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Our lesson program has grown by leaps and bounds over the past couple of years. Our focus has shifted from group lessons to mostly private lessons, which has changed the role and scope of our helper responsibilities greatly.

Team Knollwood has been beyond fortunate to have wonderful kids in our program who have rolled with the changes, and have helped us update the responsibilities of our helper program. With an average of 45 lessons a day, and almost twice that in summer camp weeks, our helpers have become efficient time managers, ambassadors for the program today, and horse care pros.

Just take a look at what these Knollwood Kids accomplish on a daily basis.


Helpers Are Greeters.

Helpers are often the first Knollwood representatives seen as our lesson riders arrive at the barn. They greet riders, help them get their horses to the arena, and really get to know the students. They talk about school, birthdays, favorite horses, and all sorts of topics. Our helpers represent us, and do it well.





Helpers Are Escorts.

Helpers keep our youngest riders safe as they learn to safely interact with our wonderful lesson horses. They help get horses out of stalls, help the horses and riders walk to the arena for their lessons, help with mounting and stirrups, and are there to discuss the lesson as they walk the star back to the school barn.



Helpers Are Cheerleaders.

Helpers are invaluable in camp and beginner group situations. They are always at a horse's shoulder offering explanation, reassurance, and cheerleading. Having been through these lessons themselves, the helpers can offer support to our newest Knollwood Kid as only a student can.

Miles. These helpers do miles.



Helpers Are Personal Assistants.

Helpers get the chance to take care of the best lesson horses in the world. They get to spend quality time grooming, tacking and putting up these wonderful creatures. Helpers can tell you which horses love face currying the most, which ones are quirky about blankets, and which ones are hard to groom because all they want to do is cuddle.

They also know the value of horse therapy. When life gets crazy busy, horses will always ground you when you hug them.




Helpers Are Farm Hands.

Helpers make sure the barn is running smoothly in their ‘spare time.’ Even with many many lessons happening each day, tanks still need to be checked, hay needs to be thrown and taken to paddocks, horses need to be hayed and watered, sweeping never ends, laundry needs to be folded, and poop. There’s always poop to be picked up.






Helpers Have Fun.

These kids quickly learn to have fun while working. Some of our helper teams have been together for years on a particular night, and they become friends for life. Our Tuesday night team is now reaching driving age, and they’ve worked together since they were 10. They’ve become leaders at the barn, and at school, and can ride the hair off their show horses, too.




Helpers Are Mentors

On any given day, you’ll see 10-year-old rookie helpers learning from a an accomplished show ring star. 

Our helpers serve as mentors to our up and coming riders. They've lived the life in a barn, and love to share their knowledge and experiences with newer horse kids.

We think horses help raise great responsible kids, and our older riders who continue to give back prove our point. 

Our helpers truly run the place, and we are beyond grateful for them.


A Fresh Face!! 



Have You Met Beau?

Beau is one of our most recent arrivals to the lesson program. Officially registered as Beaucoup Revival, he was born on April 21, 2005. He’s enjoyed a career in the Country Pleasure division, and comes to us from the Duerr family.

Beau is learning the ways of a Knollwood lesson horses, and is fast making friends. He loves visitors in his stall with his perfect manners, and he really likes to snuggle with his friends.

He’s a total gentleman in his stall, and brings his head to the perfect height for whoever is bridling him.  

He’s great at patterns, and we look forward to his joining our walk and trot academy team this season.


What’s Coming Up?


In-House Consignment Sale

Show barn lounge

Saturday, February 5

10 AM to 2 PM

Please join us in the show barn lounge for our consignment sale. We’ll have academy clothing that some of our stars have outgrown, and we’ll have expert show moms on-hand to help with selection and fitting. Plus, Jodi will be here with her accessories and ties.

If you have clothing to donate, please bring your clean items tagged with your name and price to the school barn by February 2.




Patchwork Pony Road Show

Hilton Garden Inn, Oconomowoc

Saturday, March 12

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

The Patchwork Pony is traveling from West Virginia with their fabulous assortment of academy clothing. Our own fashion expert Sue Berget will be there in the morning to help our newest stars select the perfect outfit for this season.



Knollwood Knockout Virtual Banquet

Saturday, February 19

7:00 PM

Facebook Live

You won’t want to miss this.

Tune into FB Live at 7:00 PM to catch all the action of our virtual banquet from the comfort of your own home.

Once again, we have Party Packs available for purchase. These fun bags will help you get in the party mood and help you celebrate the announcement of the horse of the year.

The adult bag contains charcuterie,  your choice of wine, and cool party favors for $25. The kids edition includes a DIY horse cookie, popcorn, favors, and your choice of a drink for $15.

Orders are due by February 15, and can be paid with cash or a check made out to the Knollwood Knockouts.



Seat Auction!

We’re offering a seat auction for 20 ‘in-person’ banquet attendees. If you’d like to be in the arena for the event, you can place your bids in the school barn. We’ll announce the winners on February 13. All proceeds benefit the Knockouts.




Academy Demonstration and Kick Off Evening

Saturday, February 26

7:00 PM 

Knollwood Arena

All of our new academy riders are asked to attend our kick off evening with demonstrations from some of our experienced stars. Their parents will also be in attendance, and are experts at explaining the process and details for parents.

We’ll talk about clothing, schedules, horses, and anything you’d like to explore.

The sign up sheet is up in the school barn lounge so we can have enough refreshments for all.





IASPHA Spring Show

April 9-10

Beyond Stable Farm

Woodstock, Illinois

Our first academy show of the season!





See you soon at the barn!


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