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Happy New Year from the Knollwood lesson horses!

During the recent holiday cold snap, the boys have enjoyed some off time, and plenty of hot meals.  While enjoying their bran mash relaxation, the Master of the Pasture, Sundance, had each of the fellows submit their New Year's Resolutions for 2018.

  In alphabetical order, here's the plan for the upcoming year!

Amos resolves to contain his enthusiasm when trotting with the wee riders.



Baxter Would like to land a modeling contract.



Big Frank will take better care of his clothes.


Helper favorite Bo will attempt to bring it down a notch and join the advanced beginner group of horses.



Brinkley enjoyed the holiday break a bit too much this year, and has resolved to watch his weight in 2018. He has to stay in shape for cantering lessons!



Cashew will continue his relaxation and enjoyment of pattern work.



Dexter resolves to be as friendly to his stall neighbors as he is to his little girls.




Dudley will continue to advance in his recovery from the bad haircut of 2017.


Duke resolves to resist the urge to bend in the middle when he doesn’t want to do something.




Eddie will listen to his riders when performing patterns.  This may result in some 'mistakes' as he listens to the information presented to him.


Forest submitted many, many resolutions, many of them repeats from previous years.

Sundance suggested that Forest embace the low carb lifestyle in 2018.



Fred will try to work more, nap less, and work on that expanding waistline.




Heist will try to keep his opinions to himself, and his ears in the forward position during lessons.




Hooper, our pattern master to the up and comers, will copy Eddie's resolution and 'make mistakes' on patterns by doing what his riders request instead of what he really knows the pattern to be.



Hugo resolves to stop filling neighbor Picasso's feed tub every day.




JD resolves to practice niceness and good manners in his stall.




Joey resolves to take deep breaths to slow down and enjoy group lessons.




Klem will attempt to contain his glee when making victory passes with the walk and trot riders. 

Ask Maiya for clarification.



Lil' Frank will try to be present in his classes, and not stop to take mental breaks.



Mark resolves to work on his vocabulary skills until he know what a resolution is.


Murphy will practice mindfulness to stay in the moment, not ahead of it.


Panic resolves to keep his stall cleaner. 

Eat more, dunk less.



Picasso will increase his petition attempts for a new stall.

His tag line?

'Anywhere BUT next to Hugo.'


Sparky resolves to help Thomas make more friends at the round bale.


Sundance will try to maintain a friendly workplace for all members of his herd.



Thomas resolves expand his circle of friends in the pasture.



Tony will try to stop using every day pasture items as tools in his attempts to haze new herd members.



Willy resolves to  act his age more often and stop offering free cantering lessons.


There you have it, the school horses are ready for the challenges of 2018. Are you?  The bulletin board in the lounge is ready for everyone's riding resolutions for the new year.  Please add yours to the board!


Don'r forget our upcoming events!

This Friday Team Knollwood has a special shopping session from 8-10 PM with Midwest Saddleseat Consignment.  Please join us at the Hilton Garden Inn on Pabst Circle in Oconomowoc for a friendly shopping session with your barn friends.  The shopping is open to the public starting on Saturday morning, too!


Carla from The GIlded Lily will be at Knollwood On Saturday, January 13 to measure for academy vests.  Please talk to Nancy or Ann to arrange an appointment to get outfitted for the new show season!

Our academy seminar is coming up fast on Saturday, January 27.  Join us at 6 for an evening all about why we love academy showing.  You'll learn a lot, meet new friends, and enjoy some laughs as you watch demos and talk schedules, clothing, and all the hows and whys.  Please sign up in the school barn lounge so we have plenty of info folders ready.


The Knockouts awards banquet is coming up on Saturday, February 17.  Invitations will be going out shortly to all club members to gather at the Legends of Bristlecone for an evening of food, fun, awards, and dancing.  If you're not a member, we always welcome new ones, and your instructor can get you all set up to join the fun.


Happy New Year!!

See you at the barn soon.




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