Grand Championship, and did a bang up job on the rail before performing their pattern like pros. It was Gamora’s second pattern ever at a horse show, and you would never have guessed.

In a strong class of older and much more experienced riders, Brooklyn and Gamora finished a wonderful 6th. These two have a bright future together!




Scott Has A Blast

Thanks to the generosity of the Kingsbury family, Scott was able to show a wonderful horse in the 5 Gaited World’s Grand Championship on Saturday night.

Scott showed Showdown, known to all at Knollwood as Tyler, with the best gaited horses in the country, and what a class it was. The best trainers around on the best gaited horses around – it was an adventure to watch.

From the look on Scott’s face, he enjoyed every minute of it.


What’s Coming Up?

Knollwood Show Entries Due September 7

Be sure to have your entries in by Wednesday for our show on October 7-9.

The shirt order is going in, so be sure you don’t miss out.


All American Horse Classic

September 6-10

The show horses are off to Indianapolis for the first of the pleasure equitation finals.

Our riders will be competing in the Pleasure Olympics and the UPHA Pleasure Challenge Cup Finals.

We’ll keep you posted with webcast info as it becomes available.


Wisconsin Futurity Horse Festival

September 14-17

Madison, WI

Show and academy horses will be headed to the New Holland Pavillion for one of our favorite shows that features everything from weanlings to the state academy championships. It’s a short trip, so please come and cheer us on!


St. Louis National Charity Horse Show

September 28 – October 1

St. Louis, MO

A favorite of everyone, St. Louis features the ASHA National Championshp of Pleasure Equitation, the Saddle and Bridle Pleasure Equitation Medallion Finals, the Hunt Seat Finals, AND the Shatner Western Finals.



Some fine print reminders:

Please remember to arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early for your lesson. We want you to get as much riding time as possible, so please give yourself time to check the lesson chart and be ready to ride.

If you’re an academy rider and get your own horse ready, be sure to allow a minimum of 30 minutes to prep your horse.

After 3 months of enrollment in our program, ALL riders need to have proper attire to allow them to advance in their riding education.  We have posters around the barn, and if you have any questions, please talk to your instructor.

Academy riders and above, please allow time to take care of your horse after your ride. We build horsepeople, and you often learn the most by spending time with your horse before and after your ride.




See you soon at the barn, or at the in-gate!



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