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The best lesson horses in the world are confused. They stood at the door all bright eyed on Monday expecting to come in for camp. However, this Monday, they enjoyed more time in the pasture and didn’t have to come in until noon.

It’s camp break week!

While the show riders heading to the World’s Championship Horse Show take over the farm to prep for the big show, the school horses enjoy a week of some leisure. Their relaxation time has given them time to reflect on Knollwood Summer 2022 so far, and on life in general.

Enjoy the musings of our merry band of lesson horses!


Actually, let’s start with Hazel Belle Boxer Matton. She was all ready to greet the campers on Monday morning, and spent the entire day looking for them. Really.

She was so sad without her kids.


Superstar Pumpkin has noticed that ‘these kids know what they’re doing!’ Our summer riding school sessions so far have been filled with riders already enrolled in our lesson programs, so the horses haven’t taught any beginner camp sessions yet. Rookie Pumpkin HAS enjoyed his first pattern camp sessions, complete with some games on horseback, and has given them a big thumbs up.


Legend Sparky has reigned over 4 sessions of Tiny Tot camp, including our first ever ‘Invitational Tiny Tot Camp’ for our most accomplished young stars.  And yes, Sparky DID get to approve the invitation list.

Picasso the perfect bareback sofa of a horse is loving all the bareback camp rides. He delights in building leg strength in his riders, and we suspect he watches their legs wobble after the dismount.


The box stall boys and Bee have been enjoying their pattern camps. Beau would like to know why the big outdoor ring is so big, Eddie would like to know when his next week of pattern camp is, as he has some new tricks to try, and Klem is happy to report that he hasn’t had to teach anyone the lesson of not pulling on his mouth.

You know, the one when he canters in suuuuper slow motion on a diagonal line in the big outdoor, halts, faces the instructor, and huffs the biggest huff ever to show his displeasure. And yes, his huffing destination is NOWHERE near where the pattern was supposed to be.

‘Competitive Fred’ would like to thank the pattern camp ladies for letting him join in on their game sessions. In Cece’s famous words, ‘This canter really isn’t that bad!’


Some of the lesson horses are using the camp ‘off ‘ week to spend some time with Dr Matt and to get some maintenance done. They’ll be feeling fabulous for the Knollwood show August 19-21!

Their farrier is also coming this week for pedicures before the big weekend, so it’s really a spa week for the lesson horses.


While he may not be a lesson horse, RIchmond is an important part of Team Knollwood. He'd says 'Thanks' to all the kids who make sure he has a comfortable chair in front of the barn to watch the world go by.


What's Coming Up?

Klem, Leon, and our other angelic starter academy horses are heading to Cedarburg this weekend where they’ll introduce 10 new academy stars to the adventures of horse showing. Klem is a bona fide celebrity at academy shows, and has a special cheering section including ALL of the center ring staff.

Add in Leon, Jelly, Baxter, Eddie, and Cashew, and it’s an all star line up.


Leon can hardly wait for the Knollwood show the following weekend, and he has a bet with Jelly and Hugo about who will win the most classes on Sunday afternoon. If you’d like to join in the wager, be sure to talk to Leon.

Do not in any circumstances give cash to Jelly or Hugo. You’ll never see it again.


The boys are all looking forward to their sold out all beginner week August 22-26. While the show horses will be competing at the World’s Championships, the best lesson horses in the world will be starting the next group of Knollwood Kids.



Knollwood Summer Show Updates!

Show shirts and back numbers are ready for pick up in the school barn lounge. They'll look great with the Knollwood Jelly Bean Jods!

Lunch preorders are due this Sunday, August 14. Remember, all orders benefit the Knollwood Knockouts, and are greatly appreciated.

Gift basket donations can be put in bins in the show barn lounge. Please have your items at the farm by Thursday, August 18.

We’ve flipped judges between our Summer and Fall Shows. We’re thrilled to welcome World Champion Equitation rider, UW Madison Student, and lifelong Knollwood Kid Sydney Budzinski as our judge next weekend.  There are lots of pictures of her on the wall of champions – she’s the beautiful rider in the light grey suit. You’ll see pics of her on the legendary Cartman, the winningest equitation horse ever, and on beautiful Sophie.

She brings wealth of knowledge and a real understanding of the process of learning how to ride.

Jane will be judging our Friday night pattern performance, and she’s READY!


Terri Anne will be joining us for the October show after she recovers from a broken ankle. We wish her a speedy recovery!





See you soon at the barn, or at the in-gate!





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