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Hello everyone, Forest here! 

I have commandeered the school horse IPad, and have embarked on a new journalistic adventure. Since many of our students are traveling to exotic destinations for Spring Break 2018, (Mia already enjoyed horse swimming in the Caribbean!)  I thought I’d interview my co-workers about their dream destinations for break. 

Since we’ll all be busy preparing for and performing in the Knollwood Spring Show, I also asked many of them what songs they’d like to hear played during their classes. All proceeds of Songs for Saddlebreds benefit Saddlebred Rescue, so please consider supporting their soundtrack requests with a $5 donation per class.




Being a traditionalist and a bit of a history buff, Willy would like to rent an RV and drive to see Mount Rushmore.  While driving across the plains, he’s be listening to 'Holiday Road' by the Zac Brown Band or anything by Bruce Springsteen.



Thomas doesn’t feel he’s been here long enough to have earned a Spring Break this year, but he has high hopes for a future Arizona spa visit. He’d like to enjoy quiet times, massages, and sand. Thomas would like to plan his break so he could meet up with Susan for lunch, too.

Thomas will work with some advanced riders during the spring show and looks forward to competing ‘for real’ at the summer show. To stay calm and collected, Thomas would like to zone out to Beethoven’s Symphony #6, the Pastoral.


Sundance would like to travel to the Rockies where he can enjoy beautiful scenery that’s UP so he never has to look down and stop. He’d enjoy hiking and quality time relaxing in the bar afterwards. Sundance is a great fan of all music by Stevie Wonder.

Bo would like to travel to Boston and participate in the marathon. Heck, he’d probably run it twice before he noticed that others only did it once.  Bo’s favorite music is anything by Metallica.


Brinkley’s dream is to travel to NYC and see musicals for a week. Of course, he’s always listening to the soundtracks of 'Hamilton' and 'Dear Evan Hansen' with a little 'Cabaret' thrown in.

Pony Frank would like to hitch a train to California and see the world from the open door of a freight car. He’s pretty sure no one will notice the pony on the train listening to Woody Guthrie songs on his headphones.


Dudley is always trying to better himself, so he’d like to travel to a remote yoga retreat where he can work on overcoming past traumas like the great body clipping of 2016, and become more open to future hair cuts. His soundtrack to his better self? Abba’s 'Dancing Queen,' of course!

Duke would like to take a quick trip to the moon, because he thinks traveling without gravity would make everything seem crooked, not just him. While traveling, he’d listen to Madonna -  a lot of Madonna.

Tony would take advantage of his thick winter coat and travel to Iceland where he could enjoy the geysers and cool air. He’s looking forward to sitting around a fire at the spa, drinking a Harvey Wallbanger  after a long day of hiking.  Of course, he’s a Kenny Chesney fan and would enjoy the entire catalog while chilling.


Fred would shock all of us and head to Miami  to enjoy the night life in South Beach. When he’s not in clubs hanging with celebrities, he’s be chilling out, or maybe dancing down the street  to anything by Bruno Mars.

Another shocker is that Sparky would like to travel to Mexico and experience cliff diving in Acapulco. (It’s always the quiet ones.)  Being a little older, his favorite music is REM, particularly ‘It’s The End of the World As We Know It.’


Hugo would travel to a Star Wars convention where he would spend the majority of his break sleeping in his hotel room. When not napping, he’d be starting fights in the bar, just like in the pasture at home.  Hugo’s favorite song?  'Despacito' - over and over and over…

Picasso would like to travel to Spain where he could see some original artwork by his namesake. His favorite recording artist is, of course, Beyonce.


Joey would travel to Louisville on Derby weekend, enjoy the festivities, and really wish that he could show his speed off to the huge crowd.  To calm his nerves, he’d listen to Taylor Swift, and his favorite is 'Shake it Off.'

Mark wouldn’t leave his stall, unless some nice child offered their basement for video gaming. Because of his less than stellar communication skills, we think he said he’d  listen to Barry Manilow, but maybe he said Bare Naked Ladies.

Big Frank would travel to Colombia to ‘study’ drug cartels. His favorite music?  Lady Gaga!


And Me?

My dream is to travel on a mailboat through the Fjords in the land of my ancestors. (Even though I was born in Beloit, the beauty of Norway is calling me!) I’d enjoy shore excursions, and fine cuisine on ship. My favorite recording artist is Justin Timberlake, and my favorite song is 'CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC.'


Of course, I didn’t ask the ‘Box Stall Boys’ because every day is a break for them. With their fancy wardrobes in the winter and fans in the summer, with frequent play breaks, tail washes, and pedicures,  their life is a vacation.

Since they’re mostly Saddlebreds, they’d like everyone to buy songs at the show to help their friends who have not been as fortunate as Knollwood lesson horses. Even Morgans Klem and Eddie agree that it’s a great cause, and recommend 'Happy' by  Pharrell Williams as a starter. Please pick your favorite, most inspiring song to play during your class, and help Saddlebreds in need.

My battery is running out…. See you in the arena! I’ll be the one hatching my next plan!






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